Circle Star Adventure. The Ever Blooming Flower.

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Chapter 46. The Co-op Masterpiece.

Sieran’s workshop was closer than Madam Norel’s shop, so I decided to give him a visit first. Eve and Luna walked together, still sharing the afterbath memories.

It was getting late, but the blacksmith’s shop was still open. Tournament or not, people were in need of new equipment. I was surprised to see a new face behind the counter.

- Welcome dear customers. - the brown bearded dwarf greeted us. - My name is Marron. How can I help you today?

He was polite and cheerful. I wondered if Sieran was so busy that he decided to hire some help.

- Hello, my name is TC. I placed few orders with Sieran this morning and was wondering if he’s finished with those? - I asked.

- Oh, so you’re TC. Nice to meet you. You sure gave us some creative work. I must say the project was too exciting for us to pass on. All three of us worked our butt’s of to make it happen and boy did it turn out a masterpiece. - he told me with excitement.

What is he talking about? What project? And why did he say all three of us?

I was totally confused. I ordered few swords and shields.

- Glad you enjoyed it. - I pretended I knew what he was talking about. - I don’t expect the orders are finished?

- Indeed they are. We were too excited to leave it for later. Let me call Sieran for you. He’s putting the final touches on your equipment. - Marron walked out through the back doors.

- Welcome back lad. - Sieran greeted me.

- Good to see you Sieran. - I said.

- Ya met Marron already. He’s the one who delivers new stock and material, directly from Yornforge. We worked together back in the younger days. One of the best craftsmen I know. - he told me.

- I see. Hope you enjoyed your trip. - I added.

- If you call travelling for a week in a wagon on a bumpy road an enjoyable trip, then yes. On a bright side, we weren’t attacked by bandits or monsters on the way here. From that point of view the trip was really good. - Marron told about his journey.

So Yornforge is a week’s trip away in a wagon or carriage. Quite a distance away. Good to know for the future if I decide to go there one day.

- Good day to ya lass. And your new friend is with ya as well. - Sieran greeted the girls.

- Hi Sieran. - Eve smiled.

- Hello. - Luna greeted him quietly.

- Marron mentioned you finished my orders? - I asked.

- Hah. And what an order that was. Ya really made us work a sweat. - Sieran added.

Seriously? Few swords and shields made you sweat. Was he making them out of diamonds or something?

- Really? - I smiled, scratching the back of my head.

- Let me get ya the goods. - Sieran went to pick up my orders.

- I will help you bro. - Marron followed him.

In a few moments both of them came back carrying weapons and a shield. Sieran brought something else, which didn’t look like a weapon or a shield. It was covered up, so I couldn’t see.

- Here ya go. - they placed all the items on the counter.

- These two shortswords are custom made like ya requested. Comes with a belt to carry them. And this sword and a shield is for ya as well. - Sieran pointed out.

I picked up both shortswords to inspect them. The grip was tight, but comfortable. Considering Luna’s hand was smaller, it should be a perfect fit. They were light and extremely sharp. Very well made.

I put both of them back into their sheaths and passed the swords to Luna.

- Here you go. These are yours. - I smiled.

- What? Really? - she didn’t expect that.

- Yes. Take them. Check how they feel in your hands. - I encouraged her.

She hesitated, but picked them up. Her eyes widened in amazement when she took one out. Having used shortswords as her main weapons, Luna was able to appreciate the fine craftsmanship of the swords.

- But... I spent my money... and have nothing to pay with. - Luna was worried.

- Don’t worry. I don’t need any payment. I noticed your old swords were rather beaten up. I’m sure you can make a good use of the new ones. - I smiled.

- Thank you... - she was thrilled.

- Here’s ya sword lad. I’ve put more work on it to make it more durable. Ya performance at the Tournament made me want to improve my craft. But I’m afraid I’m still far away from making decent magic weapons. I wish I knew the person who made the weapon ya used. - Sieran’s voice gave away his curiosity.

I am sure you don’t.

- Weapon he used? - Marron was puzzled. - Didn’t you say he broke his weapons during his first fight?

- Yes, the weapons I made. The lad had his own weapon. The type I’ve never seen before. Even the Gold Rank adventurers had no chance against it. - he told about it.

- Wow! - Sieran’s friend exclaimed. - What kind of weapon?

- I don’t have it, ya numbskull. I told ya it’s this lad’s weapon. It looked like a spear, but had a menacing, curved blade at the end. And the way the lad handled it was too scary to watch. Those Gold Rank adventurers didn’t know how to defend against it. - Sieran told about it with great enthusiasm.

- Ooooh. - Marron couldn’t stand still. - Where is it? Can I see it?

- Hah, I wish I could see it up close myself. But it wasn’t an ordinary weapon, now was it lad? - the white bearded dwarf was trying to contain his eagerness to see it.

It was so much fun to watch them fuss about a weapon. Their curiosity was over the roof. In their line of work learning and improving on the craft was what drove them forward.

I laughed inside. Both Sieran and Marron were like little kids watching an ant carry a pebble which was much bigger than it.

- Haha. I guess there’s no harm if I show you. - I looked around the shop.

We were the last customers anyway, so I thought there was no harm in showing my weapon to them.

- Summon Blood Halbert. - and I was holding my weapon in an instant.

- Ooooh! - they both gasped.

I placed my halbert on the counter for them to see.

- Amazing! Where did it come from? - Marron’s eyes were wide and big.

- I thought it was amazing to see how ya created it from the spectators seat. But seeing it up close is simply incredible. - Sieran couldn’t take his eyes of it.

- Wow, Master that’s so cool. - Eve was impressed as well.

- Be careful not to tou-

- Argh! - Marron shouted.

I was too late to warn them. Marron’s tried to touch it and his hand was hit by magic force.

- Hey sorry. I should’ve warned you right away. No one, but me can wield it. - I explained.

I saw Sieran wanted to touch it as well even after what happened, so I took it away and unsummoned it.

- By the thousand hammer strikes! The only magic weapons I know of were made by the Yornforge himself. But ya halbert, as you call it, is on a different level. I don’t know of any equipment that is magically enchanted to be wielded by only one person. - seeing my weapon only boosted Sieran’s curiosity.

- What about Robert’s gear? - I tried to change the topic.

- Ah, right. I had to place that order on hold. He did come over earlier today and agreed to wait till tomorrow. Ya new order took all of our time. The gracious Madam insisted on crafting the armor immediately. And seeing how excited she was, I couldn’t refuse. - explained Sieran.

Armor? Madam? Wait, does he mean Madam Norel? Then the armor is..?

- What armor are you talking about? - I had to make sure.

- The armor ya ordered from Madam Norel. - he replied.

- Yeah, that one was a challenge. But I must say all three of us were so excited, we had to make it work. - added Marron.

So that’s what Marron meant at the very beginning.

- And what a splendid piece of equipment it turned out. Madam even offered to pay for the work and insisted we finish it today. But enough talk. See it for yaselves. - Sieran uncovered the stand with the armor on it.

The sight attracted the attention of everyone in the shop. And for a good reason. Even Gold Rank adventurers or their companions wouldn’t pass on wearing one of these.

- The armor includes main chest piece, bracers, pants and shoes. If not for Madam, this would’ve never worked. Fortunately she had measurements and was a stickler for detail. She worked us to the bones, but in the end it was well worth it. We got to witness her magic rune enchantment too which added to our work satisfaction. - Sieran was more than proud to tell about it.

- Well done. - I was impressed myself.

- Hehe. - both of them were happy.

The armor looked incredible. I could sense magic coming from the stand while it was covered, but I didn’t give it much thought. Madam Norel managed to imbue armor pieces with magic runes. Similar to Eve’s outfit, but this one offered additional physical protection. Not to mention the stylish fashion touch, which Madam would never forget. I was already imagining how Luna would look in it.

- Who is this armor for Master? - Eve asked me.

- It’s for Luna. - I said.

- Wow! That’s so wonderful. - Eve was happy. - Hey Luna, isn’t it great?

- What? For me? But why? You already gave me the swords... - again she was full of surprise.

- No reason. - I said.

Of course there’s a reason. I can’t take you home in the clothes you’re wearing right now. Other elves will shoot me on sight, thinking I am treating you like a prisoner.

- But... - Luna was at a loss of words.

- Hey, you heard them say I don’t have to pay for it. - I added.

- That’s right. Thanks to Madam, this one is free. But if I were to sell it, I’d take twenty or thirty gold coins or maybe even more. That is how valuable it is. - Sieran just had to tell us about the price.

- Why don’t you try it on? - I suggested.

- Go ahead lass. Ya can use the side room for that. Let me carry the armor for ya. - he picked it up.

- I’ll help you with it. - Eve was more than happy to assist her.

With everyone insisting, Luna had no choice, but to accept. Her eyes showed deep gratitude and confused admiration. Eve ran to the room first and waved to Luna to hurry up.

- Now, about the payment. - Sieran said after he came back. - The armor is free, but the rest comes to three gold coins and eighty silvers. Of course I still have to repair Robert’s gear.

- That’s fine. Thank you. - I took out the money and paid him.

The girls took some time, but it was worth the wait. The armor looked amazing on a stand, but on Luna it looked absolutely incredible. Sieran’s craftsmanship and Madam Norel’s personal touch made the armor extraordinary piece of equipment.

Luna looked nothing but stunning and sharp at the same time. The metal plates, carefully banded together, offered good protection for arms, chest, waist and legs. Add to that stylish, and attention grabbing, ornaments to enhance Luna’s athletic, yet attractive body, and you have one guaranteed nose bleed. One way or the other at least.

Yep. That totally looks good on her.

- Wow. You look so awesome Luna. - Eve couldn’t contain her excitement.

- Impressive. To think it will fit exactly right. Madam surely knew what she was doing. - said Marron.

- The work was worth the sweat. - added Sieran.

- Indeed. It looks very good on you Luna. - I was totally out of words to be able to mumble a mere ‘good’ compliment.

- Uhmm... thank you. - Luna felt uncomfortable with all the praise and compliments.

- Ahem... thank you Sieran. And Marron too. - I finally managed to turn away from Luna.

- My pleasure lad. - said Sieran.

- Come again. - smiled Marron.

With everyone’s happy, we were ready to leave. It was late already and Sieran closed the shop after we left. There was no point looking for transport at this hour, so we headed to Grog’s Inn right away.

Maybe it was me, but with new armor and weapons, Luna seemed more confident. Not to mention her new looks. I know Madam Norel is high on style and fashion, but she always manages to accentuate the right parts of the body, so the eyes will be always drawn to it. Part of me wanted to think Madam did it on purpose.

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