Circle Star Adventure. The Ever Blooming Flower.

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Chapter 22. The Sensual Passionflower.

The Passion Springs Bath House was just outside the city. Surrounded by greenery and flower gardens it was a perfect spot both for relaxing and for romantic walks.

- Wow, how beautiful. - Eve was impressed right away.

- Welcome to our Passion Springs Bath House. - a young, attractive maiden greeted us at the door. - Please come in.

- This is the Reception Hall. - Rori was more than happy to be our guide. - We need to register and pay at the counter.

She rushed off forward, dragging Stan with her.

- Hihi. - Eve giggled. - Rori is having so much fun.

- See you later Eve. Have fun. - Rori winked and without waiting for an answer ran through the hallway.

- Rori! Wait! - Stan shouted. - Sorry about that sir TC. Enjoy your bath. Rori!

He turned and ran after her.

- Is this your first time here? - a polite female receptionist asked me with a smile.

- Yes, it is. - I answered.

- It costs five silvers per person. - she smiled again.

- Here you go. - I gave her the coins.

- The bath rooms are to the right through the hall. You can choose any room you want, if it’s available. Once, you enter, it is yours until you leave. And the outside hot springs pools are at the end of the corridor. - the receptionist explained.

- Wait. Are the outside pools public? - I became worried.

- No, they are separate for men and women. Only bath rooms are shared with a Master and his companion. - was her answer.

- The rooms can be locked from inside, so don’t worry about anyone disturbing you. - Robert paid and turned to the corridor.

- Great... - somebody disturbing me from the outside was the least of my worries.

- Bye Eve. See you at the hot springs pool. - said Angi.

- Enjoy your bath sir TC. - Robert followed her and I heard a quiet ‘click’ from behind the door.

- This room is free Master TC. - Eve was as excited as a little child.

I know who’s hiding behind that baby face.

I realized I didn’t think it through before agreeing to come here, but it was too late to turn back. We entered the room and I locked the door behind me. There were separate changing areas for each one of us. Plenty of towels and even non-slippery shoes were provided. I took off my clothes and wrapped my waist with a towel.

The worst protective armor I’ll ever wear...

Eve was still changing, so I went in by myself. There was another door separating changing rooms and the bath room.

Inside the room was hot and steamy. A small pool, big enough for two people, was right at the end of the room. Two chairs and a long wooden bench was next to the wall. Soap and sponges were provided as well. I walked over to the pool.

Wow. This place is amazing. Water is warm enough, but not too hot. The steam is great too. I believe it has some type of herbal oils mixed in it. It has a strange scent, but...

I took a few deep breaths. My body shivered and my muscles relaxed. I was looking forward to soaking myself in the pool.

- Uhm... Master. - Eve showed up wrapped in a single towel.

Her cheeks were bright red and her skin was already sparkling from water drops created by the steam.

Isn’t that the most adorable view in the world? - I stared at her.

- Is it too hot for you? - I asked.

- No, I mean... it is a little. I have never been to a place like this. My body feels hot and I am getting all wet. - her phrasing couldn’t be better.

That’s new. This is the first time I see her embarrassed. That aside, maybe the steam is making her dizzy?

- Here, sit down. I’ll be right back. - I remembered I saw some drinks in the changing room.

I came back with a mug of cold water.

- Mhm... aaaahh. - she drank almost all of it right away. - Thank you Master.

I guess she’s not used to a hot steam.

- What do we do now Master? - she asked.

- We’re in a bath house. Let’s take a bath. - I dropped my guard down.

- You mean we’ll be completely naked in front of each other? - I couldn’t figure out whether she was blushing or was it because of the steam.

- You didn’t have any problems changing to your pajamas at Nirane’s place. - I reminded her.

- Oh? You’re right Master. - Eve quickly stood up and unwrapped the towel from around her body.

It dropped on the floor almost gracefully, inviting the steam to gently cover Eve’s sensitive body parts. Lightning struck me once again and, strangely enough however, I was looking forward to what will happen next.

Eve’s partly wet hair were sticking to her body, as if trying to protect her nakedness. She titled her head slightly and wanted to fix it, so the hair wouldn’t get in the way, but they didn’t want to listen.

After few tries, Eve gave up and simply pushed the hair back. Some fell down on her shoulders and some covered her back slightly touching her cute behind.

Condensed water drops run down and around her smooth skin. Playful and cheeky, they would start at Eve’s neck and, finding even the slightest curve, would turn left or right. Most of them would slide down through the middle or around her breasts, creating a path for the next one.

But once in a while, there was this one adventurous water drop, that ignored the path and took the more exciting route.

Thanks to Eve’s deep breathing, her chest was lifting up and down. Taking the opportunity, the adventurous water drop jumped on one of her breasts to enjoy the slide of it’s life. To the envy of all others, it slowly slid down, enjoying every moment until it reached the tipping point – one of Eve’s nipples. Then, like a true conqueror, the water drop enveloped itself with all the wetness it had and tried to hold on for as long as it could.

However, the water drops victory was short lived. Because sooner or later, it was pushed down by the next one and fell to the floor. Occasionally one of them was gently brushed off by Eve’s fingers, when her nipple became too sensitive to water drop’s caressing. Becoming one of those water drops was a dream come true.

After one too many drops touched Eve’s nipples, she put her hands on her breasts, covering them and stopping water drops in their tracks. Touching her own wet, delicate breasts, erupted a new fascinating sensation, which made Eve squeeze her breasts even harder. The body reacted in return, sending electrifying impulses, enhancing tingling pleasure tenfold.

Eve tried to hold it in by biting her lip and closing the eyes. But that only intensified the feeling and she was taken aback by the irresistible elation she never felt before.

- Mmhaaa..! - followed the delightful moan.

Eve shivered as the sensuous pleasure surged through even the tiniest parts of her body.

Yeah... steam baths are the best...

I was sitting still, not daring to even blink. The towel around my waste became tight and uncomfortable a few water drops earlier, but I was prepared to see it all through.

Eve opened her eyes and tried to move forward. She was still holding her breasts and was breathing deeply.

- Master... - she spoke quietly. - I feel strange...

I bet you do. You literally experienced an orgasm just a second ago... from... water drops?

That thought made me ponder. As much as I enjoyed the show, it was certainly strange.

Wait... I know Eve is a forest nymph and her body is sensitive... when I touch her... But to experience an orgasm barely from touching her breasts...

I walked over to Eve and, ignoring my thoughts, as well as the tower inside my towel, hugged her tightly.

- Mhmm... - she bit her thumb when my body touched hers.

I was ready to kiss her and make love to her here and now.

Wait! What’s going on? What’s gotten into me?

My mind was running around like crazy. I was feeling Eve’s naked body touching mine and my manly nature instincts were running wild.

I must be dreaming and the steam is creating mirage in my h- Wait! The steam? Bath... water drops... That’s it. Now I get it.

Eve was hugging me tightly and was grinding against my...

Eeerrr... - that felt so good and... so bad at the same time.

- Here, let’s sit down. - I picked her up in my arms.

Then gently sat Eve down on one of the chairs.

- Master... - her voice was enticing and alluring.

- Stay here for a moment, I’ll be right back. - I covered her with the towel that she dropped on the floor earlier.

My words and my manhood were contradicting each other, but now I knew what’s going on, so I didn’t give in. Quickly, without looking back, I walked out to my changing room and came back carrying a yellowish potion with me.

- Here, drink this. - I handed her the potion.

Eve didn’t say anything and drank the potion in one go. After that she closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

- Huh? What? - her body shivered and Eve came back to her normal senses.

Just as I thought. It was the same for me as well.

- Welcome back beautiful. Enjoying the bath so far? - I couldn’t help, but tease after what happened.

- Oh no! - Eve covered her face with both hands. - I’ve been... and I’ve done... then I was hugging my Master and... aaaaa!

She was all red, but not only from the steam this time.

Haha. Here’s the adorable, charming Eve I know. That embarrassed behaviour only adds to her cuteness.

- But how? - she uncovered her face. - I wanted to wash my Master, but then... I was touching myself... then my Master... aaaaa!

Eve was remembering what happened and covered her face with her hands again.

- It’s the steam. - I said.

- The steam? - Eve lifted her head.

- It has a Passionflower extract mixed in it. That flower’s extract enhances person’s sexual sensitivity. I must admit they’re really smart using it like that. - Passionflower – Passion Springs Bath House, doh. I should’ve known it won’t be a simple bath.

- But what was that potion you gave me? - Eve asked?

- Cleansing Potion. It cleans the body from all unnatural status effects. - I answered.

- Booo! That’s so cheeky. I was... - she puffed her cheeks.

- Don’t feel bad about it. I mean, I did enjoy the show. - I stuck my tongue out.

- Aaa! No fair. The steam had no effect on my Master. - Eve closed her eyes and pushed me away without thinking.

- Woah..! - I slipped and - ‘Splash!’ - fell into the pool.

I stuck my head out of the water.

What makes you think it didn’t? And here we go again... - I looked at my towel lying on the floor.

After the emotions settled down, we sat down to wash ourselves. Of course Eve was more than eager to wash my body. I was sitting on one of the chairs, facing away from her.

- Just relax Master and let me take care of you. - Eve was again cheerful, as if nothing happened.

Yeah... relax... tell that to my... - we were both naked.

I felt a gentle touch of a sponge on my back. Then it started sliding up and down slowly. My muscles relaxed and a pleasant, soothing sensation entered my body.

That feels nice... Might as well enjoy it while I’m here.

Eve took her time and thoroughly cleaned each spot of my back. I felt like a baby being washed for the first time. After she was done with it, Eve went up to my shoulders and neck, which made me relax even more. It felt good being taken care of.

As much as I enjoyed Eve’s private washing treatment, one part of my body simply couldn’t relax. Especially when she started washing my arms.

In order to reach them, Eve leaned at my body, pressing her wet, soft breasts against my back. No artificial aphrodisiac can substitute the real feel.

With one hand holding onto my shoulder, she tried to reach and wash my arms all the way down to my fingers. Which in turn made her breasts rub at my back up and down. And our skin, fully covered with soap, allowed for an easy, smooth slide.

Her delicate, perfectly round nipples, became hard, declaring they were enjoying the ride too. Soon I felt Eve’s deep, sensuous breathing in my ear. She tried to focus on washing me, but her intensified movements were telling otherwise.

Of course my body reacted to Eve’s ride as well. When you have a super sexy, hot forest nymph massage and rub her naked body against mine, it becomes more than a simple wash. And my body couldn’t ignore such a sensuous treatment.

- I’m... all... done... Master... - Eve slid down my back up and down one last time.

- Ahmm... yeah... me too... - I was staring at the pool imagining it was an ice cold water.

By the time Eve was done with the wash, I was ready to explode. Needless to say, this heavenly body wash will go down in history as ‘A Tale Never Told’.

As soon as Eve stepped away I reached for the bucket and poured the water all over myself.

How in the world will I be able to wash Eve’s body in my current condition..? The towel! I need the towel... - I looked around.

- Please go soak your body in the pool Master. - Eve filled up another bucket with water.

- Huh? What about you? You need to be washed as well? - her suggestion took me by surprise.

- No, no. You’re my Master. I can’t let you wash my body. I’ll do it myself. Please enjoy your time and rest in the pool. - she said.

Enjoy the show again you mean? Right. Passionflower extract is not working on her any more, so she’s acting normally. Hah. Eve and ‘normally’. That was funny. The heat probably hit my head.

I tried to keep eyes closed, not to stare at Eve, but they refused to listen. I was glancing at her now and then as she washed her body.

For some strange reason, my eyes managed to open at the right time when the sponge slid either through Eve’s breasts, her hips or through even more enticing part of her body. It was heaven and hell in it’s purest sense. The only thing for me to do, was to sink my head into the water, which hardly helped.

After Eve was done with the wash, she poured water on herself to clean off the soap. And then carefully stepped into the pool facing me. Eve’s long, beautiful hair covered the water around her, creating a stunning flower like image. She looked like a magical lily flower, that blooms once ever thousand years.

- I think you are very beautiful. - I said.

It w as a dull compliment, but I’d be a moron not to say anything.

- Thank you Master. - Eve was happy to hear it. - I hope you enjoyed the bath.

Which part of it exactly?

- Ahem... It was... the best I ever had. - Or one of it’s kind to be more precise.

- I’m so glad to hear that. - Eve clapped her hands.

- I believe they said there’s an outside spring pool for both men and women separately. We can go relax there. You can spend some time with Angi and Rori, I am sure they will have a few things to share. - I suggested.

- I’d really love that. Thank you Master. - Eve stood up all excited.

No. Thank you. - I stared at her naked body from up close.

Eve stepped out of the pool and went to pick up a new towel. My eyes followed every move of her magnificent hips, until she vanished behind the doors.

Yeah, steam baths are the best...

- Are you coming Master? - Eve shouted from behind closed doors.

Am I what? Ugh... you and your phrasing. At least no one else heard you.

- I’ll be right out. - I answered loudly.

I breathed in deeply, trying to relax and enjoy the warm water. One comforting thought was I will be able to spend some quiet, non-distracting time, with the guys. I decided to stay for a few more moments, before going to the outside spring pool.

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