Circle Star Adventure. The Ever Blooming Flower.

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Chapter 8. A Shield And A Sword.

What da hell is that? - I stared at the monster.

The beast was twice the size of a human. He had fur on his arms, legs and spine. Big, sharp teeth and eyes, burning with rage, made him a scary foe. Despite having blade like claws, the monster was carrying two spiked clubs in each hand.

Hearing him roar, all goblins stopped running. They turned around and regrouped.

- Oh no! - Robert gasped.

- What is that thing? - Stan was shaken after seeing the monster.

- That’s an Orgob. - Robert lifted his shield.

- Orgob? That’s an Orgob!? - Stan’s voice was shaking. - No way! What is an Orgob doing out here?

- Is he strong? - Eve asked calmly.

- Yes... he is. - answered Robert with a worried look on his face. - He’s... a damn strong monster. Only Silver Rank or higher adventurers were able to face one and come back alive. We might be in trouble here.

Nobody expected to see such a strong monster leading goblins. With Orgob at the front, goblins were ready to continue their attack.

Oh, look who crawled out of the woods.

He must be the one leading the goblins. The monster looked strong too. If we were to get rid of him, the rest of the goblins might run away. That sounded like a plan. I started walking towards him.

This looks bad. - Robert thought to himself. - To think an Orgob will be the one leading the goblins. That thing is enormously strong. Even a group of Silver Rank adventurers usually have hard time against that monster. There’s no way we’ll be able to deal with an Orgob by ourselves. No choice I guess.

- Stan! - he shouted.

- Yes!? - Stan was almost startled by Robert.

- Take everyone and go evacuate the villagers. - instructed Robert.

- What? What are you saying? - Stan was suspicious of his friends intentions.

- I’ll go get TC and try to buy you as much time as I can. Leave immediately and go get help from the Guild. - he waved his sword for extra emphasis.

- No! You can’t! I’ll stay with you Robert! - tears gathered in Angi’s eyes.

- Don’t be stupid! - Robert raised his voice. - We can’t beat that thing!

Rori stood silently next to Stan without saying a word.

- Thorn Spikes! - Eve caught a goblin running towards them.

- Goblins! - Rori shouted. - Wait! Eve! Where are you going?

- Master TC needs me! He’s fighting all by himself over there! - she was running forward.

- Eve stop! - yelled Robert. - Tell him to come back. It’s not the enemy you can beat easily. He won’t stand a chance against Orgob! Damn it.

Eve wasn’t listening. She ran as fast as she could to reach TC.

I can’t let my Master fight alone. I must help him. - (Eve)

- Is it really ok to leave them like that? - Angi asked. - They saved my life once already. Will we let them sacrifice their lives, just so we can run away?

Everyone had grim looks on their faces. Robert took Angi by her hand.

- I’m sorry Angi. - she looked at him. - I’m sorry for being such a coward.

- Robert. - Angi smiled through tears.

- We invited TC and Eve to join us on this quest and look at us now. Thinking on running away, like some dogs, with tails between our legs. And here I told him I want to become a King’s Guard. - Robert was embarrassed about what he said earlier.

- There are still goblins to be killed. - Stan took out his sword.

- We can’t let them take all the glory! - Rori cheered.

- Let’s go! - Robert moved forward.

Meanwhile in the middle of the field...

- Haaah! - ‘Slash!’ ‘Swoosh!’ - and two goblins dropped dead.

Seriously... They are more aggressive than before. I guess now, with that monster in front, they have no other choice, but to attack. It’s either kill humans or be ripped to shreds by my fangs. Perfect motivation for a cornered beast.

- ‘Clink!’ ‘Thrust!’- I parried attack and stabbed another goblin.

- Master! Master! - a familiar voice shouted behind me.

- Eve? - I turned around to look behind me.

- Hello beautiful. - goblins or not, I was happy to see her. - Are you ok?

- Yes, I am. - Eve tried to catch her breath. - But Master, we need to retreat.

- Why? Once we get rid of that big guy, whatever that is, it’ll be over. - I wasn’t concerned about the situation.

- Robert said that’s an Orgob. And he’s really strong. - said Eve.

- Orgob? - Never heard of it. But yeah, he does look strong. - In any case, this Orgob thing is probably the one leading the goblins. We need to deal with him.

- You’re not afraid Master? - Eve was worried as well as puzzled.

- Why would I be? - I was surprised hearing that question.

Eve was somewhat bewildered with my answer. She didn’t know how to react. Finally she came back to her senses:

- Alright Master. Please use me any way you want. I’m at your command. - she was ready to fight.

Use you anyway I want? Do you even check your phrasing before you speak? Oh my... is she for real? Baah...

- Let’s deal with the goblins first. - Meh, here goes my fantasy.

- Leave that to us Sir TC! - I heard Stan’s voice.

- Oh. You guys are here as well? - I didn’t expect them to show up.

- How do you intend to defeat him TC? - asked Robert.

- Ghm... - I thought for a second. - I was thinking cutting his head off would do the trick.

- Pfff... Hahaha! - Rori couldn’t hold it.

- This is serious TC...- Robert lowered his head.

- But I am serious... - Even if it sounded funny. - In any case, if you can deal with the goblins I can take him on without any distractions.

- I’ll help you Master. - Eve said in a serious voice.

Yes, yes. You’re at my command so to say.

I was still drooling over ‘use me any way you want’ fantasy.

- Ok, lets do that. - Stan was ready to fight. - Good luck Sir TC.

Me and Eve ran towards Orgob. Rest of the team stayed to deal with the goblins.

- Raaar! - raged the beast seeing us approach him.

He clearly wasn’t happy about us killing his goblins. We were close enough for Eve to cast her magic.

- Thorns... - thorns quickly grew from the ground and grabbed one of Orgob’s feet.

He lifted his foot, ripping the thorns and stomped them down with his massive foot.

- No! He’s too strong. I can’t hold him. - Eve’s spell didn’t work.

- I’ll distract him. Use that chance to cast your Thorns spell again. But this time use single spike. - I ran directly at Orgob.

- Ok Master. - she prepared for another spell.

Well then, you monster. Let’s see how strong you really are.

I jumped to the right and tried to lure him to follow me. Orgob jumped up, lifting his both clubs high in the air and swung down at me with tremendous force. I quickly changed direction to avoid getting hit.

- ‘Bang!’ - the earth trembled on impact, leaving a hole on the ground.

Ok... You do have some strength after all. However...

Before Orgob could lift his clubs, I quickly rushed in and cut at his left arm.

- ‘Slash!’ - blood poured out of the wound.

- Raaar! - he roared more from anger than from pain.

Surprisingly, he stood up and was ready to attack as if nothing happened.

Hmm... That didn’t work much.

At the same time, Eve used the moment to cast another spell.

- Thorn Spike! - she caught his right foot and sharp spike pierced through the flesh.

- Roaar! - it must’ve hurt this time.

He quickly lifted his foot and freed himself from thorns. Ignoring me, Orgob turned and jumped up to where Eve was standing.

Crap. This is bad. - I ran towards her.

- Eve! Run! - I yelled.

She was trying to cast another spell, but the monster was already in the air.

- Oh no. - Eve froze in spot.

- No, you don’t! - I jumped at Orgob and swung with my sword at his clubs.

- ‘Cling!’ - my sword broke in half, but I manage to deflect his swing.

- ‘Bang!’ - ground shook from the blow.

Clubs just barely missed Eve, but the shock wave threw her away flying.

- Aaaaa! - she rolled down on the ground and lied there motionless.

- Eve! - Rori saw what happened.

- Why you! - I was angry.

- Eve! Are you ok? - Rori reached her first.

She helped her sit up. Eve had bruisers all over her body. Others arrived as well.

- I’m so weak... - Eve cried. - I’m no help to my Master at all.

- Don’t talk. You need to save your strength. - Rori turned to me. - She’s ok!

Phew. That’s a relief. Now then.

Orgob stood up tall and glanced at the spot where Eve and others were. His eyes showed satisfaction for what he did.

- How dare you? Nobody hurts Eve and gets away with it. - I was about to get serious.

How stupid can I be? This monster is definitely strong. Probably stronger than all of my party members put together. I was so arrogant taking you lightly and allowed Eve to get hurt. What an idiot I am. Tsk...

I threw away my broken sword. Orgob didn’t wait for me to finish my thoughts monologue.

- Raaaar! - he roared and dashed at me and swinged with his right club.

- Oh no! Orgob will kill him. TC doesn’t have a sword. He won’t be able to defend himself. - Angi shouted.

- No! Master! - Eve cried out. She tried to stand up, but was in too much pain. - Please... come back...

- I’ll go help! - Robert rushed drawing his sword. - Stan! Take Eve and go back to the village. All of you!

- I won’t leave you! - Angi wanted to go with Robert.

- No! Go back to the village and evacuate with everyone! That’s an order! - yelled Robert.

Angi couldn’t disobey her Master’s order. She bit her lip and tears ran down her face. Stan picked up Eve and they were about to leave, when...

- Roaaar! - ‘Boom!’ - a loud scream followed by a massive smash.

In an instant, everyone’s eyes were fixed on where TC was. Orgob swung at the exact same spot. A cloud of dust covered the area of impact.

- Nooo! - Eve’s voice echoed through the fields.

Robert covered his eyes when two goblins jumped in front of him.

- Get out of my way! Haaah! - he attacked them without hesitation.

- ‘Slash!’ - Eeek! - one of the goblins fell in an instant.

Everyone stood frozen trying to see what happened. The dust from the shock wave started to set and the view became clearer.

- What’s happening? - Stan tried to wipe dust out of his eyes.

- Master TC? - Eve’s eyes widened.

- What is that light? - asked Rori.

- He’s fine! My Master is fine! - Eve shouted with relief.

- It looks like that light stopped Orgob’s attack. But how is that possible? - Angi was taken aback.

But the biggest surprise was in Orgob’s eyes. His club stopped just few inches away from my head. I grinned.

I love moments like these. Too bad I can’t see their faces. Of course, I’ll have to apologise to Eve later.

A yellowish bubble like aura was surrounding my body. Right before the impact I cast a ‘Shield’ spell on myself. It can absorb certain amount of damage for a short period of time. And Orgob’s smash wasn’t strong enough to penetrate it.

- Is that all you can do? - I taunted Orgob. - You wanna try that again?

- Raaaar! - he straightened back, lifting his clubs up.

- Stop ‘raaring’ already. I wasn’t scared the first time. - I was ready to counter attack.

My shield faced, but that didn’t matter.

- How about we finish this? - I raised my right hand. - Summon Sword!

Dark mist enveloped my hand and quickly grew in length, forming a shape. Sword hilt materialised in my palm and the rest of the blade followed.

- Runeblade of Death. - it felt good to hold it in my hand again.

Sword as dark as night itself with a blade that can cut through anything it touches. Black and red runes were covering the sword, emitting strong aura, which made the air heavy around it.

Summoning took a fraction of a second and Orgob was at full swing. His right club was closing in, however...

- ‘Slash!’ - I swung and his club was cut in half right before it reached me. The heavy end fell on the ground, rolling to the side.

- Roaaar! - Orgob was ready to swing with the other club.

- ‘Slice!’ - I swung swiftly while his arm was still in the air.

- Raaaar! - this time the beast screamed out of pain. Blood poured and his left arm dropped on the ground.

His right club was cut in half and the beast’s left arm was lying on the ground. Orgob took few steps back holding on to the spot where his arm was cut off. He looked at me fiercely and tried to move forward, but slumped down. Blood was dripping down from the wound and he was losing strength.

- Let me put you out of your misery. - I walked straight towards him clutching my sword tightly.

- Wraaar! - with all his strength Orgob tried to jump at me.

- ‘Slash!’ - another swift strike and monster’s body froze for a moment. His head slowly moved to the side and rolled down from his shoulders. The beast’s motionless body lost balance and fell to the ground. It was over. I took a deep sigh.

The dust settled and rest of the goblins, seeing Orgob defeated, panicked and ran away into the forest.

Guess they learned their lesson. Doubt any of them will come back any time soon. But I think I overdid it summoning Runeblade of Death. It’s a little too powerful to be used around others.

I looked at my sword. None the less, it was done and I was grateful for it’s help. The sword’s black and red runes were glowing in the moonlight.

- Unsummon. - and my sword dissolved into dark mist, until it vanished completely.

Now... I wonder how everyone is doing?

I wasn’t really paying attention what was going on behind me. I was fully focused on the fight. As soon as I turned around, Eve jumped on my neck and hugged me tightly. She was full of tears.

- I’m so happy you’re ok Master. I was so scared that the monster might kill you. - she cried.

- Here, here. - I patted her on the head. - I’m sorry for worrying you. Will you forgive me?

- Of course I forgive you Master. - She hugged me even tighter.

Eve had bruisers from Orgob’s attack and her body was weak. I lifted her up in my arms. She cuddled up holding onto me like a little kitty.

She’s cute. Nothing else to say. - I smiled.

I walked, carrying her, to meet with others.

- Sir TC. - Stan greeted me as soon as he saw me.

- Ahhh... they look so cute. - Rori clapped her hands touching her face.

Angi sat next to Robert.

- He’s pretty amazing. - she said.

- He is indeed. - agreed Robert. - I can’t believe he killed Orgob on his own. But I feel relieved. It could’ve ended really bad if he wasn’t with us.

- I’m glad it’s over. And please... don’t you dare order me to leave you behind ever again. - tears ran down Angi’s face.

We didn’t notice, but it was dawn already. Sun’s rays were touching highest branches of the tree tops. A new day has come. And it was a day worth celebrating for. We went back to the village to bring good news.

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