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Chapter 28. Thorns Wall VS Infinite Arrows.

It was quite a roller coaster of unexpected events. Amelia almost died and then Don confessed to her. After that she became his companion. On top of that, in all of the excitement, I kissed Eve.

“Haha! There’s no going back for me now.” - I laughed to myself.

But I had a tournament to win, so I put aside those thoughts for later. There weren’t many participants left. We were getting close to the finals.

Robert and Angi won their following fight. Their opponents had a hard time against them. Both were men and both had melee weapons. Not much you can do when you’re against a three star companion who’s an archer, even if she’s a Bronze Rank.

One thing I learned from all the fights was, the teams who had a companion, won more often than not. I was a little surprised and disappointed at the same time. For some reason I thought the Master was suppose to be stronger than his Companion, but that wasn’t the case most of the time. Apart from that spell caster, every other companion was stronger than their Master.

And speaking about the spell caster, he won his next match as well. It wasn’t a big surprise really, since he was the only one who was able to use magic.

If you can’t stop or counter his Dark Lightning spell, there’s nothing much you can do. On top of that, his elf companion was fast and deadly too. Great combo from my point of view.

One thing that made me wonder was I didn’t believe the girl wanted to be his companion really. She was an elf, so I doubt he summoned her at the Temple. And the way he treated her indicated the pact wasn’t formed by mutual agreement.

“Could it be he used the Forced Pact on her?”

I read about it in the Library and I think Grog mentioned something about it as well. A Forced Pact is formed by dark magic and you need some kind of magical object as a catalyst to do it. The future companion has no choice and once the pact is made, she has to obey her Master.

- Winner number nineteen! - the next match was over.

“Huh? Done already? I wonder who’s next?”

- We will move to the final matches of our Section A tournament! There are only four participants left! The numbers are eight, nineteen, twenty one and forty two! Next match! Number eight versus number forty two! - Jarral announced.

- Waaa! We’re fighting Robert and Angi. Yey! - Eve was excited.

“Oh, Robert and Angi? This should be fun.”

- I hope you will take us seriously sir TC. - Robert addressed me.

- Haha. I always take my opponents seriously. - “The ones worth the effort that is.”

All four of us went down to the arena.

- I couldn’t have asked for a better opponent sir TC. Please don’t hold back. - I could see Robert was excited about our match.

“I’ll never get used to the ‘sir TC’ thing. It sounds I’m older than I want to be…”

- I don’t intend to. I plan to win this after all. - I said.

Robert took defensive stance and Angi stood behind him. They were ready and waiting. Eve was standing next to me awaiting Jarral’s signal.

- Begin! - and I leaped forward right away with both swords in my hands.

At the same time, Angi quickly released her arrows that were aimed at Eve and not me.

- Aaaa! - Eve shouted.

- Shield! - I turned around and cast my shield spell to protect her.

Both arrows bounced off of it and Eve was safe.

- Yaaa! - Robert charged at me.

- ‘Zing!’ - I blocked his attack with one of my swords.

- Hah. Nice. - I commented.

- ‘Swoosh!’ - I swung at him with the other sword.

- ‘Bang!’ -

He blocked my attack with his shield, but the impact force pushed him back and he almost fell on the ground.

“Oops. I have to control my strength. I’m a little too excited here.”

- ‘Shoo!’ - ‘Ting!’ - an arrow was flying at me, which I deflected with a sword.

- Are you ok Robert? - Angi stood next to him.

- Yeah… He’s really strong. I felt like my arm was about to fall off when I blocked his attack. - Robert was getting ready to continue.

- Hey, you shouldn’t let your guard down like that. - I grinned.

- Thorns! - Eve was on offence now.

- Angi jump! - Robert jumped as well and swung his sword to cut down the vines under his feet.

Angi was quick enough to evade of being caught in thorns as well.

“Wow. They escaped being caught. Impressive.”

I wasn’t about to waste the opportunity to strike.

- ‘Swoosh!’ - I swung my sword at Angi, with the intent of getting rid of her bow.

She rolled backwards, while Robert jumped from the side with the shield raised up to block my attack.

- ‘Dang!’ - my sword hit the shield.

Angi didn’t waste the opportunity to counter as well.

- ‘Swish! Swish!’ - she released two arrows.

- Woah! - I fell backwards to avoid getting hit.

- Thorns! - Eve cast her spell again.

- Haaa! - Robert smashed his shield at the spot were thorns started to grow.

At the same time, Angi jumped up in the air and shot arrows at the growing vines, which pierced them through.

- Oh no! They stopped my spell again. - Eve didn’t expect it.

“Nice. They must’ve trained to counter Eve’s spells. Not that I expect it to work each time of course. Eve will have to try harder to master it.”

- That was close. - said Robert.

- Yes it was. What do we do now? - asked Angi.

- If this keeps up, we’ll simply get tired and lose. And yet both of them didn’t even break a sweat. We’ll have to use ‘it’ now. I’ll buy you some time. - Robert lifted his sword up.

- Ok. Here I go. - Angi pulled her bow and started to focus.

- Careful Eve. They are planning something. - I noticed Angi’s magical energy change.

- Yaaa! - Robert charged at me.

I quickly jumped to the side and dodged his attack. He turned away from me and wanted to swing at Eve instead.

- Thorns! - Eve cast another spell.

Robert jumped to the left to avoid getting caught. He quickly got up and raised the shield to block my incoming attack.

- ‘Bang!’ - my swing was strong enough to blow him away.

He lost his balance and fell on the ground. My aim was to get him further from Eve, so she can concentrate on her magic. However, Angi’s intense growth of magical energy made even Eve worried.

- Master! - she shouted.

- So you noticed it too. - I wasn’t sure if I can reach Angi in time to stop her.

- Do it Angi! - instructed Robert.

- Ah? Get behind me Master! Quick! - Eve raised her staff.

“Behind you? Like, here and now?” - yeah, I couldn’t help it.

I quickly got out of Eve’s way and then…

- Infinite… - Angi. - Arrows!

- Thorns… - Eve. - Wall!

Innumerable magic arrows were released by Angi one after another. At the same time, Eve cast her Thorns Wall spell. Instantly big, strong vines and thorns grew from the ground in front of us, creating a thick impenetrable wall.

The arrows were hitting the wall one after another and there was no end of them. Angi was releasing the shots non stop, trying to pierce through the wall. However, as fast and as deadly they were, the arrows simply couldn’t penetrate it.

- My turn. Thorns! - even with the Thorns Wall up, Eve could cast her spells.

“Aaah! You’re so awesome. I could watch you do this all day.”

Eve looked extremely adorable casting her magic. All I could do is smile at her performance.

Since Angi was standing still, shooting her bow, she instantly was caught in Eve’s Thorn spell. Same happened to Robert, who was gasping at the thick Thorns Wall he didn’t expect to see. Thorn spell broke Angi’s posture and her endless rain of arrows attack was broken.

- Aargh… - both of them were immobilized and couldn’t move.

“Hah. What a sight. It seems Eve won us yet another match. She’s looks so cool right now.”

I quickly ran from behind the wall and swung at Robert, disarming him. His sword flew away and dropped on the ground.

- It seems like we won. - I pointed my sword at him with satisfied grin on my face.

- Sigh… it does look that way. - Robert sighed. - We surrender!

- Winner number eight! - and that was that.

- Yey! We won! - Eve was jumping from joy.

- I’m happy about it too, but aren’t you forgetting something? - I asked her.

- Oh right, sorry. - she made a silly face.

Eve waved her staff and released Robert and Angi from her spell. She undone the Thorns Wall as well.

- Next match! Number nineteen and number twenty one! - we had to return to our seats right away.

- Incredible. That was an amazing fight. - Don commented when we returned.

- Congratulations on the win. - said Amelia.

- Thank you. - Eve was happy then added. - You were really impressive Angi. That Infinite Arrows ability is amazing.

- Thank you. But it was no match for your Thorns Wall spell. I couldn’t even make a dent. - Angi returned the praise.

“Angi’s new ability is really amazing. I wouldn’t be able to defend against it without my full gear. Eve saved the day with her Thorns Wall. All the praise belong to her.”

- Well done Eve. You were amazing. - I complimented her.

- Thank you Master. - she was happy to hear it.

I turned my attention to the fight in the arena. Number nineteen team was at their limits. That spell caster was in a bad mood after I saved Amelia and he didn’t hold back with his attacks.

His companion wasn’t idle as well. She was extremely fierce and went all out at her opponent. Probably because if she didn’t, her Master wouldn’t hesitate to use Dark Lightning without any regards of what happens to her.

- Dark Lightning! - and number nineteen’s companion fell to the ground.

Her Master was injured by the elf girl too and knew what might happen next.

- I surrender! - he shouted.

The spell caster ignored his words and was about to cast another spell.

- That’s enough! - shouted Jarral. - Unless you want to be disqualified?

- Tsk… - the man wasn’t happy, but obeyed and lowered his hand.

- Winner number twenty one! - the announcement followed.

People rushed to help the fallen girl and her injured Master. The arena was empty after few minutes and I knew there was only one match left to go.

- Eve, I’d like yo to stay here for the next match. - I said.

- What? But I want to fight together with you Master. - Eve objected.

- No. I’ll handle it myself. I will feel much better knowing you’re safe. - I stated.

- Oh, ok Master. - she agreed.

I knew Eve could help me win the fight, but what I was about to do involved more than simply winning the match.

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