Circle Star Adventure. The Ever Blooming Flower.

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Chapter 54. The Dream Becomes Reality.

Needless to say, I slept so well I didn’t want to wake up. Having Eve lying next to me made my dreams so much sweeter. Not that I remember what I dreamed about anyway. But whatever it was, the real feel was ten times better.

I woke up with my both arms around Eve. Like a real angel, she was gently lying on my chest.

Yep, the real feel is ten times better. Hehe.

I carefully stroked her hair with my hand. Eve lifted her head and looked at me with a smile.

- Oh, did I wake you up? - I didn’t expect that.

- No, I wasn’t sleeping. - she said.

- Weren’t you now? - I smiled back.

Her charming face, sparkling eyes, cute cheeks, and slightly red lips made my head spin. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

- I’d like to ask you something Eve. - I said in a quiet voice.

- What is it? - she was curious.

- Can I kiss you? - I smiled.

- Hihi. - Eve chuckled.

Then, without saying anything back, she leaned forward and gave me the most passionate kiss. That was the best feeling in the world.

Veee... wow. - my whole body shivered. - I could get used to that.

- Good morning Eve. - my satisfied grin couldn’t be wider.

- Good morning... TC. - she bit her lip.

- I’d love to lie in bed with you longer, but regretfully, we need to get up. - I wasn’t rushing really.

- Aren’t you up already... Master? - I knew she said it on purpose.

- I... uuuhmm... - I was successfully interrupted by her gentle touch on my...

- Mhm... - she licked her lips.

Aghem... You definitely evolved to a higher level. And I am not complaining.

The bed became smaller for some reason. Or maybe it was my ‘world’ that was getting tighter. I was torn between getting up and ‘staying’ up.

However, we did need to get going. A long journey awaited us and I was honestly looking forward to it.

I don’t know how, but I managed to resist the temptation and get out of bed. Voices from the outside were a big help for that too. Can’t say I was thrilled to go outside though. Especially when Eve was doing everything she could to blow me away with her ‘innocent’ slow-motion dressing up.

Where did you learn that? I must’ve woken up in a different world... Oh, wait. I totally did. Haha.

- Good morning. - one of the villagers greeted us as soon as we stepped outside.

I didn’t know which way to go since we didn’t agree where we will meet with Elder Ramaeros. Going to the place we had the celebration was the obvious choice. And it was the correct one.

- Good morning TC and Eve. Hope you had a good night’s sleep? - the village elder greeted us.

- Good morning Elder Ramaeros. Yeah, the sleep was really good. The getting up part was, well... - I didn’t want to finish the sentence.

- Hihi. - Eve chuckled.

- Good morning. - Luna was with him as well.

- Hi Luna. - Eve was happy to see her.

- We have some breakfast ready. Would you like to join us before you leave? - Ramaeros asked.

- Yes, definitely. - I said.

After breakfast one of the villagers brought a carefully wrapped package.

- Here’s some food for your journey. - she said.

- Thank you. I appreciate it. - I gladly took it.

- Are you ready to leave? - Elder Ramaeros asked me.

- Yeah. Thank you for your hospitality. - I thanked him.

- That is quite alright. If anything, it is we who are grateful to you. My granddaughter will show you the way till you reach the magic barrier. Will you be able to find your way back after that? - he asked.

- Yeah, we should be fine. I am quite good when it comes to tracking my way back. - I reassured him.

- I am glad to hear that. I wish you a safe journey. And you will be always welcome in our village. - the elder added.

- Thank you. Well then, we’ll be on our way. Take care of yourselves. - I was ready to leave.

All three of us left the village. Few of the elven villagers were there to see us off. Sineya was one of them as well. They waved until we were gone behind the trees.

Luna was quiet until we reached the magic barrier.

- I guess this is goodbye. - I said.

- Uhm... will you come to visit me sometime? - her voice was sad.

- Of course. - Eve smiled.

- I will miss you, Eve. - Luna hugged her.

- I will miss you too, Luna. - she hugged her back.

- Take care of yourself, ok? And be more careful too. - I said.

- I will. Umm... - Luna blushed.

Then she came closer and kissed me on the cheek.

- Thank you. - she said shyly.

I can’t believe you are acting so shy. But that’s what makes you so cute.

Luna jumped on one of the tree branches, then on another, and then vanished completely.

- Luna run off so quickly. She was acting a little strange. - Eve wondered.

Strange? Look who’s talking. You didn’t even complain about her kiss.

I looked back towards the treetops. Someone, other than Luna, was watching us. I figured it was Siantejas. He probably wanted to see us off, in his own way.

- Let’s get going, shall we? - I said.

- Ok. - Eve grabbed my arm.

The magic barrier did not affect me, so I was able to figure which way to go. We were not rushing but still managed to keep a decent pace.

It took us half a day to reach the magic barrier after entering the forest when we were escorting Luna. However, we were running most of the time then. Which meant, it might take us a whole day to get out of the forest by ourselves. But I didn’t mind that at all.

After few hours of walking, we came across a stream.

- Hey, there’s water here. - Eve exclaimed.

- Great. We can take a short rest here. - I put my bags down.

- Are we going the right way? - asked Eve.

- I think so. - I surveyed the area.

I was certain it was the right way. I suggested we eat a little, but Eve said she wasn’t hungry yet. There was no need to sit around, so we moved forward.

I remembered the attack on the village and started to wonder what could’ve caused it. There’s no way it was some random attack. Too many monsters banded together and they were well organized too.

I still knew very little about this world. I did a quest to protect a human village from the goblin attack at the very beginning, but I doubted there was a connection between the two.

Oh well. I will be stuck in here for who knows how long. I suppose I will learn little by little.

After few more hours, we finally stopped to eat. The leftovers from the feast tasted extremely good. Or maybe even better. We almost overate, but I stopped in time and suggested we should keep some for later since we were not out of the forest yet. It was late afternoon and we still had a fair distance left to cover. I wondered if we can reach the end of the forest before nightfall.

- I’m sorry, but I’m tired. - Eve finally admitted.

I wasn’t surprised about it. We were on foot for the last couple of days. Traveling the village, then fighting goblins and Orgobs took its toll too. Even after a good night’s rest at the village, Eve’s muscles must’ve been sore.

- What will I ever do with you? - I picked her up on my arms.

- Aaaah... - she hugged me gently. - What would you like to do with me? Hmm...

- I thought you were tired? - I teased her.

- Umm... - Eve hid her face under her hair.

- Hahaha. - I laughed.

Now I honestly knew we won’t reach the end of the forest before nightfall. But I didn’t want to stop until we found a suitable spot to spend the night.

- I believe we’re not far from the place with those big trees we spent the night with Luna. - I wondered.

- Oh, those tall trees. That place was incredible. - Eve exclaimed.

- Is it? - I smiled. - Ok, that’s settled then. Can you walk now?

- I could, but... - she pressed on to me closer.

Ahaha. Using your secret weapon, eh? And quite successfully too.

Eve’s behavior was good enough motivation to keep carrying her. And she was as light as a feather, so I didn’t mind.

The evening was approaching and the forest started to become quieter. Luckily, we reached the camping spot before it got completely dark.

- Here we are Eve. This is the spot. - I looked up at the tree. - Now that you’re all rested, you can climb the tree yourself.

- What? No! - she exclaimed and hugged me as tight as she could.

- Haha. You’re so cute. - I laughed. - Hold on tight.

As if she wasn’t already. I jumped up and grabbed onto a branch with one hand while holding Eve with the other. Carefully, little by little, I climbed up until we reached the top.

- Veee! - Eve jumped down from my arms.

- Haha. - her playfulness made me laugh.

- Wow, look at the sky. - she gasped.

It was getting dark and the stars filled the sky. Half shaped-moon was happy to show its smile.

- Wuaaa! - Eve leaned forward on one of the branches. - So pretty!

I couldn’t agree more. But I wasn’t looking at the moon. Eve was bending forward, looking at the sky. And her cute behind was rather attractive. I thought the nights were supposed to be colder than days, but it became really hot here.

I didn’t even notice when Eve saw me staring at her. She turned around and started to walk towards me very slowly. Her hips, moving side to side, completely mesmerized me and I couldn’t even blink. Eve bit her finger just slightly and kept the same slow pace. My eyes were stuck on her, like honey on a cake.

As Eve was getting closer and closer, my eyes were climbing up her body curves higher and higher. Her long, smooth legs, stunning hips, cute belly button, absolutely amazing breasts, and seductive lips were already so close to mine.

She stepped just slightly forward and our lips connected.

- Mhmm... - a hot kiss was followed by Eve’s quiet moan.

A wave of surging pleasure ran through our bodies. We hugged each other and the kissing intensified. We kissed more passionately with each second until the tension and excitement were too much to bear.

Neither me nor Eve, said anything. There was no need for words. We knew what we wanted right here and right now. Our bodies commanded our every move. They knew where, when, and how to touch each other to heighten the incredible surge of electrifying pleasure.

Without letting go of each other, we ended lying down on the ground. Or on a treetop, if that makes any difference. Honestly, it didn’t matter at that time. We kept kissing, touching, and caressing each other.

I don’t know when or how it happened, but both of us were already naked. And neither of us was holding back. I was happy to be together with Eve and I knew she wanted it too.

I lied on my back and Eve sat on top of me. The stars in the sky couldn’t compare to her sparkling eyes. The majestic moon showered it’s light around Eve’s magnificent body. The whole sky couldn’t offer a more incredible gift, that we were about to give to each other.

- Aaahmm... - Eve bit her lip, as she gently slid down. - Mmhaa...

- Are you ok? - I tried to be very careful.

- Ahmm... yes. - she whispered.

It was a blessing in its purest form. Our bodies connected and the whole world became our prisoner.

Eve moved slowly and carefully at first. She squeezed my hands hard with her own and started to move faster.

- Aah... uhhmmm... mah... aaah... - Eve passionate moans echoed through the treetops.

Her incredible, perfect breasts bounced in sync with her movements. I wanted to touch them, but Eve wouldn’t let go of my hands. She leaned forward and kissed me again, but did not stop her movements. Our tongues played with each other, creating more saliva and making my wet dream a reality.

Eve’s every move, every push, resembled ocean waves. They were raising and falling down, then splashing with impenetrable force, trying to break free. And in our case, it was the rising tsunami that wanted to break free, which was building up inside our bodies.

Our movements intensified and our bodies screamed from pleasure. We were about to reach a peak of indescribable sensation. The built-up tension was ready to burst out like a burning volcano.

- Aaah... uuhh... mmhaaa... - Eve’s moans intensified and she was reaching the point of climax.

I was on the edge myself and was about to explode any second.

- Aaaaaah! - until the tension finally erupted.

Eve hugged me tight, while her body showered her with pleasure. The surrounding area sparkled with magic. Whether it was the moon or the stars, or Eve herself, in one short instant, the area was enveloped in soothing, warm light. My own body was on a brink of collapse, but my mind wanted to prolong the joyride.

After that, both of us lied down. We hugged each other without wanting to let go. Eve smiled, then placed her head on my chest. We fell asleep right there and then. I didn’t want to believe it was a dream. It was too real.

The night breeze tickled our naked bodies. I reached for my cloak and covered us both. The night was warm, warmer than any night there was, but probably not as warm as the nights to come.

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