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Everyone has a secret, even you. For Cameron, his secret getting out would ruin him. Eddie, second heir to the throne in the vampire Kingdom. Finding his mate would mean the world to him. But what happens when his mate isn't what he had in mind? What happens when his mate is a male, a human and a very hard-headed one at that? Follow them in a rollercoaster ride of love, hate and most of all, secrets.

Fantasy / Erotica
Takiann Green
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Cameron's POV

Moving from city to town was not on my bucket list this year. Especially not because of my sexuality. I was hoping that I could make it through senior year with little to no trouble at all, but no, someone just had to stick their nose up in other people's business.

People had their suspicions about me being gay but they never had anything to prove it was true other than I wear the tightest jeans to flaunt my ass. I mean, it's pretty nice and girls get jealous at times if you know what I mean.

At the moment, I'm in the passenger seat of my mother's mini van. We're moving to this place called Dark Forest. What kind of name for a place is that? It sounds And let me tell you, I hate creepy.

I was munching on some Lay's since I was a bit hungry and I haven't seen a diner or anything else but trees for miles. "Mom, are you sure you're not bringing me to my death?" She chuckles, clearly amused. "No, Cam. I'm not going to kill you, you're too precious." She giggles. I love my mom. She accepted me when I told her I was gay. That was five years ago. She always made me feel better when I was having a bad day. She always sing to me, even now when I'm older. She's always tried to fill in for my dad. He was in an accident when I was ten and died immediately. I miss him, but I can't bring him back though, can I?

After some time, I started seeing houses, diner's, malls, shops, supermarkets, restaurants and all that stuff. There wasn't a bunch of them like in the city but there was enough.

Mom pulled up at one of the houses. This one wasn't big, but it definitely wasn't small. It was just the right size for my mom and I. It was the typical colour, white, but I didn't mind. White represents purity. I'm far from pure. And no, I haven't done the deed yet and neither have I kissed anyone, yet. Bit I do use my hand and something else, if you know what I mean.

"Cam, come help me take the things out of the van!!" My mom calls from where she was at. I didn't even realize that we stopped. I step out of the van and helped her to pull our luggages from the van. Was kinda hard work for me. After that, we carried them inside. Mom showed me my room before going to hers since she was tired. I started unpacking since I wasn't that tired. Once done, I looked around my new room. It was slightly bigger than my old one, but not by much. Now, let's talk about the colour. It was just this pastel pink colour that makes me feel happy. My old room was painted green. Yuk!

Deciding I was tired, since it was a little past midnight, I went to bed.

The sky was dark and angry as droplets of water fell from above. I hate it when it rains, especially when thunder and lightening was included. It scares the shit out of me. I pull the blankets further up under my chin as a little child would when their parent told them tales of scary beings. I closed my eyes and tried to block out the horrible sounds of pitter patter and rolls of thunder but no matter how hard I tried, it seems as if they only got louder. Knowing I wasn't going back to sleep any time soon, I got up and went to the kitchen. Mom had stocked it when she had last been here so I just decided on a packet of ramen noodles. Once it was done, I fed the monster in my stomach before turning on the TV. I went on Netflix and clicked on a random movie. It was Teen Wolf. I watched a bit of it and in no time, the rain, thunder and lightning was no bother to me.

I have school on Monday which was tomorrow since today is Sunday. We moved in yesterday. I'm really dreading it. Stuck up bitches who fucks anything with a dick and unbelievable hot sweaty jocks that fucks anything with a hole. I wouldn't let anything bother me. I was going to go to school and everyone will know I'm gay. I will flaunt my plump ass and no one will touch it no matter how tempting it was. I won't hide who I am and I won't be ashamed of it. I will embrace it.

Smiling proudly at my new goal, I lean back in the couch and continued to watch my show.

Hello readers! This is my first ever bxb story so don't judge. I come up with this all on my own.


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