How to Add Apple Music to iMovie

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How to add Apple Music to iMovie as background music for your video clips? In this post, you can easily get the way to convert Apple Music and put Apple Music on iMovie for using via DRmare Audio Converter.

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Chapter 1

“Why I can’t add Apple Music to iMovie as the background sound? I had purchased it and downloaded it on my computer. But when I added them to my video clips on iMovie, I couldn’t make it. Please help.”

For this issue, it is noted that Apple Music files are with right protection. That is to say, users can’t use Apple Music on iMovie or other devices freely and directly. But if you want to add Apple Music to iMovie as background music, here you could use the DRmare Audio Converter to help you. Just check it out to see how to do that.

Part 1. Using Apple Music on iMovie via DRmare Audio Converter

DRmare Audio Converter( is the best tool to help you rip the protection from Apple Music and convert the music to common audio files. Then you can use the Apple Music on iMovie or other platforms easily.

Besides, this tool can batch convert Apple Music in a fast speed so that you can save lots of time to do other things. And you can modify the audio parameters for your Apple Music audios like bit rate, etc.

Part 2. Steps to Convert Apple Music for iMovie

DRmare offers the free trial version for users, so you can download and install the DRmare Audio Converter on your computer in advance. Then you can follow the steps below to start to convert your Apple Music files.

Step 1. Load Apple Music files to DRmare program

Please open the DRmare Audio Converter on your computer. Then you could see the iTunes app loaded at the same time. Then click on the ‘Add Files’ button at the bottom left on DRmare program. Then you could choose and add the Apple Music files to DRmare.

Note: Please make sure that you had downloaded the Apple Music files on iTunes and the music can be played well in iTunes. After then, you can start the conversion via DRmare program.

Step 2. Change Apple Music audio format

Here you could click on the ‘format’ icon from the bottom right corner to start the setting window. Then you can set the output audio format and other audio parameters for your Apple Music tracks. There are six audio formats for your choice as well as the bit rate, channel, sample rate, codec, etc. to enhance your audio quality.

Step 3. Convert Apple Music for iMovie

Please touch on the ‘Convert’ button at the bottom right corner. Then the DRmare program will start to convert the Apple Music files for you. After a while, you can get the converted Apple Music tracks on your computer. You can check them from the ‘Converted’ bottom on DRmare program.

Part 3. How to Add Apple Music Songs to iMovie through iPhone

1.Link your iPhone to your computer via the USB cable.

2.Choose the Apple Music files and hit the ‘Sync’ button to sync Apple Music to iPhone.

3.Open iMovie on your iPhone to import your project.

4.Touch on ‘Add Media’ button and then ‘Audio’ menu.

5.Select ‘iTunes’ and locate the Apple Music tracks you want.

6.Preview the song and then hit the ‘Use’ button to add Apple Music to iMovie. Then you can edit your project on iMovie.

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