Circle Star Adventure. The Ever Blooming Flower.

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Chapter 3. The Adventurer's Guild.

The Adventurer’s Guild wasn’t far from the Summoning Temple. Probably due to convenience of people summoning their companions and registering for quests right away.

The place was fully packed unfortunately. There were lots of adventurers. Lots of them had decent armor and carried good weapons. Some of them had three star companions as well.

Right. So Farla was right after all. I don’t see any silver star companions even at the guild. I must’ve been super lucky summoning Eve.

The place had plenty tables and chairs to sit on. No food or drinks were served though. I heard a heated discussion going on at one of the tables. Two men were arguing about something.

I tried not to stare at anyone, particular at all the hot looking companions. Getting into a fight with one of their Masters wasn’t on my To Do list.

As much as I wasn’t staring at anyone, it seemed like most of them were staring at me.

I wonder is it because of my ‘royal’ outfit or because I have a super sexy ‘forest nymph’ walking next to me?

- I want to register as an Adventurer. - I approached a man sitting behind the counter.

He looked at me with pity as if I was a dog asking for a bone.

- Here, sign this. - he lifted a tablet with a circle star symbol on it.

The symbol looked exactly the same as the one they had in the Summoning Temple.

- Come on. I don’t have all day. - he pushed the tablet to me impatiently.

I took a pen and wrote my name – TC. A dim light shone on the tablet.

- Here. - he lifted a cheap looking necklace with a tag on it.

I took it and saw my initials printed on the tag – TC.

What’s that about? Quite a welcoming greeting for a new adventurer I’d say. Ah well, I don’t care. It’s just a name tag. At least I am registered and can earn some money now.

- Quest board is on the wall to your right. You start with ‘Copper’ quests first. And as your rank increases you can take higher level quests. - the clerk explained.

Wow, how can you be so polite and so grumpy at the same time?

- For thousand stars sake, how in the world did someone like you summon a Silver Star companion? And with a nature’s attribute on top of it? - the grumpy clerk commented.

Someone like me, eh? What’s with people around here? At least Farla was happy for me. Wait, did he say ’nature’s attribute?

- I guess I was lucky, - I gave him a fake smile. - Thank you for your help.

I made my last comment as sarcastically as I could and went to check the Quest Board. It was really huge. It went from one side of the wall to the other. And it was divided into sections as well. Since higher star adventurers where gathering at the right side of the board, I decided to start with the left side.

And I was right. There were plenty low level quests on that side. From gathering herbs, to killing low level monsters.

Getting some herbs would be beneficial. I could make some potions for myself and could sell some too. Wait, what’s this?

~ Exterminate Beezle Sprouts ~ The Quest didn’t look very hard. I had no idea what Beezle Sprouts were, but I was confident I could do it. Reward was cheap, but will be enough to get some food and a room for the night.

- Hello there, - a voice interrupted my reading. - I see you are new here.

Oh nice, someone actually decided to come and greet me. Maybe he can help me learn more about the Guild. - I turned towards him.

- I want to buy your companion, - he announced without much of a hesitation.

Ok, forget the greet and help part.

Eve grabbed my arm and clung to me like a child afraid to be lost. I put my hand on Eve’s shoulder to make her feel at ease.

- No. - I replied without hearing anything else he had to say and went to the counter with the Quest slip.

- I’d like to do this quest. - I said to the clerk giving him the slip.

- Take the slip with you to the farmer just outside the city. He’ll sign it once the task is done. - the clerk replied without even looking at me.

I put the Quest paper in my bag and we went out.

Things are getting more interesting. You can actually sell your companions for money? Not that I plan to sell Eve or anything.

I remembered the heated discussion at one of the tables inside. Maybe they were talking about buying or selling a companion.

- That was scary. - Eve said in a quiet voice.

- Don’t worry Eve, I am not planning to sell you. - I gave her reassuring smile.

- Thank you Master. - she responded joyfully.

Her childlike cheerful personality makes her look really cute. You cannot but smile looking at her. Not to mention she does look like a forest nymph.

I wonder how long it will take for my ‘nerves of steel’ to melt? - I thought to myself.

I better focus on something else. The quest... right! I need to do the quest. I doubt Grog will be so generous as to offer a free meal again. Besides, I do need to make some proper money and raise my Adventurer’s Rank.

We headed straight for the farm to do the quest.

Most of the outskirts of the city were farms growing crops and vegetables. There weren’t many adventurers doing quests. At least not on the fields.

Maybe it’s only one of the same quest per adventurer?

Eve was enjoying herself being outside. She was walking on the grass and picking flowers, just like a little girl. Cute and charming were the best words to describe her.

We needed to do the quest before sunset. One farm stood out from the others right away. I saw an older man with a stick desperately waving and hitting at the ground.

After getting closer we saw plants, about two feet tall, running around and eating his vegetables. They had melon size head with teeth, but no eyes on them. And they moved using they roots as legs.

Surprisingly they didn’t react to old man’s beating at all. As soon as they got hit, a new head would sprout and they would continue feeding on his crops.

- You damn Beezle Sprouts! Get out of my field! - yelled the old man.

He was fighting an endless battle with no visible results.

- Good day to you sir. - I greeted the old guy with a smile. - Are you the one who listed this quest?

I showed him a piece of paper with a quest information.

- So somebody finally showed up. - he sat down on an empty barrel picking up the paper from my hand. - Yeah, that’s correct. This is the place. It’s been so long since the last guy was here. I lost hope already and was afraid of losing my crops.

- Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it. - I said confidently.

- As if it was that easy. You saw what they are. As soon as I hit them they grow back up. Previous adventurer didn’t even last an hour and quit. - he looked at me for a moment, then shook his head. - Oh my, just my luck. You don’t even have a weapon. Looks like my crops are gone for good.

I turned around and went to talk to Eve, who was curiously examining one of the Beezle Sprouts. It didn’t mind Eve standing close to it at all. The hungry plant continued munching potatoes.

Then she stood up and lifted her hands slightly. Suddenly, Eve’s hands started to glow a soft green light. Quickly she pointed at the sprout and...

- Thorn Spikes! - she cast a spell.

Instantly several roots grew from the ground and entangled the unaware Beezle Sprout. Within less than a second sharp spikes sprung out of them, skewering it from all directions. The plant withered and died, only to leave few of it’s leaves on the ground.

- Oh my! Amazing! - the old man shouted excitedly. - You got rid of it in an instant!

Amazing. I was wondering what she can do as a fighter. Seeing her use Nature Magic is a pleasant surprise.

- I think I can handle them Master. - she said cheerfully and went to the next one.

There were about twenty of Beezle Sprouts running around. Eve took care of those in about an hour. She had to take short breaks, as casting Thorn Spikes required her to use spiritual energy. But it was amazing to see her use magic.

When she was done the old man almost cried out of joy.

- My crops... they’re saved. I can’t believe it. You took care of them. - He took both of my hands. - Thank you. Thank you so much.

He ran into the house as quickly as the old man can run. When he came out, he was carrying two mugs and an old woollen purse.

- Here, you must be thirsty. - he handed us the mugs. - That’s the best Croberry juice you’ll find anywhere.

Aha, Croberry Juice. Same thing Grog treated me at the Inn. Eve will probably like it too.

- This is sooo good. - Eve definitely enjoyed it.

- This is the reward I promised. And your quest papers. They are all signed. - the old man was over the moon. - I’m sorry I can’t offer more than this. Those Beezle Sprouts were eating my crops and I could barely sell anything on the market. Now that they are gone, I can provide for my family.

We thanked the farmer and went back to the city.

The quest wasn’t really difficult and I got to see what Eve can do. Thorn Spikes didn’t look like a powerful magic spell, but with time it can definitely become strong.

- You were amazing back there, - I said.

- Thank you Master TC. - she responded happily.

- Ok, lets go hand in the quest. We’ll get something to eat. You must be hungry. - I said.

- Can we get some more Croberry juice too? It was so tasty!- she tilted her head to the side, closed her eyes and touched her cheeks with both hands.

She certainly liked it. Haha.

- Of course we can. - I smiled.

Adventurer’s Guild was packed as before. We went to the counter right away. I gave the signed quest papers to the clerk.

- Back so soon, - he said without lifting his head. - Decided to quit and find an easier quest?

- It’s all done and signed, - I responded firmly.

- Oh? - he looked up.

Without saying another word, he picked up the paper and stamped it. He passed it to the lady standing behind him. She took it silently and quickly disappeared behind the closed doors. The clerk stretched his hand towards me.

- Here. - he said without lifting his head.

I held my hand and got few coppers from him.

My quest reward from the Guild it seems? So I get a reward from the person who posted the job and then guild pays out extra for completing it. Not bad.

- Thank you. - I said and we left without picking up another quest.

It was getting late and I was rather tired. That was a surprise, considering I wasn’t the one who got rid of those Beezle Sprouts. Eve must’ve been more tired than me. We went to Grog’s Inn to spend the night.

The Inn was packed when we got there. People were enjoying their meals and the smell of roasted meat was furiously teasing my nose. Grog’s eyes widened as he saw us approaching.

- By the thousand stars on my forehead. I’ll be damned! - he shouted with a surprise. - I knew there was something different about you, but you surpassed my expectations all together.

Yes, yes, I know. Silver Star summon with Nature Magic attribute. Who knew, right?

I was being sarcastic in my head. He read my face quickly:

- No need for sarcasm, haha. - he laughed. - It’s not as common as you think. You’re definitely new here if you don’t realize this. Look around you.

Old man Grog was right. Not a single Silver Star companion sitting in the inn. I saw few inside Adventurer’s Guild of course, but there weren’t many.

- Ok, you’re right. And I must admit, she’s amazing. - I said looking at Eve standing next to me. She blushed and gave me the sweetest smile. - She took care of some Beezle Sprouts on one of the fields in an instant.

- Oh, so you’ve completed a quest already? - Grog was impressed. - Not many adventurers jump in doing quests.

- I need to pay for the night, don’t I? - I said with a smirk.

- Haha, of course you do. I wouldn’t be able to run this Inn if I didn’t get paid. - Grog was in a good mood. - You must be hungry. Go tell them in the kitchen to cook some fine meat for my guests. Here, please take a seat.

- Thank you. Do you have some more of that Croberry Juice by any chance? - Eve’s eyes sparkled as I said that.

- Of course I do. I’m the Inn Keeper here. Hahaha! - he laughed going back to the counter.

Soon he returned with two mugs full of Croberry juice:

- Enjoy yourselves. - Grog placed the mugs on the table.

We were served the food soon after. Delicious smell of cooked meat instantly filled our senses. Our stomachs reminded us how hungry we were.

The food was delicious. We enjoyed our time talking about the quest and the Beezle Sprouts. After the meal we went upstairs to get some rest. Getting more quests done and raising up the Guild Rank was one of the priorities for me.

One of the Grog’s servants showed us to our room. It was simple, but clean. There was one double bed and a couch. Small table and two chairs were standing next to the wall close to a wooden wardrobe.

That’ll do. Simple, yet practical.

Eve was looking really tired. Using her magic today must’ve drained her. Her Thorn Spikes was impressive. We’ll have to work hard to improve her skills and abilities. Before I realized it she was lying on the bed already snoozing. I took a blanket and covered her up. She tugged up like a kitten feeling warmth

- Cro...berry... Juice... - Eve muttered in her sleep.

Haha. She must’ve loved it too much.

I glanced at her. She was so cute lying on the bed. Even under the blanked you could see her slim figure. The view gave way room for imagination.

A sexy female companion who will do anything you want. A dream come true, eh?

I was wondering about what happened today. Everything sounded good and all, but some things bothered me. Most of the people I saw weren’t that strong. Obviously you’d have stronger monsters than those Beezle Sprouts running around.

Maybe that’s why companions have different strengths? Star rarity and count? And what about Adventurer’s Guild? What’s it for? Why can’t you get a job without a companion? And that hot elf I met in the forest? Who was she? There must be more behind this.

I decided to go down and ask Grog some questions. I glanced at Eve one more time before leaving. She was sleeping peacefully. I closed the door behind me and went downstairs.

The Inn was almost empty. I suppose everyone went to sleep or do some other ‘stuff’.

Grog was still behind the counter. He saw me coming down.

- Can’t sleep, eh? - he asked.

- Sort of. - I said. - Can you lend an ear and a piece of advice?

- Always willing. How can I help? - Grog seemed eager to chat.

I sat down behind the counter in front of him. He placed a mug with a drink for me.

- What’s bothering you? - Grog asked politely.

- How do I put it? The ‘evolve your companion’ part kinda bothers me. I can accept the whole star rarity thing and all, but having sex to make my companion stronger doesn’t make sense. - I went right to the point.

- Hah, I see. You are definitely not from around here. If we understood everything in the world, we wouldn’t ask questions. However, not sure if I can give you an answer you are looking for. All I know is Master and Companion shares a special bond. That bond is strengthened through intimacy and that’s when companion evolves. - Grog explained.

- So that’s how it is. - Grog’s answer actually made sense. I’m surprised I didn’t think about it myself. - Can you tell me more about this world then?

Learning more about this place will be more beneficial than pondering about things I don’t understand. I made myself comfortable and was ready to listen to Grog.

We talked for about two hours. Between laughs and stories of Grog’s adventurers I found out there are other racers living out there.

Apart from humans there were elves, who lived in the Silvernight Forest to the south, and dwarfs, who lived far to the west in the city called Yornforge.

Of course I knew about elves already, since I met one as soon as I came here. Apparently female elves are being hunted by adventurers who want to make them their companions. Living in the wilds as they are made them strong and fast.

That explains why she was so hostile towards me. Nobody would want to become someone’s companion by force. That’s just mere slavery.

In addition to the elves and dwarves there were Frost Giants. Their home was far to the East, high atop Frozen Mountains. Not many dared to venture up there. Anyone who did usually didn’t come back. Not much was known about them, since Frost Giants usually never came down to the valleys.

I thanked Grog for the time we spent chatting and for his stories. It was getting late and I needed some rest.

I went upstairs to my room and I found Eve still sound asleep. The blanked was somewhat kicked off revealing her long legs.

She must’ve felt hot. Well... I can’t argue with that. She’s definitely HOT.

It was somewhat surreal for me. I ended up in quite an interesting world. Not that the previous one was ‘realistic’. Adventurer’s Guild, magic, monsters – those didn’t surprise me. The real surprise was companions... and the ‘thing’ about raising their star level.

Obviously fun, but stupid at the same time. Who wouldn’t want to have a good time with a sexy hot forest nymph? I certainly would, however... the reasoning behind it was stupid. Who in the world could’ve thought of making it so? On top of that, it’d feel like I was using her for my own pleasure. I didn’t want to think about her that way.

There must be something else behind it... maybe. I’ll need to do some research. But first, lets get some sleep.

I thought I had a good nights sleep, but my body felt heavy in a strange way. Then it dawned on me. Something or someone was holding me down.

I got alert right away and tried to access the situation. I kept my eyes closed pretending I was still asleep.

I was positive I locked the door before going to sleep. Was there a hatch in the ceiling I didn’t notice? Did Croberry Juice dull my senses? Did someone sneak into the room while we were sleeping? - All sorts of questions were running through my head.

I could always sense when someone tried to sneak upon me, especially if they were hostile. Call it a hunch or a gut feeling or whatever.

However this time, surprisingly, I didn’t sense any ill intent towards me from the person holding me down. I could hear noises downstairs. Must’ve been the kitchen. Of course they’d will be busy in the morning. And it would be too risky for a robber to sneak in at this hour. Then it downed on me.

Hold on. Don’t tell me the person holding me down is...

I opened my eyes and realized what was going on. I was definitely ambushed, but not in a way I thought I was. It was Eve sitting on top of me with her hands holding my arms tight and leaning towards me.

Her eyes were fixed on me. Red cheeks and cute nose almost touched mine. Her lips were slightly wet, probably she licked them with her tongue, so tempting and irresistible.

Expecting the worst I looked down slowly. Luckily she was still wearing her outfit.

Define outfit in three words... I thought.

However, since she was leaning towards me, Eve’s breasts were almost fully exposed while gently touching my chest.

Quite a situation I am in... Screaming for help probably is not a good idea.

I was clearly in trouble and she knew that. I was lying down and at the same time I was ‘getting up’.

I looked back up at Eve. She had a cheeky victorious smile on her face. The type of a smile a fox would have knowing she had her prey cornered.

I couldn’t say a word. I was literally speechless. I was afraid of lifting a finger. Scratch that. I was ‘up and ready’ as they say. All I could do is wait for the huntress to make her move.

- Good morning Master. - Eve said in a quiet seductive voice.

- Good morning Eve. - I managed to mumble out in an embarrassing voice. - You’re up early.

- You are too Master. - she said it as she moved her hips forward slightly.

Then she leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. It was sweet and electrifying. After that Eve leaned backwards and sat up straight. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I was bewitched by her, almost literally. Without saying another word, she slid off of me slowly stretching her waist like a cat.

Uuhhh... The ‘pain’! What just happened?

Eve was happy she managed to ′ambush’ me like that. And she was clearly satisfied with the end result. I was lying in the bed still astonished by what happened.

That was quite a morning wake up. She’s clearly not a child even if she sometimes acts like one.

I wonder what she has in store for me moving forward.

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