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Shakron got up and looked around, Sahara was still asleep. He walked over to the mouth of the cave then looked up at the stars. The draco constellation was becoming more visible, ′finally after a thousand years they can be seen more clearly. Shakron thought, My cycle can finally start over, but first those two must reach their dragonic stages.′ Suddenly Sahara walked up next to him, “Why don’t start telling me what realy happened to our kind?” she asked.

Shakron closed his eyes and let out a slight laugh, “There is no getting around you is there? The scroungers weren’t always on our planet, before they came this planet was dominated by us dragons. The scroungers came from amongst the stars, they were searching for a new planet to call their own. When they arived and found us the saw us as a threat to them and tried to destroy us, but ended up almost destroying themselves in the process. We came to an agreement after six years of fighting, in order to maintain peace and the survival of both races the scroungers agreed to select one of their own to become a dragon. Once every fifty years another was chosen, and so it remained that way for five thousand years but one day the scroungers betrayed us instead of giving up one of their own they decided to slaughter us with the help of one of our own, he decided to become something else, not quite dragon and not quite scrounger. You were put into hiding and now nine hundred years later you and I are all thats left and the scroungers have a chance to rectify their mistakes.”

Sahara looked down at Shakron who still looked extremely worn out. “What are you planning to do?” “Easy I’m going to keep the scroungers away from you and allow our kind to return if only in secret. The dragon kind must return although it may result in another war at least the scroungers shouldn’t be victorious this time.”

I guess he’s not joking,′ Sahara looked up at the drako constellation, ′Why has the star dragon become so dim? Is it because there’s only us left?′ “You said that one of our own betrayed us, and since your still alive--” “Enough! Yes were betrayed by one of our own but he isn’t alive any more I know because I saw to it myself.”

Sahara stared at the little dragon, obviously the dragon that betrayed the dragon kind meant something to him. Shakron walked back into the cave and collapsed, Sahara wasn’t sure what to do or say, the black dragon has obviously suffered greatly and all she wanted to do at the moment was comfort him but she didn’t know how. ′How do you comfort someone who has suffered and lived as long as he has?′ She walked over and layd down next to Shakron.


"Do you think your better than me then I’ll just kill you and take your power for my own.” ”This isn’t like you, stop now before its to late. We can still restore the dragon race but only if you stop and control yourself.” ”The dragons this, the dragons that, incase you have forgotten I’m not a true dragon and I’m not a scrounger either, I am more powerful then both. Once I kill you I’ll be the only one left and the scroungers will worship me like a the star dragon and those who don’t will die." “You leave me no choice.” ”Gah, why did you do this to me--” “you left me no choice, forgive great star dragon.”

Nireytes awoke with a start and almost lost her balance. “What a nightmare.” “Is something wrong?” “No I’m fine Rengam.” Nireytes looked up at him, a tall and muscular sea blue dragon. Nireytes had met him shortly after she had fully transformed into a a small crystal white dragon with feathery wings, hazelnut torquios eyes, a slender form, and curved claws with small thin spikes on her back. Although she wasn’t as tall as the two dragons in her dream, she stood twice as tall as a scrounger now.

Rengam looked at her skepticaly. “Alright,” sighed Nireytes, “in my dream to dragons were fighting a tall black one and a large forrest green one, they were arguing about something. The green one kept trying to kill the black one but in the end the black one stabed the green one through the gut. After that his scales seemed to get even darker.” “It was just a dream, not to worry we dragons would never turn on each other.” Rengam told her. ′Still that black dragon seemes familiar somehow’ thought Nireytes.

She and Rengam exited the cave they slept in and entered the Nemtal forest where they’ve been doing all their hunting. Only after a short while they came aross a duo senes hircum, the two dragons walked away from each other to set up an ambush for the creature. Nireytes went to the left and Rengam went to the right, all the while the duo senes hircum wasn’t any wiser to the dragons.

As Nireytes was about to pounce an arrow hit both heads of the creature taking it down with a clean kill. Nireytes waited as a group of six scroungers walked into veiw. “This one should do as bait, that dragon can’t hide forever.” “Yeah and once we catch it we’ll skin it and use its corps for display.” The scroungers all berst into laughter at the same time. ′How dare those scroungers say that about us. Just the thought of hunting us why, are we just creatures that only exist for their amusement and not living thinking beings.′ Nireytes thought and without warning she jumped out of hiding and roasted the scrounger nearest her then tore apart two more. The last three scroungers scroungers recovered, two charged at Nireytes with swords drawn only for Nireytes to roast them alive out of rage.

The final scrounger fired an arrow and hit Nireytes in the shoulder. Nireytes let out a roar as the arrow sank in up to the middle of its shaft. The scrounger was about to fire another one when he was crushed under Rengam’s paw. “Nireytes, we need to get out of here now, don’t warry about the duo senes hircum I’ll get it, you just get back to the cave.

Nireytes limped into the cave were she laid down, bit onto the arrow shaft and ripped it out. She let out a roar of pain as Rengam entered the cave carrying the duo senes hircum in his teeth. He set it down in front of Nireytes, “Never engage the scroungers again, until we know what is going on and which and who of us they’re hunting and why is that understood?” “I couldn’t help it, to hear them talking about us like that I just lost it and I know about that.” Responded Nireytes, ′Still I get the feeling that I know who it is they’re hunting, but I’m not certain and I may have sealed their fate even more so now than ever′ she thought as she licked her wound. “I’ll be back I’m going hunting now.” Rengam said as he walked out of the cave.

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