Circle Star Adventure. The Ever Blooming Flower.

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Chapter 51. Confession.

It wasn’t long till we heard shouts and fighting.

- Oh no! - Eve gasped as soon as the village view came into our sights. - Those are... Orgobs!

I noticed elven archers shooting at the monsters from the roofs. They shot down few goblins already, but the arrows had very little effect on Orgobs.

- Luna, go help the villagers. Me and Eve will take care of the monsters. - I told her.

- But... - she knew there was no time to argue. - Ok. Arneas, lets go.

- Eve! - I took out my sword and shield.

- Understood. Thorn Spikes! - two goblins in Eve’s range were pierced on the spot.

- Haa! - ‘Swoosh!’ - another goblin fell.

- Roaaar! - one of the Orgobs saw us.

- Careful, don’t let him get close. - ‘Slash!’ - I cut down another goblin.

- ‘Swing!’, ‘Boom!’ - Orgob swung his huge club.

I easily dodged his powerful attack.

- ‘Thrust!’ - I stabbed him from the side.

- Raaah! - blood poured out the wound.

- Just die! - ‘Swoosh!’, ‘Slash!’ - I cut him again and again.

Orgob was badly hurt, but refused to go down.

- Oh, come on. - I jumped at him again.

- ‘Swoosh!’ - Orgob swung his club, while spinning around.

- Woaah! - I had to stop and fall back.

Won’t be that easy, eh? But I must admit, Sieran put in some work. This sword cuts well. I need to finish him quick though.

As soon as Orgob stopped spinning, I jumped up and aimed at his neck.

- ‘Thrust!’ - and stabbed him right bellow his chin.

- Rghah... - he wasn’t able to even roar.

I jumped back and his massive body slumped on the ground.

That is one down.

- Thorns! - in the meantime Eve was thinning goblin population.

This is odd though. There are so many goblins attacking the village. And during the daytime as well. And Orgobs too. This might become a total massacre. Either this attack is planned or something forced these monsters to go on a rampage.

- No! Stay away! - I heard a female voice shout.

An elven woman was backing away from a goblin. She held a baby in her hands.

- Tsk... haaa! - I picked up a sword from one of the dead goblins and threw it at the green nose.

- Wheee... - it fell down with the sword in his back.

The woman saw me, but didn’t feel relieved.

- It’s ok. They are here to help. - Luna jumped down from the rooftop. - Quickly, go hide.

With her words, the woman quickly ran into the village.

- Luna! Take Eve and go secure the village! I’ll take care of them here! - I instructed.

Shouts and fighting were heard inside the village as well. Some of the goblins must’ve ran in before we got here.

- ‘Swoosh!’ - I dodged an arrow flying at me.

- There are humans too! Don’t let them enter the village! - one of the elven archers shouted from a tree top.

- Hey! I’m on your side! - I shouted.

They probably think we’re the ones behind the attack. Tsk... didn’t he see me kill an Orgob just now? Oh no, Eve!

- Flash Step! - I tried to reach her in time.

- No! - at the same time Luna jumped in and deflected another arrow aimed at Eve. - Stop! Don’t attack them! They are my friends! And they are here to help!

Luna’s words stopped others from aiming at us.

- Huh? Master TC? - Eve didn’t expect to see me next to her.

- Luna? Is that really you? - one of the archers jumped down.

- Yes Siantejas, it’s me. But there’s no time. We need to protect the village. TC and Eve are my friends. They came to help. - she tried to talk to him.

- But they are hum-

- ‘Bash!’ - another Orgob swung his mace onto the house further away.

The archer, who was on top of it, managed to jump away, but half of the house was destroyed.

- Damn! Listen Luna, we can’t trust those humans. - Siantejas was readying his bow.

- If you hurt TC and Eve, I will never forgive you! - Luna cried out.

Her cry startled him. Siantejas was confused, but as Luna said, there was no time to waste.

- Listen, we brought Luna back home. We can turn around and leave right away. But do you think you will be able to defend against so many monsters? - I tried to talk some sense into him.

There were handful of archers shooting bows and few of them were fighting on the ground. But if that was all the fighters they had, I doubted they will survive without our help.

Reason won over pride and he lowered his bow.

- Ok, but that doesn’t mean I trust you. - he said.

- Are the villagers safe? - Luna asked.

- Most of them. Some were injured at the beginning of the attack. We can barely hold them off. Orgobs are the real problem. - Siantejas explained.

- Don’t worry. My friends are really strong. - she said.

- Raaar! - ‘Boom!’ - Orgob swung at another house.

The elven archer was blown away from the hit. Few of the houses were destroyed already. With Orgobs at the front, goblins tried to enter the village.

- Go help the villagers. We will stop their advance. - I said.

- By yourselves? - the elven archer didn’t want to believe it.

- Come on, lets go. - Luna jumped forward.

Siantejas gave me a distrustful look and went after her.

- Assist humans and protect the village! - he shouted.

- Eve, stop goblins from entering the village. I will take care of that Orgob. - I ran forward.

- Yes Master. Thorns Wall! - she cast her spell.

A huge thorns wall grew out of the ground and closed the entrance to the village. It stopped goblins from entering.

Hah, good job. However, now all of them will attack her instead.

- ‘Swoosh!’, ‘Swoosh!’ - arrows were raining down on the goblins.

Ok, at least they’re on our side now.

Unfortunately, there were too many those green noses around. If I were to let them be, they will overrun the others. As fast as Eve was, she wouldn’t be able to keep up for long.

- ‘Dash!’, ‘Swing!’ - I cut down a goblin.

Ghm... I have to get serious. Otherwise it will become quite troublesome.

- Thorns! - Eve was dealing with the goblins nicely.

- ‘Slash!’, ‘Stab!’ - Luna was jumping and slashing every goblin she could reach.

But no matter how many of them fell, more were coming out of the forest. And I still had to deal with that other Orgob.

- Hey you! - I dashed at him.

- Raaar! - he saw me approach.

- ‘Swing!’ - he swung his club.

- ‘Bang!’ - I blocked his hit with my shield.

He was strong, but not strong enough to blow me away.

- What? Didn’t have your morning breakfast? How about you put some strength into it? Haaa! - I pushed away his club with my shield.

- ‘Slash!’ - and cut his arm.

- Raaaar! - his club fell on the ground.

Orgob’s arm was bleeding and he wasn’t able to hold the club with it. But that didn’t stop him from attacking.

- ‘Swing!’, ‘Swoosh!’, ‘Bam!’ - instead he started to swing with his hands.

Orgob’s claws were deadly enough as well. Anyone caught by them would be split into shreds.

Now, now. No need to get so excited.

- Ha! - ‘Stab!’ - I jumped up and stabbed his eye.

- Roaaar! - he roared from pain.

The beast made few steps back. With one hand he covered his bleeding eye, while with the other he was looking around, trying to find me.

- Behind you! - ‘Thrust!’ - I thrust my sword into his back.

The monster roared from unimaginable pain. Then he faltered to the sides and fell down on his back. The sword was stuck and I wasn’t fast enough to take it out.

Bah, here we go again. Well, at least the sword didn’t break. Hah.

Another Orgob was down, but the number of goblins was increasing no matter how many were struck down. Elves were shooting them down, but it was a matter of time until they’ll run out of arrows. And there was one more Orgob left.

- No choice I guess. Summon Blood Halbert. - I charged at the beast.

However, this one saw me first.

- ‘Swoosh!’ - he swung at me.

I quickly jumped to the side to avoid getting hit.

Fast, aren’t you? I guess I won’t be able to ambush him.

- Waaa! - goblin jumped at me.

- ‘Swing!’ - I blew him away.

- Ghaa! - another one jumped from behind.

- I rolled forward to get away from him only to end up in front of the Orgob.

- Raaar! - he swung his huge club at me.


- ‘Bam!’ - I blocked, but the hit sent me flying.

- ‘Boom!’ - I hit the wall of one of the houses.

- Master TC! - Eve shouted.

- Don’t worry! I’m fine. - I picked myself up.

The blow was powerful, but I wasn’t hurt. It only made me want to get back at him even more.

- Thorns! - Eve caught the goblin who wanted to jump at me.

- No! Stay away! - I shouted.

That kill attracted the attention of Orgob.

Damn it!

He jumped at Eve, with a huge club raised in the air.

- Thorns Wall! - she didn’t panic and a wall of thorns grew in front of her.

- Wraaar! - ‘Bash!’ - Orgob club hit the thorns.

The wall was smashed into pieces, but protected Eve from his attack.

Ok, that was cool. And hot too.

I was about to charge at him when two goblins appeared from nowhere.

- How many of you are there? - I was getting annoyed.

- ‘Slash!’ - I cut one down.

But then Orgob swung at me.

- ‘Swoosh!’ - I raised my halbert to block.

- Enough is enough! - ‘Bam!’ - ‘Slide!’ - I used his swing to push myself down and slid under him.

- ‘Swing!’, ‘Slice!’ - and cut him right between his legs.


Even I felt sorry for him.

- Thorns Wall! - Eve cast her spell again.

And since Orgob was standing still, thorns grew all over and around him, entangling him from all sides.

- Thorn Spikes! - and the monster was skewered from all directions.

Woohoo, nice! Her magic improved that much already. Or should I say she improved herself.

- ‘Swing!’, ‘Slash!’ - another goblin was cut down by Luna.

- Wow, nice moves Luna. - I compliment her.

Ahem, that just sounded wrong.

- Thank you. - she blushed.

- Thorns! - Eve got rid of another goblin.

- Nice job Eve. That was great thinking to use Thorns Wall in order to trap that Orgob. - of course I couldn’t leave her without a compliment too.

- Thank you Master. - she was extremely happy to hear it.

- How are the villagers Luna? - I asked.

- Not so good. The archers are almost out of arrows and goblins just keep coming. And there is one more Orgob left. - she told me.

I looked around quickly. Luna was right. Even if I can take care of myself, there might be too many casualties if we don’t do something quick. We had to stop goblins entering the village.

- We need to-

- Raaar! - another roar interrupted me.

- What? - Eve was startled.

Another group of goblins showed up, accompanied by two more Orgobs.

Bah... They just keep coming...

I wasn’t amused anymore.

- Two more Orgobs?! - Luna cried out. - And so many goblins... The village will be overrun.

- Luna. - I almost shouted.

- Yes? - she was startled.

- Sorry. Here, take this. - I gave her four Healing Potions. - Get everyone inside the village. Use these potions to heal the wounded.

- Eve, drink this to restore your spiritual energy. - I gave her a blue potion. - Go with Luna and seal the exits to the village with your Thorns Wall.

- What about you Master? - she looked at me.

- I’ll take care of the monsters. - I said.

- No, you can’t! - she cried out.

What do you mean I can’t? Of course I can.

- There’s too many of them. I’ll stay and help. - Eve insisted.

- You will help me by protecting the village and not letting monsters get through. I simply don’t want anyone get in my way. - I tried to reason.

- I’m sorry. I am too weak and will get in your way. - Eve had tears in her eyes.

Oh man... why do you have to take it personally?

- I didn’t mean you Eve. I am asking you to do this, because you are strong. You just don’t realize it. Stop beating yourself up for being weak. You are not. - I tried to sooth the situation.

Seriously, you have no idea how strong you are.

- But you always want to do everything alone Master. It’s like you don’t want me to be around. - she was crying.

Her words hit me like a falling tree. I couldn’t argue with it. Eve was right.

Since the day we met I used all kinds of excuses to keep my distance. Even when Eve openly tried to seduce me, I avoided any type of intimacy with her. I knew it was my fault she was feeling this way.

Goblins and Orgobs were approaching and I had to make a decision fast.

Sigh... I might as well be honest with my feelings. The best time is now as they say.

- Eve... - I placed my hands on her shoulders. - I love you.

- Huh? - she stared at me without even blinking. - You... love me?

- Yes Eve. I love you. Please, trust me. I do it, because I want to protect you. - I actually felt extremely relieved after telling her that.

I was gazing into Eve’s eyes, still wet from tears. But now they were sparkling with joy and happiness. Time stopped for a moment. I leaned forward and our lips connected.

- Umm... - Eve hugged me back.

And returned the most passionate kiss one could have. At this one moment, I felt really happy again.

- I love you too TC. - Eve said, still hugging me.

- Hah. Finally... - I smirked.

- What? - she looked into my eyes.

- You finally called me by my name only. - I smiled.

- Oh, I’m sorry Mast-

I placed my finger on Eve’s lips to interrupt her.

- I like when you call me by my name. - I said.

- Ok Mas... oh, TC. - Eve corrected herself. - Hihi.

- Now go. Protect the village. - I picked up my Blood Halbert.

Haha. It will take some time to get used to.

- Now then, lets have some fun. Hehehe. - I grinned. - Summon Blood Armor.

Goblins were running directly at me, screaming and waving their weapons. I saw elves were retreating inside the village. The archers shot the closest enemies to let the others escape safely. Eve was running with them.

Aaaah... what a view.

- Waaa! - goblin jumped at me.

- ‘Slash!’ - You’re in the way! - I cut him down.

It was time to get serious, but I wanted to enjoy the view a short while longer.

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