The blue moon queen

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A teen age girl finds out she has a bigger purpose in life. She has to learn to lead the 13 wolf tribes at just 14 years old. While struggling to be a leader she also struggles with her forbidden love..

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

It is said that ever once in a blue moon the moon goddess moona will pick a chosen one from the moon pack the lead of all the packs. The chosen one will lead all 13 tribes and bring them together as one into the light. They call the chosen one The blue moon queen.

My name is midnight moon. I have dark midnight purple hair and bright blue eyes which is weird because I was the only one in my family with blue eyes. My mother named me minight because I was born with my midnight purple hair. No doctors could figure out why it was naturally colored that way they also couldn't figher out why I couldn't die over it no matter what i did it stayed purple. My pack thought it was un natural to have this kind of hair is you weren't the chosen one and no one believed a omega wolf could be chosen. I turned 14 two weeks ago. I was born on Halloween and were i was from there was a full moon every Halloween which was going to make my 16th birthday when I turned for the first time very special because it was rare to turn on a full moon. It was every pups dream. Especially for a omega wolf which BTW means worker wolf. But it all changed when we found out that my 14th birthday was on a blue moon.

Mother then started going on about how I was going to be the next blue moon queen That there where so many signs. nobody believed her. She was just the crazy maid. Even I knew that. Everyone thought that lily blossom would be the next blue moon queen. 1. her birthday is also on halloween even though it was pland that she would be born on halloween. 2 she's two years older than me and was turning sixteen which is the age most wolfs turn. 3 her family have held the title of blue moon queen and Luna for 400 years. Her great great grandmother was the last chosen one and her great great grandmother befor her. There for she was expected to be the next chosen. Lily gose on and on about how her wolf is going to be as purple as the night sky and her eyes were going to be bluer than the blue moon. The thing is she had blond hair and green eyes. How she thinks her wolf will be purple is beyond me. Most of the blue moon queens wolfs looked just like them. The only one that had purple hair and blue eyes was the first couple ones 5,0000 years ago. It is said she was the most beautiful woman to be seen. But it wasn't likely lily would have a wolf that looks nothing like her. And nomatter how many times I tried to tell my mom that just before my hair looks like this and my eyes are colord like this dose not mean that I was next in line. Maybe we should have listened to her.

THE night of the blue moon ceremony aka my birthday was going to change everything. Let me take you back to two days befor my birthday.

I hope you all like the first chapter.

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