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Ednakce poked his head out of his make shift tent as the villager ran past shouting, "Town elder there was another attack. Nireytes is missing and her family is all dead! Their home is destroyed the bodies were half charred while some had deep slashes and one had large teeth marks." The elder thought for a moment before, reaching a conclusion. "There's only one thing I can think of that could have done this, a dragon." The villager thought he was joking but when he saw that the elder had a serious face, the color drained from his own. "But dragons are myths," said the villager.

"Apparently not so much as we would like to believe. Nine hundred years ago dragons lived amongst us striking fear everywhere they went, until they made the mistake of going after a largely defended town. The dragons that attacked were destroyed, the warriors of that town spread quickly through out the land like a forest fire and killed every last dragon. Or so the tale goes, but it appears they missed one," responded the elder. Ednakce, who had been listing the whole time, felt something inside of him stir. All his life he wanted to be like the ancient nights from the tale, but what was stirring inside of him was different, as if he belonged to the word dragon somehow. "Should it be dead by now?" Tova asked, "Don't underestimate dragons, some of them were able to live for thousands of years and had hides so strong that only dragon fangs and claws could penetrate them," was the elders response.

"What should we do elder." asked the villager. "For starters calm down Tova. I want you to organize a hunting party, were going to hunt down this beast and annihilate it." With that Tova left to do as the elder said. Once he was out of earshot the elder said to himself, "Now we must kill it before that prophecy comes true, and the ancient treaty made anew." Ednakce, who had listened to the entire conversation, retreated back into his tent and rounded up his possessions. He left for the Nimtal forest with his large double bladed battle ax in his hands.


Shakron heard something rushing towards him. He leaped into the nearest tree and digging his claws in he swung around so he was looking at the ground, concealed in shadows. Ednakce burst out of the bushes and stopped to survey the area, noticing the tracks on the ground he bent over to examine them more closely. "What is that scrounger doing?" Shakron asked himself. Ednakce looked behind him as he heard a sudden crashing in the underbrush. He leapt behind the tree just as the village search party came into the clearing. Ednakce waited until ten minutes after the last one left before stepping into the clearing once again.

He looked around him before finally looking up the tree where Shakron was hanging. Ednakce took a step back and raised his axe ready to swing, Shakron leapt out of the tree and landed behind Ednakce, who without missing a beat turned to face him as he landed, Ednakce saw that the dragon was three times the height of a full grown man. "Why have you come to kill me little scrounger?" growled Shakron. "How many more dragons are there, and why did you attack my village?" asked Ednakce. Shakron glared at Ednakce, "How dare you accuse me of doing such a thing, I don't want anything to do with you scroungers especially not after what happened last time." Ednakce was about to ask Shakron to explain when an arrow suddenly past right between them and smacked into the tree.

"I don't think so, I won't let you ruin my plans Ednakce," it was a female voice and familiar to Ednakce. Ednakce and Shakron both turned towards the direction of the voice, "Who's there, show yourself" demanded Ednakce. There was a sudden laughing sound, that had better not be who I think it is, thought Shakron. A figure emerged from the shadows, Ednakce thought it was Nireytes at first but what stood before them was something different. The girl had a wolf cloak, ears, fangs, tail and eyes. "I never expected you to be the one to be drawn to that creature Ednakce." It was Nireytes to Ednakce's surprise. She knocked an arrow and let it fly and almost instantly after leaving the bow it burst into flames and sped away. It was heading straight for Ednakce, without thinking he swung his axe and reduced the arrow to cinders. Suddenly Ednakce felt intense heat next to him, he looked and saw Shakron radiating pure heat, the spikes on his neck were standing on end like porcupine quills, his tail spike lashing back and forth violently with his tail, his fangs and claws were barred, and his eyes had turned a blood red.

Nireytes fired another arrow, Ednakce slashed it in half then charged feeling rage and adrenaline channel through him. Shakron lunged forward; somehow Ednakce stayed ahead of him, Nireytes seemed afraid all of a sudden. She fired three more arrows in sequence just for them to be cut down by Ednakce's axe. Ednakce jumped and swung his axe over hand at Nireytes who brought up her bow to block the blow but it never came, Ednakce and Shakron suddenly disappeared. Nireytes looked around confused then slowly began to laugh until she was laughing out of control. When she finally had herself under control, she said "Now the prophecy begins and I'll have the power I seek after so long!"


Shakron shook himself as he awakened and found that he was covered with sand and Ednakce passed out next to him. He looked around himself to see where he was at and he looked down at Ednakce suddenly, How did this scrounger do that? There's only one explanation, he is one of them. Ednakce stirred and sat up after shaking his head and realized that his surroundings had changed, "Where are we, and how did we get here?" He asked.

"The beginning shall start at the end, the beasts long forgotten shall make their next stand. A race for survival will begin when the two appear in the land. One shall fall to the evils of the land, the other will follow the path of the predecessors then turn on the friend. The mighty first will be swallowed by fire and sand to be reborn in the end. The gem of life will see to the renewal of the next generation to be guided by the one born first of the new. The lost truth shall be restored and the ancient promise shall come true." was Shakron's response.

Shakron looked at Ednakce, "This is Broken Talon Point, and were I leave you." With that he shot off into the ocean and disappeared below the waves, Ednakce took a look around once more before he decided to clime the cliff face.

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