Blazerock The begining

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"Man I got a feeling something really bad going to happen." "Well things can't get much worse; it's practically every one against everyone. There is no organization amongst places aside for the individual villages. Now be quiet and help me push Mork, this could be our chance at glory." "Fine Harse but if something goes wrong its you're fault," said Mork. "Fine now help me push this rock over the cliff!" Just then a low sound struck the night air. "What was that noise?" asked Mork. "Sounded like thunder, strange there's not a cloud in site. It makes me wonder, is it possibly a dragon?" said Harse.

"Now you sound like the crazy one. You know that dragons haven't been around in over 900 years, if at all. They're just myths nothing to worry about." Mork replied. Still suspicious Harse went back to pushing the stone and Mork joined him. "On the count of three we push, ready one, two, three----" the stone rolled down the hill then over the cliff into the chasm below. The cave before them was huge, and within it stood a massive snarling creature mostly concealed by the shadows. "Dragon!" Screamed Mork and Harse in unison before going up in a burst of flame.


Off in the distance a lone dragon with scales were so dark they seemed to absorb all light that dared to touch them, his veins the color of molten rock, horns like that of a bull running along side his face just above his mouth which was filled with teeth and fangs like daggers, wings of a bat that folded down flat on his back when tucked away, and eyes a darker blue than the depths of the ocean, was walking in the woods thinking to himself when a roar louder than a clap of thunder pierced the calm night air. "Sahara is awake," said the dragon peering of into the distance, "and now our race is in danger once more." He looked up at the three moons. "This will either lead to our return or our final resting place, for were one shall rise the other must fall."

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