The Alphas Secret Mate

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Tate, Alpha of the Atlas Pack finally finds his mate a half wolf half mortal woman named Hadley who has not activated the shift. When Hadley is attacked by rouges she joins Tate's pack. Hadley's biological father has always been a mystery to her but when a werewolf discovers who it is he threatens the lives of not only her mate but three of the largest packs in the northern continent.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

My predator eyes met her mortal ones my. I forgot everything at that moment. Why I had strayed from my packs territory onto this trail following the intoxicating scent. I forgot my own name, what I was, who I was supposed to be. The only thing that mattered was her. Any future plan I had in mind was gone. Forever changed by this brunette woman with the green grey eyes. She watched me with curiosity, her eyes travelling across my dark grey fur. As a light smile danced on her lips. Despite me being in my wolf form she did not seem afraid of me one bit.

My Mate was a mortal.

We continued to watch one another as I breathed in her scent caught on the crisp breeze. She was mortal, but there was something else in her scent. Something that related to my wolf. It was possible that she was part werewolf and had not activated the shift yet. She could have gone her whole life without doing it. Never unleashing that wild side of her. Yet her smell all but gave her true identity away.

She seemed to be her young twenties maybe a few years younger than me. She had been running on the trail. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail. She wore workout clothes that hugged her toned small body. She was beautiful. My mate. My wolf felt a surge of pride.

It took everything in me in that moment to not grab her and bring her back with me.

She clearly had no idea who or what I was. But she still watched me with that intent stare. I backed away slowly into the bushes of the trail. I needed to know more about this mortal girl. My mate. I was consumed by the need to be close to her. To know every detail about her.

She waited for a moment staring into the space where I had left. With her mortal eyes there was no way she could see me. I had put enough distance and covering between us. My eyes couldn’t leave her. It looked like for a moment she was going to leave the trail and come into the woods after me. Like she was just as drawn to me as I was to her. She shook her head to the ground and dragged her eyes back to the main trail. She continued her run and I followed at a safe distance. I had to know more. I followed her on the rest of the trail. She was fast for a mortal. She had covered three additional miles at a strong pace before slowing down to a walk as we approached a neighborhood.

The neighborhood laid in unclaimed territory that was between my people the Atlas Pack and the Fenris Moon Pack. Technically any wolf could travel between but it was dangerous. These unclaimed territories were notorious for housing rouges. My mate was right in the middle of it. She may not have unleashed the shift but it wouldn’t stop other wolves from scenting her out. Realizing what she had the potential to become. It put her at risk and my wolf did not like that.

She made her way to a small house that connected to the trails through her backyard. I watched intently as she slid open the back door and entered the house. I made my way closer. Watching her from the windows. I had to know more before I made my approach. About a million thoughts were racing through my brain. I had to know her though. I had to meet her. How I would explain this all to her was beyond me at this point.

She was laughing.. I moved slightly from my spot near the tree to get a better look.

My heart sank at the sight. There she was my mate with another male. A mortal man. It was clear in their body language that they were not mere friends. They meant more to one another. Scanning the inside of her house I could quickly connect the dots. That the two of them shared the home together.

I finally had met my mate and she was with someone else.

My wolf felt broken. Utterly defeated and recked. She seemed happy. Here she was with a normal happy safe life. Who was to say if she even knew who I was that she would want me back. Yes she was my mate. But she wasn’t a wolf yet. I couldn’t put her in danger. Not when she seemed so content.

I stayed and watched her for hours. The male she lived with left. Going who knows where. I watched as she settled on the couch with a cup of coffee and book in her hand. She seemed so relaxed. What I would give to sit on that couch with her. Just be near her.

A part of her must have sensed my presence as our eyes met again. She watched my wolf form as a smile spread on her face. She opened her back door. Slowly making her way toward me. She sat in the grass keeping the distance between us.

“Hello. Did you follow me back here? Well aren’t you just striking”

Her voice was like sweet honey. Everything about her was perfect. I took a step closer. She didn’t flinch away. Some part of her had to know. Even on a primal level, she had to feel something. I whimpered and back away back into the woods. I had to get away for now.

I would have to live a life knowing that half of it was here.

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