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Zaphira's Flame's

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Zaphira has known of the supernatural world all around her; She's friends with vampire's and werewolf's alike, As a cop she protects humans from there supernatural world. what will happen when rogue vampires start attacking her city? Will Zaphera and her friends defeat the evil taking over her city? Or will evil rule all? Read and find out.

Fantasy / Romance
Rachel Rodosky
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Chapter 1

Fire. I’m surrounded by fire! My whole body is ablaze. I don’t know what’s happening to me, or why, but I do know I’m on fire, and yet my body isn’t burning. There is no pain. What is happening to me?

Bursting upright in bed, there’s no flames, my body is exactly as it was when I went to bed last night.

Jumping out of bed running to my full length mirror; I look like me. My long dark red hair a mess around my face, my slightly larger than average figure looks the same. The only thing that’s different is my skin is hot to the touch, as if I’ve been out in the sun all day, only I haven’t. Just like the last dream.

I don’t know what that dream was, but it’s starting to freak me out a little. Taking a step back, I have to calm down, it was just a dream, nothing more just another messed up dream; nothing more. My alarm starts going off and I have to be to work in half an hour. Pulling off the large shirt I slept in; it’s drenched in sweat, a cold shower is exactly what I need, the cold water cooling my skin. Stepping out of the bathroom of my two bedroom house. “Well it took you long enough.” Screaming I reached for my gun on my table, aiming it. Zack is sitting on my couch chuckling.

Lowering my gun.

“Dam it Zack! I could have shot you. What the hell are you doing here?” Standing he looked me up and down, I’m still in my bath towel.

“Giving you a ride to work. Remember? Your car is still in the shop.” “Right sorry. I had a rough night.” Pulling my towel tighter. “I’ll be out in a moment. I haven’t eaten so we’re stopping.”

He lifted a small paper bag. “Blueberry muffin, orange juice and small Coffey. Now go get dressed, or we are going to be late.” Nodding I went into my room closing the door. I swear if Zack does anything like that again, I will be taking his key back.

Opening my closet; I pulled out a pair of dress black pants, black dress jacket and a blue blouse. I pulled my hair up and grabbed my badge and phone off my dresser.

Opening my door Zack is staring out my window looking over my backyard.

“Are we ready to go?” he asked as he turned to look at me. I nodded. “Yeah let’s go. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long day.” It’s February and the middle of winter, I pulled on my winter jacket, hat and gloves; holstered my gun and grabbed my keys.

“Let’s go we don’t have much time.” Walking out the door; it’s just after nine in the morning, it’s freezing out.

Zack’s red Honda Civic is in my driveway, I can’t wait to get my ford back from the shop.

Lucky for me, Zack left the car running so it’s not freezing as we climbed in. After I buckled in Zack handed me my breakfast, he backed out my driveway and drove towards the precinct.

I live not far from the station, not ten minutes; but in the morning it can take a lot longer than that to get there. Zack doesn’t quite seem like himself this morning, I don’t know what it is, but there is definitely something wrong with him.

Setting my Coffey down, I moved so I can look at him better.

“Zack what’s wrong with you?” Shaking his head. “Sorry, it’s nothing. My mom called last night, dad has fallen off the wagon again. Don’t say anything, I already made the call and he’s back in rehab.” “Zack I am so sorry. What happened to him?” “She didn’t say, but I’m sure it was something great that he loved at the time.” I was about to say something, but my phone started ringing, cutting me short. “Hello. Yeah boss. Right away.” Ending the call. “Change of plans, we got a fresh one. Turn left here.” He quickly turned heading to our next job, in the downtown core. Since the scene is downtown, that can mean only one thing, werewolves. The city is full of the supernatural; vampires, werewolves and even demons.

Most people don’t believe in the supernatural, but there are a select few that do, Zack and I are two of them. Whenever a case comes up that looks like it could be “different” then we try and take it.

I have all kinds of contacts in that world now. Zack doesn’t come with me much when I go see them, even though he believes in the ‘dark world’ let’s call it, still gets him a little on edge. So I try to spare him any of that.

“Did you get any info on what we’re walking into?” Shaking my head. “No. but I think its werewolves, it’s in their area.” “Great. That is exactly what I wanted to hear.” “Your sarcasm is over whelming Zackery. Yes I know you don’t like to deal with them, but as far as I can tell we’re the only ones on the force that, you know, know about that part of the city.” “I know, it doesn’t mean I have to like it. Where are we going?”

I gave him directions, and we got there in no time, that and all the cop cars is kind of a dead giveaway. They saw us and motioned us on in.

The scene is in the middle of the street. If it was the wolves, then they have a lot to explain themselves for.

Taking one look at the scene, and I know it’s them and not some rabid dog. I can’t believe they would let one of their own do this! Looking around the scene there’s blood everywhere, bloody paw prints; the prints are too big to be a normal dog, but whoever the wolf is there not full grown, not yet.

“Detectives. Sorry to pull you in so early. I hope the two of you have a strong stomach, for what you’re about to see, it’s . . . . Let’s just say it’s not pretty.” “Well murder usually isn’t pretty.” I said walking through the forensic people all over the scene.

“What happened here?” “She was found early this morning. The victim is female twenty five years old.” Zack stopped to look at some bloody paw prints. “Officer. We found her purse over there.” A forensic woman said pointing to the corner of the alley. “Thank you. We now have an id. Let’s take a look at the victim.”

One of the officers lifted the sheet. “We didn’t want to move her until you got here.” “Throat torn out; arms and legs ripped. It’s as if she was trying to get away, but her attacker got on her.” “It’s look as if it was a rabid dog, maybe more than one.” “If was a rabid dog; then we have to find it before he attacks someone else. Collect everything you can.” I said not taking my eyes off the body. He nodded. Zack came up to me.

“Your right.” “I was afraid I was. You know what that means.” “Yes unfortunately I do.” “Don’t worry you don’t have to come. I just have to have photos to show them.” He nodded. Zack hates going into that world. Ever since he found out about its existence, he tries to avoid it at all costs. I know where I have to go, but I know someone will be happy to see me. “Hey Z are you in there?” “Yeah sorry. This was an animal attack. We have to get word out; to be on watch for a rabid dog. We have to get him off the streets before anyone else gets hurt.” He nodded. “I’ll make the call. We have to get this out as soon as possible.” “Thank you Zack.” He pulled his phone and made his call.

“Is there any fur or anything from the dog?” “Not as of yet. There are paw prints everywhere. Possibly more than one dog.” “You could be right. We have to get animal control on this.” “Yes ma’am.”

Photos were taken, samples were collected, and statements were taken. No one saw the dog, or dogs. They didn’t find fur thank god for that one. If they had found any; they wouldn’t know how to identify it.

“Take a look at this.” Zack handed me one of the cameras the forensic guys re using.

“What am I supposed to be seeing here?” “This spot of blood, I don’t think it’s the victims; I think it’s the killers.” “Then if that is true, we can’t let them sample it.” “Why not? It’s time they know there supernatural beings out there.” “We can’t do that, and you know it. No one can know.” “I don’t know why you’re protecting them.” “You don’t understand, I have gotten to know that world, and I will do whatever it takes.” “Then you had better talk to them, and get them under control before they do something that we can’t fix.”

Why is he doing this? What have they done to him?

“Let’s go, we’re done here.” We started towards the car; Zack didn’t say anything on the way back to the station, it’s obvious he doesn’t like the idea of me protecting them, but I don’t care, I don’t know what it is, but I don’t want any harm to come to any of them. There my friends, and I won’t see them all hurt like this.

My phone started buzzing. “Hello, yes . . . . . Thank you. See you soon.” “Good news, my car is ready, if you could take me there, I can get my car and be out of your hair.” “Fine. We’re five minutes away.” He turned the corner, heading to my mechanic.

Pulling into the shop; I didn’t wait for him to stop the car before I jumped out. “I’ll see you at the station.” Is all I said, I didn’t give him a chance to say anything, I slammed the door, heading inside, out of the freezing cold. Slamming the door behind me, making the guys jump.

“Danm Z what’s gotten up your ass?” Sighing. “Sorry. It’s nothing, it’s just been a rough morning.” “What’s going on with you and Zack?” “Come on Uncle Jack how could you possibly know that?” “I saw the two of you fighting out there.” “Is my car ready or not?” Jack put his hands up, surrendering. “Fine. Yes your car is done.” Going behind the counter he tossed me the keys. Sighing. “There’s been an attack. A girl was attacked by what looks like a rabid dog. So you have to be careful out there.”

“Do you think it was a dog or the wolves?” “I don’t know. It fits either way. Have you heard anything on your side of the tracks?” Uncle Jack isn’t really my Uncle, he’s a good friend, and he’s a vampire. He’s the one that told me about the underside of New York.

The vamps try and stay away from the wolves; they don’t really get along all that well.

He took me to his ‘maker’ what he calls him. It’s a weird place. They all looked at me like they wanted to eat me; which I guess they did.

“Alright you are all set. I will get the word out, about the attack and keep you posted if I find anything.” “Thanks Jack. Tell V I said hey. I’ll call her later on in the week.” “You be careful out there. Don’t trust the wolves to tell you the truth. You need to be careful.” Giving him a peck on the cheek. “You always look out for me. Never stop looking out for me.” “Always, you’re like a daughter to me, you know that.” He opened my car door for me. “Just make up with Zack, the two of you need each other.” I nodded, driving out of the shop; I took off heading towards the station, hoping that Zack will be there.

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