Circle Star Adventure. The Ever Blooming Flower.

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Chapter 47. The New Journey Begins.

The streets were less crowded as shops were closing down. The girls were walking up front, still admiring Luna’s new armor. They weren’t the only ones though. I couldn’t even pretend I didn’t care. And with Eve walking right next to Luna, it was a double trouble for my hormones.

We still had a fair share of the evening left. With all my might and determination, I decided to take it easy and focus on Grog’s Inn décor instead.

Yeah, right. Grog’s Inn décor... That is funny.

The Inn was as full as it can be. People were coming to eat after the long day. Many adventurers with their companions stayed at Grog’s Inn too, so it wasn’t a big surprise.

- Hey, it’s the guy who won the Tournament. - I heard comments from people at the tables.

- Don’t stare at him, he’ll chop you up in pieces. - commented the other one.

- He’s scary. Did you see the weapon he used? - whispered another.

Pfff... I’m gonna cry from laughing soon. All I need is to learn Don’s gorilla smile now.

- Gha... hm- I covered my mouth with one hand not to laugh.

But my gesture, completely unintentional, made those guys cower and become quiet.

- Hey now. You will scare my customers away. - Grog said with a serious face when we reached the counter.

- Sorry... eghm... - I tried to hold in my laugh. - Didn’t mean to.

- Hey, my Master is not scary at all. - Eve was upset.

- Haha! Of course not. I’m just having a laugh. - the innkeeper had a huge grin on his face.

- Hah, you sneaky snail. Get us some food, will you? - I shook my head.

- Coming right up. Make yourselves comfortable. - Grog smiled.

We sat at one of the tables and waited for our food. My win at the Tournament certainly made an impression and lots of people recognised me at the Inn.

- Here you go. - Grog brought the food himself.

- Wuaaa, smells so good. - Eve was happy.

- I see Luna has new armor. It looks good on you. - he complimented her.

- Thank you. TC bought it for me. - Luna blushed.

- Did he now? - Grog grinned.

- It was a gift from Madam Norel. I didn’t pay a copper. - I commented.

- Now, now. I am sure you appreciate her fine work. - Grog’s grin was almost ear to ear.

- Someone’s jelaous. - I smirked.

- Hahaha! - he laughed. - Not at all. But it’s good to see you in a good mood.

- You’re kinda beaming today yourself. Is it your birthday or something? - his behaviour was oddly suspicious.

- Not really. I am just happy that my Inn is getting famous. They say the winner of the Five Star Tournament is staying here. - Grog pretended to be thoughtful.

- Always happy to help. Can I get free food from now on? - I asked.

- Haha. I’m afraid not. - the innkeeper laughed.

- Figures. - I picked up my fork.

- But I did make some arrangements for your journey. - he added.

- Arrangements? - I was curious.

- Yeah. Got you a carriage and some supplies ready. You can leave as early as tomorrow morning. - Grog smiled.

- Oh, that is a huge help. I’ll let you off and pay for the food tonight this time. - I smiled.

- Hahaha. Happy to help. - the innkeeper laughed.

At least he’s one of the few people who laughs at my jokes. Oh wait, I think he’s the only one. Haha.

Not having to worry about the transport saved a lot of trouble. I was planning to hire somebody tomorrow morning, but now we can be on our way as soon as we wake up. I didn’t know how busy the roads would be, but the less attention we attract the better.

- Alright. I’ll leave you to it. Enjoy your food. - Grog walked away.

- Mhm... so good. - Eve was already full in to it.

- Let’s eat and get some early sleep. I want to leave as early as possible tomorrow. - I said.

- Ok Master. - Eve smiled.

- Ok. - Luna’s eyes showed she was looking forward to it.

After the meal we went upstairs. It wasn’t very late, but Eve and Luna looked tired. Of course I had a nap at the pool while they probably enjoyed their time to the fullest.

Enjoyed their time to the fullest’. Sigh... I’m glad Farla isn’t here. She’ll read my face instantly.

Eve and Luna started to undress, which added coal to the fire. I was following Eve’s every move with my eyes, occasionally glancing at Luna. Shoes, bracers, shoulder pads... my mouth was getting dryer every second. By the time they got to their tops I was already drooling in my fantasies.

- Why aren’t you undressing Master? - Eve’s question brought me back to reality.

- Huh? What? Where? Oh... - only then I realized I wasn’t alone with Eve.

For the first time ever I didn’t want to leave the room while Eve was undressing. However, I still had some decency and my conscience crawled out of the deep slumber. I suddenly realized Luna was still with us and, even with her ‘I don’t mind’ attitude, I couldn’t let myself fall so low as to let my manly urges take over. For all I knew, she might be feeling she owes me her life and do whatever I want, even if deep down she doesn’t want to.

- I need to talk to Grog about tomorrow’s travel. He might know which roads to take to get us to the Silvernight Forest faster. - I thought that was an outstanding excuse.

- Oh, ok Master. - Eve was about to take of her top.

I closed the door as slowly as I could behind me. And yes, Eve’s naked breasts were magnificent.

Sigh... I definitely won’t be able to sleep tonight...

- Hey Grog. - I sat in front of the counter.

- Yo, what brings you back here? I thought you planned to go to bed early. - he was still in a cheesy mood.

- Do you know the fastest way to Silvernight Forest? - I ignored his remark.

- Oh? - he didn’t expect the question. - Let me think... If you travel south on the main road you’d reach a small village named Vardos. It’s about two days time to get there in a carriage. Then it’s about half a day to reach the forest, but...

- But what? - I asked.

- That village is popular among adventurers. You could say it’s a sort of small base where they stock up and rest. Unfortunately not all of them are the ‘good guys’, if you know what I mean. Not the best place to stay for long. All kinds of shady characters can be found in there. If you decide to stop at Vardos, make sure nobody sees Luna, or it can mean trouble for you. - Grog told me.

- Trouble for those who decide to mess with me you mean? - I smirked.

- Hah. I know you’re strong, but I’d say it’s better to be careful. I’m more concerned about Eve and Luna... Especially Luna. - Grog was serious with his advice.

- Yeah, I understand. I hope we can avoid any serious confrontations myself. Although I doubt it will go smooth and easy to be honest. - I said. - Can I get anything to drink?

- Sure, coming right up. Something extra cold I assume? - Grog grinned.

I simply smiled. I wasn’t bothered anymore. But his advice was sound. I would rather avoid senseless fighting if I can.

I stayed for a while gathering my thoughts and thinking about the time I spent in this world. I met some good people and made a few friends. Fighting at the tournament was fun as well. I fought some strong opponents which made it more entertaining.

Meeting a succubus was something I didn’t expect. She was rather ‘friendly’ if I may say so.

And hot too. She’s a succubus, doh.

I was about to drink some of my apple juice, but then remembered her goodbye kiss. That made me grin like a gorilla. And then Eve shouting on the whole arena about me touching her breasts.

- Hahaha. - I laughed out loud.

Other people looked at me with a surprise, but nobody said anything.

- Having fun, are you? - Grog walked over.

- Yeah, just remembering something. - I smiled.

- Care to share what’s so uplifting? - he wanted to know what’s going on

- No. - I finished my drink. - I’ll be going to bed. See ya.

- Haha. Goodnight, I’ll see you in the morning. - Grog said.

- Hello Master. - I was greeted by a quiet cute voice.

- Oh, hello Eve. You’re not sleeping yet? - it’s always funny to ask someone if they are sleeping or not.

- No, I wanted to wait for you. - she said.

Eve was wearing her pajamas and looked absolutely cute. My mind started to spin, but then I noticed Luna peacefully sleeping on the bed.

- You should get some sleep, we’ll be leaving early tomorrow. - I told her.

- Yeah, I know, but... - Eve was blushing. - I wanted to say goodnight.

- Goodnight. - I smiled.

- Hihi. - Eve chuckled quietly.

Then she walked over and kissed me on a cheek.

- Goodnight... Master TC. - her eyes were sparkling and cheeks were burning red.

The goddess of cuteness indeed. She turned away and slowly walked to the bed. Her cute behind was slightly exposed when she leaned to get on it. I was still staring at her, even after she hid herself under the blanket. Eve noticed it, and that her smiled showed she was happy.

Sigh... come on. Get yourself on the couch already.

There was nothing else to do, but put my pajamas on and go to sleep. We were going to have a long day tomorrow.

The morning sun was barely showing her face when I woke up. I had a short but good rest. Eve and Luna were still asleep, or so I thought.

- Good morning Master TC. - I heard as soon as I stood up.

- Oh, you’re awake. Good morning Eve. - I smiled.

Eve woke up unusually early. Actually it was the first time in a long time she woke up as early as I did. Luna was still asleep and I wanted to change before she wakes up.

- I’ll wait for you two downstairs. - I said when I was ready to leave. - Why don’t you wake up Luna and come down too?

- Ok. - she smiled.

I grabbed my stuff and went out the door. My mind was repeatedly rolling the images of Eve taking off her pajamas. A good start of the day.

- Good morning. - Grog greeted me.

- Good morning. - I wasn’t surprised he was awake. - Eve and Luna will come down soon. Can you get us some breakfast?

- Sure. I was waiting for you guys. - he said.

Just how early does he wake up? Does he even sleep at all?

Eve and Luna came down soon as well. They both looked so adorable. Eve in her enchanted green outfit and Luna in her new magic armor. Beautiful yet deadly. Anyone who’d mistake their cuteness for weakness would pay the price with holes in their bodies.

- Let me show you to the carriage. - Grog said after we finished our breakfast.

We went outside via kitchen entrance. One of his staff members was awake and was preparing vegetables. She greeted us politely.

- Hi. - Eve smiled her cute smile.

- Here we are. - Grog brought us to the carriage.

The wagon had a roof as a protection from the rain or from curious eyes for that matter. Two horses were harnessed at the front. He also prepared some food for our journey.

- Wow, you thought about everything. - there was a barrel with water and some fodder for horses as well.

- The journey will be long and the fewer stops you make the better. - Grog was worried about our safety.

- We’ll be fine. Thanks for your help. - I said. - Well ladies, hop in.

- This looks so much fun. - Eve was excited about riding in a carriage.

- I’ll see you later Grog. - I sat in front.

- Good luck. - he wished us.

And off we went. Since it was really early in the morning there weren’t any people on the streets yet. Sun was barely coming up on the horizon and we left the city in high spirits.

The roads were quiet as well. The girls were enjoying the ride, especially Eve. Herself and Luna were staying inside the carriage most of the time, peeking at the front now and then.

We started to encounter travelers among the road as the day was taking over the chilly morning. Most of them were friendly merchants or farmers making their way towards Saramis.

After about four hours of travel we stopped to take a break. Horses needed some rest and our stomachs wanted some food as well.

- Wow, Grog prepared so much food for us. - Eve opened one of the boxes.

Seriously, too much. Did he really think we’ll eat all of it?

- Enjoy the food. - there was nothing else I could say.

The day was wonderful and the food was delicious. I changed my mind about too much food and was grateful he put in extra.

Eve was so cute and charming. Needless to say, she didn’t forget to tell Luna about our trip to the Hunter’s Village and the evening we spent near the forest. I even laughed when she made a sad face about the stew being gone.

We still had a long way to go so, after a short rest, we were on the road again. The road became busy during the day time and I asked Eve and Luna to stay inside and away from the curious onlookers.

Both of them were wearing armor, but I had my casual clothes on. My sword and shield were inside the wagon and, without anyone knowing, I probably looked like any other farmer or trader.

At some point, while focusing on the road, I didn’t notice, but it became very quiet inside the carriage. The day was getting hot and I had to take off my jacket. When I turned to throw it inside I almost fell from my seat. Eve and Luna were both sleeping in the carriage.

Woah... So that’s why it’s so quiet. I didn’t even notice it.

There was nothing much to do really while we were riding inside. And you can chat about nothing only for so long. Waking up earlier for me was no big deal, but they probably lacked some sleep.

Ah well. I guess we won’t be stopping just yet.

Eve and Luna falling asleep was a blessing in disguise. I wanted to travel as far as we can before the sunset. Besides, knowing the extend of my fantasies, with two beautiful girls sleeping inside the carriage, made my travel time rather ‘creative’.

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