Pack Rivers Book One

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Chapter One Mason

I sit in my office, and Tyler is sitting across from me. Rumors have been going around about werewolves disappearing; Smaller packs around the four biggest packs, Pack Rivers, the Blood Moon Pack, Pack Highland, and the Crimson Pack. Smaller packs around us have been disappearing for two moons now, and we have no idea why. This new Alpha coming on my territory confirms it. Peter isn't the only one who has been a new member of my pack. He is, however, the first Alpha of a pack I came across. Being a new pack member, Peter had to let go of his title to be in a pack again. I am the Alpha of this pack. "Alpha Mason, we never call the other Alphas for help with rogues," Tyler, my beta states.

"The rumors I have been telling you are true, Tyler. Smaller packs around us are just disappearing. We assume dead, but we really don't know what's even happening to them. Tyler's light green eyes, that are similar to mine, are wide and in disbelief. "Alpha Mason, what does this mean for us?" Tyler asked. I don't know how to answer my beta. I wish I did know the answer, but I don't even have a clue. I'm not sure if the other Alphas would have one, but we need to call them and warn them. I sigh before responding, "Tyler, in all honesty, I don't know. With that said, I want to do a group call with you here." He nods in response. Tyler is sitting there nervously, waiting for me to call. He never sits in my office when I call the others. He never really spoke to one, at least in a meeting.

I start to dial Alpha Jack's office number, knowing he answers the fastest. He is the Alpha of Pack Highland, his son Landon will be taking over soon. The first ring he picks up. "Alpha Mason, what's wrong? It's late," Alpha Jack greets. I start to dial Alpha Ethan from the Blood Moon Pack as I speak to Alpha Jack. "Alpha Jack, I am dialing the Alphas to join us in the conference call. All of you need to hear this," I tell him. The phone rings a few times; then, Alpha Ethan picks up. I added Ethan immediately to call. "Alpha Mason, what's this about," Alpha Ethan responses.

"Alpha Ethan, I also have Alpha Jack on the line. I am calling Alpha Crimson, adding him to the conference. I also want to add; I have my beta Tyler with me." I explain. I hear Alpha Ethan sigh as I dial Alpha Crimson's number. They don't get along with one another. Alpha Crimson is more opinionated, and Alpha Ethan is more self-reserved. With everything Alpha Ethan has been through losing his mate and family, I can see why.

Alpha Crimson answers on the third or fourth ring. He sighs as he answers. I know he wants to do anything but be on the phone. "Alpha Mason, what an honor," Alpha Crimson snaps at me. I roll my eyes. "Show some respect Alpha Crimson," Alpha Ethan butts in before it can escalate any farther. "Okay, Alpha Mason, we are all here, at this late hour. What is so urgent?" Alpha Jack jumps in. I sigh and think, where do I start. "Well, today, we had a small pack run through my territory. My tracker and ambusher thought they were rogues when it was a small pack, looking to relocate," I start to explain. "When I talked to him, he told his story, being the Alpha of his pack. He explained and confirmed the rumors. Smaller packs are just disappearing, without a trace, and not coming back," I continued. It was a long silence before Alpha Crimson spoke, "And this source, they don't know how, or why."

"No, he just noticed the neighboring packs are disappearing, so he was looking to relocate to the mountain past my pack," I explain. Ethan sighs and says, "So let me get this straight, small packs are disappearing, without a trace. Because of this, we get werewolves running through our lands. Us thinking they are rogues, so we kill them. What do we tell our packs without telling who, why, and where?" I think for a moment, not knowing what I was going to tell my pack if I was going to say anything. We don't know what these small packs are capable of; they could hurt our pack members. "We need to warn our pack members of something; we don't know if these small packs will hurt our packs," I suggest.

"Well, we can tell our packs that its rogues and put a curfew," Alpha Jack offers to lie to our packs. We think about that for a moment, knowing our packs won't react well without knowing anything about this new enemy. Our packs know what rogues are; they won't react badly. I hate lying to my pack, but I don't think I have a choice. "Alright, we lie to our pack; we will say it's rogues," I inform them. Alpha Crimson and Alpha Ethan ended up agreeing with Alpha Jack and me. I sigh, knowing I'm not strong enough for this war coming. "Alphas, I'm not sure if myself and my pack will survive this," I admit to them. It's quite difficult to admit that I'm not strong enough to protect my pack from war. I have been feeling weaker from not being mated. My pack is getting weaker, too; most of my pack is unmated and losing its strength.

"No luck finding your mate, Alpha," Ethan states.
"No, and I don't know what we are going to do," I tell them.
"Well, years ago, my grandfather couldn't find his mate. He had to throw a big party and invited everyone. No one says no to an Alpha," Alpha Jack suggests.
"We can even show up a few weeks before the party to plan for war," Alpha Crimson offers.
"Alright, so everyone in your packs are invited, including you, Alpha Ethan; maybe you can find someone who lost their mate too," I invite them. I hear Ethan sigh to that.
"Alright, I'll go, but I doubt I'll find someone. I'm only going for the meetings," Alpha Ethan states.
"Just make sure, whoever is planning the party, only knows about the party," Alpha Crimson comments.
"My sister Anna and my head Omega Daniel is planning it. My sister Anna will know; she already knows about the packs disappearing," I inform the others.
"Well, if that is all, Alpha Mason, it's always a pleasure, but it's late. I will see you all in a few weeks," Ethan says his goodbyes. He's line then drops.
"Great, then it's a plan, and if you need anything else. I'm just call away, have goodnight gentlemen," Alpha Jack says his farewells. Alpha Jack's line drops right after.

"Alpha Mason, it's a pleasure. Good luck in the next couple of weeks. I'll see you soon," Alpha Crimson hangs up last. I look at Tyler, and he stands up. "Tyler, please get my sister Anna. She and Daniel will have a party to plan. We will find our mates Tyler, don't worry. I also need you to plan with Wolf News tomorrow morning; I will be on tomorrow for the curfew announcement. You will be doing the party announcement sometime next week," I order. He bows and says, "yes, Alpha Mason."

Tyler leaves my office; I sit back in my chair and sigh. "I need a vacation," I tell myself. I hear a knock on the door, and I sit up. "Come in," I tell them. Anna opens the door and closes when she walks in. "Mason, do you know how late it is," Anna says as she stands in front of me in her pajamas. Her chestnut brown hair is in a braid, and she has her reading glasses. "Sorry, Anna, but it's urgent. The rumors are sadly true, and all the packs are invited to a party. I want invitations out next week; work with Daniel," I quickly tell her. She's exhausted and cranky. I don't think she wants all the details. She puts her hand up and says, "hold the phone. The rumors are true," Anna says as she sits down. I sigh in response. "Yes, the rumors are true; our kind is endangered right now. I still can't find my mate, and neither can my high ranked pack members. So Alpha Jack suggested to throw a party and invite all the packs. I am putting you in charge of the party planning, and Daniel as Head Omega," I explain in more detail. She nods slowly in response. "You may go and have a goodnight; Daniel will not have to do his normal duties as Head Omega; someone below him will take over for the time being. Be sure to tell him," I dismiss Anna.

I looked at the clock and realized that it's just about midnight. I sigh as I get up and head to my bedroom. It's time to call it a night for me.

As I strip off my clothes and crawl into bed, I wonder what my mate is doing, craving her to be next to me. I need my mate soon, or the pack and I won't survive.
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