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Pack Rivers Book One

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Publish on Jan. 9th 2021 on the Kindle! Alpha Mason is a new Alpha, only a few years in him. He is a unmated alpha, he wants his Luna and he needs his mate. So does Pack Rivers, a pack is nothing without their Luna. The Alpha is strength, the Luna is the hope of the pack without hope all is lost. They don't know it yet, but they will need all the hope they can get. A werewolf is nothing without their mate; it's their other half. Keeps them secure and alive. Pack Rivers was made over a hundred years ago, after the most significant pack fell, and four packs were made, Pack Rivers, The Blood Moon Pack, Pack Highland, and The Crimson Pack. They were formed after Four Brother War, they were enemies and later became allies, but things are changing, maybe for the worst. Esme Hilltop is just a ordinary pack member, just unmated werewolf who wants her mate like her three friends Marisa and the twin sisters Chelsea and Cassandra. Her parents and friends knows there's something special about her, but they aren't sure what. Esme thinks she's just a wolf that loves her family, friends, and pack. Read to find out what happens to the four most significant packs and the unmated Alpha! The Werewolves vs Vampires Series 1- Pack River 2- The Blood Moon Pack

Fantasy / Romance
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Sir, I know you asked to be left alone," my Beta started to say.
I began to get out of bed, "rogues again," I said.
"Yes sir, we got them; we have one alive; he only wants to talk to you," he said. I sigh in response, "leave me to get dressed; I will be there," I ordered.

The hardwood is cold against my feet. I need to invest in a rug. I walk into my personal bathroom with its walk-in shower and a big tub with jets; With freshly new tiles and counters. We redid everything when I turned twenty-one when I became Alpha. I get in the shower, and I get dressed. After I take my time getting ready.

I eventually make it to the basement where our holding cells and interrogation rooms are. "Tyler, what room is the rogue in?" I mind link Tyler, my Beta. He answers, "the first one." I walk down the stone stairs and make a sharp right. I don't recognize him, but he knows me. "So, you will only talk to me," I stated. "Who do I have the pleasure of speaking to?" I ask. The man across from me is tanner than me, with dark brown hair and blue eyes. He's currently in the nude from shifting. Well, I'm assuming so. Some nudists packs live out in the forests. They are the kind of people who keep to themselves. "Peter," he answered.
"Where did you come from, and why did you leave?" I questioned him.
"You think we were rogues?" Peter asked. Rogues are the few explanations as to why a bunch of werewolves would be running through my territory. Rogues are werewolves that don't have a pack of their own. A pack also needs to be recognized as a pack by other packs around them. Otherwise, it would be just a bunch of rogues in an area on someone else's territory. "Why else would you be over here?" I asked.
"It was no longer safe for our pack, they are rumors, but it's not safe out there anymore," he replies.
"Were you their Alpha?" I ask.
"I was there was more of us, but they disappeared or killed," he said.
"I'm sorry about your pack," I say honestly.
"Your Alpha Mason, correct?" He asked.
"Yes, you're on Pack Rivers Territory," I said honestly.
"We were almost safe," he said.
"Why would you risk it trying to go through the Crimson Pack?" I question.

The Crimson Pack is a dangerous area to go through. Alpha Crimson likes to torment and kill people who go through it. He's very good at what he does; no one is stupid enough to go through it. Although lately, people are. I usually don't get rogues on my territory because of Alpha Crimson. You have to go through his to get to mine.

"I told you the small packs aren't safe. No one is stupid enough to attack the four biggest, strongest, and ruthless packs," my prisoner replies. "No, but you're stupid enough to run across them," I think to myself.
"How did you manage to survive to go through Crimson territory?" I asked.
"A lot of us died going through there," Peter admits.

"What are these rumors?" I questioned. The other Alphas and I have been getting more werewolves going through our lands. More than expected, I should say. We get a few sources here and there on werewolves are disappearing.
"We don't know what it is; we just know werewolves are dropping like flies," he answered.
"Will I have a problem with you living here?" I ask him. I listen to his heartbeat to see if it jumps. If it does jumps, he's lying to me. It's a normal heartbeat. Peter will officially be rogue if he turns this offer down, and I could kill him for no longer having a pack. "No," he answers truthfully.
"Great, you will be an omega; you are a new member of the pack; if you turn this down, you will be a rogue," I tell him.
"Thank you," he says gratefully.

"To verify I am your Alpha, this is your pack now. Your boss, his name is Daniel, you will answer to him. He is the head of Omegas. I will send in my high ranked werewolves Luke and Alex will do your paperwork, show you around, and ask you personal questions. Before they come and do all of that, Daniel will be here soon to meet you, then he has dinner to get ready," I explain.

Shortly after Daniel comes in, Daniel is one of our smallest werewolf that's fully grown male. He could get bigger and move up; just choose not to. I think he likes being an omega, living in the Pack House. Omegas are the servants for the higher ranks that live in the Pack House. Daniel was born omega because of his parents. His parents were omegas because they came into the pack, not born into it. Daniel looks like his family was in different packs, from his genes. Members of Pack Rivers typically have chestnut brown hair and light green eyes. "Alpha Mason, it's always a pleasure," he said, smiling.

"Hello, Daniel, this is Peter; he lost his whole pack, and he was the Alpha. He is now an Omega, and you are in charge of him. Because of his special rank and situation, keep a close eye on him. Luke and Alex will take it from here to do everything. I know you are busy at this time. Thank you for all you do; he starts tomorrow morning you may go," I explain to Daniel.

He then leaves, and Alex and Luke come in. "Peter, you will listen to them too," I ordered him. I get up and turn to Luke and Alex, "Don't interrupt Tyler and me; we are going to have our hands full," I ordered them.

"We bought you clothes, so you not walking around nude," Luke said. Luke brought in just some gray sweat pants and a baggy navy blue t-shirt, with some white socks and a cheap pair of sneakers. "You start working with Daniel early morning, so let's get started," Alex said. I stop eavesdropping after that and go upstairs. "Tyler, meet me in my office," I mind link Tyler.

I get out of the basement and up another flight of stairs. When I walk into my office Tyler, my Beta, is already here. My office has double Cherrywood doors with gold door handles with new hardwood floors. It still has a fresh paint smell, with freshly new red paint on the walls. My desk is in front of the windows, back of the room. My windows are pretty big, so a lot of natural lighting. "Alpha, what is wrong?" He asked.

"We need to call the others," I tell him.


Tossing and turning as I sleep. Every time I close my eyes, I have these vivid dreams every night. It's always dawn; the forest is burnt down and empty. There's no life anywhere. All life extinction.

This worries me; I told my family about it, they said to talk to our Moon Goddess Luna. Out of the four packs, Pack Rivers is one of the most religious ones. Luna, our Moon Goddess, gives us our mates, and when we are lost, we pray to help in hopes of her guidance. She doesn't always answer or talk to us. Only if it means life or death.

The nightmares I get are horrific. Something, I hope it never happens. My parents tell me I need to talk to her, as I am a few who she will listen to. She will be angry with me; I haven't been committed to the spirit side of being a werewolf. It's hard; you would think people would love the white wolves with red eyes here. That's not the case; the normal ones don't like me being the few albino wolves. The albino werewolves are more connected to the Moon Goddess; it's why I get the nightmares. I have been getting them for two moons now. Scared of what it means, I try and ignore it in hopes of it going away. I will talk to Luna, the Moon Goddess, soon.

I haven't told my three best friends about my nightmares. They won't say anything terrible; honestly, they would feel scared for the future. I don't want to upset them when who knows, maybe it is all in my head. I would scare them for nothing. I am scared of the future; I wouldn't even know who I would talk to about this. Would I have to go straight to the Alpha? The man can be intimidating, but he seems so kind and loves his people. He is very handsome too, all the women are in love with him, and wanting to be the next Luna. Most of the population of the this pack has light soft green eyes with chestnut brown hair. Alpha Mason's eyes I can just stare into and get lost in them. His brown hair just looks so perfectly in place all the time. I also only seen him on the news announcement, sadly never in person.

I sigh, going into the kitchen and search for my leftover pizza from last night. I preheat my old oven for dinner. My tiles for my kitchen are nearly falling apart; the counters have forever stains from past tenants. Once my oven is done preheating, I put in my pizza; I don't feel like cooking. Before he got into his accident, my father, Joe, lost his legs taught me to cook. My mother, Liz, can't cook to save her life. She cleans up after dinner. I moved out of my parent's house and moved into my own place. I found a one-bedroom ranch for rent. It's cheap but falling apart. The owner could care less about this place. Once my pizza is done, I sit on my living room couch. My couch is old and smelly, and I sink into the stained cushions. I can tell the sofa was a off white, but now a more dirty tan color. I got the couch at a thrift shop, and the discoloration was already like this.

I turn on Wolf News, and tonight has Jessica Wolfmen. I roll my eyes; I never liked her. She's wearing a tight little red dress, that's two sizes too small. Her brown hair is curled and down, and her dull light green eyes are looking at the camera. Her make-up is what a single mother who can't let go of high school would wear. She starts to speak, "Tonight we have a special guest, our Alpha, Alpha Mason. He has a special announcement, Alpha Mason, and please tell your pack members your message." She pulls him closer to her, and she has her dirty hands. Alpha Mason, not wanting to make a scene, deals with it. I feel this anger towards her out of nowhere. I never really liked her, but this makes me angry. I want to think it has to do with the nightmares, but that would be me admitting what I see is real. The feelings I feel towards my Alpha, I always thought of it just being a crush. Now, I'm not too sure. "Hello, my pack members, I have some disturbing news. We will officially have a curfew for eight o'clock at night every night until further notice. We are having a rogue problem that's being handled. This is for everyone's safety; I wish I didn't have to do this. Please stay safe," my Alpha announces. I sigh in defeat, knowing my nightmares are real.

I grab my phone, that's on my side table. I start to text my friends in a group chat we are in together. I'm inviting them over to talk about what's going on with me; and how I feel towards Mason, my Alpha. I also need to tell them about my visions. These are more than nightmares; this curfew tells me so. Something terrible is going happen, and now I know our Moon Goddess is warning me. I need to talk to my Alpha, not having another choice. I'm now apprehensive about our future.
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