Circle Star Adventure. The Ever Blooming Flower.

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Chapter 2. Meeting Eve.

The meal was delicious. I sat down for a drink in front of the counter. Grog welcomed me with a smile:

- Had your belly full yet? - he asked.

- Yes, it was too delicious to describe. About the payment-

Grog raised his hand:

- Don’t worry, first one’s on me.

- Oh, thank you for your generosity. - I was pleasantly surprised. - Got anything to drink?

- Hah. where do you think you are? Of course I do. Got the best booze in the whole continent. - Grog was was about to pour me a drink.

Now I raised my hand.

- Got anything that doesn’t hit the head? - I asked.

Grog was more than surprised hearing my question.

- Now that’s a first. Never guessed I’ll have a customer who doesn’t drink booze. - he looked almost through me. - Alright. Got something better than booze.

He motioned to his servant to bring some drinks. She rushed into the kitchen and came back with two mugs in her hand.

- Here you go. - Grog placed one mug in front of me. - I bet you haven’t tried anything like this.

- What’s this? - I asked.

- Just try it. - he said and picked up his mug.

I took a sip just to taste it. It was sweet and refreshing.

- Wow, nice. You’re right. I haven’t tasted anything like it. - I commented.

- It’s called a Croberry Juice. - said Grog.

I took another sip from my mug. It tasted really nice. Then I turned to Grog:

- Listen Grog, there’s something bothering me about what you said. - I wondered.

- What is it? - he asked.

- You said you need to have a companion to be able to get jobs from Adventurer’s Guild. Where can I hire a companion? - Not that I had any local money to do so.

- Hah, you’re a weird one. - Grog was surprised once again. - You don’t hire them, you summon them.

- Summon? - The deeper into the forest the more trees, as they say.

- Yes. You need to go to the Temple of Summoning and perform a summon. Usually you’d need a Summoning Stone, but they also do free summons once in a while. You might get lucky. But don’t expect much. Free summons very rarely give strong companions. - Grog explained.

That was a weird way to put it. I scratched my head.

- I guess I’ll have to go and check it out. Where can I find the Temple? - I gulped some more juice.

- Turn right as soon as you leave the inn. Then walk straight till you reach a square with a fountain. You’ll see it there. - he said.

I took the last gulp of the Croberry Juice.

- I think I’ll go check it out then. Thank you for your hospitality. - I said.

- Hey, when you get back I’ll have a room ready for you. - Grog had a grin on his face.

- Thanks. - I thanked him, yet had a strange, uneasy feeling about his grin.

What was that all about? I hope he’s not messing with me.

I turned right and walked down the street.

Summoning companions, eh? This is getting better and better. Men are Masters of women? This sounds like a dream world for men. However, something doesn’t add up. All those people in the inn... they didn’t seem strong at all. Are they really adventurers?

Then I remembered my encounter in the forest.

Now she was strong. Sexy, hot, attractive, gorgeous and stunning in every possible way... and definitely strong. None of the adventurers inside the inn would be able to match her.

Now that I think about it. I haven’t seen a single elf in the city. Well, of course. She was hostile towards me when I met her, doh. Maybe Grog knows more about what happened between elves and humans in here. Will have to ask him later when I get back.

The road opened to a big square. There was a fountain in the middle, just like Grog said. Lots of big buildings surrounding it and each of them was busy with people walking in and out.

The Temple of Summoning was a big white building with a tall spiked tower. It had a circle symbol on top of it with one big star connecting other five stars.

This must be it.

- Welcome to the Temple of Summoning. - a young attractive voice greeted me cheerfully.

- Greetings to you too. - I turned towards it.

- My name is Farla. I’m a priestess here. Nice to meet you. - she introduced herself.

- My name is TC. Nice to meet you t... - my mouth dropped seeing her.

Priestess? Really? She looks more like a goddess if anything else.

Super cute face and a smile that could charm even a grumpiest person. Blue long hair and a silver Tiara on her head added the angelic look.

She was slim build, and wore alluring dress that enhanced her figure. The whole outfit looked like a playful ensemble of ribbons sewed together and covering just the right parts of her body.

Beautiful neck strap connected two ribbons that covered her nicely developed breasts. Thin shiny belt, with a star in the middle, gently held them in one place.

Waist was entangled with white and blue ribbons falling down her lower body. The ends of those ribbons were attached to her arm bracers, which gave her amazing floating look.

Before I knew it, I was staring at her and couldn’t say a word for a moment.

- Hello? Are you alright? - Farla smiled breaking the silence.

- Oh, yes. Hello. - I got back to my senses. - I just arrived here. Is this the Temple of Summoning?

- Yes it is. This is where you can summon your companion. I help adventurers with their summoning. - she said.

- How do you actually do that? - I asked.

- Let me show you around. - she invited me inside.

I followed her inside the Temple. There was a huge hall with big counter in the middle. Two clerks were sitting behind it. They looked busy talking to adventurers and doing some transactions. Big statue with a female human figure stood next to it. She had a star on the head that connected five other stars on each corner.

- This is Summoning Stones Exchange Hall. You can buy, sell or exchange Summoning Stones here. - Farla explained.

- Summoning Stones? - I repeated what she said, but my eyes were focused on the tightly pressed ribbons that covered her behind.

- Yes. - said Farla excitedly. She stopped suddenly and turned towards me. - There are all kinds of Summoning Stones.

- Really? - I managed to lift my eyes just in time. - Can you tell me more about that?

- Of course. - Farla was enjoying our conversation. - Summoning Stones can also have different attributes. There are six attributes – Wind, Fire, Water, Nature, Light and Dark. If a Stone has a Fire attribute there is a chance to get a Fire based companion. But it’s very difficult to find stones with an attribute. And even if you do, there is no guarantee your companion will have one after the summon.

- Unfortunately I don’t have any Summoning Stones with me. And I don’t think I can afford to buy any at the moment. - Of course I can’t. I don’t have any money. - Where can I find them?

- You can find them while adventuring. Monsters drop them sometimes. The stronger the monster the better the chance of getting a rare stone. - Farla clapped her hands in excitement. - However, since you don’t have any stones you can use our Special Summoning Chamber.

- Special Summoning Chamber? - I was more interested about the ‘special’ part of her body.

- Yes. You don’t need Summoning Stone to use it. But the chance of getting a strong companion is really low. So almost nobody uses it. We have one available right now. Would you like to use it? - she asked me cheerfully.

- Sure. - I said.

Since I won’t be able to get a job at the Guild without a companion, any companion will do at this point.

We walked through the Hall to the far right corner. Huge white columns were reaching up to the ceiling. Ornaments with star symbols were all over the place. Walls were painted with images of adventurers summoning companions and fighting monsters.

It sort of makes sense. With stronger companion you can defeat stronger monsters. I wonder how strong the monsters are in here. Nothing beats a good fight. Hah, that last thought sounded ironically funny.

- Are you getting excited about the summoning? - Farla noticed my excitement.

- Err... Yes, of course. - I replied.

I don’t think I need a companion really, but Grog said I won’t get quests from Guild if I don’t have one. Meh... well, let’s just do what needs to be done.

- Here we are. This is our Special Summoning Chamber. - Farla said.

We stopped next to the room with big steel doors. It had star symbol with five other stars on each of it’s corners. Bellow was a human figure holding his hand up and a beam of light shinning from above.

- Please come in. - Farla invited me into the room.

Inside the room was a big stone. It had the same star symbol on it, and it was big enough to place a palm of my hand. A big summoning circle was in front of it. Walls were covered with magic torches to light up the room. And...

What da...?

- Excuse me. Why do you have a bed in here? - I pointed to the bed placed next to the wall.

Maybe summoning draws out too much energy and people need to rest afterwards? Now I feel stupid asking the question.

- That’s some extra convenience to help you evolve your companion. - Farla said biting her lip.

Wait, wait. What? A bed to evolve a companion? What is she talking about? - I was totally confused.

- Many adventurers want to evolve their companions right away. We made sure to accommodate them in a small way. - Farla smiled.

- Hold on. What do you mean? How do you actually evolve your companion? - I asked.

- You make love with her of course. - she was almost sparkling as she said that.

Wait! What..? For real? - couldn’t believe it. - Now I understand what Grog meant saying ‘I’ll have a room ready for you’. Cheeky devil. But seriously, where did I get myself into?

- After you summon your companion, you will form a pact. With the pact, companion acknowledges you as a Master. Companion can have only one Master. That means nobody else can subdue your companion. And you can’t subdue someone’s else companion. - Farla explained to me.

- And how do you know if companion has a Master or not? - I didn’t really care about it at this point.

- Companion who has a Master will have a circle star tattoo on her body, usually on the upper part, like head or neck. And subduing won’t work on her. Now then, I shall leave you to summon your companion. Have a good time ~ ‘wink’. - she winked and closed the door behind her.

I was alone in the Summoning Chamber.

I stood up in front of the Summoning Stone. Five stars aligned in a circle around one big star were engraved in the middle of it.

Circle Star? Hah. That kinda makes sense. Raise your companions star by having sex, yeah right.

The thought sounded ridiculous. I still couldn’t get over it.

Oh well, shall we? I will need help exploring this world anyway, so lets get on with it.

I placed my hand on the circle engraved with stars. As soon as I did that, the pentagram started to shine, responding to my touch. In a few moments the whole room lit up and I had to cover my eyes, due to extreme brightness.

The light subsided soon enough and I was able to open my eyes. I saw a girl standing in the middle of the Summoning Circle.

Now that’s a view you won’t see every day. She is... rather attractive...

The girl stood motionless for a while. Her head was tilted up with light brown hair falling down her shoulders. She had her eyes closed as if she was floating in a dream.

Her green outfit was rather alluring. The top was cross shaped green leaves going down from each shoulder covering her breasts. She was wearing a short skirt ending in a leaf like form, barely covering her feminine part of the body. And her boots were up to her knees with slight glitter on the sides.

She opened her eyes and came to her senses. Looking around she saw me and smiled excitedly.

- Thank you for summoning me Master! - she jumped on my neck joyfully. - My name is Eve. What’s your name?

- I’m TC, - I was somewhat perplexed.

- Nice to meet you Master TC. - she responded cheerfully.

- Just TC is fine. - I blushed.

- Ok, Master TC. - she was extremely lively.

Right... I guess I’ll have to get used to it. Being called a Master does have a nice ring to it.

- Hold on, I think we need to form a pact don’t we? - I remembered Farla’s explanation.

Oh damn. Farla never said how to form a pact. Are we gonna have to...?

My thoughts were interrupted by Eve’s eyes stuck close to my face.

- What are you thinking Master? Your face is bright red. - she sounded like a child trying to understand something she never encountered before.

- The priestess never explained to me how to form a pact. - I replied looking away.

- What do you mean? But you’re already my Master, aren’t you? - Eve was confused.

Oh right, Farla said she would have a tattoo somewhere on her body.

- Can you lift up your hair for a moment? - asked her.

She tilted her head slightly and lifted her long hair up with both hands. She had her eyes closed and looked so attractive I couldn’t not stare. Eve’s right leg was slightly lifted up. Her right knee was bent with one toe touching the floor.

The side of her hip was fully exposed showing off her smooth skin. Her belly was flattened out due to her arms up in the air, which curved up nicely up to her barely covered breasts. She looked like a real forest nymph – dazzling and extremely attractive.

My thoughts were somewhere between her body and the bed standing in the corner. Surprisingly both words started with the letter ‘B’.

- Do you see it Master? - Eve’s words put me back to my senses.

- Erghm... yes there is a circle star symbol on your neck. - That’s strange, I thought Farla said we form a pact only ‘after’ the summoning.

- Then it’s all good Master. What shall we do now? - she touched her lips with a finger.

- You must be hungry. Lets go get something to eat first. - With a huge mug of cold drink, before and after the meal, to cool off.

Admiring Eve’s body and thinking about the bed in the corner was appealing. However, I’m glad I had my hormones in check. I needed to get more information about how things work here.

- Ok Master. - she agreed without hesitation.

Eve jumped close and grabbed my arm. We went outside to the big hallway and Eve’s eyes widened.

- Wow, what a big room, - she gasped in surprise.

Eve looked cute. She had this childlike curiosity which made her even more attractive. On a side note, as soon as we went outside everyone started staring at us.

What’s this all about? I know Eve looks hot, but come on, give me a break.

- Oh my gosh, you got a Silver Star! - Farla was super excited when she saw us. - That is super lucky!

A Silver Star?

I didn’t bother to check the color of the star Eve had nor it mattered to me. My full attention was somewhere below her neck for some reason.

- Congratulations. Nobody’s ever summoned a Silver Star from Special Summoning before. - Farla was totally impressed.

- Ok, - I said somewhat confused. - What does that mean?

- Right, I forgot to mention. - Farla chuckled. - There are different rarity of stars too. Bronze is the most common one, then you have Silver and Gold Stars. Getting a Silver star is super rare. And Gold is even more difficult. Very few adventurers have them.

So that’s why everyone was staring at us.

- I guess I got lucky, - I said putting up a silly smile. - Farla this is Eve. Eve meet Farla. She’s a priestess here at the Summoning Temple.

- Nice to meet you Farla. I’m so excited to be here. - Eve was overjoyed.

- It’s a pleasure. So did you guys do it? - she said it leaning towards Eve.

- No, - Eve responded without hesitation. - I even did my hands with the hair in the air pose for him.

So she did that intentionally..?

- Oh my, no man would’ve resisted that. He probably has nerves of steel. - Farla made a curious face.

- What should I do to seduce him Farla? - Eve asked without much of a concern.

They completely ignore the fact that I am standing right next to them.

- How about you-

I grabbed Eve’s arm.

- We’ll be going now. - I couldn’t handle it anymore.

- Bye Farla. - Eve waved.

That was somewhat disturbing. Not to mention Farla is very attractive herself. Listening to two hot girls talk on how to seduce me in public was a bit too much.

- What will we do now Master? - Eve acted like nothing happened.

- We need to make some money. Grog said we can register at the Adventurer’s Guild and start doing quests. We’ll have to eat and sleep somewhere. - I explained.

- Who’s Grog? - Eve was curious.

- He’s an Inn Keeper. It seems he knows few things around here. - I answered.

And I’m gonna have a word with him next time we meet. He knew about the ‘bed’ thing all along. Hah, cheeky goat.

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