Circle Star Adventure. The Ever Blooming Flower.

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Chapter 9. A Bucket Of Cold Water And A Piece Of Burned Meat.

When villagers heard the news everyone was beyond happy. Nobody expected to hear that Orgob was behind it all.

- We don’t know how to thank you for what you’ve done. - Arlon couldn’t hold his excitement.

- Getting our reward for the quest done would be a good start. - I replied without hesitation.

- Hahaha! - everyone laughed.

- Of course. Of course. - Arlan scratched the back of his head. - We’ll have a huge celebration tonight. Please join us and I’ll have your reward ready by then.

We all agreed. Everyone was tired from fighting and needed a good rest. Villagers kindly offered a place to sleep and recover.

Later that day...

Eve stretched her arms sitting up in the bed.

- Oh good morning Master TC – she smiled as soon as she saw me.

- Good evening I’d say. - I smiled back.

- Evening? - Eve was surprised. - Did I sleep that long?

- Yes you did. You took quite a hit from Orgob’s attack, remember? - I reminded her what happened.

- Yes, that’s right. Then you carried me in your arms all the way back. - she suddenly blushed and hugged herself. - Ahhh...! My Master carried me in his arms. I feel so happy.

Haha. She’s just too adorable.

- Hey. I have something for you. - I picked up a mug from the table and handed it to her.

She tried a little bit.

- Yey! Croberry Juice! You’re the best Master. - she gulped the rest of it quickly. - Wow, so good. Thank you. What are those noises outside?

- Villagers are celebrating our victory. - I answered.

- Why aren’t you celebrating with them? - Eve asked.

- Cause I was looking after you. - I answered.

I walked over and sat next to her. Eve didn’t say anything, simply looked at me. Her eyes reflected all the stars in the sky. And her lips, still wet from Croberry Juice, were so enticing. I hugged her warmly.

- I apologize for letting you get hurt like that. I should’ve protected you better. - I said.

- It’s not your fault Master. - Eve put her head on my shoulder. - I’m the one who needs to get stronger.

- And I made you worry back there too. - I added.

- Yes, you did Master. I was so scared. - Eve suddenly jumped back with eyes wide open. - But you were so strong. And you were shining too.

Shining? Pfff... haha! That’s too funny. Shining! She’s amazing.

- Oh that. - I was holding myself not to laugh. - I used a spell to protect myself from getting hit. After that the monster didn’t stand a chance.

I flexed my arm to show off.

- Ahhh. - Eve’s eyes sparkled. She hugged me tightly. - I’m so happy you’re ok. I was really scared for you.

- Don’t worry. If anything happens, I’ll start shining again. Haha. - I laughed.

- Hey, that’s not funny Master. - Eve pressed her chest against me.

What’s not funny is I can’t figure out if you’re doing it on purpose or if it’s simply your nature to act like that. I am not complaining of course.

- Are you hungry? How about we join the celebration? - I had to distract myself somehow and I haven’t eaten anything yet myself.

- Have you eaten anything Master? - Eve asked.

- Not really. I thought I’ll wait for you to wake up first. - I answered.

- Ah, that’s not good Master. You need to take care of yourself. Let’s go quickly! - she jumped on her feet.

Eve’s childish charm kicked in. I wanted to go, but I couldn’t stand up just yet.

Think about food. Think about food.

Right then my eyes caught Eve’s cute, sexy behind while she was putting her shoes on. Her long legs and alluring hips started ‘shining’ in my eyes.

That’s it, I’m dead. - I fell backwards on the bed.

- Give me a minute, I’ll be right out. - You’re doing it on purpose, I know you do.

Celebration was in a full swing when we arrived.

- Look! It’s TC and Eve! - Rori shouted.

She’s a bit like Eve. No wonder they get along so well.

- Hello everyone. - Eve greeted them with a smile.

- Sir TC. - Stan bowed down. - Thank you for joining us on this quest.

- Hey, hey! Calm down. - Someone’s overly excited. - That’s a bit embarrassing.

- To TC! The Orgob Slayer! - Robert raised his mug.

- Cheers! - shouted the crowd.

Now that’s just too much. I think I’ll go back to bed.

Eve was standing next to me hugging my arm. She was literally sparkling from hearing everyone praise me.

- Hello Eve. - Angi approached us. - I’m glad you’re ok.

- I’m glad you’re all safe too. - Eve responded.

- Why don’t you join the girls and have some food Eve? - I suggested.

- Of course. - Rori grabbed Eve’s hand. - Come on! And you have to tell us more about TC. You two stayed inside for an awfully long time.

Errr... Is she friends with Farla?

- Why don’t you join us in front of the fire TC? - Robert offered me.

- Sure. I’m starving. - I made myself comfortable.

It was nice seeing everyone safe and in a good mood. People were singing and dancing. They didn’t have to worry about goblins attacking them anymore. Big relief. One of the villagers brought me a plate full of meat and vegetables cooked on fire.

Ahh. That smells good.

The food was super delicious. I enjoyed it to the fullest. After I finished Robert handed me a drink.

- To your victory. - he raised his mug.

- To our victory. - I raised mine.

Now, how do I politely decline...

I didn’t drink alcohol and I was not about to make an exception. I took a small sip just to taste it. It was... apple juice.

- Hahaha! - Robert laughed after seeing my surprised look. - Thanks to those goblins, they had no other drinks available.

- Apple juice works just fine. - I was glad it wasn’t alcohol.

Arlon came over carrying a bag with him.

- Good evening Sir TC. I’m glad you’re ok. - he was from ear to ear.

- Glad to see you too Arlon. - I greeted him.

- Here you go. - Arlon handed me the bag and the quest papers. - And also the payment.

He took out a purse with coins from his pocket and gave it to me.

- Wait. If that’s the payment, then what’s in the bag? - I was surprised.

- Well... - Arlon scratched his cheek.

I peeked inside.

- Yew... - it was Orgob’s head.

- The head is sealed inside goats skin to prevent it from rotting. - said Robert.

- And what should I do with it? - I doubted they want me to decorate my room with it.

- Take it to the Guild when we get back. They will give you an additional reward for killing him. - explained Robert.

- Ok. - Oh nice. More coins for me.

- Also... - Robert leaned to the side and picked up another bag. - This is for you too.

- What’s this? Don’t tell me it’s a goblin’s head this time? - I am not carrying a goblin’s head back with me.

- No, not a goblin’s head. - Robert chuckled. - Those are Orgob’s fangs. At least the ones that were still intact. You can sell them to blacksmiths. They use them to craft weapons. Orgob’s fangs are hard to come by. They’ll be willing to pay a high price for them.

Wow, so many gifts in one day. And it’s not even my birthday yet.

- Sounds good. Thank you. - I thanked him.

I opened the purse Arlon gave me, took out ten silvers and passed the rest to Robert.

- Here you go. Your’s and Stan’s share. - I said.

He hesitated, but then took it.

- Thanks. Can I ask you something TC? - Robert turned to me.

- Sure. What is it? - I sat back in somewhat lying position.

- What was that sword you used against Orgob? - Robert was clearly curious.

- Ah that. - I smiled. - It’s a magic sword. I can summon it once in a while.

- Summon? I never heard anyone can do that. - Robert was surprised.

- And yet you can summon female companion who will do anything for you. - I commented.

- Yeah, that makes sense I guess. But it was really impressive how you dealt with an Orgob. You’re way stronger than any of us here. - he admitted.

- Well... - I scratched the back of my head. - You’ve done well too. All of you did. Those goblins got their green butts kicked.

- Hahaha. They sure did. - Robert laughed. - Still, I must thank you TC.

- For what? - Now I was curious.

- For reminding me I still have a long way to go. I was neglecting my training and thought too high of myself. - he sighted.

- Really? - I never thought about him like that as he seemed serious and disciplined.

- This fight with goblins showed me how weak I am. If it wasn’t for you, Angi would’ve died and that scared me the most. - confessed Robert.

Aha! So you DO care about her even if you don’t show it.

- I believe you need to tell Angi how you feel about her. - I encouraged him.

And I am sure she will ‘reward’ you handsomely for your honesty too. Hehe. - I grinned.

- You’re right TC. - Robert finished his drink. - I think I’ll do that right now. Thank you again. I must say I am glad I met you.

- Likewise. Enjoy your evening. - I smiled.

Robert got up and walked away. I sat back and enjoyed the rest of my apple juice. It was refreshing.

It felt good to see all the people having fun. Quest was completed and I earned myself some extra goodies. It will solve my money problems for more than a few days.

I’m glad Eve is fine as well. She did well fighting those goblins. Eve... what a wonder you really are. I still can’t believe I actually ‘summoned’ her. I mean, really? Ah well... It’s the way it is. Let’s just enjoy the night. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. All is well that ends well.

Early morning next day...

I went outside to get some fresh air. It was still very early in the morning. The air was cool and the morning dew was sparkling on the grass. It was quiet and peaceful.

I walked towards the well in the middle of the village square. Everyone was sleeping soundly after celebration yesterday. Not having to worry about being attacked, everyone was able to get some good rest.

After reaching the well, I pulled up a bucket of ice cold water and poured all of it on my head.

That helped... a little.

I looked at my hand. Then shook my head and threw the bucket down the well again.

We had one bed in our room and I had to share it with Eve. Sleeping on the floor would’ve been a bit awkward and I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. I remembered the strange dream I had.

I don’t dream often, but when I do, my dreams usually seem very realistic. Same thing happened last night. It was so strange, it stuck in my memory.

In my dream I was climbing a tall mountain. It was steep with sharp rocks and edges. But for some reason I was climbing using my hands only. To my big surprise, every time I grabbed onto the edge of the cliff, the rock felt soft and pleasant to the touch. I would squeeze it gently couple of times before grabbing on to the next one.

I woke up thinking what it could mean. To my big surprise, even lying in the bed, I could still feel holding onto something with my hand. And it was soft and pleasant to the touch, just like in my dream. When I turned my head to see, I realized what was going on. Eve was lying right next to me and my hand was holding one of her breasts. Soft and pleasant to the touch...

I pulled out another bucket full of water from the well and put it on the ground. Without thinking, I plunged my head inside of it, splashing water to the sides. I kept it in for a few moments before pulling my head out. I poured what was left in the bucket on top of my head.

Bah, this water is not cold enough. It’s not helping at all.

Going back to my dream... Most probably, while we were asleep, Eve cuddled up close to me. With her back pressing against me and my hands hugging her, it was not hard to ‘dream up’ climbing a mountain, with ‘rocks’ that were ’soft and pleasant′ to the touch.

In my dream I was ‘climbing’ a mountain, when in reality, I was touching and caressing Eve’s breasts at the same time. No wonder it felt so pleasant grabbing and holding those ‘rocks’ in my dream.

Was I simply alternating between her breasts each time I ‘tried’ to climb? Ugh... I can’t believe it.

The worst part was, even after I woke up, her breasts felt so nice to the touch, I didn’t want to let go. And she was moaning quietly in her dream too.

I will not ask what she was dreaming about when she wakes up. I’m amazed Eve didn’t wake up because of that. Now I know where the term - Sleeping Like A Baby – comes from.

I laughed to myself.

Haha. Eve, you’ll do anything you can to get me, won’t you? Even through my dreams. You’re amazing. You’re simply amazing.

I picked up yet another bucket full of water. But then, after thinking for a moment, I placed it on the ground.

Ahhh... Whatever.

Without giving it another thought, I decided to go check the place where we celebrated yesterday. The gentle breeze carried faint smell of roasted meat. Feasting on some left overs seemed like a better idea, than drowning my head into the bucket of cold water again.

The big fire from yesterday was still smouldering slightly and there was some meat left cooking. I got closer and saw it was half burned.

Somebody must’ve put it on yesterday and forgot. Hmm... Extra work for my stomach won’t hurt right now.

I picked it up and took a bite. It wasn’t ‘that’ bad. Suddenly, before I could take another bite, of what you’d call a ‘well cooked meat’, a scream was heard from the village square. It sounded like Stan’s voice. I quickly stood up and ran to see what happened.

It can’t be the goblins again. Not at this hour. We got rid of almost all of them yesterday. And with Orgob gone, there’s no way any of them will want to come back.

When I reached the square I saw Stan and Rori standing next to the well. I looked around, but couldn’t see any goblins.

- What happened? - I asked.

- Oh nothing really. - Rori chuckled to herself.

Then I noticed Stan standing all wet.

Hold on. Don’t tell me.. pffff.

- Hahaha! - I couldn’t hold it.

Rori tried to cover her mouth with one hand, but that didn’t stop her from laughing.

- Sir TC... I saw you poured water on yourself... and decided to... follow your example... - Stan was shivering from cold. - I’m amazed you were able... to keep your head... in the bucket of... this cold water for twelve seconds...

He was counting too?

- Pfff... Hahaha! - I burst out laughing again. - Hahaha!

That’s too much. I wasn’t laughing this hard for a long time. Besides, I poured water on my head only.

Robert and Angi showed up armed to the teeth.

- What happened? Did more goblins show up? - Robert was looking around.

- Oh no, hahaha. - Rori was still laughing. - Unless you consider this shivering blue creature a goblin.

Angi hid her face behind Robert and started to laugh.

- What’s going on Master TC? - I heard a cute familiar voice behind me.

Aha. Here’s the ‘innocent’ angel who’s responsible for it all. Not that I’m telling anyone the reason behind it.

More people showed up. Stan woke up half of the village with his scream.

Maybe they’ll want to keep him as a morning wake up boy? Hahaha. They’ll wake up laughing every morning.

- Nothing to worry about! - Robert announced loudly. - False alarm!

Stan went to dry himself. Rori was still chuckling as they walked.

- Are you eating that burned meat Master TC? - Eve asked me pointing at my hand.

- Eh? - I forgot I still had it with me. - I was looking for some food and that’s all I could find.

- Please forgive me Sir TC. - One of the villagers approached me. - I was the one who left the meat on the fire yesterday and forgot about it. Here, let me take it from you. We’ll go make you some breakfast immediately.

After the commotion settled down, we went to sit down at one of the tables near the fire. Stan and Rori showed up soon after.

- What happened to Stan? - asked Eve.

- This silly thing decided to follow TC’s example and poured ice cold water on himself. - explained Rori.

Haha. Rori is not holding back. Poor Stan.

- Say. - Rori leaned to Eve. - Does TC always take cold showers each morning?

- Not that I know of. - Eve thought for a moment. - I never saw him do that. Why did you do it Master?

Her cute baby face was staring at me.

- Mmm... I was feeling a little hot and thought it’ll be a good way to cool off. - I tried looking away.

- Really? I think the morning is quite chilly. - Eve covered herself with a cloak.

Tell that to your breasts.

Stan sneezed loudly.

- Hey now. You didn’t catch a cold, did you? - Rori turned to Stan.

- I’ll be fine. - Stan was embarrassed about what happened.

- How about we go back inside and I’ll make you extra warm? - she teased him.

- I said I’ll be fine. - yet his face was all red.

- Hahaha! - we laughed.

Stan and Rori look so adorable together. She likes to tease him now and then, but it’s clear she cares about him a lot.

Breakfast was getting ready. Everyone was in a good mood thanks to Stan’s bravery this morning. I noticed Angi was leaning to Robert more than usual and kept hugging his arm.

Hah. Well done Robert. I’m sure you two will do even better from now on.

We’ll be returning to Saramis today. That means our group will be disbanded. But I am sure we’ll run into each other again sooner or later. After the breakfast, Alron came to see us off:

- You’re leaving already? - he asked.

- Yes. We need to report back to the Guild. - said Robert.

- We’re so grateful for your help. If it wasn’t for you, we probably wouldn’t be alive right now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. - Arlon bowed down.

- Wow, no need to bow down. - Stan got uncomfortable. - And besides, TC is the one who defeated Orgob. He’s the hero here.

Hey now. What’s with the ‘hero’ stuff? I just killed one oversized goblin.

- Hero Master TC! That sounds so cool. - Eve was thrilled hearing it.

No it doesn’t. - I was gutted.

- Thanks for everything. - I turned to the road wanting to leave as soon as possible.

- Goodbye! Come visit us sometime! - Arlon shouted waving at us.

It was a good decision to join them on this quest. I learned something new and made few friends. Fighting goblins wasn’t a big deal. But seeing Orgob, and how strong he was, made me want to explore this world even more.

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