Circle Star Adventure. The Ever Blooming Flower.

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Chapter 55. Back To Saramis Again.

The morning was as beautiful as the evening. Simply because I was holding Eve in my arms. She was still sleeping while gently hugging me. It was the best morning wake up yet. Nature, forest, sunrise and a pretty, hot, naked forest nymph in my arms.

The sun was coming up with her first rays touching the tree tops. Still gazing into the distance, I carefully stroked Eve’s hair.

You just look at that. So it is true.

- Good morning beautiful. - I assumed Eve was awake.

To my surprise, she wasn’t.

Oh, that’s unexpected.

I gently tickled her cheek.

- Mhm... yaaawn. - Eve sat up and rubbed her eyes.

I was totally enjoying the view.

- Good morning TC. - she calling me by my name only. - Huh? Why are you looking at me like that?

- Oh, nothing. I think you’re very beautiful. - my eyes ran up and down.

- Hihi. - Eve giggled.

Then she leaned forward and kissed me.

- That was not the only reason I was smiling. - I grinned, but I did enjoy the kiss none the less.

- What then? - Eve stroked her hair to the side. - Huh?

- Hihi. - it was my time to chuckle.

- Aaah... - she covered her mouth with one hand.

- Yep. It was raining stars last night. Congratulations. - I was happy for her.

- Yey! - Eve fell on me and hugged me. - I love you TC.

- I love you too Eve. - I said.

She sat back up and smiled. I was gazing at her and wondered whether she looked like an angel or a goddess. Not being able to decide I settled for both.

I was more than willing to spend some extra ‘fun’ time on top of the tree with Eve, but I knew we were almost out of food. If we don’t leave the forest soon, we might end up a little bit too hungry. And the morning chill helped us to dress up faster.

- Here. - I gave Eve few last bits of the food we had.

- What about you TC? - she asked.

- I’ll be fine. We should be out of this forest very soon. Then we’ll go to Vardos Village right away. - I said.

- That’s not good. You need to eat as well. - Eve gave some back.

I didn’t want to argue with her. And I was hungry too. We shared the food and climbed down the tree.

- Hihi. - Eve chuckled after I let her go.

- I’ll get some water. - I knew there was a stream nearby.

Aah... So refreshing. - I drank some before filling the bottle.

- Welcome back. - Eve smiled.

- Ok, lets go. We should be out of this forest in no time. - I smiled back.

Peaceful atmosphere, beautiful morning and Eve’s cheerful sightseeing made our journey much more enjoyable. We picked some berries and mushrooms on the way. I didn’t even notice how quick we reached the edge of the forest.

- Oh look, we’re almost out. - Eve exclaimed.

She jumped and ran forward to check it out. I could see grassland through the trees.

- Look TC! Our carriage and horses are still here. - Eve pointed out.

- Of course they are. Where would they be? - I said.

But at the same time I was glad nobody took them. It would’ve been a pain if they were gone. Walking on foot to Saramis was not very appealing.

I harnessed the horses back to the carriage and we were comfortably resting our legs riding in it. The weather was nice with a clear blue sky and Vardos Village was only couple hours away.

- ‘Grawl’ - Eve’s stomach demanded attention.

We picked some berries in the forest to keep our stomachs happy, but that wasn’t nearly enough.

- Sorry Eve, no food for you today. You’ll have to go on a diet. - I teased her. - ‘Grawl’ -

- Hihi. You too TC. - Eve chuckled.

- Haha. How about we stopped near those trees? Lets see if we can make something of those mushrooms we picked up in the forest. - I suggested.

It wasn’t a big feast, but some soup was better than nothing. I didn’t expect to run out of food before we reached the village, but we did burn a few extra calories last night. I’d say it was well worth it.

Not wanting to waste too much time, we were on the road as soon as the soup was gone.

We reached Vardos Village eventually. It was evening already and we were starving.

- Two biggest portions of grilled meat with vegetables please! - I almost demanded as soon as we entered the inn.

- Coming right up. - said the innkeeper.

- Waaa... I’m so hungry, I could eat twice as much. - Eve was ready to devour her food.

- Haha. Say that again when your plate is empty. - I laughed.

After a while...

- I can’t eat anymore. - Eve was holding onto her belly.

- Oh really? How about some dessert? - I teased her.

- Hey, don’t tease me like that. You know I love desserts. - she cried out.

Even if she said that, Eve happily ate her dessert. It was amusing to watch too. But I was all for a nice dessert after a good meal.

- Ahmm... - Eve put another spoon with a cake into her mouth and noticed me staring at her. - Would you like some?

She stood up and leaned forward across the table.

Gulp... Yes, please.

The cake melted in my mouth in an instant.

- Is it good? - Eve smiled.

- Mhm... - I mumbled without even blinking.

She sat back down and focused on her cake again.

Haha. I’m glad that part of you didn’t change.

With not so distant fantasies, I enjoyed watching Eve as match as she enjoyed eating her cake.

I paid for our food and booked a room for the night. And what a night it was. We weren’t under the open, starry sky, but it was hot none the less. I totally did not complain about Eve not putting her pajamas on. Luckily, we managed to get some sleep during the rest of the night.

Funny enough, the first thing I did, when I woke up, was to check Eve’s neck. It had the same four stars on it.

Haha. Aren’t you greedy? Making love to her isn’t good enough, eh?

I couldn’t hold it and laughed out loud, which made Eve wake up.

- What’s so funny TC? Aaahm...- she rubbed her eyes.

- Nothing. I thought of something silly. Haha - I couldn’t stop laughing.

- Hey, no fair. You need to tell me. - Eve insisted.

- Aaahmm... no. - I refused.

- Please... - she leaned forward, showing off her incredible breasts.

- Eeer... gulp... still no. - I grabbed her and made us fall on the bed.

- Aah! - Eve didn’t expect that. - Oh, ha, hahaha... no... stop. Haha... that tickles.

But it makes them bounce so erotically as well.

I hugged and kissed her, which caught Eve by surprise.

- Mmhm... - she returned my kiss.

- Good morning beautiful. It’s time to get up. - I finally said.

- But you are ‘up’... Master... - she licked her lips.

- Ain’t you a naughty one? - I grinned.

- Hihi. - she giggled.

Aaah... do you want to catch up for all the previous times I resisted? Ghm... fine by me.

I decided to take her on the offer. I mean, there wasn’t anywhere we needed to be in particular. When you have all the time in the world, what’s the rush?

Eve was too hot and too irresistible to say no anyway. And I was finally able to fully relax. At this point, even Htilil would have a hard time separating us.

Breakfast was absolutely filling after another hot morning ‘workout’. I almost didn’t want to leave the place.

However, Vardos Village wasn’t the place you want to stick around for too long. I noticed one of those thugs, who attacked us on the way to the forest. He saw me and left the tavern in a rush. Got scared probably, but that still was a nudge it’s better to leave as sooner rather than later.

I bought enough food to last us till we reach Saramis. We’ll probably have to stop for the night somewhere. And since we’ll be taking more direct route towards the city, it might not take us the whole two days to get there.

- What are you thinking TC? - Eve asked when the last box was loaded.

- About how long it will take us to get back to Saramis. - I replied.

- Right. We will be back to Saramis soon. I can’t wait to see Farla and the others. - she said joyfully.

- They will lose the gift of speech when they learn you evolved not only once, but twice. - I commented.

- Hihi. I wonder what will they say? - Eve laughed.

- Let’s not keep them waiting. - I hopped up and sat down.

Eve joined me at the front as well and we were on our way.

Nobody stopped or attacked us this time. They probably learnt their lesson from the first try. Of course, we didn’t have any elves traveling with us, or any kind of treasure, so there was no point anyway.

I didn’t push horses to run very fast and we took regular stops every now and then. Few other carriages passed us and I confirmed we were on the right road. Evening came and we stopped for the night not very far from the road.

- What will we do when we get back to Saramis? - Eve asked me.

- I don’t know. Now that Luna is back home, we can do whatever we want. That expedition to the Frozen Mountains might be possible. - I wondered.

I was hesitant to go there before, since Eve was only two stars. I had my doubts she was strong enough at that time. But now that she evolved and improved her Thorns Spell, I have more confidence in her.

Now that I thought about it, I realized she learned her new Living Thorns Spell when she evolved to three stars. But after that night, on top of the tree, Eve evolved one more time. That made me wonder what else she has learned.

Her magic aura was frightening. Each evolution increased her magic powers tremendously and she learned a new spell as well. She didn’t mention anything about learning a new spell. Although if anyone asked me, I’d say Eve evolving to four stars improved a completely different type of her magic. And I was enjoying it to the fullest.

- Lets get some sleep and get going early in the morning, so we can reach Saramis before evening. - I suggested.

- Ok. - Eve agreed.

Early morning we had our breakfast and were on the road right away. Horses were full of energy and we were eager to reach Saramis faster. Since the city was coming closer, we started to encounter more carriages and wagons. Most of them were going towards Saramis as well. It wasn’t very long till we saw the city’s walls in the distance.

- Yey! We’re almost there! - Eve cheered.

I was glad to see Saramis as well. My sturdy bottom had enough of a bumpy road on a wooden seat.

Now I know what Marron meant about the enjoyable ride. Well... on a side note, I had something soft and fluffy to lean on when we were not on the road. Hehe.

Passing the city’s gates felt like the biggest achievement. It was late afternoon and both of us were a little tired. But we needed some food and I wanted to drop off Orgob fangs to Sieran as well. First things first as they say. We went to Grog’s Inn right away.

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