Great! I'm Half-Fish!

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Chapter 38

The grid does not immediately produce results; a frustrating but not unexpected outcome. They change angles on the area and start gridding again. Rakcigion is close to panting with effort but he is holding up a near continuous stream of gentle artae usage.

They are midway through their grid when his efforts bear fruit. There is a flutter of something, a layer, an edge where there shouldn’t be any. He peels it away, careful not to disturb the existing artae with his own.

And there, for a second, it exists: abomination, monstrous, twisted and almost unreal. A confluence of pain and horror of the worst kind. It is not courtesy of the doctor but is rather the artae itself.

But it’s only there for a second before Rakcigion’s strength fails him and his usage of artae fails. He droops, gills fluttering hard and Jenaicra grips his arm to steady him.

“Did you get that?” he gasps.

“We did,” Cabrako says. “Though what in all the oceans and seas that is, I cannot tell you.”

“What now?” Jenaicra asks, frowning fiercely. “Report back or follow and hope to find whatever that was again?”

“I doubt we’ll find it again,” Rakcigion admits, voice hoarse. “At least, not on this trail. They hid it well.”

Cabrako swishes his tail back and forth in irritated flicks as he thought. “Jenaicra report back. Rakcigion, my apologies but you must stay in motion for a little while longer. We’ll finish this section.”

Rakcigion nodded. “The ocean waves will hold me when I am dead. They can hold me while I still live.”

“Good,” Cabrako nodded. He looked at Jenaicra. “Inform Gethain and return. There is much I do not like here.”

Jenaicra nodded sharply and then with a twist and slap of his tail he was gone, heading back to Nailecta.

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