Circle Star Adventure. The Ever Blooming Flower.

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Chapter 57. Just Another Ordinary Day.

- Hello TC. - said Farla.

- Oh, hi. - I didn’t expect her to be right in front of the Guild.

- Hi Farla. - Eve was extra happy to see her.

- What were you doing at the Guild? - I asked.

- They wanted to ask me what I know about the Frost Giants. - she said.

- And? What do you know? - we started walking towards the Temple.

- To tell you the truth, not much. All I could find was that Frost Giants have a king. And he is not very friendly towards the outsiders. But I don’t believe Frost Giants are coming down the mountains to plunder villages, even if it’s for food. - said Farla.

- Why do you think so? - I was curious.

- Simply because there aren’t any villages close to the mountains, but there are plenty of forests. If they need food, they can hunt down wild animals. - Farla’s reasoning made sense.

- You think somebody is spreading false rumors? - I added.

- Possibly, but I don’t know what would be the reason behind it. - she wondered.

- Thanks anyway. That’s a big help. - I thanked her.

We were almost at the Temple.

- How was your journey to Luna’s village? Is she safe back home? - Farla wanted to know.

- It was absolutely wonderful. - Eve sparkled from head to toe.

- Wow. - Farla noticed. - Tell me more.

- We had so much fun traveling together. Me and Luna became best friends. For whatever reason, we took the wrong turn on the road and went the wrong way. But because of that we found ruins of some old mansion, where we spent the night. TC spilled the stew on-

- Hey now. There’s nothing exciting about me spilling the stew. Why don’t you tell her about something else? - I stopped Eve just in time.

- But why? I wanted to tell her that I washed your pants and that we slept together under one blanket. - Eve said.

But you just told her...

- Is that so? - Farla looked at me rather cheekily. - Did you find the village eventually?

- Yes! The elven village was so pretty. There were flowers everywhere. TC confessed he loves me and I evolved to three stars. - Eve couldn’t stand still. - And after we left the village, me and TC spent the most wonderful night in the forest. I have never felt happier. That’s when I evolved again.

- Oh, wow... TC. - even Farla blushed covering her mouth.

What about the village we visited? Or that we were attacked on our way to the forest? Or the magic barrier, goblins and Orgobs, or even you learning a new spell?

Eve cherry picked the moments from our travel that were important to her and totally wasn’t shy about it. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I still was.


That brought back memories though. I remembered when Eve was telling Farla about the ‘dream’ she had when we returned from the quest with Robert’s group. Eve was still as childish and straight forward as she was back then. The only difference now is she’s way more hotter.

- Hihi. - Eve showed Farla her stars.

- Incredible. Congratulations. I have never met a companion who evolved more than once. - then added cheekily. - Or maybe it was all because of TC?

- Yeah, well... - I had nothing to say about that.

- Hihi. - Farla laughed. - I would love to know more about it. Especially about the elven village.

- Hey! - we heard someone shout from the Temple.

It didn’t surprise me to see Rori waving at us. Robert and everyone else were with her too. Farla and Eve waved back and we went to meet them.

- Hello sir TC. Eve and Farla. Nice to see you. How are you doing? - Robert greeted us.

- Yo friend. Good to see you. - Don smiled his usual gorilla smile.

- Hi. - Amelia added.

- Hello all of you. - I was surprised to see them together with Robert’s group. - What are you doing here?

- Hello sir TC. We were looking for Farla. - said Stan.

- Yes. - added Rori. - We formed a party to go kill some goblins. And boys here wanted to see Farla. As if us girls aren’t enough for them?

- That is not the reason Rori. - Stan was embarrassed after hearing her say that.

- Haha. You have it rough my friend. - Don slapped Stan on the back.

- We wanted some information before we leave. - said Robert.

- That’s smart. - I saw Robert had his shield and a new sword. - Glad you have your sword and shield back.

- Yeah, thank you sir TC. Sieran really put in some work. And what are you up to yourselves? - he asked.

- Nothing much. Took Luna back home, fought an army of goblins and Orgobs, Eve evolved to four stars, just another ordinary day. - I said it casually, but was laughing inside watching their faces change.

- What? - everyone exclaimed.

- What? - ...

- What? - ...

- I said we fought an army of-

- Eve?! Really? Veee! Congratulations! - Rori jumped and hugged her.

- Hihi. Thank you Rori. - Eve hugged her back.

- Tell me, tell me! How did it happen? - Rori wanted to know.

No! Don’t tell her!

- TC confessed his love to me and we made love in the forest. - Eve went for the bull’s eye.

All girls were on tip toes, congratulating Eve while guys were silently looking around. And I wished I knew any type of invincibility spell. Again Eve totally left out the whole lot of information from our travel. Like learning a new spell, or elven village, or attack on the road, or the night at the ruins...

Oh wait. I’m glad she missed that one.

- Wow... that’s incredible... sir TC. Congratulations. - said Stan still perplexed.

- Eerm... thanks. - I was confused.

What are you congratulating me for? Is that some kind of achievement? I hope Rori gets back at you.

- Haha. Now that is interesting. - Don laughed.

- Stop staring you muscle head. Don’t you see you’re making TC uncomfortable? - Amelia bumped him with her fist.

- Aaah, so TC finally gave in to your charms. That is so sweet, hihi. - Rori laughed cheekily.

- Hey, who do you think I am? A Frost Giant? - I gave her a blank stare.

- Hahaha. - people laughed.

- Speaking of Frost Giants. We will be going on an expedition to the Frozen Mountains tomorrow. - said Eve.

- What? Really? - Robert was surprised. - But that is very dangerous.

And how do you know?

- Yeah, probably. - I sort of brushed it off.

- Haha. You’re not afraid of anything friend. - Don commented.

That’s not true.

Everyone was getting a little excited. I thought it was time for us to leave before things went completely out of hand.

- We’ll be going now. Good luck on your quest. - I was ready to leave.

- Bye everyone. - Eve hugged my arm.

- Aaahh... you look so cute together. - Rori commented.

At least I won’t argue about that.

- Good luck to you too sir TC. - said Stan.

- Hihi. - Farla chuckled. - How about we go inside and I will try to help you with whatever I can?

- Are we going back to Grog’s Inn? - Eve asked me.

- Naaah. Let’s go to the Passion Springs Bath House. - I said without even thinking.

- Waaa... Ok, hihi. - Eve’s face expression was the sweetest. - Oh wait. Hey Rori! We’re going to the Passion Springs Bath House! Would you like to come too?

And here I thought I’ll be safe. That’s just so you.

- Great! We’ll join you soon! - Rori shouted back.

- Rori! - we heard Stan’s voice.

- Hihi. Rori is so funny. She and Stan is such a sweet couple. - Eve found Stan’s reaction amusing.

- Yeah... - Look who’s talking.

Of course Eve was cute in her own way. And I thought I was getting used to her ‘unexpected’ burst of surprises. But she managed to raise the bar every single time.

In all honesty, I didn’t mind that at all. On the other hand, I was looking forward to the private steam bath body wash. Besides, we’ll be heading out tomorrow to the Frozen Mountains. Having some tension releasing time right before we leave was totally appropriate.

The Passion Spring Bath House was busier than usual. Probably because it was getting late already. Eve was clinging to me so close, it became hot even before we reached the reception. I paid for the visit and we followed an assistant who showed us to our private room.

It became even hotter as soon as we entered inside. Eve started to undress before I even closed the door.

Hey! Aren’t you excited?

- Hihi. - she giggled seeing me stare at her.

I took my time to enjoy the show. Eve’s seductive stripping performance made the time go super slow, which was a good thing.

- Uhm... TC? - Eve blushed gently covering her breasts.

- Yeees? - I stared at her without blinking.

- Do you... have that potion from before? - she was already getting hot.

- Huh? The Cleansing Potion? - I totally didn’t expect her question.

- Uhum... - Eve nodded.

Cleansing Potion cleans the body from almost all abnormal status, including the effect of the Passionflower extract. But I wasn’t against it this t ime. Actually, I was looking forward to it.

- But why? - I asked.

- Well... the steam makes me dizzy... And... I want us to be together as we are... - she said.

I thought her words made sense. Enjoying the ‘bath’ to the fullest without any outside stimulus would be ten times better. I quickly reached into the bag and took out two potions.

- Aaah... sigh... - Eve took a deep breath after drinking it. - Hihi. Thank you. I’ll see you inside. Don’t keep me waiting... Master.

- Gulp... cough... - I choked while trying to drink my potion. - I’ll be... cough... right there.

Yeah... totally. Cleansing Potions... all the way.

When I entered the room, Eve’s body was already wet and she wasn’t wearing a towel. The surrounding steam added glittering sparkle around her. She was holding sponge in one hand and a piece of soap in the other.

- Come. - Eve invited me. - We need to wash.

Yes, please.

I sat down on the chair and the phrase ‘Sit straight’ grew a totally new meaning. I placed my hands on my knees and held tight in order to keep myself still. Or I tried at least.

- We need to add some soap first. - Eve’s words behind me sounded very suspicious. - Here we go...

Huh? Uhmmm... aahm... - I had to really restrain myself.

My body was being washed alright. And with a soap too. But instead of a sponge, I felt Eve’s gentle, slippery breasts touching my back. She then hugged me with her arms and pressed against me with her whole body.

- Aaaahmm... - I was in heaven.

- Sit still... Master... I need to wash you. - Eve was enjoying her little torture.

Her hands were touching my chest and shoulders, while she was sliding up and down my back. Her soft, soapy breasts were making my skin shiver from pleasure. When her hands slid down bellow my belly, my body almost exploded. And here I thought I drank the Cleansing Potion. Either it wasn’t working or I was too excited to think about it.

On a side note, Eve’s deep, sensual breathing indicated I wasn’t the only one engulfed in pleasure. She was enjoying it as much as I was.

- Here... - Eve took a deep breath. - All done.

No, I’m not! Keep going! - my body was screaming for more.

- Is it, really? - I had finger marks on my knees.

- No, hihi. - Eve laughed seductively. - We need to wash the soap away.

- ‘Sloosh!’ -

- Ghaaa! - that was the first time I didn’t appreciate cold water.

Eve poured some water on herself to wash away the soap too. My eyes were stuck on her and my heart was beating the drums. She never looked more stunning.

- Hihi. - Eve’s face was bright red.

She took me by hand and we both entered the small pool. Needless to say, quietly relaxing in the water wasn’t exactly on the menu. We started to kiss and touch each other right away.

Yep. Drinking the Cleansing Potion was a good idea.

Soon our bath room was filled with deep sighs and moans. And our small bathing pool became like an ocean during a big storm. Our intense movements were getting faster and we were holding each other tighter. Few more moments and both of us reached the point of no return. Our bodies were blessed with a burst of heavenly pleasure.

We sat in the pool after that holding each other in our arms. Eve looked at me and smiled.

- I love you TC. - she was the happiest girl in the world.

- I love you too Eve. - I smiled at her. - Time to go to the big pool?

- I’d like to stay here a little longer. - she didn’t want to let go of me.

- Ok. - I totally didn’t object.

I was all for spending some more ‘quality’ time with a super hot forest nymph. With Eve hugging me and her breasts massaging my chest, it didn’t take long for me to get excited again.

- Hmmm... TC... are you? - Eve’s eyes brightened when she tried to move her hips.

- You said you want to spend more time with me. So lets not waste it. - I grinned.

- Hihi. - Eve chuckled.

In the end, we spent more time in our private steam bath room, than at the main pool. I didn’t bother taking a nap when I got there. My fantasies becoming a reality didn’t let my mind sink into sleep right now.

Surprisingly, I didn’t see Robert, Stan or Don in the open pool. But I didn’t waste the time to wonder why they weren’t here. I didn’t stay in the pool for very long myself. We just got back from one expedition and will have to leave on another tomorrow.

On my way out I asked one of the pool assistants to pass on the message to Eve that I was leaving. However, I found her inside our private steam room when I got back.

- You’re here already? - I didn’t expect to see her.

- Yes. The lady said you were leaving the pool, so I rushed back as well. - she said.

- Let’s go eat and go back to Grog’s Inn. We need a good rest since we’ll be leaving on expedition tomorrow. - I suggested.

- Ok. - Eve smiled.

After such relaxing steam bath, the food at the restaurant was extra delicious. And we were still eating each other with our eyes even with our mouths full. Maybe even more. We didn’t rush, but it seemed our ‘long’ dinner lasted only a few moments.

- I didn’t think you’re such a fast eater. - I teased Eve.

- Hihi. But you finished your plate first. - she laughed.

- Only by one bite. I’m bigger than you. It’s only natural my food will be gone faster. And since we both finished our meal almost at the same time, that means I win. - I came up with a good reasoning.

- No, that’s not fair. - Eve objected.

- Ok. Lets battle it out with our desserts. Whoever finishes first - loses. - I was in a fighting mood.

I was confident Eve will finish her cake first, since she loved desserts more than I did. Of course we agreed we must pick up our spoons and eat, no matter how slow. Otherwise it won’t count. I smirked when our cakes were brought to us.

Needless to say, I overestimated my non eating abilities and underestimated Eve slow motion seductive spoon licking. I forgot all about our competition and was drooling watching Eve ‘eat’ her cake.

- See? - Eve graciously put more cake in her mouth. - You’re all done.

Huh? Oh, she’s talking about my cake...

My dessert was all gone, while Eve haven’t finished even half of it. Watching her ‘playful’ cake eating performance totally messed up my mind and I forgot about our slow eating competition.

- Ok, you win... - I had to admit my defeat.

- Hihi. - Eve chuckled.

Damn, she’s good.

I waited for Eve to finish her cake. She took her time to enjoy it and I took my time to enjoy my fantasies watching the spoon going in and out of her mouth.

I almost wanted to order some more cake after she was done. But I knew it was late already and we honestly needed to get some rest. We went back to Grog’s Inn right after. The soothing evening breeze helped us relax on our way back.

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