Circle Star Adventure. The Ever Blooming Flower.

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Chapter 48. A Detour And A 'Hot' Stew.

- Oh my, did I fall asleep? - I heard a voice from inside the carriage.

- Hey beautiful. Had a nice nap? - I asked Eve when she stuck her head out.

- Yeah... yawn... how long was I asleep Master? - she asked.

- I don’t know, maybe an hour or two. I lost track of time. - I said.

- Look, sun is starting to set. I must’ve slept for a long time. - Eve was surprised.

It wasn’t that late yet and we still had a while till the evening, but horses needed some rest.

- Is Luna still sleeping? - I asked.

- I don’t know. - Eve answered.

- I am awake. - we heard Luna’s voice.

- Oh, hi Luna. How do you feel? - Eve asked cheerfully.

- I’m fine. - she said.

- You must be hungry. And horses need to rest too. It’s a little too early to stop for the night though. How about we travel a little longer and find a spot to spend a night? - I suggested.

- Ok Master. - Eve sat next to me.

Ain’t you cute?

Having her sit next to me brightened my mood. In reality, I was bored to tears by now and my bottom was getting sore from sitting all day long. My ‘creative’ fantasies were long gone and the only thing I thought about was to lie down and rest.

I didn’t expect to find a village or any kind of settlement soon. We were in the open area, surrounded by grasslands. If we were to stop for the night, a fire was a must. And with only grass and rocks around us, it wasn’t likely to happen.

After about another hour of travel we noticed a settlement far in a distance. Warm bed and hot food were appealing, but it was still too far and it was getting dark.

- I don’t know if we can reach that settlement before night time. Worst case scenario we’ll have to spend the night close to the road. Having a fire would be good, but I don’t see any trees close by. - I tried to look around.

- How about there? - Luna pointed slightly east of the road.

I couldn’t really see, but it looked like a house. However, there were no lights around it.

- Is that a house? Doesn’t look like anyone lives in it. - said Eve.

- Yes... it looks empty. - said Luna

- Ok, let’s check it out. - I encouraged horses to run faster.

Soon we reached a small path leading away from the main road towards the house. I almost missed it, due to it being overgrown with grass. It was evident nobody used it for long time. But it gave us a clue that somebody lived in that house before.

Unfortunately, we were a little disappointed once we reached it. It was definitely empty and for a good reason.

- Oh no. It’s all fallen down. - Eve exclaimed.

What we thought was a house, actually were just bare ruins with some walls.

- Well, at least we’ll have a shelter. - it was almost dark and we didn’t have time to look for a nicer place. - I’ll go look around, stay inside for now.

- Ok Master. - Eve agreed cheerfully.

I went inside the ruins to check if anyone, whether a person or a monster, was lurking around. The stone walls and crumbled staircases indicated it wasn’t just a simple house in the past. From what I could tell, it could’ve been a mansion or even a small castle.

I didn’t find or sense anyone around. At first I thought some monsters might’ve made this place their home, but with the forest being so far away it wasn’t very likely.

Unfortunately no rooms were suitable to spend the night in. The roof was all gone and the inside was a mess. On a positive side, I found some wood lying around, which was more than enough to start a fire. Must’ve been from old doors or wooden furniture, but it didn’t matter.

- Hey, I’m back. - I dropped the wood on the ground.

- Welcome back Master. Did you find anything? - Eve was curious.

- Nothing much. The place is deserted. I found some wood though. We can start the fire. - I went to untie the horses.

After a short while the fire was burning, providing some warmth and cosy light. Horses were given water to drink and some fodder to eat. They pulled our carriage the whole day and deserved a good rest.

- Aaahh! Rabbit stew! - Eve’s eyes sparkled.

But this time we had enough bowls and spoons.

- Will you feed me like last time Master? - my cute companion sat closer to me.

- Aaahm... no. - I said playfully.

- Oooh, why not? - Eve made a sad face.

- Because you’re big enough to eat by yourself now. - I teased her.

- Hihi. - Luna chuckled at my comment.

- Not you too Luna. - Eve puffed her cheeks.

- Haha. - I laughed. - I don’t think it would be fair towards Luna if you were the only one spoon-fed here.

I believed my reasoning would make her realize it wasn’t a good idea.

- I... would like... - Luna blushed. - to be spoon-fed too.

Not you too Luna. Huh? What did I just say?

- Hear that Master? It’s totally fine. You can spoon-feed us both. - Eve was totally happy about it.

Seriously? What kind of magic is this?

Both of them sat close to me on each side.

- Aaaa... - both of them opened their mouths.

And they were way too close too. The fire sparks lighted both of their faces. With eyes closed and mouths slightly open, spoon-feeding was the last thing on my mind right now. I tried to make some space by leaning backwards and...

- Woooaa... aaargh! Ouch! Hot, hot! - I fell backwards and spilled the stew on my pants.

With my disturbing fantasy in my head, I forgot that there was nothing to lean on, so I lost balance and fell down.

- What happened Master? - Eve exclaimed.

- Au... aaahh... - I tried to salvage the rest of the stew. - Nothing... eeer, I... slipped.

Slipped?! While sitting on the rock? Geez...

- You... spilled the stew on your pants. - Luna pointed out. - You need to... take them off to dry out.

- Luna is right. Take them off Master. - Eve agreed.

Take off my pants? Did you just say that? I can’t believe it. You’ve planned this all along!

I was totally in another world. As innocent as it sounded, my mind was running completely different images from simply drying my wet pants. I almost jumped away from my spot.

- That’s ok, I’ll dry them out later. - my face probably had the silliest expression ever.

- But that’s not good. They need to be washed too Master. - Eve insisted.

And where will you wash them at this hour?

Then I remembered we had a barrel full of water. Well, almost full at least.

There was no getting away from it, no matter how hard I tried to resist. Eve was on a quest to take of my pants and just wouldn’t let go. I gave up in the end, but managed to come to an agreement.

- Ok, ok, fine. Let me go inside the carriage first. It’s cold outside you know. - it was quite the opposite for me really.

I was glad the carriage had cover and that Grog put some blankets for us. I decided to never complain about his comments from now on.

- Here you go. - I extended my pants from inside the carriage.

- Yey! - Eve was happy as if to receive a trophy.

- Just don’t wash it in the barrel, we’ll still have to drink from it. - I mumbled.

- Don’t worry about it Master. - I heard Eve’s happy voice.

That’s not what I’m worried about. Guess I’ll sleep without the food tonight.

There was no way I’ll go outside looking like that. With images of two hot girls open mouths up close to my face, my manhood just didn’t want to give up. I rolled up inside the blanket and didn’t move an inch.

- I’ll be going to sleep, goodnight. - I half shouted.

- What? Already Master? But it’s not that late yet. - Eve responded back.

- Hey, you had a nap during the day. I didn’t. - I stated, then added. - And we’ll be leaving early tomorrow.

- We would like to stay up for a while, if you don’t mind? - Eve asked.

- Yeah, no problem. Just make sure you get enough rest before morning. - that was the last thing I said.

Fantasies or not, I did feel tired. Sitting in the carriage, while traveling all day, does drain your body a lot. It was a good thing really, cause I wanted to fall asleep fast.

The morning wake up didn’t surprise me at all. Even before opening my eyes, I felt someone close, pressing at my body. My eyes confirmed my suspicions. Eve’s cute face was right in front of me.

Of course, her face wasn’t the only thing that was ‘close’. I was lying sideways and Eve had her head placed on one of my arms. Eve’s hot body was touching mine and she even managed to place one of her legs on top of me. On a flip side, I somehow managed to place my other hand on her hip.

Feeling her smooth skin was a blessing in itself. And a realization she doesn’t have her armor on made the chilly morning wamer. The way our bodies touched each other could easily give a nose bleed that would last the whole day.

- Good morning... Master... - Eve whispered passionately.

- Ahem... good morning... Eve. - my hand was still gently touching her hip. - You’re awake...

- I wasn’t sleeping... - her cheeks were burning red.

So were mine. Our bodies were touching each other and, even with Eve wearing her pajamas, it was more than enough to get me excited. And I was sure she could feel it. My mouth dried up, as well as all of my eloquent words. I couldn’t find a single word to save my skin this time. However somebody else did.

- Good morning. - I heard Luna’s voice.

- Oh, good morning Luna. - suddenly Eve rolled to the side, taking the whole blanket with her.

- Hey! - I was completely uncovered.

- Oh... - Luna’s face was as red as a strawberry.

My humble underwear couldn’t hide my excitement. Luna turned her face away slightly, but her eyes were still gazing at ‘me’.

- Ahem... good morning. - I tried to stay cool.

I looked around to hopefully find my pants as soon as possible.

- Here are your pants Master. - Eve had them all along.

- Thank you. - I couldn’t be more embarrassed even if I wanted to.

- You’re welcome. - Eve was sparkling like never before.

- I’ll go start the fire while you... get ready to go. - I stood up after putting my pants on.

- Ok. - Eve smiled.

I heard her chuckle when I stepped out. After that, they were whispering something to each other. But I had no intention in learning about it. It was pretty much evident about what anyway.

I restarted the fire and put a kettle on to make some tea. I could hear the girls changing and chatting, but was focusing on the fire instead. It was early morning and the sun was promising us another fine day.

- We left you some stew Master. - Eve said joyfully.

- Oh, thanks. - I remembered how hungry I was.

I did not eat yesterday due to the ‘hot’ accident I had. Even if my mind wasn’t thinking about the food, my body was still in need for it.

After the tea was done, I put the stew on to heat it a little. Of course it tasted ten times better and this time I managed to eat it without spilling anything.

- These are quite big ruins. - Eve exclaimed. - It must’ve been such a wonderful house.

I had to agree with her. In a day light the ruins looked more magnificent. Some important person must’ve lived here in the past. When the mansion was still standing of course.

- Ready to go? - I readied the horses.

- Yes! - Eve cheered. - Hihi.

Her chuckle was suspicious, but I didn’t mind. It wasn’t the first, or the last time, she got me into ‘that’ type of situation.

The village at the horizon didn’t look that far and we reached it in only few hours. I suggested we stop for a short while and buy some more food from the locals. It was easier than trying to catch something for our next meal.

The villagers were friendly and welcoming. Luna covered her head to hide the ears. And Eve being Eve, was curious and excited to learn about the locals.

We bought some vegetables and meat that would last us for the rest of the day. I asked for directions towards the Vardos Village with an excuse we were on a quest. Folks were kind enough to tell us which way to go. Apparently, I took the wrong turn on the road and traveled a little off to the side. That was probably when Eve and Luna were sleeping. I remember I wasn’t thinking about the road at that time.

I thanked the person for the help and we were on our way. From what he told me, it will take us the whole day to reach Vardos Village from here. Luckily, the girls didn’t mind a short detour. After the night spent at the ruins, they had an interesting topic to talk about.

We were traveling for a few hours and the road was quiet. I thought we’ll be trailed by some bandits from Saramis and attacked at some point, but nobody showed up. Maybe because I managed to take the wrong turn, so they couldn’t find us. If they were to rush directly towards Vardos Village, in order to catch us, then the detour we took actually saved us from meaningless encounter. At least for now.

The scenery started to change little by little. The grasslands were changed by more rocky surroundings, with bushes and some trees. We were passing some small woods now and then. But it didn’t seem like the road was used very often.

- How are you doing Master TC? - Eve came out and sat next to me.

- Yeah, I’m fine. - As fine as I can be, that is. - How are you?

- I’m great. - she smiled.

- And how’s Luna doing? - I asked.

- I’m good... thank you. - she stuck her head out.

- How about we stop to rest close to those woods? - I pointed in front of me.

- That would be great. - Eve said cheerfully.

- Yes. - Luna agreed.

The woods offered a good resting spot. Eve and Luna were admiring the scenery and picking flowers, like little girls.

Little girls... Yeah, right. Sigh... what am I complaining about anyway?

- Wow, it’s so peaceful and quiet here. - exclaimed Eve.

- How about you take it easy and relax? I’ll go get some wood and start the fire. - I suggested.

Both of them were having fun exploring the surroundings. With lots of bushes and hiding places between the rocks, there were plenty of animals and birds to gaze upon. I probably wouldn’t care too much about my surroundings, other than being aware of possible attack. But Eve’s and Luna’s childish curiosity was charming to watch.

- Food is ready! - I shouted for them to come back.

- Aaahh... you’re so sweet Master TC. - Eve was impressed with my cooking skills.

- Eat up, we still have a way to go. - I encouraged them.

- Thank you. - Luna smiled.

- I guess I should warn you about something. - I said.

- What is it Master? - Eve was curious.

- We are bound to encounter some bandits or people who will want to catch Luna. I am sure they were chasing us from Saramis, but since we got off the main road, they must’ve missed us. - I told them. - Even if Luna hides her ears, some of them will figure out who we are. You need to be ready for a fight.

- Are you saying they will attack us as soon as we enter Vardos Village? - asked Eve.

- Nah, I doubt it. They might be waiting for us at the village, but I don’t think they will try anything there. It will be full of other people and I am sure most of them are just normal folks. We might encounter before we enter or after we leave the village. - I explained.

- Humph... I don’t like them. - Eve was unhappy.

Haha. I am sure your Thorns Wall will make them change their minds.

We didn’t stay for long after we finished our food. I was hoping to reach the village before night time. Sitting in a carriage all day wasn’t very exciting, but it was better than traveling by foot.

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