Circle Star Adventure. The Ever Blooming Flower.

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Chapter 39. Five Star Gold Companion Angel.

I stood in the middle of the arena, still stunned at what happened.

Huh? Ah right, the tournament. It’s over.

As much as I enjoyed it, I was glad the tournament was over. This was the last fight and I was the last man standing. I felt relieved the hot encounter with succubus ended in a ‘pleasant’ way. I touched my lips, remembering her passionate kiss.

Now THAT was a kiss. I can say I am one of the lucky ones, who were kissed by a succubus and lived to tell about it. Haha. That’s an experience I will never forget.

Putting that aside, now I’ll be able to meet Knight Gorren. The tournament was fun and all, but I wanted to learn the truth why he wasn’t been healed. The more I thought about it, the more suspicious I was.

And that Rafnadar guy that Randy mentioned was probably the main person behind it. And was he the one who summoned Htilil?

- Congratulations to our Five Star Tournament winner TC! - Vorin congratulated.

And the crowd cheered.

- Yey! My Master is the winner! - Eve jumped up.

- Wow, incredible. - Stan gasped.

- Indeed. I can still keep the prices up, since I have the winner of the tournament staying at my inn. - Grog was thinking out loud.

- Ya might wanna rethink that. It will come back to bite ya. - commented Sieran.

- You’re probably right friend, haha. - Grog laughed.

- I’m so happy for TC’s win of course, but I am also saddened for my dear Eve. - commented Madam Norel.

- Why is that Madam? - asked Rori.

- My sweet Rori, you do remember what the tournament was all about, don’t you? - she replied.

- Oh right... - Rori covered her mouth.

Everyone stared at Eve which made her feel a little uncomfortable.

- What’s wrong guys? Aren’t you happy that my Master won? - she asked.

- Yes, of course, but... - Angi didn’t know what to say.

- No matter what happens, you’ll always be my friend Eve. - Rori hugged her.

- Huh? Of course. - she hugged Rori back.

- Now then, as exciting as the tournament was... - Vorin started... - this was the last match. And with it, the Five Star Tournament has ended!

The crowd cheered and shouted. Excitement and congratulations were heard throughout arena.

- Not yet! - unfamiliar voice interrupted the shouts.

A slim, elegant figure jumped down to the arena from the same lounge Vorin was standing.

Huh? What now?

- Don’t celebrate just yet. Not if I have something to say about it. - a beautiful, dark haired woman stood before me.

She was wearing silver yellow armor, with some red runes imbeded in it, which added an extra attractiveness to her already enticing beauty. Her powerful aura filled the arena in an instant, but I was mesmerized by her ‘other’ assets.

- Well... hello there... - as cool as I thought I was, it was the best I could blurt out.

And for a good reason. Beautiful wasn’t the right word to describe her and I was literally lacking in words right now. I had no doubt she was the main reason, and the prize, of this tournament.

Dark, as night, hair, sharp eyes and sexy lips didn’t allow my eyes to even blink. Her crossed arms covered her incredible bust. Slim waist magnified her voluptuous figure and the armor, as glorious as it was, wasn’t able to hide the curves of her hips.

I knew I was drooling, but at times like these, I preferred to look like an honest idiot. If anyone was worth to be called ‘Angel’, it was the woman standing in front of me.

- Hey look! It’s Angel! - I heard someone shout.

- Oh man! I’m in love! - yelled someone else.

- She’s so beautiful! - added the other.

So she IS Angel. And she’s the reason this whole tournament was hosted in the first place. Yep, I agree - she is worth fighting for.

- Wipe that drool off your face. It’s pathetic. - she wasn’t impressed with me.

- Oh? Ah... haha. Sorry about that. I didn’t expect such a beauty to land in front of me out of nowhere. - I scratched my head in embarrassment.

- Hmph... men are so obvious, only one thing on their minds... - she commented, but her cheeks were a little red.

Hey, not the only ‘ONE’ thing. I do think about food sometimes as well. You can’t fu... errr... fight on an empty stomach, as they say.

That was too much for me to handle. She was way too pretty to keep my head straight.

- Don’t think just because you were declared as a winner, I will accept you as my new Master. - Angel stated. - Not after you won in such a cowardly way.

- Oh, you mean my fight against Stigmarl? Ghm... like they say – everything goes in war and lo-

- I won’t have that! - she interrupted me. - And a Bronze Rank adventurer on top of it. There’s no way you would’ve won fair and square. That’s why you resorted to such cheap tricks.

Bronze Rank? Cheap tricks? Bah... Not you too...

- My Master is the example to every adventurer out there. He would’ve never used such cowardly tactics against anyone. - Angel was angry.

- And that’s why he’s hiding from everyone, like an injured animal in a cave? - I threw more coals into the fire.

- How dare you? - she retorted.

- Am I wrong? Why isn’t he showing his face to anyone then? - I asked.

- That’s because... - Angel didn’t finish her sentence.

- It doesn’t matter. A win is a win. And I will become your new Master. - I declared.

- Not if I have to say anything about it! Haa! - ‘Swoosh!’ - she charged at me with her big sword raised up high.

She’s fast.

- ‘Bang!’ - I blocked her swing with my shield.

The hit pushed me few meters away.

Was that... a Flash Move? She’s almost as fast as that hot elf I met in the forest. And her chest is almost as big too.

- Pfff... Hahaha. - I burst out laughing.

Two main things about a woman: is she fast and how big is her chest? - I couldn’t hold it.

Angel, on the other hand, didn’t find my laugh very amusing.

- What? How dare you laugh at me? - she jumped at me again.

- ‘Bam!’ - I managed to block the attack again.

Hey, I wasn’t laughing at you. Meh... I better get rid of this.

I threw the shield away, seeing as Angel doesn’t intend to hold back.

- I won’t have someone like you mocking me! - she was about to strike again.

- You look so pretty when you’re angry. - I commented.

- Huh? What? - she stopped.

Aahhh... so cute. She didn’t expect that. And women say that men are gullible.

- Tsk... you’re making fun of me again? - she redeemed her composure. - I won’t forgive you!

Come on, really? Are we gonna fight now?

But it didn’t look like Vorin intends to interfere or stop us.

- Flash Move! - I noticed Angel’s sprint.

- Summon Blood Halbert. - ‘Ding!’ - our weapons hit each other.

- Huh? So that’s how it is. - she jumped away from me.

It was my turn to attack now. I followed her forward and swung my halbert.

- ‘Swoosh! Slash! Swoosh!’ - she evaded or dodged my swings.

But I didn’t stop.

- ‘Ding! Bang! Zing!’ - she blocked or parried the rest of my strikes.

- Ghaaa... - and my Blood Halbert did it’s thing.

After one more hit, she slumped on the ground.

- Giving up already? - I smirked.

- So it’s true. I get cut if I block your swings, but not if I evade them. - Angel commented.

What? So she was simply testing me? She was watching my fights intently it seems. A Gold Five Star lives up to her name.

Angel stood up as if nothing happened.

- This simply means... I have to be faster than you. - she had a serious look on her face. - Haaa!

- Summon Blood Armor. - I was just in time.

- ‘Ding!’ - Angel appeared in front of me in an instant.

- ‘Swoosh!’ - I swung back, but missed.

- ‘Thrust! Bam!’ - she hit me on the side.

- Ouch. - I was pushed away.

There was no point in holding back. Her last attack showed it all. She definitely was serious about beating me. But it was more than that. When our weapons clashed, I could hear her sword crying. Sometimes you don’t need words to express your true feelings.

Putting all the tournament hype a side, Angel must be in pain more than anyone else right now. In her own eyes, she’s about to lose her Master and become someone’s else companion. Not something a faithful and loyal person would be willing to do. All things considered, the least I could do was to show my true strength.

I sighed deeply and fixed my poise. With Blood Halbert in my hands I focused my energy and stopped concealing my aura. A powerful energy waves, like the roaring ocean, burst out around me.

- What? - Angel was surprised to see such a huge surge of energy.

Even the spectators were blown away by my powerful aura.

- What’s happening? - the shouts echoed.

- I feel like I am being blown away! - yelled the other.

- What incredible strength! - people held onto their seats.

The waves subsided and I was ready to attack.

- Let’s go! - I dashed at Angel in an instant.

- Huh? - ‘Ding!’ - our weapons clashed.

- ‘Swing! Thrust! Thrust! Ding! Slash!’ - an avalanche of swings were unleashed.

- Haaa! - ‘Swoosh! Slash! Swing!’ - Angel was on offense as well as on defense.

We swung with such speed and force, people were hardly able to see what was happening.

- Yaaa! - ‘Swoosh! Swing! Bam!’ - Angel wasn’t holding back.

- Humph! - ‘Thrust! Thrust! Stab!’ - I released a tornado of swings.

- ‘Ding! Bam! Zing! Swoosh!’ - blocks, parries, dodges and counter attacks followed every swing.

We were exchanging strikes and blows like there’s no tomorrow. Angel was strong, really strong. Stronger than anyone I fought in the tournament so far. No better way to understand another fighter than to cross arms with them in a fight.

I knew why she was fighting. And I could feel Angel’s emotions through our battle. Angel’s blade was crying. Crying of joy fighting a strong opponent and crying of sadness about to lose somebody dear.

- Yaa! Haa! - ‘Slash! Swoosh!’ - Angel wasn’t slowing down.

- ‘Ding! Thrust!’ - I blocked and returned the strike.

- Ugh... - we both slid away from each other after yet another confrontation.

- Unbelievable! How come a Bronze Rank is so strong? - Angel was trying to catch her breath.

- You know, we all have to start somewhere. It’s not like ‘Adventurers’ are summoned into our respective ranks. Of all the people out there, you should know that better than anyone. - I couldn’t believe she was blinded by the ‘Rank’ mindset.

- Enough of this! I’ll end it now! - Angel took an aggressive stance.

I could feel her aura overflowing with power. She was about to unleash some devastating attack. I was ready to confront it, no matter what was about to come my way.

- Sun Ray Slash! - a blinding light shot from Angel’s sword.

- Flash Step. - I used my fastest move to evade the attack.

Piercing blade passed me just a tiny hair away. It flew with such force, the power could’ve easily flattened an ordinary person into the dust. The arena was covered in the brightest light imaginable when it hit the wall. Even Angel had to wait for the light die out.

- Nice move. I’m impressive. - I said standing behind Angel with my halbert pointing at her back.

- Huh? What? How? - she was more than surprised.

- Did you really think you’re the only one who can use Flash Moves? - I asked. - I doubt there’s a point in continuing this. We can try it again, but the outcome will be the same.

I was growing tired of fighting. Especially after my match with Htilil. Her sweet lips were still fixed in my memory. And fighting another dazzling beauty wasn’t on my to do list.

- Hah! - ‘Ding!’ - she hit my halbert with her sword and jumped back. - This can’t be. I will not allow it.

The air around Angel changed. Her aura and her whole posture was beaming with magical energy.

Huh? What now? What’s going on?

It was my time to become shocked. Angel spread her arms to the sides and invoked magical power I wasn’t familiar with. Her body started to glow and, all of a sudden, shiny, white wings grew on Angel’s back. A gust of wind forced me to cover my eyes, when she flapped them and flew to the other side of arena.

Wait! What? She can fly? - I was stunned in amazement.

Angel’s beauty was only surpassed by her mesmerizing grace flying away. The whole arena gasped watching a once in a lifetime performance.

I can’t believe it! They can fly here? No fair! I want to fly too.

In a midst of my admiration, I completely forgot the fight was still on. I noticed Angel getting ready to attack a little bit too late.

No wonder she is the talk of the town. Angel is absolutely stunning. She’s a Gold Five Star companion and she can fly too. On top of that... oh wait? Where is sh-

- ‘BANG!’ - my monologue was interrupted by a swift blow right in the middle of my stomach.

- Bhaa... - it was so fast and strong, it sent me flying.

Oh hey, I can fly-

- ‘Boom!’ - I hit the wall with my back.

The force smashed me into it, leaving cracks all around the impact spot.

- Au, au, au... that hurts. - I spoke out loud.

Before I even lifted my head, Angel reappeared in front of me, with her sword pointing at my face.

- Did you think Flash Moves was the only thing I could do? We can try it again, but the outcome will be the same. - she made me eat my words.

I haven’t seen more satisfying smile on anyone’s face. Angel was actually enjoying it for a change. That’s all I needed.

- Ahahaha! Ok, I give up. - I held my hands up.

Angel put away her sword, chanted something in a language I couldn’t understand and her wings disappeared.

- Nice fight. - she extended her hand to help me stand up.

- Thanks. - I took her hand. - You’re really strong... and beautiful.

- Hmph... - her face turned red. - I apologize for my bad temper. I needed to make sure my new Master was worth devoting to.

- About that. I need to see Gorren first. - I stood up and unsummoned my gear.

- That was quite a performance! What a treat to see Angel fight! And TC was amazing once again. I am sure they will get along well in the future! - Vorin couldn’t be cheekier with his comments.

- Yeeaaah! Way to go! Well done! Hurrey! - cheers and encouragement was heard all over the arena.

- With this, our Five Star Tournament is over! Congratulations TC on his win and thank you all for your support! - Vorin’s words sent spectators into frenzy.

Now then. Let’s meet Angel’s Master. I think I’ll go get Eve first, just in case.

- This way Ma... sir... TC. - Angel was confused on how to address me.

- Relax. Just TC is fine. Before we go, give me a minute, ok? - I walked towards the seats where Eve was beaming with excitement.

- Ok, I’ll wait here. - she said.

- Yey! Master TC, congratulations. - Eve shouted as soon as I came closer.

- Thanks Eve. - I smiled. - Hey, why don’t you come down here?

- Huh? Me? Ok, but I don’t see any stairs from the spectators side. - she looked around.

- Don’t worry about the stairs. Jump down. I’ll catch you. - I extended my arms.

- Ah, really? - Eve stepped on the edge and jumped without hesitation.

- Hey, Eve! - Rori gasped.

- Opa. - she landed right into my arms.

- Aaah. Master TC. - Eve cuddled around my neck.

- Are you sure about this TC? - Grog had a worried look on his face.

- It’s fine. Trust me. Can you take care of Luna for now? I’ll meet you at the Inn later. - I asked him.

- Sure thing. - he replied.

- Oh, and Robert... sorry, I broke your sword. - I made a funny face. - I will need a favor mister blacksmith.

- Hah, of course lad. Ya can count on me. - Sieran smirked.

- I’ll see you all later. - I turned around and walked away.

(still at the seats)

- What do you think will happen to Eve? - asked Angi.

- I wouldn’t worry too much. - said Grog. - He’s full of surprises, but I don’t think we need to worry about it.

- It would be a real shame to see those two separated. I grew fond of my dear Eve. If anything, I will welcome her in my shop. - added Madam Norel.

- Sir TC will have Angel as his new companion... amazing. - Stan was thinking out loud.

- Stan! - Rori’s angry voice made him shiver.

- I didn’t say anything. - he put on his best innocent smile.

- Haha. - Don’s gorilla laugh brightened the atmosphere.

- None the less, let’s go back Luna. I believe we will have a long evening ahead of us. - Grog stood up. - You’re all welcome to my diner. I can guarantee the best food in town.

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