Circle Star Adventure. The Ever Blooming Flower.

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Chapter 41. A Blue And White Color Flower.

- Congratulations Master. I’m so happy for you. I’m sure Angel will be a wonderful companion. - Eve was surprisingly cheerful.

- Huh? What? You knew about it? - it just dawned on me.

- But of course. Everyone was talking about it. And I can read, you know. - she sounded almost upset about my comment.

- Well, you acted in a way you were happy about the whole thing. And you didn’t say anything about it. - I was surprised about her attitude.

- Why would I? If that’s what makes my Master happy, I will support him no matter what. - she smiled.

I glanced at Angel and her Master.

Sigh. Wow, she’s amazing. I feel bad about not telling her. I must look like a complete jerk. Well, actually… I totally feel that way right now. Even if I didn’t want anyone to find out my true motives, I ought to trust her more.

- You know what else makes me happy? - I lifted her chin with my hand.

- What Master? - she looked at me.

- Seeing your cute face every morning. - I smiled.

- Master TC? - her surprise was as cute as her big green eyes.

What a nice feeling. Too bad we’re not alone right now. I think I like you more than I realize.

- Now then Angel, we must undo the Pact, so you can become this young man’s companion. - Knight Gorren tried to sit up straight.

- Yes Master. - Angel wiped the tears of her face.

- Hold that thought, will you? - I stopped them.

- Huh? What are you saying? Don’t you want to become Angel’s Master? - Gorren was confused.

That’s a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ question I am not willing to answer.

- Wait right here Eve. - I said.

She smiled and stepped back a little. I turned to the table and reached out for the bottle that Rafnadar made few minutes ago.

- I am happy with Eve as my companion. I don’t think anyone can replace her. Aha… - I inspected the potion. - Yuck, veee.

The liquid didn’t have the most pleasant smell. I wondered how can someone drink this and believe it’s a Healing Potion. Gorren must’ve been really desperate and, unfortunately, foolish at the same time. Eve, on the other hand, was barely standing still after hearing my words. Needless to say, that made me happy too.

- There’s no time for jokes. I fell into Rafnadar’s trap and I don’t have much time left. You won the tournament and must take Angel as your new companion! - Knight Gorren almost demanded.

- So they say. But what does Angel want herself? - I turned to them.

- I… I want to stay by my Master’s side. - tears filled her eyes again.

- But I will die soon. You heard what that man said. And even if I were to live long enough, I can’t use my legs. I will be useless anyway. - he lowered his head.

- I don’t know about that. - I reached into my backpack.

- What? - Gorren wasn’t the only one surprised.

- Here, drink this. - I extended my hand with a potion.

- What’s this? - his distrust was evident.

- Had one too many bad potions, eh? Don’t worry, it’s definitely not poison. See? - I opened the bottle and drank just a little bit.

Seeing me tasting it, Gorren’s suspicions disappeared. He picked it up and, after taking a deep sigh, drank it all.

- Ooohh… - the effect was instant. - What’s happening? I can feel my body rejuvenating. My energy is coming back to me.

He was feeling much better after few moments. His skin color improved and his eyes brightened.

- Master Gorren! - Angel was thrilled, then turned to me. - What was that potion?

- Nothing much. A simple antidote. - I said.

Everyone was overly impressed. Except Eve maybe. She witnessed me healing Marcus at the Hunter’s Village. Vorin and Naomi, clearly being impressed as well, gave each other a look, but didn’t say anything.

- That’s amazing, I feel full of energy. I feel healthy! And my legs? - his excitement turned to disappointment as soon as he lifted the blanket. - I see…

- Yeah, sorry. The potion cleansed your body from poison. It won’t heal any wounds unfortunately. - I explained.

- None the less, I am grateful. - Gorren thanked me.

- Mind if I check your legs Master Gorren? - I figured it was appropriate addressing him with respect, since he was one of the top adventurers in the Guild.

- Well… yes, go ahead. - he agreed.

I uncovered the blanket, which was hiding his legs. They looked far worse than what happened to Marcus at the Hunter’s Village. From the bottom up, the legs were basically crushed all the way above the knees. I noticed some healing marks on them. Someone was trying to save his legs after all, but there wasn’t much left to heal from the looks of it.

I touched his feet with my hand. There was no reaction from Master Gorren. I touched the other feet, tried to squeeze it, but he still didn’t react.

- Sorry, but I cannot feel my legs all the way down. - he finally said.

His words didn’t surprise me. Considering the condition of his legs, I was impressed they were still attached to his body. Once again, I was amazed with the lack of healing capabilities in this world. Knight Gorren is a Gold Rank adventurer. Surely they wouldn’t spare any effort in saving him. Unless certain someone interfered and didn’t want his legs to be healed.

Unfortunately for Gorren, not providing instant healing right away, ended for worst. Add to that poisonous potions he took and even the best Healing Potion won’t restore crushed legs. I felt sorry for him.

- But your Healing Potions can help him, right Master TC? Just like they healed Marcus? - Eve was optimistic.

- Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Marcus leg was badly wounded, but they took measures to heal it and keep him alive. His leg tissues were still intact and were able to regenerate. I can’t say the same about your legs Master Gorren. Your legs didn’t show any signs of being alive. If you hadn’t taken the poison drinks from Rafnadar, things might’ve been different. - I explained.

- That can’t be! But you cured his poison so easily. I’m sure a Healing Potion will be able to… Please! I’ll do anything you want! You must help him! - Angel was almost begging me.

Hey now. Don’t just throw that kind of words around. Reminds me of someone with a similar vocabulary. ‘Use me any way you want!’ - those words still haunt me every now and then.

- I think you misunderstand what a Healing Potion is. It simply enhances the restorative abilities of the body. Because of the poisons your Master took, Healing Potion will be useless to him right now. - I said.

- No… Master Gorren. - Angel was crying.

- It’s ok. I have only myself to blame. You’ll be fine. - he tried to sound encouraging.

Meh, spare me the drama. Guess I have no choice. I wonder if it’s gonna work here thought.

- Having said that, it doesn’t mean your legs can’t be healed. - if walls could talk, they’d be yelling all kinds of things at me right now.

- Oooh, Master TC! - I wasn’t sure if Eve was impressed or upset with me.

- But just a moment ago you said… - Angel looked at me confused.

- I said a Healing Potion is useless. I didn’t say your Master’s legs can’t be healed. - I sighed. - But there’s no guarantee it will work either. So don’t get your hopes up just yet. I’ll let you decide if you want me to try it.

- Yes, please! I’ll do anything! - Angel didn’t hesitate at all.

You mean here and now? Bah… They don’t even think before they speak. Sigh…

- Master Gorren? - I turned to him.

- I suppose I have nothing to lose. And you’ve proven yourself as trustworthy. Go ahead. - he said.

- As you wish. I will need some space. - I walked to the table and placed my backpack on it.

Angel stepped away from the bed and stood next to Eve. Vorin with Naomi, on the other hand, came closer, so they could see better what was happening.

I took out a small loincloth bag, carefully tied at the top with a string. I peeked inside after untying it.

Only three left, sigh… Oh well.

I took out, what it looked like, a small seed.

- Huh? What is that Master? - Eve was curious.

I smiled, but didn’t say anything.

- Well then, lets see. - I walked over to the bed.

I held the small seed in my palm, staring at it for a moment. The room was quiet, full of curious anticipation. I took a deep sigh to get rid of unnecessary thoughts.

I will need your help with this one, Nessa.

With these words, the magic in the room shifted and the seed in my hand was enveloped in a glimmering, green light. I felt a gentle touch, as if someone was holding the bottom of my hand. I recognized the her touch, something I thought I’ll never feel again. My heart was filled with warmth and hope.

I tilted my palm and the seed fell on the bed, next to Gorren’s legs. A warm, pleasant aura filled the room. The seed sprouted and from it grew branches and leaves around and on top of crushed Gorren’s legs. The wines covered most of the bed, from which magical flowers, white and blue in color, began to bloom. The whole bed became a small, beautiful flower garden.

- Wow, so pretty. - Eve couldn’t hold the amazement inside.

The flowers bloomed and their leaves fell on the bed, vanishing in a shimmering, bright light. It was like watching seasons change at an incredible pace, where one life gave way to another.

- Oooh… - Knight Gorren was mesmerized by what was happening.

The healing was as astounding as the reaction of those who saw it. Flowers bloomed and withered, transferring healing magic to Gorren’s legs. The dead tissues were revived and bones with muscles grew back in front of everyone’s eyes.

A warm touch and a smile overfilled me with joy. Seeing what I thought was a mirage, even for a fleeting moment, made me extremely happy inside.

After few moments Gorren’s crushed legs were fully restored. And as the last flower passed on the healing energy, the amazement in people’s eyes left a dreaming impression.

Everyone was hesitant to move or say a single word, afraid they might wake up from an unbelievable dream. Even Gorren didn’t want to move. The surprised look in his eyes showed he could feel his healthy legs.

- I think it’s safe to say, that it worked. - I wiped the tear from the corner of my eye. - Why don’t you try to stand up Master Gorren?

- Oh? Well… - his legs were as good as new, but his mind was yet to believe it.

- Master Gorren! - this time Angel cried out of joy.

- Come on, don’t let the lady wait. - I encouraged him.

He tried to lift one of his legs and was shocked to see it go up in the air. Then he lifted the other one and was equally surprised.

- I can feel them. - Gorren touched the legs with his hands.

After the short workout, he turned to the side and placed both feet on the floor. With one push of his hands, the body lifted up and Master Gorren stood firm on both feet. Still shocked form the unbelievable experience, he tried to step forward. Still in disbelief, Gorren looked at me, then at his companion. His eyes were full of excitement and joy.

- Master Gorren! - Angel rushed to hug him.

- Oh, haha. Can you believe this my dear? - he hugged her back. - This is… I am out of words. This is real, isn’t it?

Knight Gorren took few steps forward, then went back and sat on the bed. He touched his legs in different spots.

- Ouch! Yes, I can feel them. Haha! How can I ever repay you for such a miracle? - he was as excited as a child.

- Well… I am still the winner of the Five Star Tournament. - I gazed thoughtfully at the ceiling.

- Oh… yes. That’s right. - his face suddenly changed. - I understa-

- Bah, don’t get the wrong idea. - I interrupted him. - I had no intention of becoming Angel’s Master from the very beginning. I simply wanted to meet you to see if I can do what I did just now. But fighting in the tournament was the only way to do that. Even Vorin didn’t agree to arrange a meeting.

- Yeah, I apologize for that. I should’ve been more assertive. - Vorin was a little ashamed of himself.

- Well, it was a real pain to be honest. But I did get to meet some impressive opponents. - I grinned remembering a specific one.

- Humph… Master TC. - Eve puffed her cheeks.

- Aaahh, sorry Eve. Haha. - I guess she read that part of my face.

- Then what can I do for you? I must repay you for my miraculous recovery. That was some impressive Healing Magic. Not even the Guild’s healers are capable of such a feat. - Knight Gorren insisted.

Like I said, such a low level of healing capabilities.

- Now that I think about it. My own, as well as… - I picked up Robert’s broken sword. - weapons were broken during my fights.

- I see. Leave it to me. As Gorren is one of the top rank adventurers, the Guild will arrange a proper payment. Please come see me tomorrow at the Guild. - said Vorin.

- I will add something from myself as well. I can’t simply leave it to the Guild for what you’ve done. - added Gorren.

- Sure thing. Well then… we’ll be off now. Seeing as you two would like to catch up on few things. - I made a cheeky remark seeing as Angel didn’t want to let go of her Master.

- I… ahem.. thank you. I am… extremely grateful for what you’ve done. - Knight Gorren bowed his head.

- I’m… sorry. - Angel’s face was all red. - And… thank you very much.

Haha. Gotcha.

- See you later. Have fun. - I felt a little evil inside.

- By all. - Eve waved.

And with my cute forest nymph clinging to my side, we left them be. Vorin stayed behind, probably to talk few things over with them. I hoped it was about my payment.

- How about we go get something to eat? - I suggested walking down the corridor.

- Ok. - she agreed instantly. - Master TC?

- Yes? - I turned to her.

- What was that thing you used to heal Gorren’s legs? - Eve asked.

- Ah, that. It is called a Revival Seed. It’s rather hard to come by. I had a few left with me. - I answered.

- Wow. Amazing! I thought Healing Potions were incredible. But Revival Seed is even more magnificent. - Eve was impressed.

- You think so? - I smiled.

- Of course. - she added.

- Glad to hear it. However, despite it’s name, Revival Seed has it’s limits too. It’s not possible to revive a dead person with it, unfortunately. And I do need some help in order for healing to be effective. - I went quiet after the last sentence.

- Some help? - Eve was puzzled.

- Oh never mind. I’m glad it worked out. Let’s go, shall we? - I wasn’t ready to talk about it just yet.

We walked out into the open. It was past midday already. Probably even later. The streets were full of people. Most of them were spectators leaving the arena.

- Right… Lots of people will be looking for a place to eat right now. If we don’t hurry, we might not get a seat at Grog’s Inn. - I suggested we step up the pace.

The crowd and the excitement around us didn’t bother Eve at all. After witnessing Revival Seed’s healing magic, my cute companion was over the moon or even higher. We went directly to Grog’s Inn as soon as we left the arena. And Eve being Eve, didn’t let go of my arm until we reached our destination.

The place was as busy as it could be. The buzz created by the Five Star Tournament and a pretty elf working at the Inn, made sure Grog was stacked with customers.

I suppose we’ll have to eat in our room… - seeing no empty tables didn’t excite me at all.

- Welcome Mister Champion! - Grog said it loud enough for everyone in the Inn to hear.

That certainly attracted attention. Grog’s grin gave me suspicions the prices were somewhat higher than usual too.

- Hello sir. Welcome… to Grog’s Inn. - Luna greeted us wearing maid’s uniform.

- Hello Luna. You don’t have to be so formal with me. And you look pretty too. - I complimented her.

- Oh hi Luna, how are you? Aaaah, you look so cute. - Eve was charmed once again.

- Thank you… very much. - her shyness added to her cuteness.

- I take it you don’t have an empty table, do you? - I asked Grog.

- Unfortunately no. My diner was full when I returned from the arena already. Even now people are ordering seconds and thirds. And you saw the line outside the Inn, didn’t you? - Grog wasn’t exactly sad about it.

- Oh Grog, do you think I could work together with Luna again? It’s fine if you say no. I don’t want to cause any trouble. - Eve asked shyly.

- Are you kidding? I welcome all the help I can get. - then after giving some thought. - Ghm… maybe I can raise the prices again?

- Ahem! - I let him know I was standing next to him.

- Ah, no worries. Was just thinking out loud. Haha. - Grog laughed.

- Were you now? - I glared at him.

- I would appreciate your help Eve. Why don’t you go change? Luna can help you, right? - he put on a silly smile.

- Ok then. I think I will take some food and go upstairs. In all honesty, taking a nap is all I can think of right now. - I felt really tired.

- Sure thing. Just say what you want and I get it ready for you. - Grog was eager to serve me.

I wasn’t fussed about what type of food they will prepare. Every time we ate, the food was delicious, so I left it up to him to decide. After few more minutes, Eve showed up dressed as a maid. She was as cute as ever.

- Hello Master, what would you like to eat today? - she was full of energy.

- Haha, thank you beautiful, but I already made my order. - Actually I had no idea what kind of food I will get.

- Booo, no fun. I wanted to serve you. - Eve was a little sad hearing my answer.

I’m sure you would. Pfff, hahaha. I’m not that tired if I still have that kind of thoughts.

- Thank you Eve. Your willingness alone makes me happy. - I smiled.

- Here you go mister. - Grog brought my food, wrapped in a package.

- Huh? Are you going out Master? - Eve was surprised.

- Nah, I’m going upstairs. As you can see, all the tables are taken. You two have fun here. I’ll come down to check on you later on. - I said.

- Oh, ok Master. Enjoy your food. - she smiled.

- See you later Grog. By the way, Eve hasn’t eaten anything yet as well. - I added.

- I’ll ask them to prepare something for her right away. Can’t work on an empty stomach, right?Haha. - his laugh reminded me of Don.

Remembering Don and Amelia made me smile. I wished Eve and Luna a pleasant evening, picked up the package and went upstairs. It was less noisy in the room, but I could still hear chatter and laughter from downstairs. The meal was so delicious I finished everything so fast, I was surprised it was gone already. All the fighting drained my energy and I felt like falling asleep right were I sat.

A short nap won’t hurt I suppose. There’s still some time till late evening. I think I can enjoy the comfort of this huge bed by myself.

I kicked of my shoes, took off most of my clothes and literally fell on the bed face down.

Aaaah… what a nice feeling. I could probably sleep for a couple days straight.

Without thinking about anything else, I passed out in a blink of an eye. My body deserved a good rest and I had no intention of arguing with it right now.

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