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Brielle Turner left her old pack for a few years, after being hurt by the one who she thought loved her. She gets a call from her Alpha who need her back at the pack house. Upon arriving, Brielle soon discovers that her Alpha, Gerardo Acosta is passing his title down to his son Mateo Acosta. The two lock eyes for the first time, in years then finds out that he’s her mate…the one who hurt her. What happens now? Will she trust him? Even with a rouge watching her every move.

Fantasy / Romance
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ᑕ ᕼ ᗩ ᑭ T E ᖇ 1 : ᗷ ᗩ ᑕ K ᕼ O ᗰ E

Brielle’s POV

• 4:30 PM •

Closing the door to my car I stopped and looked up at the big house that held so many memories. Some memories good and some bad but mostly some that I don’t want to remember. As I walked up the steps to the front door my heart started beating a million times harder especially when I reached out to ring the doorbell. While I stood waiting for the door to open I practiced what to say to whoever opens the door in my head. Finally the front door opens to reveal my Alpha Gerardo.

“Oh my god it’s really you Brielle.” Alpha Gerardo smiles.

“Yes it’s me.” I nodded.

“Well come in the meeting is about to start.” He says allowing me inside.

I followed him to a room called the meeting room where some pack members who I haven’t seen in four years stood and where some sat. Eyes were all on me as I stood leaned back against the door frame. It was quiet as eyes stared at me then at Alpha Gerardo with curiosity.

“The suspense is killing me.” Someone speaks.

“Now I bet all of you are wondering why I called this pack meeting?” Alpha Gerardo questions.

“Yes.” I hear a female answer.

“Well the reason for this pack meeting is because as of today I am stepping down as Alpha.” Alpha Gerardo said and gasps rang throughout the room. “The title will now be held by my only son Mateo.”

Suddenly my wolf Diamond stirred. Just as none other than Mateo walks through the door my wolf jumps in excitement.

′ Mate! ′

′ Mate! ′

′ Mate! ′

Holy shit! My eyes went wide at that word. We locked eyes as Mateo took his place in front of the room.

“Now I know this may be a huge shock to everyone but it was bound to happen.” New Alpha Mateo speaks. “With us being attacked by rouges weeks ago I know this is a big change but my father and I came up with a solution to the problem.”

“Which is?” Someone questions.

“Our pack was weak but now we have our strongest wolf with us-,” Alpha Mateo speaks, locking eye with me again.

I didn’t even stick around to listen to Alpha Mateo finish before I just walked out of the meeting room. Walking out of the manor to my car I got in and sped off.

5:10 PM

Walking into the local bar I sat on a stool and called the bartender over.

“What can I get you beautiful?” The middle aged bartender asks.

“I’ll have a crown royal please.” I answer politely.

“One crown royal coming right up.” The bartender smiles.

He turns his back to me and pours my drink for me then hands it to me on the counter. I went to reach in my pocket for my money but the bartender stopped me.

“No it’s on me pretty lady.” The bartender smiles at me.

“Thank you.” I smiled back.

Once the bartender went to go take orders from someone else I took a sip of my drink then downed it. By now I’m totally feeling buzzed.

“Brielle!” I hear a female call my name. “BRIELLE!”

Turning my head I see none other than one of my friends Nicolette walking towards me. I let out a groan and let my head fall on the counter.

“What d-do y-you want?” I slurred.

“Why the hell are you drinking?” Nicolette questions.

“Leave me alone.” I said drinking the rest of my third drink.

“The pack has been looking for you.” Nicolette says to me.

“So.” I shrugged. “Hey bartender lemme have another one.”

“No you don’t need any more.” Nicolette said in an aggressive way.

“Fuck you! I’m a grown ass woman. If I want another drink I can damn well do so.” I said harshly. “Bartender give me another drink.”

“Richard if you give her another drink I will come over that counter and beat the dog shit out of you.” Nicolette threatens and Richard did not move.

“Fucking unbelievable.” I curse shaking my head.

“Let’s go.” She says wrapping my arm around her neck.

I groaned as Nicolette basically carried me to my car and placed me in the passenger seat. My head leaned up against the window as my friend gets in the drivers seat.

Nicolette’s POV

6:48 PM

As I pulled up to the manor I look over to see Brielle knocked out against the door.

′ Mateo! ′

′ Yes Nicolette? ′

′ I got her. She was at Wild Baron’s ′

′ Is she drunk? ′

′ Yea I’m gonna take her to her room and let her sleep ′

′ Good thank you Nicolette ′

′ Mhmm you’re welcome Alpha ′

Opening the passenger door I placed Bri’s arm around my neck and carried her into the house and up to her room where I laid her on the bed.

10:30 PM

I sat in the kitchen eating on some Cheezits when I hear footsteps making me look up to see Brielle.

“Well look who’s up.” I laugh jokingly.

“Shut up.” Brielle growls grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge.

“Hungover?” I questioned smiling.

“I thought I told you to shut up.” Brielle says glaring at me.

“Now you know I’m not gonna shut up because you shouldn’t have been drinking at Wild Baron’s.” I said in a scolding tone.

“I’m a grown ass woman Nikki. If I want to go to a bar then I can do that.” Brielle protests.

“I’m not saying you can’t do what you want.” I said putting my hand on her shoulder. “I’m just asking why did you drink like that?”

“It got too much to handle.” Brielle says softly.

“What was too much?” I questioned.

“Being here all over again.” Brielle says nodding her head.

“Okay what exactly?” I asked her.

“Being in this house, to Gerardo stepping down as Alpha and I’m scared to be a Luna.” Brielle says and my eyes go wide.

“Luna? Wait Mateo is your mate?” I ask in shock.

“Mhmm and I’m not sure if I want Mateo as a mate.” Brielle shrugs.

“Why?” I asked her.

“I don’t want to talk about that.” She says sadly.

“Alright fine I wont push it.” I said putting my hands up in surrender.

Grabbing the box of crackers I offered some to Brielle in which she took a few and ate them. We talked and laughed talking about our past.

Mateo’s POV

10:45 PM

I stood behind the wall listening to Brielle and Nicolette talk about me. My heart dropped when I heard her say she may not want me as a mate. Why wouldn’t she want me as a mate? I’m likeable. Letting out a heavy sigh I turned away and went to my office. As I sat behind my desk I started thinking of what I just overheard.

I was so in my thoughts I didn’t even realize Rodrigo walked in until I had looked up.

“You alright?” Rodrigo asked sitting on the leather couch.

“I just overheard Brielle tell Nicolette that she may not want me as a mate.” I tell my beta.

“Mate? Bri is your mate?” Rodrigo asks me shocked.

“Yea she is.” I nodded.

“Well you two were close before she left.” My beta shrugs his shoulders. “So I guess I seen it coming.”

“I don’t understand why she’s so upset.” I said shrugging my shoulders.

“Well you did leave her when she had her first shift.” Rodrigo points out.

“It was because I couldn’t bare hearing her scream in agony anymore.” I said in a apologetic tone.

“You should’ve stayed man. She probably thought you didn’t love her.” My best friend says.

“She most likely won’t talk to me now.” I said shaking my head.

“I say gain her trust back.” Rodrigo tells me.

“It’s going to take a lot to do that.” I nodded.

“Well it’s the price you’re going to have to pay.” Rodrigo laughs.

I shot my beta a glare making him stop laughing. No matter how much I wanted to not believe Rodrigo I knew he was right. The first thing I needed to do is to get Brielle to at least talk to me.

Brielle’s POV

11:45 PM

Closing my bedroom door I sat on my bed as the conversation I just had with Nicolette played in my head.

“I’m not sure if I want Mateo as a mate."

“I’m scared to be a Luna.”

′ You have to talk to him ′

′ I can’t Diamond ′

′ You can’t or won’t? ′

′ Fine I don’t want to talk to him ′

′ Why? He’s our mate ′

′ He hurt me. Why would I talk to him now? ′

′ Bri you can’t hold all your feelings in it’s not healthy ′

′ He’s the reason why I’m as strong as I am now ′

′ I know that but you have to at least hear his side of the story ′

′ I’d probably yell at him ′

‘It’s worth a try ’

′ What would I do without you? ′

′ Probably be miserable ′

′ Yea you’re right ′

′ Get some rest Bri ′

′ Okay ′

Pulling the comforters back I laid in bed and sighed as I let sleep consume me.

Sebastien’s POV

1:20 AM

As I sat in my office one of my group members named Kane walks in with a smile on his face.

“What is it?” I asked looking up at him.

“She’s back.” Kane tells me.

“Where?” I questioned.

“Lanson Manor.” He answers.

“How do you know?” I asked him squinting my eyes.

“I seen her myself being carried out of Wild Baron’s Parlor.” Kane answers.

I nodded smirking. “Good now we can go through with the original plan.”

“What should we do later?” Kane asked me folding his arms.

“We wait and watch her.” I told him standing up.

Kane nods his head before he walks out of my office with me leaving behind him. Closing my bedroom door I headed to the bathroom and ran a shower. After I stripped out of my clothes and stepped inside I stood under the shower head enjoying the way the water felt. My mind slipped to the way I remember what Brielle looked like. She may not have knew it but I’ve been watching her since her first change.

When I found out she was the first female wolf born from pure wolf blood I knew she would be perfect to breed with. With our blood mixed together our pups will be the most strongest there has been, but I just have to get her away from Mateo. Stepping out of the shower I wrapped a towel around my waist. Suddenly without any kind of warning my bedroom door opens by one of my ex sluts named Rachelle.

“Hello Sebastien.” Rachelle says walking to me.

She runs her hands down my body to the towel I have on. “What do you want Rachelle?”

“To come and keep you company of course.” She says biting her cherry red lips.

“Look Rachelle we fucked twice that’s it.” I said removing her hands from me.

“You can’t possibly act like we didn’t have some sort of connection.” Rachelle whines.

“Listen I only called you those two times because I wanted to release some anger. All you were to m was a toy to play with.” I explained shrugging my shoulders.

Rachelle had a look of hurt in her eyes but I told her the truth and she can’t even handle it.

“I hate you!” She cries.

“You can see yourself out.” I said pointing to the door.

She walks to the door and opens it but not before speaking. “You will regret this.”

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