Circle Star Adventure. The Ever Blooming Flower.

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Chapter 4. Invitation.

That was quite a morning wake up. It was a surprise to say the least. And a pleasant one to that.

Damn, Eve’s too hot and sexy to ignore it. Where did she learn it anyway? She arrived here only yesterday. Bah..! That made me horn... errr... hungry. Food, need some food!

We went downstairs to get some breakfast. Grog saw us coming down and greeted loudly.

- Good morning. - he noticed Eve being extra cheerful and grinned at me. - Looks like someone had a good night’s sleep.

- You have no idea. - I blurted. - Get us some breakfast, will ya?

He motioned one of his servants and we had hot soup and fresh fruits brought to our table. Eve took a sip of a soup.

- So good! - she exclaimed.

- Thank you, - Grog was pleased. - What are you up to today?

- We’ll go to the Guild and pick up few quests. Eve was amazing with her magic yesterday. I think she can do even better. - I praised her.

- Were you now sweetie? - Grog turned to Eve.

- It was nothing. - Eve blushed.

- No need to be shy. - Grog stood up tall. - Beezle Sprouts can be killed with magic only. Job well done. You know what? I’ll get you some Croberry Juice to take away.

- Yay! - Eve clapped her hands.

Breakfast was delicious. I still had few coppers left, which would be enough for another day. We needed to make more money soon. So after we were done with the food, we headed to Adventurer’s Guild right away.

It was a nice, sunny day and Eve was in a really good mood. Hearing a praise from Grog gave her extra confidence.

She was walking in front of me hopping up and down like a little girl. Her skirt would lift up revealing her barely covered hips. And her breasts would bounce up and down every time she jumped. Surprisingly Eve’s green leaf top was holding them covered all the time.

Go figure.

Needless to say her innocent, childish behaviour made this hot morning even hotter. My dozing off fantasy was interrupted by cheerful greeting.

- Good morning TC and Eve. How are you doing? - Farla was in a good mood too.

- Hello Farla, we’re doing really wonderful. - Eve was happy to see Farla.

- Oh, you sound very happy. What happened? - asked the priestess.

- I fell asleep right away when we got to the room. - Eve sounded a little sad when she said that. - But then I woke up first in the morning and got to get ‘him’ up. My Master is pretty impressive down there.

- Ohhh... - Farla’s eyes sparkled. - Tell me more.

I grabbed Eve’s arm.

- No you won’t. - I interrupted.

- See you later Farla. - Eve waved as I pulled her away.

For real? Is she really a ‘priestess’? Those two sound like close friends from childhood. I mean Farla is attractive herself and I wouldn’t mind having both of them to... argh... hey pull yourself together. What am I thinking? Errr... right! Guild! Quests! Money! Let’s go.

Adventurer’s Guild was packed. It looked like everyone was eager to get new quests. First come first serve I suppose. We went to look at the Quest Board. There were plenty low level quests.

Meh, this is boring.

- Hey there. - A voice interrupted my reading. - Are you looking for a quest?

A young adventurer was standing with a two star bronze companion next to him.

A two star companion, eh? Guess Grog was right about adventurers here.

- Hi, my name is Stan. This is Rori. - he introduced themselves.

- Hello. - Rori waved at us.

- Hi, my name is TC and this is Eve. - I greeted them back.

Eve clung to me and held my arm tight. Last time when we were here somebody wanted to buy my companion so she was extra cautious.

- Sorry to bother you, but we’re looking for extra people to form a party for a quest. Would you like to join us? - Stan asked me.

- A quest you say? What is it about? - I said in a calm, but serious voice.

- Why don’t you join us at the table and we’ll explain everything? - he invited us.

There was no harm in listening, so I agreed. And if they need to form a party to do a quest, it must mean it’s too difficult to do it alone. Which also meant it will give bigger reward.

We went across the room to the table. Eve was holding my arm and was staying close to me.

- That’s Robert and Angi. - Stan introduced other party members.

- So you managed to find somebody? - Robert asked Stan, then paused when he saw me and Eve. - Wow, I didn’t expect someone with Silver Star will agree to join us.

- We’re here to listen to what you have to offer. I didn’t agree to join you yet. - I was blunt.

- Oh apologies, I didn’t want to sound rude. Please take a seat. - Robert offered.

We sat down and were ready to listen.

- Let me get right to the point. There’s a village to the south across the river that’s being attacked by goblins. Usually they are not a problem since goblins are not that strong. But it seems there’s a group that banded together and they became a threat. There’s a forest not far from the village. That’s probably where their camp is. - Robert explained about the quest.

- Goblins you say? - I was more thinking out loud than asking a question.

- Yeah. - said Stan. - It’s a copper level quest, so no higher rank adventurer want to take it. We took it as soon as we saw it, because the pay is good. But then we realized we’ll need some help. Like Robert said, goblins aren’t strong creatures, but going alone against a band of goblins can be dangerous.

- So what’s the pay? - I asked.

- It’s thirty silvers total for the quest. So we’d split ten silvers each. What do you say? - asked Robert.

I leaned backwards on my chair and looked at them. Robert was wearing full plate armor, had a sword and a shield. His companion Angi was wearing leather armor and had a bow. Means she has some skills as an archer. And she was a two Star Bronze companion from what I could tell. Stan and Rori both were wearing leather armor and had short swords attached to their belts.

Stan probably saw me with Eve and decided I will be strong enough to join their group. Even though I don’t wear any decent equipment. Goblins shouldn’t be a problem. I could probably do the quest by myself, but since they already took it, I can’t take it from them.

Getting all thirty silvers for myself would’ve been quite good, considering I need the money. Guess I’ll join them. Ten silvers is better than zero silvers. In addition, I can get some info while travelling with them and ten silvers is better than five coppers for picking mushrooms.

- Yeah sure, we’ll join you. - I gave a friendly smile.

- Great. Lets meet at the city gate in an hour. We’ll go get ready. - said Robert.

- Ok, see you in an hour. - I agreed.

Getting to the village would probably take about half a day by foot. None of the other adventurers said they have a carriage or any other ride. That means we’ll have to stack on food or find something on the way. I sent Eve back to the Inn to ask Grog about preparing us some food for the journey.

Knowing Eve, she’ll end up getting extra Croberry Juice from him. Grog mentioned Sieran’s Armory before we left. He said Sieran might be able to help me with a weapon. I could always summon and use my own gear, but I decided to keep it hidden for now. I wasn’t sure how strong the monsters were here anyway.

The armory was a bit away from the main street, but wasn’t difficult to find. It looked like a decent shop from the outside.

- Hello there. - I said loudly when I walked inside.

There was no response. I looked around the shop. Lots of armor and weapons were stacked around. Swords, axes, shields, you name it. And looked decent quality too.

- Be right there with ya. - I heard a voice from the side room.

Soon after, a dwarf with white beard appeared, carrying some plate armor.

- Apologies for the wait. Had to finish this beauty. - he said as he placed the armor on the counter. - My name’s Sieran and I run this shop.

- Nice to meet you, I’m TC. Grog recommended your shop to me. - I introduced myself.

He looked at me for a moment with a quiet gaze.

- So you’re TC, eh? Grog mentioned you when I met him this morning. Had to drop off some stuff for him. Grog said ya might stop by. - Sieran gave me another look. - He said the new fella didn’t look like the others, but I wasn’t expecting ‘this’. Haha! - he laughed out loud.

Was that a compliment?

- Grog said ya might need some equipment. Sorry to break it to ya, but I don’t have anything cheap. When I make something I make it decent quality. - Sieran pointed out.

- I noticed. - I was inspecting the plate armor he brought. - Pretty impressive piece of armor. It’s rather light for a plate, has solid joints and offers room for movement. Very nice.

- Ain’t ya a sweet talker? - he stroked his beard with a satisfied smile.

- I guess I’ll come back after I earn few silvers after this quest. - I was ready to leave.

- What quest is that? - Sieran was curious.

- I joined a party to kill some goblins. - I answered.

- And ya got no weapon with ya? - he was surprised.

- I’ll manage somehow. - I smiled.

- As if? How ya gonna kill those goblins then? Throw some rocks? Sigh... - he shook his head. - Grog did say ya’re a decent fella. And ya went out to earn some coins on your first day. I guess I can do something for ya. Come with me.

- I appreciate it. - I followed him.

We went through the side door which led us outside at the back of the shop. There were some weapons and armor stacked next to the house wall.

- Here. Those aren’t really good. Some customers leave their old stuff after they buy new equipment. Some I fix and sell, but some are not worth the effort. Feel free to look around. Ya might find one that’s usable. - Sieran showed me the pile of weapons.

- That’ll be fine. Thank you for that. - I thanked him.

- Not a worry. Just do me a favor, will ya? - the blacksmith said.

- What’s that? - I picked up one of the swords.

- Make sure ya beat those goblins good and come back in one piece. - his words sounded like a request.

- That I can promise. - I smiled.

As if there’s a goblin I can’t beat, hah.

I went through the pile of weapons. Some of them were bent or cracked and weren’t usable. I found a knife that was still good.

I’ll take that. Anything else I can use?

Nothing really stood out. I went to check the other pile.

Wow, this one is nice.

One longsword stood out. It looked decent and felt nice in my hand. It was better than average quality. Maybe Sieran mixed it up with others by mistake I thought. I returned to the shop carrying both weapons with me.

- I’ll take those if you don’t mind? - I asked.

- Wow, that’s a nice piece ya found there. Still in great condition too. Sometimes people leave stuff and ya tend not to look too closely. Ah well, a promise is a promise. Ya can have em. - Sieran was generous.

- Thank you. I’ll repay you when I get back. - I promised.

I put the knife and the sword away and left. There was another item I needed to find. It didn’t take long and I still had enough coppers to pay for it. As soon as I was done, I went back to the Inn.

Back at Grog’s Inn Eve was happily chatting with Grog when I showed up.

- Hey Master TC! - Eve shouted excitedly. - Look, Grog gave us some Crobbery Juice to take away.

Yes, you and Croberry Juice.

- Here, I’ve got something for you too. - I took out the green cloak and put it on her.

- This is for me? - Eve eyes widened from surprise. - Thank you Master.

She jumped and hugged me. Her childlike behaviour is way too cute. I was glad she liked it. And her cushions felt really nice pressing onto my body. I almost didn’t want to let her go.

- Hehe, you can still use the room before you leave. - Grog noticed my excitement.

Why you big... Errr.

Eve was pressing harder and I started to ‘react’.

- I think we should be going now. - I made a silly face.

- That’s so nice of you giving me a gift. I don’t know how to thank you Master. - Eve was still hugging me.

You already did... Oh man. I can’t believe her childish naivete. And yet I know what tenacious seductive nymph is hiding behind that baby face.

- Good luck and come back in one piece. - Grog wished us luck.

- Thanks for your help Grog. - I waved.

Eve was really happy with the gift. She held onto my arm while we walked and wouldn’t let it go. She was so adorable.

I went to the market after I left Sierans Armory. Having Eve walk around with only her Green Leaf outfit ‘somewhat’ bothered me. The cloak didn’t offer any sort of protection, but it covered her body. And it was green too, so I hit two birds with one stone.

We’ve met up with our party members at the city gates.

Looks like they didn’t waste time and prepared as well.

They had some extra gear and bags with them.

- Hey. - Stan greeted us. - Glad you showed up.

- We were wondering if you had changed your mind, - said Robert.

- I keep my word. - Why wouldn’t I? I am the one who needs money the most.

- Wow, what a nice cloak you have. - Rori said looking at Eve’s cloak.

- Isn’t it? My Master gave it to me right before we came here. - Eve did a round swirl, which lifted the cloak up in the air revealing her Green Leaf outfit.

I sank my head down, touching it with my hand.

Hot sexy body, childish behaviour. Forget about keeping her covered...

- It must’ve cost at least ten silvers. - said Angi, who was also impressed with how it looked.

More like six coppers. The old lady was eager to sell it at the market. Maybe it was a good find or maybe she just needed money badly. But it the cloak must be good quality if they are impressed that much. Talk about finding a good deal.

- You never buy me anything like that Stan. - Rori was somewhat jealous.

- Errr... Don’t be like that Rori. - Stan got nervious. - I’ll get you something nice after this quest.

- Promise? - Rori puffed her cheeks and leaned towards Stan with hands on her waist.

- Yes, I promise. - Stan was overwhelmed.

Hah, women. They’ll get you one way or the other.

Eve and Angi were still admiring her new cloak.

- Shall we? - I addressed Robert who, fortunately, wasn’t harassed by Angi.

We left the city and went south towards the village.

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