Into the Mist

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Chapter Thirteen

We were taken to the warden’s office and met Robin, Ivy and Mel there.

I asked Mel how she was doing. She had been in isolation, too, and had tried talking to the Omorriga for the scientists. She didn’t know why we were here. I had an idea. We told each other how we’d missed each other’s company. The warden entered dramatically last and began by clearing his throat. “Some of you are privy to private and sensitive information. The spreading of this information, the board believes, would cause colony-wide panic and unnecessary hysteria.” He paused and sipped his amber colored drink. “You will all be present for this announcement.”

The warden sat and pulled a microphone to him. Flipping the switch he said, “This is Warden Floyd speaking. There have been rumors spreading of alien contact that leads to healing. This is simply untrue and the airlocks will be guarded around the clock so no more attempts to cross them will be made. Your training will continue. We will be sending groups of you to the earth for combat training. As of today, all communication with your families or anyone on earth will be blocked until this exercise is complete. That will be all.” He returned the switch to the “off” position and looked at us. “You need to know that I am bound by a contract with earth and we will be sent to this war, regardless of sex, race, stature or disability. The earth needs us.” He shifted in his seat. “There will be no more talk of aliens. In fact, the five of you are now sworn to secrecy on the threat of placement in solitary confinement until disposal. Am I clear?”

I guess disposal of us was just a matter of time to the board, anyway. I was surprised to see Galen included in this ceremony, but I guessed he couldn’t be excluded anymore. We knew too much. And now it was time to prepare for war.

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