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*COMPLETED FIRST DRAFT* Alanis had always wanted to leave the settlement she lived in ever since she was a little girl. Together, she and her childhood friend, would sneak outside the walls of their settlement, and go on make believe adventures. They would fight and slay magical beasts, and forget, for a time, that they would never truly be free of their plight. That they were destined to die young. She thought leaving was what she wanted, that was until she found herself outside the protective walls of the settlement, in a place far away from home, with no memory of how she came to be there. Unable to cope with the situation at hand, Alanis takes aid from a young knight, who promises to keep her safe on his journey home. Along the way, she finds the world of Terra to be larger and fuller than she once thought. Things that she couldn't fathom were awaiting her in this new world, on a journey paved in light and magic. •Book 1• Completed - Original Draft. Will be hidden once edits are completed. Something Lost is a drama, slow burn romance, fantasy novel.

Fantasy / Romance
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Draft Disclaimer

Something Lost Draft Disclaimer - Please READ.

I originally wrote this story back in 2012-13. It was my first attempt at writing and it shows. I wasn’t planning on releasing it here, on inkitt, but I have been receiving messages from readers wanting to read on.

So here it is, enjoy.

Please feel free to read this version, but know that there will be plot changes in the newer, updated book.

I suggest reading the newer book then switching to this one where you left off, as the newer one has more details and skips a few unnecessary chapters.

Also note that there will be more grammar mistakes in the draft as I was pretty much flying by the seat of my pants.

Changes include:

• Story told in 3rd person instead of 1st, to pair with the second book, Something Found.

• Some plot changes. ie. added dialog, descriptions, and glossary for the Old Tongue language.

- I will be taking out some unnecessary romance conflicts, which were dumb looking back at the start of the book. (Justin and James) 😶

As always it is very much appreciated if you heart, comment, and review my stories. I love feedback and enjoy chatting with readers and authors. ❤️

Press that heart now, pllllease and thanks!

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