Circle Star Adventure. The Ever Blooming Flower.

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Chapter 65. The Ever Blooming Flower.

- Twin Slash! - Horrace swung at the giant’s back.

- Aaagh... - the giant fell forward.

He gripped his spear and tried to pick himself up.

- Haaa! - but Inri followed with her weapon ready.

- ‘Thrust!’ - and stabbed him in the back.

Blood poured out of the wound and the giant fell down motionless on the floor.

- How is that of a lesser race? - Horrace smirked.

- Nooo! Horrace! What have you done? - Roland was taken aback by what happened.

In the meantime, Rlani was about to release her arrow.

- Piercing Shot! - the arrow left a stinging sound as it flew directly towards the throne.

But the king didn’t try to dodge, let alone move away from his seat.

- Phooo... - the king exhaled calmly.

The air froze around him and the arrow was frostbitten and crumbled into small pieces before it could reach the king.

- Sebastian! Not you too! What are you thinking? - Roland was at a loss.

But there was no time for talks anymore.

- Shield Absorption! - ‘Bang!’ - Meera raised her shield to block the attack from one the guards.

- No! Stop fighting! - Roland shouted.

- We need to take the king down! It’s the best opportunity we will ever get! - Sebastian attacked another guard.

- Haa! - ‘Slash!’ - Sebastian cut the guards leg.

- Ughh... - the Frost Giant succumbed on one knee.

- Infinite Arrows! - Rlani released an avalanche of shots.

The never ending arrows pierced his body, until the giant was no longer able to stand. The shots stopped only after his body dropped to the floor.

- What are you doing? That was not our mission! - Roland was furious.

- Not yours maybe. Make friends with the Frost Giants? Don’t make me laugh. There’s more to the Frost Giants than the Guild or your honorable brain can fathom. - Sebastian wasn’t so sweet with his words anymore.

- Why you! The Guild-

- Master! Watch out! - Meera jumped in front of him.

- ‘Bang!’ - she partly blocked the hit, but was blown away to the side.

- Meera! - Roland had no choice, but to fight.

- Thorn... - Eve was about to cast her spell.

- No! Stop! - I stopped her.

- Huh? Why? - she was confused.

- We need to get out of here. And fast. - I took her by hand and was about to run towards the door.

- You feeble humans! You dare to attack me in my own palace? In my own chamber? - the king was furious.

- Horrace! Strike him down before he has the chance to attack! - shouted Sebastian.

- On it! Inri! - both of them dashed at the king.

- Damn you Sebastian! - ‘Swoosh’ - Roland and Meera were defending against the remaining guard.

- We need to help them! - exclaimed Eve.

- No, we don’t! - I stated. - It’s not our fight! Not anymore.

I was about to pull her by force when the front door opened and two more Frost Giants rushed in.

Tsk... for heavens sake! If the giants won’t kill you Sebastian, I promise I will.

Our escape was cut of. Eve was confused by the fact that I didn’t want to fight. But I knew better. My group members were definitely insects if they couldn’t see how powerful the king was.

- Haaa! - Horrace and Inri were about to swing at the king.

- Phooo! - still sitting in his throne, the king blew at the them with an icy breath.

Instantly, both of them were frozen solid into the lumps of ice. Their bodies fell on the floor and shattered into many small, icy pieces. The area around the king was frostbitten and ice particles caught the floor, columns and walls.

- Quick! Get back! - I pulled Eve from being caught by the frostbite.

- Tsk... what a pain. - Sebastian complained, not caring what happened to Horrace and Inri.

- Oh no! Inri! - Eve cried out.

- Haaa! - ‘Shield Bash!’ - Meera smashed her shield at the giant’s leg from behind.

The guard lost his balance, but didn’t fall.

- Windcut Slash! - Roland swung directly at his chest.

- ‘Boom!’ - the blow sent him flying backwards.

With trembling fall, the giant hit the floor.

- How dare you? I will freeze you all to death! Not even a spec of ice will be left after I crush your pitiful, little bodies! - the king took a deep breath.

- Eve cast Thorns Wall around us! - I shouted.

- Thorns Wall! - she waved her staff.

The thorns grew instantly, though not as big as they usually do. The wall stopped the two Frost Giants that were coming at us, but that blocked our escape route as well.

- Freezing Blast! Phooo! - the king exhaled, freezing everything in front and around him.

- Rlani! Protect me! - Sebastian pushed his companion in front of him.

- Shield! - I cast my magic shield on Eve and raised my hand to cover my face.

I couldn’t see what happened to Roland and Meera as the freezing ice covered my body. The last thing I saw was Eve being frozen together with the protective shield I cast on her.

Daaamn it!

I was frozen, but I wasn’t dead. It would take more than some ice to finish me off.

- ‘Crack.’ - ice cracked as I focused my strength to break free.

- ‘Crack... Split. Blast!’ - and the ice shattered to the sides.

I shook off the remaining pieces from my body.

- Oh? - the king was surprised. - To think someone could break free from my freezing breath.

I couldn’t care less about his compliment.

- Eve? Eve! - I looked around.

My body froze from the shock. Even with my magic shield, Eve’s body was still frozen inside.

- No! Master Roland! - Meera cried out.

- Hiding behind a column to avoid being frozen? You are only prolonging the inevitable. And yet, one of you actually managed to get away. What a pathetic creatures humans are. He even sacrificed his woman in order to escape. You are not even worth being called insects. - the king spoke.

The giants smashed through the frozen thorns to get close to us.

I can still save Eve, even if she is frozen. If only I...

- Wait! Stop! Please, let us leave! There’s no need for more bloodshed! - I begged the king.

The giants, who were about to swing at Eve and me, stopped for a moment to hear what the king would say.

- After what you’ve done? - the king had no intention of listening to me. - Crush them!

The giants instantly swung at Eve and smashed her frozen body to pieces.

- Nooo! - the time stopped and I could hear my own heartbeat.

No... no, no, no, noooo! Aaargh! You... I will kill you. I will KILL YOU ALL!

- Summon Runeblade of Death! - the black blade appeared in my hands.

- ’Swing! Slash! - both giants fell down on the floor.

- You will pay for this... - the floor under my feet started to crack.

I didn’t care about anything or anyone anymore. I was ready to destroy the Frost Giants king together with the whole palace.

- Meera, you need to get out. Leave me be. - Roland’s both left leg and left arm were frozen.

- No, you can’t. You have to get up. - Meera was crying.

Tsk... they will get in my way... fine.

- Here! - I threw a potion to Meera.

- Huh? - she managed to catch it.

- Use it and get out. Unless you want to die here. - I said without even looking at them.

My sword’s blade sparkled a dark red light. I gripped it tightly and stepped forward towards the king. Meera used the potion on Roland’s wounds and both of them ran past me.

- No... Eve... - I heard Meera’s voice behind me.

- Don’t think you will get away humans. I will-

- ‘Slash!’ - I swung my sword at one of the columns.

The magic slash cut through it like a knife through butter, making it crumble and fall down. It blocked the path behind me, which also let Roland and Meera get away.

- Ghm... you are not just another insect I see. - the king glared at me from his throne.

- Summon... Undying King’s Armor! - and my mind went black.

Frost and ice particles were still floating in the air. Partly destroyed wall let in enough sunlight to brighten the whole throne room. The king was still sitting on his throne. He wasn’t holding his spiked mace, nor had any strength left to fight.

His hands and feet were being slowly crystallized into a solid ice. A deep, open cut was going down from the top of his left shoulder all the way through his chest.

As surprising as it was, the Frost Giants king hasn’t left his throne even for a second during our fight. But I had no time to wonder the reason behind it.

- Ghmaaah... - the king exhaled. - To think that someone like you even existed.

- You have brought it on yourself by not letting us leave. - I glared at him.

- You have no idea... - the rest of his body was being crystallized into ice as well. - what horror you have brought upon yourselves.

- I don’t care. I’m not a part of this world anyway. If only you let us leave. - my sword sparkled with magic.

- Be warned... your fight has only begun. - were the king’s last words.

His head, like the rest of his body, turned into ice. The frost sparkled around the king for a moment and then, like a mist, his body evaporated into the air. Only the empty shell of his armor remained.

- Sigh... - I let out a deep breath. - Unsummon...

My weapon, as well as my armor, disappeared. Everything went completely quiet for a moment. The tears on my face were caught by the frost and became small, shiny icicles.

Even though I won, I felt empty and defeated inside. I stood there in front of the empty throne not knowing what to do.


Only then I noticed a warm, gentle magic still lingering in the room. I walked over to the spot where it was coming from.

Eve? It can’t be...

Among the ice and frost, the most beautiful flower, the type I have never seen before, was blooming in many magical colors. I kneeled down to look at it closer and was completely taken aback. Whether it was my imagination or not, just for a tiny moment, I saw a reflection of Eve’s cute face. She looked at me with her most charming smile.

Eve... you’re not completely gone, are you?

My anger and rage evaporated in an instant.

- I’m sorry Eve. You are right. I am part of this world after all. - I smiled.

However, no matter how I looked at it, Eve was gone. The flower that grew out of Eve’s magic gave me hope, but my heart was broken. I did not know if I can bring her back.

Huh? Is that?

I noticed something shiny lying on the floor. I picked it up and saw it was the flower pin that Eve bought at Madam Norel’s shop. Tears filled my eyes remembering how happy she was after she bought it.

- Here you go. - I placed it next to the flower.

The freezing cold and the wind from the broken part of the wall reminded me where I was.

Right... I better get going. I’m sorry Eve. It’s all my fault.

With heavy legs and a pain in my chest, I wondered of into the freezing cold. One thing was certain – I was far from done with this world. But for now, all I wanted was to stay as far away from everyone as I could.

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