Blazerock The begining

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chapter 2

Shakron swam for three continuous days and nights without rest before he reached a lone island. He pulled himself onto the beach and collapsed from exhaustion. Shakron was about to fall asleep when suddenly a dragon landed in front of him, she was simular to him in appearance but had golden scales, a small ridge emerging from her back running from head to tale, and she stood twice Shakron's hight.

"Are you alright" she asked. Shakron stood up and responded, "I'm fine Sahara, not that I was expecting to see you here though". The golden dragon looked at him surprised, "How do you know my name? Who are you?" He looked at her in the eyes and responded, "My name is Shakron, and I was there when you were put to sleep."

Sahara was temporarily confused but then lashed out her claws at Shakron. "What are you talking about?" She growled. Shakron shook his head, "I guess you don't remember, but 900 years ago you were sealed in that cave in cold slumber so that you would not be affected by the passing of time and so our race could endor. Now your life can continue at your nine year old state as far from scrounger harm as possible. However the scroungers are now after me."

Sahara looked at him as if not sure of what to make of him, "How old are you exactly, and where are the others?" Shakron looked at her with a slight scowl, "I'm one of the first ones, and I am forever unravaged by time. As for the others of our time they are all dead, however our kind has a chance to rise again."

Sahara looked at Shakron, how could he possibly know all this unless he's lived it. But that woul make him over 900 years old, that can't be possible can it? She thought. "What do you mean by one of the first ones? And weren't you also asleep all these years to?" Shakron glared "I stayed awake and hidden all these years, as for the rest that is something for another time, now I suggest we get into that cave before the storm gets here." With that he flew up to a cave hidden behind sagebrush that was just large enough to hold four full grown dragons. Sahara looked at the rapidly darkening sky then flew into the cave herself, when she landed Shakron was already asleep "Who are you really and why do you seem so worn down?" She said to herself before laying down next to him and going to sleep.


Ednakce ran with all his might hoping to out run the hunting party. He looked up and saw a tall tree ahead and without thinking jumped and scaled the tree like a lizzard. Curse those rotten two legged creatures, and all other rotten weak life forms, he thought after the hunting party left. What am I thinking, he realized he was starting to act like Nireytes. Ednackce looked down at himself, ever since his encounter with with the dragon Shakron his body has began to change. His hands had become reptilian and clawed, his feet had become hooves and his legs like a horses, he had grown fangs and his ears now resembled those of an elf, ram horns had grown from his head and he now had a tail of a large lizard. Did something like this happen to Nireytes? With his axe on his back he climbed back down the tree but when he got to the bottom he turned and saw Nireytes standing on the other side of the clearing looking toward the setting sun.

"When I first layed eyes on the dragon I thought he was the most magnificent creature I'd ever seen and wished that I could be like him. He saved me from scouts from another village then uttered a prophecy and looked at me and said one day my wish would start the beginning of it all. I have been trying so hard to keep a hold of who I am, but ever since I started changing it's as if a whole knew person exists inside me."

She looked at Ednackce who just realized that her appearance has changed even more. She looked even more like a wolf, her entire lower body has become a wolf, she has grown a single horn out of her forhead, she had wings like an eagle sprouting from back except they were as white as fresh fallen snow, her hands had become like those of were wolves, her face was that of a horse but with large wolf fangs and teeth, her eyes had become pure dragonic, and her chest was now coverered with wolf fur, she was entirely snow white asside for her eyes which were a torquos green.

Ednackce felt anger rising up inside of him and took of back into the woods before he attacked Nireytes. Nireytes saw Ednackce run into the woods again, either learn to summon your own power or you will be consumed by the strength you have gained, she thought before turning back into the other side of the clearing herself.

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