The Dawn

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The land of Aleron can be a treacherous place to live. None knows this better than the leïfae, a race of half-breed elves.

Fantasy / Romance
Meagan Kennedy
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This is a story of survival. The survival of those in a land not too far from your own imagination. Just take a look straight inside that imagination and slightly to the left. It is the story of many races and creatures you have not heard of before. From the gliffs and leïfae, to the fendrols and liegras, and so forth. Now this particular story takes place long ago.

Long before the end.

These were the days when dragons, faeries, and elves lived alongside mankind. Some savage, yet not so. For there are more dangerous things out there than dragons. However, this is not about dragons. Not even faeries or elves—at least the kind that you know of—though they do play a part in it. This story is about a certain girl—a leïfaen girl to be precise—and how she survived in a time of war and betrayal. Her name was Taëlenna.

The leïfae was a race of half-elf, half-human beings, distant relations to the elves from long ago, back in a more savage time. They lived long lives, just like their elven cousins, but still mortal. And like all mortal beings, death follows close behind.

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