Lupa, The Lost Goddess.

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Zia is your average 13 year old girl. She attends highschool, does sports, has friends, etc. But she has a dark past, with the scars to prove it. But her life is normalising, well, until the boy with raven hair showed up. Follow Zia and Blake on their journey to stop the God of Dreamwalkers, who just happens to be Zia's father.

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Chapter 2. First Meeting.


As I was walking to chemistry when I bumped into a guy, almost knocking him down in the process. “ Hey, I’m so sorry Lu- sorry I mean miss.” he says stuttering a bit. Huh, he looks almost scared of me. “No its my fault, I wasn’t watching where I was going.” I said sheepishly. I get a good look at him, he’s one of the new kids, he has blond hair, blue eyes and tanned skin. “ Hey your one of the new kids aren’t you?” I ask, remembering back to the boy from this morning. “Yeah started today.” He replies. “Oh sorry, where are my manners, I’m Tyler.” “Nice to meet you Tyler, I’m Zia.” I hold my hand out for him to shake. He takes my hand then says “ I better get going or else I will be late for class.” “ Yeah me too, what class are you taking?” I ask, getting the feeling he doesn’t know where he’s going. “ Chemistry, you?” he asks. “Same, may I point something out?” I ask. “Shoot.” “ Your going the wrong way.” I say, chuckling. He looked around and saw a sign that said 'Chemistry ->'. He keeps staring at it for about 10 seconds (I know because I counted!) then he groans and says. “Can you show me where it is?” I giggle. “Of course, follow me!” then I start walking towards class. “Here we are.” I say, opening the door. “Thank you, Zia” he says apologetically as we enter the class room and sit down, I look up at the clock, huh were just on time class to start. After about half an hour of studying different chemical compounds, a voice sounds. “So everyone, we’re going to be making chemical reactions today, uh, without our books today, Mr Harrison. Ok now let’s start, I will go around the room and watch what you do, so please don’t start yet.” Miss York says before making her way round the room. Miss York is an older lady, maybe mid forties, with greying dark hair and thick glasses over brown eyes. She’s not the sort of person you would imagine would be teaching 8th grade Chemistry. She has ADHD, and she’s a little bit mad. A few months ago, she asked us to make a bomb, and last year she gave us a box of matches and a bottle of gas before telling us to make a stream of fire. And let me remind you, we had to do this inside the school. I’m up last, I have been asked to make two chemical reactions. So I start grabbing two tubes, one containing white vinegar and the other baking soda. I put the baking soda on a holder and pour the vinegar and watch it fizz up. “Good job Zia, now the next one.” So I grab my goggles and gloves on and look at the teacher and she follows my example, I grab a bottle of water and a large tube of sodium, I put the water in a holder and dump the sodium in the tube and covered my face as it makes a small explosion that sends glass flying to the clear holder and everyone jumps in they’re seats. The teacher wrights something down, looks at me and says. “Good job, Zia.” Then moves to her desk and sits down for a minute then looks up and says “Class dismissed!” We all got up and went for our break. Just as I made it outside, Tyler caught up with me and we started talking. But I soon excused myself so I could feed Poppy and give her some exercise. But just as I was reaching the front exit, I bumped into something hard, when I looked up I was met by a pair of blue eyes.
“Oh shit, I’m so sorry, are you ok?” the guy I bumped into asks, his brow furrowed in worry. “No, it’s my fault, I should have been looking where I was going.” I say sheepishly ( wow is this De-ja-vu or what?). “No I shouldn’t have been standing in the way.” He says guiltily. “Well it takes two to tango.” I joke with a small smile. “Where are you off to?” he asks. “Out.” I say bluntly. I see his eyes flash a deeper shade of blue but then he blinks and his eyes go back to normal. Must have been the light. “Right. Hey, um, could you give me and my friend, Tyler a tour of the school some time tomorrow? Were both new and you’re the only person we know here.” I look at him though my lashes, he’s lying, but his intentions are truthful, so I nod and say.” Um, yeah sure, I could show you around. Does around 12:00pm tomorrow suite you guys?” I ask. “Great! Sounds good to me, I’ll meet you at lunch!” he says with a grin. “Do you have PE this afternoon?” I ask curiously. ”Uh yeah, how did you know?” “I was just wondering. Hey uh, I didn’t catch your name.” I say with a sweet smile. “ Oh uh, Blake, Blake Armstrong, what’s yours?” A voice in my head is saying 'cute name'. “ Zia.” “Do you have a last name, Zia?” he questions. “Nope, just Zia. See you at PE.” I say smiling, then walk out the door.

I make it to my small strip of land and call out. “Poppy!” then almost immediately, I hear a loud whinny and see a red and white figure emerge from the trees and come trotting up to the fence. Poppy is a beautiful chestnut/pinto mare, she came up to me when I was small, and wouldn’t leave me alone. So here we are, she’s my best friend apart from Tilly. She put her head in my arms, then kneels down, and I climb up onto her back and she trots over to the open gate, as soon as were out the gate, she takes off into a canter and heads down our usual trail. It’s a two kilometre stretch of open government land. I look down at my watch, I have ten minutes left before I have to be back at school. “Come on, Pops, faster!” I urge her up faster. She thunders on faster and faster until we can see our property. I jump off her whilst she’s still moving, and walk her to the hut and give her a biscuit of grassy-lucern hay, then I run back to school to finish up my maths and English classes and wait to start PE. But the funny thing is, I don’t see either Blake or Tyler until the bell rings for my class to start. I see them come in with everyone else and I give them an evil smile when they look my way ( cue the sadistic cackle). This is going to be fun.

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