Circle Star Adventure. The Ever Blooming Flower.

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Chapter 61. The Memories And The Laughs.

Fortunately, we haven’t encountered any more doggons on the way. But nobody expected us to be attacked really. They’ve got enough meat to feast upon. The other horse was probably caught and eaten as well.

We traveled slower, since we had only one carriage now, but still managed to get out of the forest before sunset. The road, or what was left of it, must’ve led us the shortest route through the forest. Or maybe we were simply lucky. In any case, everyone let out a sigh of relief when we reached the end of it.

- I’m so hungry. - Eve could barely stand when we finally stopped to set a camp for the night.

- ‘Growl.’ - my stomach agreed.

- Hihihi. - Eve laughed.

- Let’s start a fire and agree on the watch for the night. - Roland was getting ready some wood.

- I’ll go first. - said Horrace.

- I will go after Horrace. - said Sebastian.

I had the last say so, not surprisingly, I ended being the last one to keep watch, which wasn’t bad really. I had the benefit to sleep through the whole night. And because I was getting up early anyway, it was the best option for me.

- Things will become more difficult from now on. - said Roland during the meal.

- To think that we’ll be attacked by doggons during the day. - Sebastian wondered.

- The road was rarely traveled and there are no villages close by. They are bound to be more aggressive. - added Horrace.

While guys were rethinking about what happened, girls were having a completely different type of conversation.

- Where did you get your outfit Eve? - asked Narima.

- I got it from Miss Norel. She made it for me. - Eve smiled.

- So pretty. Madam Norel always makes such beautiful garments. - added Meera.

- But your armor is so impressive too Meera. And your shield is so huge. Isn’t it too heavy to carry it? - asked Eve.

- Haha. Not at all. It’s the best defensive shield one can find. Of course... - Meera blushed. - It didn’t help me against your Master.

- Yeah, TC is really strong. - Eve smiled. - And very caring too.

- Say Eve? Can you tell us how you evolved to four stars? I heard you were summoned as a One Star. - asked Narima.

- Yes please. - other girls were curious as well.

- Hmm... I don’t really know. The first time I evolved was in a cave where we fought against doggons. - Eve said thoughtfully.

- You did it in a cave full of doggons? - Inri had a weird expression on her face.

- Did what? - Eve was puzzled.

- You know... the thing with your Master... to evolve. - Meera’s face was all red.

- Oh, you mean making love? - Eve smiled. - No, we didn’t make love in the cave. I evolved during the fight. That’s where I learned a new spell too.

- You evolved without making love to your Master? How is this possible? - asked Rlani.

- I don’t know. - said Eve. - We were in a really bad situation and TC was hurt. All I wanted at that moment was to protect him.

- Wow. I have never heard about that kind of thing. - said Inri.

- So you evolved without making love? - Narima was thinking out loud.

- We did make love. It was so romantic. We were in the forest, returning from Luna’s village. We spent the night high on this incredibly huge tree. The moon and the stars were so magical that night. That’s when I evolved to four stars. - Eve was beaming like a star herself.

- Waaaaa... - the girls gasped.

- But wait. You didn’t tell us about the third star. - realized Meera.

- Oh yes. It happened at Luna’s village. The village was attacked by goblins and Orgobs. TC wanted to send me away to the village, so he could fight by himself. But then he confessed he loves me and then we kissed. It was the happiest moment in my life. That’s when I evolved to three stars and learned Living Thorns spell. - Eve was telling what happened.

- Aaaah! That is so amazing. - the girls exclaimed.

- At first I thought he doesn’t want me. I tried to seduce him so many times, but he kept his distance. - Eve was a little sad.

- Really? What did you do to seduce him? - all eyes and ears were on Eve.

- Ghm... the first time I tried was right after I was summoned. I wanted to show of my figure. I thought TC will be tempted, but we simply left the Summoning Chamber. - Eve said.

- You did? That’s... I mean... me and my Master... - Narima’s face was all red.

- You must’ve had a great time. - Eve smiled.

- No... I mean yes... - Narima wasn’t as comfortable to talk about it as Eve.

- Hihi. Come on Narima, tell us the details. - Meera teased her.

- I... uhmm... What about you Meera? When was the first time you made love to your Master? - Narima went from defense to attack.

- Huh? What? That is... it was... Ahem. I am my Master’s shield and sword. That is all there is to it. - Meera tried to avoid the question.

- Oh really? So which one is the shield and which one is the sword? - Inri fondled Meera’s breasts.

- Ah? Hey... stop it... - Meera tried to push her away.

- Hihihi. - they all laughed about it.

- Still. It is pretty amazing you could evolve more than once. - said Narima after they calmed down a little.

- Yeah. But I think my Master is even more amazing. He helped me to grow up a lot. - Eve had tears in her eyes.

- Now that I think about it. TC did win the Five Star Tournament and could get Angel as his new companion. - said Meera, still holding onto her breasts.

- So it was him? - Narima exclaimed.

- Yeah. Knight Gorren was about to release Angel from the pact and I thought I will never see TC again after that. But then he said he wants to see my smile every morning and refused to take Angel as his companion. I was so happy I thought my heart will jump out of my chest. - Eve eyes were sparkling.

- Wow... He did such a thing for you? My Master... nevermind. - Inri was about to say something, but stopped.

- I’m so happy for you Eve. TC is such a great person. - said Meera.

- Thank you. - Eve smiled.

I glanced at Eve, cheerfully chatting to the other girls. I couldn’t hear what they were talking about, but she seemed happy.

Heh. Eve getting along with others is no big surprise. Glad they are having fun. Speaking of getting along with the others...

Horrace was polite with me since the duel against Eve. But he was still reserved when talking and not only around me. The only person he was most friendly with was Sebastian. They were spending a lot of time together. Both of them proved themselves reliable during the fight against doggons, so I wasn’t giving it too much thought.

However, Sebastian’s curiosity about elves was suspicious. He always asked seemingly innocent questions, but they were very pointed to get some specific information. I would always say I don’t remember or make up some excuse to avoid properly answering his question.

On the other hand I wasn’t worried too much anyway. That magic barrier was powerful enough to make you walk in circles for days. If anything, I was worried about Luna’s village being attacked by monsters again.

The night was changing evening and people were getting ready to lie down in order to get some rest. Eve was more than happy to cuddle up as close to me as possible, with a perfect excuse of ‘the night might be cold and it will be warmer sleeping close to each other’. And who was I to argue about it? My sleep was as sweet as could ever be.

I always sleep with one eye opened so to speak. And I basically woke up myself when it was my time to switch with Roland. The downside waking up this time was that Eve was totally right about the ‘warm’ part of sleeping close to each other.

But a man has to do what a man has to do. I sat up showing Roland I’m awake. And then took my time before leaving my ‘warm bed’.

- Good morning. - Roland said quietly.

- Good morning it is. - I whispered back.

The sun was about to come up. There was still some time left to catch up on sleep, but Roland wasn’t willing.

- Not going to take a nap? - I asked.

- Nah, I’ll be fine. I’d rather we move out sooner than later. - he replied.

- The sun’s not up yet. Even if it’s only an hour, some extra sleep will help. Besides, I doubt we’ll have the luxury to sleep as much as we want the further we go. Especially when we reach the mountains. - I tried to convince him.

- Yeah, you are probably right. - Roland was hesitant. - Ghm... well ok. It might be a long day ahead.

After thinking about it for a little while, he walked to his mat where Meera was sleeping, and lied down. I noticed him falling asleep very fast. He needed more sleep than he thought he did.

I sat there thinking to myself about this whole deal. Five couples going on a quest. One might think we’re out on a picnic. I even laughed in my head when I thought about it.

The sun was coming up with it’s rays brightening the top of the Frozen Mountains. Even from afar you could see the snow sparkle.

So those are the Frozen Mountains, eh? The real challenge begins when we reach them. I bet the cold weather will be the least of our worries.

Roland mentioned that nothing happened during the night before he lied down. Hence why they didn’t wake everyone up. I just sat there with a cup of hot tea, waiting for everyone to wake up.

The first one to wake up was Kalim. He nodded to say hello. I put a kettle on again to boil some water. Soon enough the rest of the group was on their feet as well.

- Good morning beautiful. - I brought Eve some tea.

- Good morning. - she smiled.

Breakfast was ready in no time. Among the small chat, we enjoyed a beautiful morning. Roland, being in charge, and looking much better after a nap, rushed us to get ready and move out.

- Wow... Are those the Frozen Mountains? - Eve gasped.

- Yes, they are. - Roland answered in my stead. - Be prepared for some freezing cold when we reach them.

- Brrr... I feel cold just thinking about it. - Eve shivered.

- Haha. It shouldn’t be too bad. We have some warm clothes. - Roland laughed.

However, we left about half of our supplies in the forest. I wasn’t sure if everyone took them. Some of us had to carry bags ourselves, since everything didn’t fit in a single carriage. It would be too heavy for the horses too. I made sure to take warm clothes for myself and Eve, even if it meant extra luggage on my back.

- Ok people, gather up. - Roland instructed. - As you can see the Frozen Mountains are within our view. We should reach them by the end of the day, if not sooner. Unfortunately, due to us being attacked yesterday, we have less supplies and less food. We will have to use every opportunity to find or hunt for food as we travel. However, I am almost certain it will be difficult to find something up in the mountains. Depending on the situation, I will make the decision whether to continue or turn back. I don’t want anyone to die in a freezing cold no matter what happens.

- Yes sir. - everyone agreed.

We packed everything up and were on our way. The path took us through some grasslands, which were changed to more rocky surroundings, with occasional trees and bushes. The further we went the harder the terrain became. Soon it was too hard for our horses to pull the carriage, so everyone jumped to lighten the load. That slowed down our traveling pace as well.

On a positive side, the area was full of birds and animals that made their home all over the place. When possible, Rlani would wonder away to catch a rabbit or a bigger bird for us to cook later when we stop to rest. Having an archer in the group was a big help.

We stopped for a short rest near small woods. Everyone were in high spirits and almost forgot about the doggons attack the previous day.

Having some cooked rabbit brought back memories when me and Eve joined Robert’s team for a quest. It wasn’t that long ago, but it seemed so much happened since then. Or since I ended up in this world for that matter.

Summoning Eve was one of the miracles I didn’t expect to happen to me. Summoning Magic was no secret to me, but being able to summon a ‘companion’ was more than I could handle at the very beginning.

Come to think about it, we are able to summon magical beasts or even demons, like certain ‘someone’ I met during the tournament. So why not summon a human companion as well? It has it’s benefits too if I could be so blunt about it. But I still thought raising the star count, a.k.a strength, of your companion by having sex was stupid.

That last thought made me think about Eve’s star count. I glanced at her and, with my eyes running up and down her figure, I quickly forgot what I was thinking just a moment ago. My meat was close to my mouth, while my thoughts were already wondering about something else. She was enjoying her time with the girls and, instead of eating my meat, I was eating Eve with my eyes. My blank stare, with the meat in the mouth pose, didn’t go unnoticed.

- Is the meat not to your liking TC? - Roland asked me.

- Huh? - I was still dozing off.

- I believe he is hungry for something more refined. - commented Sebastian.

- Maybe you want to stay behind for a short while? With the pace we are traveling, I am sure you will catch up in no time. - Roland grinned.

- Gulp... cough, cough... - a bite got stuck in my throat.

- Hahaha. Easy now. We don’t want you to choke on a piece of meat. - Roland laughed.

- That’s not it... cough... I was surprised hearing you tell a joke. - I commented.

- What? Who do you think I am? An emotionless statue? - Roland didn’t expect me to say that.

- Well... I thought ‘Serious’ is your middle name. - I smirked.

- Huh? Cough... - he was about to drink some water.

- Hahaha. - Horrace laughed. - He got you there.

- Hey! I am not ‘that’ serious. - Roland tried to object.

- Hahaha! - laughs followed.

Hearing such laughter girls became curious about what happened.

- Are you ok Master Roland? - Meera noticed he was trying to clear his throat.

- Nothing... ahem... Some water managed to get into the wrong throat. - he said.

- What are you laughing about TC? - Eve asked me.

- Oh, we were having a serious discussion about how delicious this meat is. - I smiled.

- Serious? But you were laughing so loud. - Eve was puzzled.

- You see... - Sebastian added. - We had a good laugh after Roland told a joke.

- My Master told a joke? - Meera looked confused.

- See? There you have it. - I grinned.

- Hey! - Roland crossed his arms.

- Hahaha! - we laughed again, but the girls were somewhat confused.

After the light hearted meal, the road seemed easier and less rocky. Eve was bugging me to tell her what we were talking about, but I kept it a secret. I was the reason that started all of it after all.

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