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The Lord Of War "Adranus". People known him as a killer machine ,merciless,heartless. All supernatural creatures as well as Gods also fear from him. He never lost any battle in his life. He is surrounded by dark. He never cares for anything or anyone. But then suddenly one day a girl came into his life. He never thought or expect a mate. But she came into his life as a light for his darkness,hope of life. But let's see what happens next? Will he accept her? Will he share his dark thoughts with her? Or will he reject her? The goddess of stars"Estrella". She is kind,merciful,shy,unknown from this brutal world and their laws. She believes in forgiveness. But she is also a mate of the most powerful god"the lord of war". She loves him with all she has. But she doesn't like his way to solve problems. She believes in second chance. He believes that crime is just a crime. He believes in punishment and you know what is his punishment:death. That's all he knows.Let's will Estrella change his mind? Will she recognize him to love? We know it's not an easy task to do . But nothing is easy in this world. Let's see what happens when the lord of hell"Derek" suddenly starts taking interest in Estrella. What will happen when he confesses his feelings to Estrella and she refused to be with him? We all know what happens next? The most powerful war starts between gods.

Fantasy / Romance
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The war is full of rage. Everywhere, every corner has only sounds of bones breaking,blood curdling screams and howls of pain. Today is the third day of the war. Wolves are now tired actually very tired. But they are still fighting because their lord has commanded them to fight. And they will obey his command till their last breathe. Yeah, that they are. An army of Adranus(Lord Of War).

At midnight:

War is over. We won. Adranus or we can say the beast is almost calm now. It's a happy-sad moment. Happy because we won but sad because we lost some warriors. The families who lost their son,husband,brother are crying are crying for their love ones but they are also proud of them. Beta Xavier is collecting bodies for funeral and as always Adranus is now in his castle. He never cares about deaths. He never care about emotions. He thinks emotion makes you weak. Whenever he is on battlefield nothing matters to him. Who will die? Will he die? Nothing. Only one thing he cares about is victory.

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