Circle Star Adventure. The Ever Blooming Flower.

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Chapter 42. Hot Morning Wake Up Times Two.

Aaahh… woaaah. Such a good nap. I feel alive again.

I yawned with my eyes still closed. But when I opened them I saw a dawn was breaking.

Huh? Sunrise? Did I sleep through the whole night? I must’ve been exhausted. But I feel good and soft… wha… soft?

Only then it dawned on me. If I was sleeping in the bed, then where did Eve and Luna sleep? And what was this pleasant, ‘soft’ feeling touching my body.

I turned my head to the left and saw Eve soundly asleep next to me. Her face was so close, our lips almost touched with a kiss. Seeing her lying in the bed didn’t surprise me for some reason. She was so cute, as always. Eve was hugging my right arm, cuddled close to me like a little kitty. That would’ve been fine and all, but…

Eve… why are you naked?

I couldn’t put any words together. Once again Eve overstepped the boundaries of my logic. She was sleeping without a blanket to keep her warm and yet she was naked. I couldn’t figure how that made sense?

The gentle, soft feeling I was wondering about were her breasts pressing on to my body. Talk about hot morning wake up. Deja vu, but on a completely different level.

With my face steaming red and my body feeling the hot forest nymph’s smooth skin, I thought I was dreaming.

But the feeling was too real to be a dream. The softness and the magnificent feeling of Eve’s wonderful, smooth skin, and the reaction of my specific body part, clearly indicated it wasn’t a dream.

I was about to try and squeeze myself out of this heavenly trap, when I finally realized my left arm was trapped between something soft and pleasant as well.

Hold on. If it’s not a dream, then that means there’s only one Eve, right? And if she’s lying on my right, then who’s pressing on to me on my left?

I turned to the left and…

Luna! What are you doing here? Doh… dumb question. Sleeping of course. But why are you naked as well?

I quickly averted my gaze and stared at the ceiling. But the image of the pretty, hot NAKED elf girl was already ingrained into my brain. If I was steaming after seeing Eve, then right now my body was about to explode.

Why are you two naked and not covered with a blanket?!

My mind was screaming, but my body was melting from pleasure. Having two beautiful, naked girls hugging me was more than I could handle.

I thought I will take a short nap, so I didn’t bother with the blanket when I fell on the bed. But the nights are usually chilly and yet, for whatever reason, these two decided to go to sleep completely naked.

Forget the blanket, both of them had pajamas, so why didn’t they put them on? I bet it’s another ‘innocent’ thing Eve thought of. How will I ever get out of this one alive?

It wouldn’t be that ‘bad’ if both of them were simply sleeping next to me. The bed was big enough for three people. But Eve and Luna were hugging me from both sides.

I tried to reason and figured the girls became cold during the night and snuggled close to me. But then again, both of them didn’t put on their pajamas nor covered up themselves with a blanket, so that logic went out of the window.

As much as I enjoyed the warmth of two naked girls, that warmth would’ve eventually erupted like a volcano if I stayed like this for too long.

With my eyes still closed, I carefully pulled my left, then my right arm to free myself. The girls didn’t wake up. I pulled myself upwards to the top of the bed and, as quietly as I could, slid out of the heavenly clutches of two beautiful maidens.

The first thing I did after that, was to grab the blanket and cover both Eve and Luna. I wanted to save them from catching the cold and save me from burning up.

Phew… That was close. I mean literally – too close. What were they thinking? I can understand Eve, since she’s my companion, but Luna…

I had no time to waste wondering. First thing I needed to do was to go find some ice cold water. I picked up my stuff and went to cool of myself good. I closed the door quietly not to wake them up.

It was way early in the morning, quiet and peaceful. I figured even Grog wouldn’t be awake at this hour.

- Good morning early bird. - his greeting proved me wrong.

- Do you ever sleep? - I asked instead of greeting him.

- Nice to see you too. - he was in a good mood.

- Oh, sorry. Good morning. - I said.

- Had a good night’s sleep? - his grin was suspicious.

Don’t tell me you had anything to do with ‘that’? Not that I will ask anyway.

- Yeah, the best I ever had. - I tried to keep my cool. - Got anything to eat?

- Of course. Where do you think you are? - he went to the kitchen.

Little by little, I was getting back to my normal senses. The cold wash and the morning chill helped my hormones to cool down.

- Here you go. - Grog brought some hot tea and few sandwiches.

- Thanks. - I took a bite.

- You must’ve been really tired. - he commented.

- Apparently. - munch, munch. - the sandwich he brought was good.

- Mind if I ask what happened yesterday after the tournament? - Grog asked.

- Huh? - gulp – I thought Eve would tell you? - I was surprised she didn’t say anything.

- Haha. She sure did. - he laughed.

- Then why do you ask? - I drank some tea.

- Eve said you grew a flower garden on the bed where Knight Gorren was lying and healed his legs. But she was more excited about the fact that you refused to become Angel’s Master and wanted to keep her as your companion. I doubt there was a single customer Eve missed to tell that. She might act childish from time to time, but her affection towards you is second to none. - Grog told me the story.

- Believe me, I know. - I picked another sandwich.

- Oh? That’s a rather cold reaction. She was talking about doing something to make you really happy for what you did. - Grog said thoughtfully.

- Am… cough… did she… cough… - I almost choked hearing him say that.

- Hmm? Hahaha. - Grog burst out laughing. - Don’t tell me sh-

- You’re right, I won’t. - I interrupted him. - Keep it down, will you? People are sleeping.

- Oh yeah, right. - he lowered his voice. - But going back to what I wanted to ask. What was that ‘flower garden’ Eve mentioned?

- That’s one way of looking at it. - I reached into my backpack and took out one seed.

- What is this? - Grog stared at my hand.

- It’s called a Revival Seed. It has an ability to heal severe wounds. But you need a special kind of magic to make it sprout. That flower garden Eve was telling you about, it grew from this seed. - I thought I’ll tell him that much.

- A special magic? - his face showed he never heard about it.

- Yeah. - I put the seed away. - But to tell you the truth, if Rafnadar didn’t poison Gorren, he probably could’ve been healed sooner.

- Rafnadar? I think I heard the name. I think he’s one of the few people in Saramis who can make all kinds of potions. He was helping the Guild a lot… wait! Did you say he poisoned Knight Gorren? - it finally dawned on him what I said about poison.

- Yeah. - I finished my meal.

I told him in short what happened and about his plan to steal Angel. Grog listened to the story with a serious expression on his face.

- And this is how it ended. At least that’s my version of the story. - I finished telling him.

- I see. That’s a lot of trouble to go through. But Angel is a Five Star Gold companion. Trying to steal her by force wouldn’t be that easy. On top of that, you’d become the enemy of the Guild in an instant. Doing it this way would’ve saved him from being suspected. - Grog was making his own conclusions.

- Anyway, thanks for the meal. - I stood up. - By the way, do you think Sieran will be up this early?

- Of course. He works as diligent as anyone else. His shop might be closed still, so try checking his workshop instead. - the innkeeper suggested.

- Ok, thanks. - and then I left.

The chilly morning breeze outside helped me clear the head. It was still early. Even too early for the market to open up. I walked down the empty street reflecting what happened for the past two days.

I had some interesting encounters to say the least. I wondered if that spellcaster, who had Luna as his companion, had any connection to Rafnadar. Then I remembered Rafnadar trying to use Dark Lightning inside that small room. That was more than enough evidence to believe they knew each other. Or at least to suspect they came from the same background.

I knew I have to visit the Guild at some point during the day today. I had only few gold coins left now and I needed a lot of buying to do today. Both, my swords and Robert’s sword, were broken during the tournament. If they be generous enough, I might get ten or maybe even twenty gold coins from the Guild. That should be enough to pay Sieran and buy some supplies to escort Luna back home.

Even if the Guild didn’t pay enough, I thought I might get a few coins from that money trader Squintl. People were making bets on my fight, it would suck to not get anything out of it.

If I get enough coins, I might be able to buy Luna some new equipment as well. Her gear was in a pretty bad shape. Maybe Sieran can give me a discount for multiple orders?

As I was running through the errands in my head, I was confident we will be able to leave as early as tomorrow. Unless it takes longer for Sieran to finish his work.

I was wondering if I need to take Eve with me to see Vorin. There was no reason for that really. But if I want to buy anything for Luna, I will have to take her with me to see Madam Norel.

Thinking about Eve and Luna, made me remember the heavenly trap they set up for me. My face went all red again. I even stopped to look around. If anyone saw me right now, they might ask what kind of tomatoes I ate.

I bet it was Eve’s idea all along. Grog did mention she wanted to do ‘something’ to make me happy. I must admit that did work wonderfully. But I can’t believe Luna agreed to such a thing as well. Sigh… At least I am safe now. I will make sure I will sleep on the couch tonight, so I… oh crap… I completely forgot…

My red, steaming face was covered in a cold sweat in an instant. I froze in a spot realizing I wasn’t out of the woods yet. After all I did promise Eve to take her to the Passion Springs Bath House. And she said Luna will be joining us too.

Hah… hah… ha. So much fun… Can’t wait… (gutted)

I knew I needed to think of something or it will end up really ‘bad’ for me. Not in the ‘bad’ bad way, but… Having two pretty, naked girls asleep in a bed with me was one thing, but having the same naked girls wash my body was on a completely different eruption scale altogether. I didn’t think I was ready for it just yet.

Let’s just focus on the errands for now, shall we? Sigh…

Like Grog said, Sieran’s shop was still closed. But since the morning was so quiet, I could hear hammering noises behind the shop. That meant Sieran was already up and working.

- Hey! - I knocked on the side of an open door.

- Huh? - Sieran took of a self made protective glasses. - Ain’t ya early today lad?

- Couldn’t sleep. - after I woke up that is. - Grog said you might be up early.

- So I am. Never an idle moment. Plenty of work will be coming my way now that the tournament is over. Need to restock on the inventory. - he said.

- I can imagine. Remember my request at the arena? Can you fix this too? - I took of Robert’s shield. - Not sure if you can mend his sword though.

Only a short part of the sword’s blade was left intact. Sieran placed his hammer on the side and inspected what was left of it.

- That was a fine sword. Good craftmanship too. That winged lady sure was out of this world. Breaking a sword with such an ease. Hah, I never thought I will see a succubus with my own eyes. And at the tournament of all places. Glad you survived the encounter. - Sieran expressed his thoughts.

- Yeah, me too. - I said.

It was exciting and horrifying at the same time.

- Ghm… see the blade can’t be fixed, but the hilt is totally fine. I can make a new blade to replace it. And the shield shouldn’t be a problem at all. Hah, it took some beating I see. - it took him only a glimpse to figure it out.

- Great. On the same topic. Can you craft a new sword and a shield for me as well? - I asked.

- Not going for two swords this time? - Sieran asked.

- My last quest showed me I was lacking in defense. I thought having a shield will help me protect Eve better. - I answered.

- The cheerful lass? I see. I had new materials delivered just before you arrived. I will do my best. - he said, then added. - Hold on lad. Didn’t ya win the Tournament? Wasn’t Angel suppose to become your new companion?

- Nah. Let’s just say Angel and Gorren were reunited once again. - I grinned.

- By the Yornforge Hammer! Ya don’t say? That is an excellent news. I will give him a visit later on. - Sieran was obviously happy to hear the news.

- I want to make another request. - I said.

- What is it? - he asked.

- You know that shy elf girl Luna? - And why did I call her shy again? - She came together with Grog. Can you make two swords for her as well?

- Hah. Ya just keep coming. What kind of swords ya thinking? - the old blacksmith stroked his beard.

- Something light and extremely sharp. She’s fast and agile. Swords that are easy to grip and effective to fight with in narrow spaces. Like forest for example. - I tried to explain, but honestly I had no idea what would be good for her.

- Ghm… trees and bushes? Running and jumping? - Sieran was thinking out loud. - Sure, I got an idea. And how fast do ya need all of it?

- Think you can make it by tomorrow morning? - I didn’t expect it that early of course.

- Ya didn’t come here so early for no reason, eh? With all the orders ya gave me, I will be busy for the whole day. I’m sure I can make it in time, but… - he stopped to gather some thoughts.

- As for the costs. Use the best materials you can find. I can spare a few gold coins. - I smiled.

- Alright, leave it to me. But with so many orders, I will know exact costs after the work is finished. - said Sieran.

- That’s totally fine. I appreciate it. - I added. - Well then, I’ll leave you to it.

- See ya lad. - with that, Sieran went back to the furnace.

Ok, one down, two more to go. Eeer… two and half to be more precise… sigh. Should I got check out the Guild next? They might be up early as well.

The sun was coming up and the merchants started making their way towards the market. I thought I have nothing to lose if I go and ask.

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