Circle Star Adventure. The Ever Blooming Flower.

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Chapter 7. The Last Arrow Of Love.

The night has set and the sky was full of stars. It was probably almost midnight when I felt the air change.

So they actually decided to attack.

I shook Eve on a shoulder lightly.

- Eve. - I whispered. - Eve. Wake up.

- Oohhh... Did I fall asleep? On your lap? - Eve’s cheeks went red.

- Shhh... They’re coming. - I whispered.

- What? Who? Goblins? - Eve almost jumped.

- Calm down. They are still far away. Look there. - I pointed towards the field.

Moon was up in the sky and it was a bright night. We could see movement in between the corns on the field.

- Get ready. Use your Thorns spell as soon as they get close enough for you to reach. Either kill them on the spot or slow them down with a single spike. I’ll take care of the rest. - I added.

- Ok Master. - Eve took a deep breath.

I hope she’ll be fine. It’s her first real battle after all. - I stood up.

- Where are you going Master? - she asked.

- I’ll go lure them out. - I felt a slight eagerness to get into the fight.

- Be careful Master TC. - Eve was worried.

It felt nice having someone to worry about me. Of course there was no need to worry. As if a mere goblin had any chance against me.

Now what can I do to lure them out of the fields?

I walked on the path right in between two fields. Thought crossed my mind and I laughed inside

Haha, this will be too funny.

I breathed in deeply and then.

~ I went for a walk into the corn fields at night! ~ I started singing out loud.

~ I saw a goblin jump out into the road! ~

~ I took out my sword and cut him in half! ~

~ I went for a walk into the corn fields at night! ~

I was laughing inside I could barely hold it.

If anyone, besides goblins, would hear me right now, they’d die laughing.

As I was about to continue with my amazing singing, a goblin jumped out of the field and rushed towards me. I quickly took out my sword and cut him in half.

Hah, I should become singer and fortune teller. It happened exactly like in my song.

- Hahaha! That’s too funny. - I was laughing at myself.

More goblins showed up. They were running out of the fields one after another. Some of them had swords, others had axes or plain clubs. They saw one of their kin lying on the ground cut in half and got angry.

- Ah. Did you come to listen to my singing? Welcome! The more the merrier! - I spread my arms out.

- Whaaaah! - their shouting interrupted my speech.

- Hey, that’s rude. - I swung my sword and another goblin fell to the ground.

That didn’t faze others at all. One after another goblins attacked me. With ease I blocked, parried and evaded their attacks and cut them down until non of them were left standing.

- Eh? That’s it? Kinda boring. - I was disappointed. - Let’s see. We have six here? Only six?

I was certain there will be loads more. The movement on the fields indicated at least twenty of them.

Guess others didn’t like my singing that much. I better to go back to Eve.

Screams and fighting were heard at the other side of the village.

So goblins went towards other entrance as well? Definitely someone is leading them. There’s a chance they sneak into the village via different road too. I better hurry.

I turned and ran towards the village entrance I came from. Just before I reached the entrance few more goblins jumped out in front of me.

Hah. Trying to ambush me? They’re quite organized. No doubt about it. They have a leader who’s giving them orders.

- Get out of my way! - I shouted.

- ‘Swing!’ -

- One! Two! Three! - three more dead goblins

In the meantime Eve was casting her spell:

- Thorns Spikes!

Goblin got entangled in roots and was stabbed to death in an instant.

Well done beautiful. Poor thing. He didn’t even have time to think about what happened. - Even when I said that, I didn’t feel sorry for the goblin.

- Are you alright? - I asked Eve.

- Yes. I got few of them. But the rest ran towards the other entrance. - she replied.

- I guess we scared them off. - I was happy Eve did so well against those goblins on her own. She managed to kill three of them.


- What do we do now Master? I don’t see any more goblins coming our way. If all of them went to the other entrance, Rori and others might be in trouble. - Eve was worried.

- Lets go help them. No point in staying here and waiting. - I suggested.

Meanwhile at the other entrance...

The battle was in a full swing. Angi was shooting arrows non-stop. Robert was at the front holding goblins away from the entrance while Stan and Rori attacked from the sides to take them down.

It was a good strategy, unfortunately they were overwhelmed by the number of enemies.

- Fall back to the entrance! Stay behind me! - shouted Robert.

- What?! We’re surrounded! - Rori stopped in her tracks.

‘Swoosh!’ - one of the arrows pierced goblin about to jump at Rori.

- Thank you Angi! - she waved.

- There are so many of them. - Stan looked around him. - Haaah!

He swung his sword at nearby goblin, but missed.

- Think what your opponent will do after your first attack. - ‘Swish!’ - another swing right through goblin’s chest.

- Sparring with TC wasn’t for nothing. - commented Robert.

- I hope TC and Eve are alright. - Rori was worried.

More goblins came out of the fields. All three of them were totally surrounded.

- I can’t keep up... - Angi readied her next arrow. - What? - she turned to the right and saw goblin running towards her.

‘Swoosh!’ - she barely managed to release the arrow in time. Pierced goblin rolled down from the roof.

She saw all three of her team mates surrounded.

- I need to help them break free. - ’Swoosh! - another goblin dropped dead.

The fight intensified. And it seemed there was no way out.

- Listen you two. Haah! - Robert blocked another goblin’s attack. - I’ll make a path for you to break free. Get to the entrance and protect the village.

- You know I won’t leave you to die here. - declared Stan.

- I’m staying too. - Rori added.

- Idiots! Both of you! - Robert knew they were serious. - Let’s show them what we’re made of.

- ‘Bang!’ - he blocked another attack with his shield.

- ‘Slash!’ - followed the swing of his sword and another goblin fell.

Angi released yet another arrow and hit goblin right in the head.

- Oh no! My last arrow... - she didn’t expect to run out of arrows.

Robert and others were surrounded and it dawned on her what a dire situation they were in. Just when she aimed towards one of the goblins on the ground, two of them climbed the roof and Angi found herself surrounded from both sides.

- Damn it. - she was in a pinch.

Stan, Rori and Robert were struggling with the goblins too. They were getting tired and could barely defend themselves.

- Waaah! - goblin jumped at Robert, who quickly raised his shield to block the attack. Robert quickly tried to stab him and didn’t notice another goblin behind him.

- Haaah! - he was about to swing at Robert.

‘Swoosh!’ - and goblin was blown away with the arrow in his chest.

- At least I didn’t waste my last arrow. - Angi lowered her bow.

Two goblins were closing in on her. She dropped the bow and took out a knife.

- Dear Robert, please survive. - Angi glanced at him and smiled.

- Take this! - Stan swung at the goblin, who tried to approach Rori.

Goblin quickly reacted and jumped back. Unfortunately Stan’s swing didn’t reach the enemy.

- Yaaa! Double Slash! - Rori’s slash hit it’s mark and another goblin fell. - There’s no end to them.

- We need to hold them off no matter what. - Robert took defensive stance. - Let’s try and-

- Aaaaaa! - they heard a scream.

- Angi! - Robert realized it was her.

He looked up and saw Angi slump down with two goblins on both sides close to her.

- No! Angi! - a cold shiver ran down his spine.

He wanted to break through, but there were too many goblins. They kept coming at them without giving a moment to rest.

- Yaaaa! Get out of my way! Haaa! - Robert started swinging at goblins like a madman.

He swung his sword in the air left and right, regardless if he hit a goblin or not.

- Robert calm down! - yelled Stan.

- Angi! I need to help Angi! - he wasn’t listening to Stan.

One of the goblins took advantage of Robert’s lost temper and stabbed him in the leg.

- Aaaaa!! - he screamed filled with pain.

- Yaaa! - ‘Slash!’ - Stan slashed the goblin down.

Robert fell backwards on the ground.

- I’m sorry. I messed up. - he held his leg trying to suppress the pain.

- Don’t talk. Use the potion TC gave us. - Stan and Rori stood next to him and were ready to defend themselves.

Robert took out the potion from his pocket. He drank some of it and poured the rest on the wound. Bleeding stopped and the pain subsided.

- I feel better, but Angi... - he looked up towards the roof.

Angi was wounded and couldn’t move. Both goblins were closing in.

- No. She can’t die. Not here. - Robert knew he won’t reach her in time. His fear turned into despair and he froze in a spot.

- Thorn Spikes!

- What!? - Robert...

- What!? - Stan...

- What!? - Rori...

One of the goblins on the roof was entangled in roots and became minced meat. The other goblin was confused at what happened and stood still for a moment. That gave enough time for Eve to cast another spell.

- Thorn Spikes! - and he faced the same end.

Angi and the rest of the team were perplexed at what happened.

- Haaah! - I leaped towards a pack of goblins, surrounding Robert’s team.

- ‘Slash! Slash! Slice!’ - three of them dropped to the ground motionless without even realizing what happened.

- You’re not taking a break, are you now? - I teased them.

- Sir TC! - Rori was ecstatic.

Oh cmon. Not you too.

- Why are you here? - asked Robert.

- Hmm... Lets see. - I made a serious face. - To kill goblins of suppose.

Goblins were surprised seeing three of them dropped dead all of a sudden. They didn’t expect me show up out of nowhere. For a moment or two other goblins were looking around to see if anyone else shows up.

- Come on. Let’s move. - I instructed everyone.

We quickly moved backwards to the entrance through the small opening I made.

- Wait! - Robert shouted. - I need to help Angi!

- Don’t worry. - I said. - Eve is with her. She’ll be fine.

- But what about the other entrance? Now that you’re here, it’s left unprotected. - remembered Stan.

- From the looks of things, this is where they are focusing their attack. There weren’t many goblins and we dealt with them quickly. - I explained.

We reached the entrance and were ready to face goblins. Eve showed up with Angi by her side.

- Angi! You’re ok. - Robert was relieved.

- Yes. Eve gave me a Healing Potion and it healed my wound in an instant. - she was glad to see Robert safe.

- Thank you Eve. - Robert was grateful.

- Oh, don’t worry about it. It was Master TC who gave me the potion. - Eve turned to me. - What now Master?

I reached into my bag and took out another blue colored potion.

- Here. Drink this. - I gave it to Eve.

She quickly drank the liquid and felt refreshed.

- Alrighty then. Lets deal with these nuisances. - I started walking forward massaging my neck.

- Wait. We need to stick together. There are too many of them. You’ll be surrounded. - Robert was worried about me.

- Nah. I’ll be the one to surround them. - that probably sounded like I was joking.

- He’s not serious, is he? - Rori asked Eve.

- Don’t worry. My Master is too strong to be beaten by goblins. I’ll go with you Master. - Eve caught up to me.

- Oh hello cutie. And who might you be? - I teased her.

- Hey now Master. Now is not the time to joke around. - yet her face showed she liked it.

- Haha. I’m just happy we made it in time to help them. - I was in a good mood. - Why don’t you stay back a bit and intercept any goblins that might get passed me?

- Sure thing Master. - and here was her cute smile again.

Goblins recovered from the sudden surprise and were ready to attack again.

Hah. There’re quite a few of you. Not that it matters.

I simply walked forward without much of a concern. In a few moments I was surrounded by them.

I guess I’m far away from the others now. Let’s see if this sword can take a beating. - I looked at the sword I was holding.

In bare moments goblins rushed towards me, yelling and swinging their weapons.

- STOP! - I stated. A dim light flashed from my eyes and all movement stopped.

That’s how it looked from my eyes only though. In reality, I didn’t stop their movement. It was me who could move freely. It was only for a split second, but it was more than enough.

- Rotating Slash! - and three closest goblins dropped to the ground.

It startled the others for a second, which gave me extra time to swing my sword and I cut down two more goblins. The ground was painted red with their blood.

- What just happened? - Stan was shocked.

- Five goblins dropped dead and he simply raised his sword. - Rori couldn’t believe her eyes.

- I don’t know anyone who can move that fast. No wonder I couldn’t even touch him during our duel. - Stan was still dozing off.

- Thorn Spikes! - Eve caught a goblin jumping at Stan and stopped it in his tracks.

- You can ask my Master questions after we’re finished with the goblins. - Eve was serious like never before. -

My Master is so amazing. I couldn’t see what happened as well. That just means I must work hard to be worthy of being His companion. - (Eve)

- Thorn Spikes! - another goblin was full of holes in his body.

- This is our fight too. - Robert stepped forward.

- I’m right by your side Master. - Angi picked up a sword that was dropped by one of the goblins.

Stan and Rori looked at each other and nodded.

- Lets get rid of those goblins! - Robert shouted.

- Yeaaah! - followed everyone.

Hehe. I guess they are back on their feet.

- Haaah! - ‘Slash!’ - I cut down one more goblin down.

Robert and others joined in the fight. Cutting, slashing and stabbing every goblin they could reach.

- Thorn Spikes! - Eve was casting spells non-stop.

Ahhh. You look so hot right now. - I glanced at Eve.

- Waaar! - goblin jumped at me.

- Squeak... - and got stabbed by my sword.

Don’t distract me while I’m enjoying the view you green nose.

One by one goblins dropped to the ground. They didn’t expect such fierce resistance. Bit by bit they moved backwards. Seeing how their kin were falling, rest of the goblins panicked and started to run back to the fields, towards the forest.

- No you won’t! - Stan caught up with one of them and cut him down.

Haha. he’s on fire.

Right about the same time...

- Roaaar! - a fearsome shout echoed from the forest.

Aha. So you finally decided to show up.

- What was that? - a chill ran down Rori’s spine.

Stan got in front of Rori and took defensive stance.

- So TC was right. They do have a leader. - Robert got closer to Angi.

Hey, not fair! I’m too far from Eve to show off and she’ll feel left out... (sad face). I’ll have to make up for it later.

At the same time, a big monstrous figure appeared out of the forest.

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