Circle Star Adventure. The Ever Blooming Flower.

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Chapter 26. Familiar Faces.

I stretched back lifting my hands up in the air and we walked down to the arena.

- What do you think Robert? - asked Angi.

- I’m glad sir TC and Eve go first. It will be interesting to see them fight. Especially Eve, now that she’s a two star. - answered Robert.

We met our opponents, who didn’t think very highly about me.

- Well looky here. A two star silver companion. And how did a village boy like you managed to get her? - one of them tried to taunt me, which made others laugh.

I looked him over. Nothing indicated him being very strong. In fact, he looked like a rag rat himself. His buddy gave an impression of a burglar, who lived on the streets. I let out a disappointed sigh.

- Eve. - I turned to her.

- Yes Master. - she smiled.

- Just remember, we’re not suppose to kill them. - I said it loud enough, so our opponents could hear me.

- Ok. - she tilted her head slightly.

- Why you bastard! How dare you mock us?! - the man, who’s name didn’t interest me, became angry.

- Begin! - we heard the announcement.

- Thorns! - Eve waved her staff.

Both of our opponents were caught in wines and thorns, and couldn’t move.

- What’s this? Aaaa! - yelled one of them.

- I can’t move! - shouted the other.

I walked over and pointed my sword at the first one’s neck.

- Do you want to give up or prefer to have an extra hole in your body? - I asked calmly.

- I give up! I give up! - he shouted.

- Winner number eight! - declared Jarral.

I put my sword away and we went back to our seats.

- Number two and number thirty eight! - they didn’t waste time to start another match.

- Look Master. It’s Don and Amelia. - Eve pointed out.

“Huh? Don and Amelia? So they ended up in the same section as we did. Hah. Will be interesting to see what they can do.”

- Yo friend! - Don waved at us.

Eve waved back and I simply raised my hand as a hello. Don carried a huge, two handed mace, which didn’t surprise me. Amelia had two short swords strapped at the lower part of her back.

- Do you know them? - asked Robert.

- Yeah, we met them at the Passion Springs Bath House restaurant. - I replied.

Their opponents were an adventurer with his three star Bronze companion. The man carried a mace in one hand and a shield in another. His companion had a big two handed sword with her. All of them exchanged greetings and were ready to fight.

“Looks like it will be a fun, fair fight.”

- Begin! - echoed the announcement.

Don attacked with a powerful smash jumping up and swinging his mace with both hands. His opponent jumped back and the mace hit the ground.

“Haha. He’s almost like an Orgob. Anyone getting hit by that would get their head flattened.”

- Wow. Amazing! Don is so strong. - Eve was excited.

Amelia was fast and quickly jumped in to strike from the side.

“Great move, however… “

The three star companion swiftly intervened and blocked her attack. I couldn’t hear what Don said after that, but I could see him laughing his usual laugh. They pulled back and were getting ready to go at it again.

Their opponents switched placed and the adventurer went for Amelia and his companion for Don. Surprisingly, even with a two handed sword, she was very fast and Don ended up on defence against her powerful strikes.

At the same time, Amelia struggled to pass through her opponent’s tough defences.

- Oh no! They’re losing. - Eve was worried.

- Don’t worry. They’re only warming up. - I commented.

The fight was going back and forth. Both sides were even and neither of them wanted to give in.

“If this keeps up, the one who makes the mistake first loses.”

Don swung his mace and, even though his opponent blocked, she was still thrown away from the impact and fell on the ground. For just a second, her Master turned his head to see if she was ok. That was enough for Amelia to use the opening to land a swift strike and cut at his leg.

- Argghh…! - he succumbed on one knee.


Hearing her Master in pain his companion panicked, which provided an opportunity for Don as well.

- Hayaa! - he swing as hard as he could.

- Aaaaa! - this time she fell on the ground and couldn’t stand up.

- Kamila! - the injured adventurer shouted.

- You shouldn’t look away! - Amelia struck again.

- ‘Swoosh!’, ‘Slash!’ -

- Aaaa! - he yelled from pain.

His companion tried to get up and Don was running towards her, mace ready to swing.

- I give up! - the adventurer shouted, clenching on his wound.

Don stopped and Amelia jumped back.

- Winner number thirty eight! - announced Jarral.

The assistants quickly ran into the arena to help the wounded. Don and Amelia bowed down and came over to our side to sit down.

- Hello friend. - Don smiled his gorilla smile at me. - Didn’t expect to see you here. Haha!

- Yeah well. I didn’t think we’ll be in the same section as well. Congratulations on your win. - I added.

- Thank you. - he said.

- Hi Amelia. - Eve was happy to see her.

- Hello Eve. That was impressive magic back there. Your opponents didn’t have a chance. - Amelia complimented her.

- Thank you, but that was only part of the spell. My Master said we shouldn’t kill our opponents, so I held back. - Eve sounded like an Angel of Death.

- Right… - everyone had worried looks on their faces.

“Haha! She’s so simple and straight forward. And their faces were priceless. Thank you Eve.”

- Number twelve and number forty two! - they were ready to start the next fight.

- That’s us. - Robert stood up.

- Good luck Angi. - Eve cheered for her.

“Now, now. Let’s see what you can do.”

Their opponents were two men, who each had big two handed sword.

“Baah… I feel sorry for them. Unless they’re really good, this match is already decided.”

Robert took defensive stance and Angi stood behind him. It was evident what they’re trying to do and it was a good strategy.

- Begin! - shouted Jarral.

Angi pulled her bow and shot two arrows simultaneously at her opponents. They jumped to the sides to not get pierced. They clearly didn’t expect it. She didn’t wait for them to regroup and released arrows one after another. The only thing two men could do, was fall back again and again.

The widening range between them didn’t faze Angi at all. Her shots were as accurate as the first ones she released. Finally their opponents reached the wall a the end of the arena and had nowhere to fall back to. Angi released two more arrows, that hit the wall right next to each one of them.

- We surrender! - shouted one of them.

- Winner number forty two. - announced Jarral.

“That was expected to happen. So Angi can shoot two arrows simultaneously now. Sounds like fun. It’d be great to fight them. Too bad I didn’t see Robert in action.”

- Congratulations. - Eve was happy for their win.

- Thank you. - Angi smiled.

The next fight wasn’t interesting or fun to watch at all. It was more like a street fight if anything else. Eventually one of sides won, but it was a drag to watch.

- Next! Number fifteen and number twenty one! - new fight was about to begin.

I felt uneasiness in the air as soon as a man with number twenty one stepped into the arena. He had a dark robe with magic symbols engraved on it. And his shaved head had strange tattoos all over it.

“A spellcaster eh?”

The man had a one star silver companion with him, but she was wearing a cloak with a hood and I couldn’t see anything about her. There was something strange about how she held herself.

“A one star? That’s strange… “

Their opponents were an adventurer and his three star Bronze companion. They both had two handed weapons. The man was carrying an axe and the girl - a sword.

I couldn’t hear what they were talking about, but it was clear the spellcaster taunted them, because the man cursed at him loudly.

- Begin! - shouted the announcer.

Adventurer with his companion, dashed towards their opponents right away. Tattooed man’s companion didn’t move an inch, but the spellcaster raised his hand and chanted a spell.

In an instant the attackers were blown away by a dark lightning. They dropped to the ground, rolling in pain.

“Dark magic, huh?”

The caster chanted another spell and struck them with the same dark lightning once more. The bodies stopped moving and the fight was over.

- Winner number twenty one! - after that, assistants rushed to take care of the injured.

“They did say you can use any magic as well. But he doesn’t strike me as an adventurer. On top of that, his companion didn’t do anything and I can sense a strange aura coming from her. It’s almost familiar even… “

The injured adventurer and his companion were carried away. As far as I could tell, they were still alive.

The next few matches weren’t interesting for me at all. We were in a Bronze Branch after all. However unlike me, others were excited to watch them.

Robert and Angi were watching the fights intently, since they treated them as part of their training. Don would make a comment now and then, followed by his gorilla laugh. Amelia would punch him to the side each time he stared at someone’s else companion. And Eve… well Eve was simply happy being close to me.

- Next! Number two and number eight! - I almost jumped hearing it.

“Huh? Round two already. I think I fell asleep… “

- It’s our turn Master. Let’s show them what we can do! - Eve was full of energy.

That wasn’t the same with me. I was bored and wanted the fight to end as quickly as possible. On top of that, our opponents were an adventurer with a two star Bronze companion. I didn’t even bother taking out my swords.

- Eve, would you mind taking care of them? - I sat down behind Eve, crossing my legs underneath me.

Yes Master. - she was happy with my suggestion.

“At least you’re having fun. You’re cute if anything else and I can enjoy the view. Hehe.”

- How dare you mock us like that? You’ll regret underestimating us! - shouted the man.

- Yeah, yeah. I regret it already. - I wasn’t interested.

- Begin! - Jarral gave the signal.

- Thorns! - Eve waved her staff again.

Both of our opponents were caught in wines and couldn’t move.

- We’re not done yet! We will not surrender! - he tried to cut through the wines and thorns.

Eve raised her staff slightly and sharp spikes grew out of the thorns. They didn’t stab our opponents, but grew long enough for them to feel how deadly they were.

- Aarrghh… errr… we… we surrender! - the man cried out.

- Winner number eight! - announced Jarral.

- Well done Eve. - I stood up.

- Thank you Master. - she was happy to hear me praise her.

Back at the seats before the fight was over.

- Sir TC is pretty bored, isn’t he? - said Angi.

- Yeah. He doesn’t look motivated at all. However, we saw Eve use her new magic. She can easily cast multiple Thorn spells in an instant. It will be difficult to counter that. - Robert added.

- Sounds like you know them very well? - Don asked.

- Yeah, we went on a quest together. - answered Angi.

- How did you meet sir TC and Eve? - asked Robert.

- We met them in the restaurant at the Passion Springs Bath House. There were no empty tables and he was kind enough to let us join him. - said Amelia.

- But he doesn’t fight at all. Is he afraid of his opponents? - Don was puzzled.

- I think it’s the opposite. - commented Robert. - His opponents are too weak for him to draw his swords. I believe he thinks it’s not worth the effort. As you saw, Eve was the one who won both fights so far.

- It wasn’t much of a fight even. - said Amelia. - Her magic is unusual and scary. Once you’re caught, you’re done.

- That’s true, but I owe her my life. Her magic saved me during the fight with goblins. - Angi became emotional. - And she’s not using it to the fullest too. Otherwise, her opponents would be dead.

- Woah, that’s scary. Haha! - Don laughed, not knowing what to say.

- And what about TC? - asked Amelia.

- Sir TC is much stronger than he looks. He defeated Orgob all by himself. - answered Robert.

- Orgob? - Don’s jaw dropped.

- Amazing. That means he’s extremely strong. - Amelia added thoughtfully.

Everyone went quiet for a moment.

- That means we will have to fight extra hard. Haha! - Don broke the silence.

- Do you take anything seriously? - Amelia sighed.

- Haha! - everyone laughed.

- Here they come. - said Angi.

- Yey! Another win for us. - Eve cheered when we reached our seats.

- Congratulations. - said Angi.

- Thank you. - Eve smiled.

- You’re not very excited about the fights sir TC. - commented Robert.

- Yeah, well… Eve is super strong. She takes care of our opponents before I can do anything. - I smirked.

- Ahhh… - Eve leaned at me.

- Right. - Robert and the others had funny looks on their faces.

- Next! Number thirty six and number forty two! - it was Robert’s and Angi’s turn again.

- That’s us. - Robert was ready to fight.

- Good luck. - Eve clapped her hands.

- Thanks. - smiled Angi.

Their opponents were another adventurer with a three star Bronze companion. Interestingly enough, the man was equipped with a sword and a shield. And his companion was holding a bow.

“Hah. I think I’ll watch the fight this time. This should be interesting.”

The match was about to begin.

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