Circle Star Adventure. The Ever Blooming Flower.

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Chapter 52. Living Thorns.

I focused my strength and gripped my weapon tightly.

- ‘Dash!’ - I sprinted towards a group of goblins.

- Yaaa! - ’Hack! Slash! Cut! Thrust! Swing! Swing! Strike! - even the dust couldn’t keep up with me.

Goblins fell left and right after being slashed and hacked. Swift, powerful strikes cut them down in an instant. Most of them didn’t even realize what happened.

- I’m not done yet! Ground Cutter! - ‘Slash!’ - I swung my halbert down at the ground.

- ‘Swoosh!’ - a powerful slash erupted from my swing.

It pierced through the ground into another group of goblins. Those that weren’t decimated in an instant, were blown away by the after swing force.

Haha. That brings back memories. The High Chieftain would enjoy a little workout.

(back at the village entrance)

- Quick, run away! Huh? What? - Luna felt a powerful force and saw a bunch of goblins die. - Wow, that’s… TC’s power?

- Wow, TC is incredible. And... - Eve was in seventh heaven. - And he said he loves me.

- Eve! Everyone’s inside now. You can... Hey! Watch out! - Luna shouted.

- My Master loves me, aaahh... - Eve was beside herself.

- Waaa! - goblin caught up with her and was about to swing.

- Aaahh, I’m so happy. - Eve’s body started to glow and...

- ‘Burst!’ - the green glow burst into a bright light, enshrouding Eve’s body and lighting up the area around her.

- Eeeek... - goblin couldn’t see anything.

And not only the goblin. Others, who were close enough had to cover their eyes due to intense light.

- What’s happening? - Luna had to cover her eyes as well.

Eve’s magical energy grew tremendously. Her powerful aura startled everyone around her. She waved her staff and...

- Living Thorns! - the ground shook from beneath her feet.

With a trembling earthquake, huge roots, vines and thorns burst out of the ground.

- Huh? What? - I turned around.

Thorns and vines grew large and tall, blocking not only the entrance to the village, but all the area around the houses as well. It looked like huge castle wall made out thorns, roots and vines. It was shockingly amazing.

I knew what was happening. I felt that type of sensation once before. And I couldn’t be happier.

When the light subsided, I saw Eve standing on top of the huge thorns wall. Three Silver stars were glowing on top of her head. In a pure sense of the word, she looked like a queen, commanding the nature at her will. It was hard to tell who was shocked more – the monsters or the villagers.

- Haha, well done beautiful. Now that’s a sight you won’t see every day. - I was too happy to describe. - I should do my part as well, hehe.

Almost half of the goblins were dead due to being caught in the Living Thorns Wall. But Orgobs still posed a real threat. One of them was close enough to reach the wall Eve created up.

- Roaaar! - he released a loud roar.

Nearby goblins joined him with their screams. All of them rushed at the wall, but what happened next surprised even me.

Orgob and goblins started to cut and smash at the vines and roots, trying to make a path. But as soon as the attackers came close enough, thorns and vines grew out and entangled them in an instant. Goblins didn’t even have time to realize what happened. As soon as the enemies got entangled, sharp spikes pierced through their bodies, killing them on the spot.

Even Orgob, strong and fierce, was not able to break free. He roared and struggled while sharp spikes pierced and stabbed his body over and over again. Soon, weakened and covered in blood, he stopped moving. His body slumped down, still trapped between vines and thorns.

But I didn’t see Eve cast any more spells to make it happen. It was like the wall was alive and defended against the attackers on its own. The scariest part was to see Eve stand on top of it and smile her most charming smile. As impressed as I was, the image of me being one of those goblins made my spine shiver.

Since the rest of the goblins and Orgobs couldn’t get inside the village, they turned their attention to me. And that’s what I wanted.

- Raaaar! - one of the Orgobs charged at me.

Ground trembled beneath his massive feet. He raised his two clubs up in the air and was about to swing at me.

- Flash Jump! - I jumped at him instead.

- ‘Slash!’ - with a swift swing of my halbert Orgob’s head fell off.

His body, still running forward, hit the tree and fell down.

- One more to go. - I didn’t wait for the last beast to come after me.

Goblins, became scared and confused. They were too frightened to make another step. They were more petrified than a rabbit seeing a snake.

That makes things easier.

- Haa! - ’Slash! Strike! Swing! Slash! - goblins were falling left and right.

The last Orgob didn’t appreciate what he saw. Even with most of the monsters dead, he was ready to fight. Full of rage he charged at me.

- ‘Swing! Boom!’ - he hit the ground at the spot where I was standing.

Before he could raise his club again, I swung back at him.

- ’Swoosh! Slash! - the blood poured out of his chest.

- Raaaar! - his roar echoed through the forest.

Full of rage, he started to swing his clubs and smash everything around him. I jumped away to avoid getting hit.

The wounded beast swung with all his might without looking who was around him. Goblins, that weren’t fast to run away, were mercilessly squashed on the spot. Scared and panicked, the green noses tried to run back into the forest.

- Don’t even think about it! Ground Cutter! - and a piercing slash caught up with the run away goblins.

Orgob, due to the injury, was losing strength. He tried to swing one more time, but succumbed on one knee.

- Let me put you out of your misery. - I was ready to attack.

- Raa- Orgob didn’t finish his roar.

My Blood Halbert was stuck in his mouth and out through his skull.

- ‘Seeth!’ - I pulled it out and the beast’s body fell on the ground.

There was a steep silence for a few moments. I looked around to see if there were any more enemies left. To my big disappointment, there weren’t.

Meh... Over already? Oh well...

I placed my halbert over my shoulders and rested my arms on it. The battle was finally over. Among the surrounding trees, dead monster bodies and impressively huge thorns wall, towering in front of the village, an indescribable satisfaction entered my body.

I saw Eve waving from a top of her magic thorns wall. It really looked like a castle wall to be honest. I unsummoned my gear and waved back. She released her spell and the huge thorns, vines and roots grew back into the earth, until they were completely gone. I had to admit, it was an impressive sight.

- TC! - Eve was running to meet me.

Yup, you’re totally hot. And I won’t have to hold back anymore, hehe.

- Yey! - she jumped on my neck.

- Haha. Hello beautiful. Did I ever tell you how absolutely incredible you are? - I told her.

- Thank you. But you were totally cool Master. I have never seen you fight so fiercely. - she complimented me.

- Aaah, that was nothing. I took down a few goblins, that’s all. - I grinned.

- Not only goblins. And not just a few. You defeated three Orgobs with such an ease. - Eve was impressed.

- Look who’s talking. What was that castle of thorns a moment ago? You know you looked like a queen on top of it? - I complimented her.

- Aaaah... you’re so sweet, hihi. - she chuckled. - That was all thanks to you.

I looked at Eve with such adoration, I couldn’t even blink. We were about to kiss when...

- TC? Eve? Are you ok? - we heard a familiar voice.

- Oh, hey Luna. Ahem... sorry, we were spacing out. - I completely forgot where we were.

I looked around and the sight was less than romantic too.

Yikes. This looks worse than in the cave of doggons. I wonder who’s gonna clean everything up?

- Surround them! Now! - we heard the shout from behind Luna.

Not that I wasn’t expecting it, but we literally saved your village just now.

A group of elven archers pointed bows with arrows ready to shoot at us.

- Master... - Eve was ready to cast her spell.

- Don’t. - I stopped her.

- Wait Siantejas! They are my friends! - shouted Luna.

- They are humans! They can’t be trusted! - the archer did not listen to her.

- Now, now Siantejas. Why don’t you calm down? - an elderly elf, holding a cane, approached us.

- Elder Ramaeros? - the archer was surprised to see him

- Why don’t you all lower your weapons? I believe we need to show some gratitude instead. - the elder said.

- But... they’re humans. - Siantejas insisted.

- And what’s of it? Didn’t you see what they did? Not only they saved our village, but they also brought my granddaughter back home. Even if you were to try, do you think you have any chance against them? - Elder Ramaeros asked him.

I could tell Siantejas was confused about what the old elf said. He looked around once again. Seeing all the dead goblins and Orgobs, he did not look very confident.

- Listen Siantejas. TC saved me from a horrible man. He and Eve gave me food and clothing and a place to stay. They protected me all this time. Not all humans are bad. I met so many good people when I lived together with TC. - Luna told him.

Lived together with me? You sounded like Eve just now. Bah...

Fortunately, he took Luna’s words the right way and lowered his bow. The other archers backed off as well.

Phew. I was worried for a moment.

- Elder Ramaeros! - a villager was running towards us.

- What is it? - the elder asked.

- Come quick! There was a goblin in the village and... - the man was trying to catch his breath.

- Come, show me the way. - Ramaeros went after him.

- Let’s go see what happened. - I told Eve.

- Ok. - she said.

When we reached the destination I saw a dead goblin’s body lying on the ground. He was killed only a few moments ago. Unfortunately, the goblin ambushed one of the villagers before he was shot by an archer.

Elder Ramaeros was leaning on the ground, trying to heal someone. When I came closer I saw an elven woman with a severe wound lying on the ground. It was the same woman I saved from a goblin earlier. From what I could tell, the wound was deep and the elder’s healing magic wasn’t strong enough to stop the bleeding.

- I’m sorry Sineya. - Ramaeros said in a sad voice.

- Is my daughter alright? - the woman asked.

- Yes. Your little Alaina is fine. - he answered.

- I’m glad. - Sineya smiled.

She probably was protecting her baby with her own body when that goblin attacked. Something any mother will do for her own child.

The unfortunate thing was, as much as the elder tried to heal Sineya’s wound, it wasn’t healing fast enough and she was losing blood.

- TC, do you have any more Healing Potions? Please, can you help her? - Luna begged me.

- No, I don’t. I need to make some, but I don’t think we have enough time for that. Besides, her wound is too deep for a Healing Potion to be effective. - I replied.

- No... - Luna’s eyes filled with tears.

- But that doesn’t mean I can’t try to help her. - I added.

I still had two Revival Seeds left. If it worked on Gorren, it should work on her too.

- Elder Ramaeros, if you let me, I can try and save her. - I said.

- How dare you? What can a hu-

- Enough Siantejas! - Ramaeros cut him off. - We don’t have time for that. Or do you rather see Sineya die?

- Amm... I... I’m sorry. - he apologized.

- Please stranger, do what you can. - the elder asked me.

- Keep healing her for as much as you can. I need just a moment. - I reached into my bagpack.

- Uhmm... - the woman was in pain.

Well then... Nessa, I will need your help once again.

I kneeled down to Sineya and placed my hand with Revival Seed on her wound. In an instant I felt a warm magic flow from the seed and it sprouted. It grew all around the spot where the wound was and flowers began to bloom. They transferred their healing magic to heal the wound. The bleeding stopped and Sineya felt better.

- Wow, what is this? - Eve exclaimed.

I looked at her and my eyes widened. The same flowers, that bloomed to heal the wound, were blooming in Eve’s hands.

What? - I couldn’t believe it.

Suddenly, I felt a gentle touch on my hand. It was like someone lifted it and guided it right towards my chest. I felt an incredible warmth, which soothed my body and soul.

- Aaaah... - Eve’s hand was on her chest as well.

Tears filled my eyes and I knew what Nessa was trying to say. She was happy for me too.

When the final flower petal dropped, the wound was no more and the young woman took a deep sigh. The first thing she did was to ask about her daughter again.

- Is my baby fine? Is she ok? - were her words.

Everyone was taken aback to see her healthy again. I was too, but for a completely different reason.

The villagers were overjoyed by what happened. The young mother and her baby won everyone’s attention.

- Thank you for the flowers Master. - Eve had tears in her eyes as well.

- Why are you crying? - I asked.

- I don’t know. - she smiled. - I saw the flowers and felt a strange, warm feeling inside me. I felt so happy and tears filled my eyes.

And so was I. Even if Eve didn’t realize what happened, it didn’t matter. It was enough I knew what it meant.

- Come on Eve, lets go. - I turned around.

- Ok. - she hugged my arm.

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