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"P-please let me go, a-and I'll do a-anything e-even, if n-not saying a w-word about i-it." - Elliot. "Oh...Bunny, Bunny, Bunny. My sweet Bunny. Even if I let you go for now you're still my...prey. My prey. My bunny." - Luna. Elliot Amell is an nineteen year old new student at University of Manitoba. He has a cancer that he is fighting with and refuses to tell anyone. Nonetheless, his childhood friend Park Sam only knew about his life threatening condition. With his childhood friend Park Sam, he goes into a new life whilst welcoming new friends along the way in his journey of his new University. Later the sweet boy falls victim for something sinister after witnessing something dark and horrendous, he shouldn't have. Elliot was affrighted for his life as his cancer was getting worse so, he got assured that he'll die one or another way before even completing his University or even the degree in Business for pursuing his dreams. Howbeit, life had other plans for the innocent and saccharine boy.

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter One

It was very cold as harsh winds were strong and swirling around outside in Winnipeg thus, making it even harder for the small boy to breathe. His mobile showed time, 5:21 am in the morning which means his new university doesn’t starts till eight in the morning. Elliot knew he had it coming, the discomfort, agonizing pain and tightness in his stomach. His friend Park Sam came over last night in the excitement of new day at University of Manitoba, the next day. They had fun talking, but when it came to dinner time they both ordered pizzas and sweet treats like ice-creams and brownies. Elliot haven’t told Sam that his stomach cancer has gotten worst so, he ate more than he should have so, that his childhood friend could enjoy their small party rather than worrying about his health. As when it came to Elliot; he was more selfless than he should be and this was because Elliot was very sweet, and a caring boy.

Now Elliot was sitting on his bed as moonlight came in through his window which was the only source of light in the dark yet small room. Elliot lived by himself as his mother passed away when he was born and his father left him for another woman. Elliot had to work for his living so, he worked at his friend’s café whose parents paid him well enough so, that he could have a normal life. Elliot would never had accepted this proposal of Sam’s parents, but when Sam found out about Elliot’s stomach cancer, there was no stopping him from helping out his childhood friend who he considered as his own brother; in any possible way he could and so, Sam’s parents were also keen to help the broken boy.

Doctors have prescribed Elliot many tests and medicines which he was obliged to take if he wanted to survive. Doctors even asked Sam to make sure he doesn’t stress himself out as that could affect his stomach thus, making it possible for him to suffer from stomach pain. However, this was not the case. Elliot worked too hard so, that Sam’s parents won’t think that he is just going to take advantage of their kindness plus, he worked harder in his studies so, that he could pay his education fees by himself through getting scholarships.

Although he didn’t have to since Sam’s parents considered him as their own child, but sweet Elliot just couldn’t stop from feeling of being burden on someone else.

Elliot was doing fine until one day he spit out blood for the first time and he couldn’t stop spitting blood out thus, making him go in panic which made him pass out cold in his living room. If Sam didn’t had a spare key with him and if he wasn’t visiting at that time then Elliot’s life could have fallen into the danger zone. After that incident, doctors got petrified and worried for the young boy’s health as it came to their epiphany that Elliot has gotten panic disorder which means suffering from panic attacks will not be rare and could hurt his stomach in anyway. Sam became overprotective over Elliot as he was scared for his fragile friend’s life.

This was because; a one wrong step…and Elliot could shatter like a glass.

After sitting for quite long, Elliot came to know that his pain is not going to die out instead it increased so, Elliot immediately made his way towards his bathroom as he coughed and spit out blood in the sink. After spitting blood out continuously for few minutes; Elliot cleaned his mouth by rinsing it with water before walking out of the bedroom and going downstairs into the kitchen.

Elliot poured himself a glass of water before taking out the medicine from the cupboard above shelves. He gulped the medicine with water and breathed heavily before walking back to his room. Elliot held his mobile in his clammy hand from his almost messy bed before turning it on to look at the time. When he saw that it was only seventeen minutes left in clock hitting at six in the morning, he sighed as he walked to his bathroom to take a warm shower in order to get ready for his new day at new university.

After getting ready, Elliot looked at the time and it was only 6:30 am in the morning which meant, he still had a lot of time before university starts. Elliot looked himself in the mirror before sighing as his pale and slim figure didn’t looked that bad in white hoodie and in light blue jeans with white sneakers. Elliot took his black bag and slide it on his right shoulder before walking out of the small house and locking it before making his way to the bus stop. Elliot knew that it would take at least thirty minutes to reach University of Manitoba from a bus so, he doesn’t has to worry since he can reach before university starts. Which means he can explore and can easily find his classes in that span of time.

As the bus arrived, Elliot put on his headphones before listening to sad music whilst he stepped into the bus and made his way in the back of the bus. Elliot sat on the window side and, looked out mindlessly.

‘What did I ever do to deserve this? This cancer, no family, and then all of embarrassments I feel whenever Sam and his parents are there to help me out. I wish I just end up dying because I can’t live on with this pain and humiliation, but at the same time I can’t die because my mother won’t be proud of his son. What do I have to do? What should I do to stop this endless pain that’s tearing me apart emotionally and physically?’ Elliot thought while music faded somewhere in the background, as for at that moment, only his thoughts were voicing out aloud in his head.

Before Elliot could prolong his pessimistic thoughts about his faded life, the bus stopped near the bus stop sign which means he has to walk from there to his university.

Elliot stepped out of the bus and made his way towards the destination of University of Manitoba which was eight minutes’ walk away from the bus stop.

It was a small walk as it was over in no minute. When Elliot made his way through the gates of the university, everyone looked at him as if a meal just walked in.

Elliot gulped. Feeling antsy as he took in the divergent stares thrown at him.

He walked through many eyes that were undressing him in many ways that he couldn’t even think of. ’What is wrong with everyone? Guess I’m new so, that’s why… maybe.” Elliot thought to himself even though the answer of his, didn’t convinced him in believing his thoughts either. Nevertheless, he continued walking with a pond of nervousness gathered on his chest.

Elliot just looked down on the ground as he was too shy to look up at other students who were staring at him rather...madly.

Elliot made his way inside the building whilst ignoring everyone and their unpleasing behavior towards him. When Elliot made his way to Principal’s office, he knocked before hearing a soft ‘come in.’ He headed in and caught the Principal’s attention immediately.

The principal also stared at him as if there really was something wrong with him or he shouldn’t be there in the first place. However, Elliot shrugged unpleasant feelings before introducing himself formally with a warm smile to the principal out of respect since she looked very old.

“Ah! Elliot Amell! Come here and take a seat.” The principal spoke politely even when she seemed a bit scared. Elliot took the seat before shaking her welcoming handshake. He sat there whilst the principal took out his schedule from the drawer of the table before handing him along with his locker number, and key. Elliot took the stuff and stood up before he thanked and made his way towards the door, but stopped when the Principal spoke softly, “Look son; whenever you need something, I’m always here so, feel free to come to me if something or someone bothers you. Huh?”

Elliot nodded with his cute and childish bunny smile before nodding and walking out of the big spacious room. Since it was Monday, Sam had his classes in evening as he got his schedule on Friday whereas, Elliot couldn’t make it with him since he demanded to work and look after their café instead.

As Elliot walked towards his locker, he twisted the key in it before placing his all books in and taking out his only business books that he needed before the break. When he closed his locker, and turned around, he was met with blazing eyes with darkness dancing in them; trained on his entire being.

Elliot shivered and gulped since he got very uncomfortable with so many eyes on him.

Elliot looked around the hall and saw that everyone was looking at him whilst whispering among themselves. Some were glaring at him and some were staring at him with excitement, and some with darkened eyes.

Elliot couldn’t think of why they were staring at him and made him the center of attention rather than talking around and doing anything else that was way fun than creepily staring someone new or whispering about that particular someone openly. If this didn’t stopped then Elliot knew he would go in a panic attack if they all didn’t stopped staring at him. What triggered the small boy the most was when everyone started enclosing on him in dawdle way. Elliot was trapped in between the lockers and the other students in the hall that seemed as if they were predators who found their most delightful prey after so many years.

It scared the hell out of Elliot.

Elliot couldn’t voice out anything as he never found himself in this kind of situation ever so, it confused him to the core, and he didn’t knew what to do. So, all he could do was to tremble out of fear of anticipation that he might get bullied for being new.

Elliot’s panic attack was going to kick in, but before something could happen to him, everyone stopped abruptly before walking any further towards him as they looked at the end of the hallway. There stood a girl wearing grey long sweat shirt with black, skinny ripped jeans and grey sneakers. She seemed casual, yet her hair was open, wavy, and long, and styled in perfection. However, her aurora seemed dark and powerful. Elliot nervously gulped as he was still trying to figure out, what was happening, but before he could figure it out, the girl walked forward with a serious expression and everyone bowed to her as if she was some kind of a royalty. This confused Elliot…a lot. Even Elliot could feel the dominance radiating out of the brunette girl yet he didn’t thought about it that much. As he considered the fact that his mind was playing tricks on him.

The girl walked forward and stopped in front of Elliot, not too close yet not too far away and smiled. “Hi, I’m Luna Silverton and ignore them since they give creepy looks every time when someone new walks into this university with a…beautiful face.” Elliot blushed hard after being complimented by the most gorgeous girl he ever came across with ever. Her complement made his breathing shaky as his chest rose and fell out of rhythm as he was scared of girls and the time wasn’t that pleasing when he was already scared from events that took place few seconds ago. After her introduction, the whole hallway cleared out, mumbling some things about him and the girl, but still Elliot was not aware of his surroundings since he was too lost in the beautiful eyes that belonged to a certain rare beauty.

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