The Forced Marriage With The Werewolf Prince

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Daniel Rodriguez. Who would say that the once caring and fun loving playboy would turn into a heartless man. The one who was destined for him betrayed him...twice. He doesn't care for anyone except his sisters. And when he marries the girl whose already someone else's mate just as a form of punishment, he doesn't regret it one bit. He doesn't care that in his quest for making the unfaithful Alpha agree to him, he had practically snatched away the girl's only chance at happiness. What he doesn't know is that the girl he's marrying would change his life upside down when the walls he had built around himself to never show his emotions starts to crack and after a very long time he actually starts to care for someone except his sisters....

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Chapter 1. Cross Connection

We don't meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason.



Every person present in the courtroom stood up and bowed their heads in respect as the werewolf prince, Daniel Rodriguez, made his way to the throne.

His younger sister, Ariel, smiled at him from the throne situated beside his as he took a seat.

Ariel was the queen of werewolves and he was her elder brother. Considering the fact that the she-wolves of the royal families were stronger and consisted the powers passed on by the moongoddess to every first daughter, Ariel had been the sweetest queen ever, unlike her brother who had become the man that anyone would fear.

"Let's begin the court." Ariel comanded with a smile.

The minister who carried a bunch of papers--obtaining the arising conflicts in the kingdom--stepped ahead and bowed his head before speaking,

"Your highness, the kingdom is in peace. The conflict regarding vampires and werewolves had been sorted. All the alphas had agreed to keep their peace with vampires, except one," The minister informed.

"Who's the alpha that dares to disrespect our rules?" Daniel asked gaining his courtiers attention, his appearance calm like usual but they knew otherwise.

The minister cowered in fear the moment his eyes met the prince's. "Al-Alpha Anthony Gonzalez," he stuttered.

"I'll look into the matter." Daniel informed his sister getting up from his seat before walking out of the courtroom without any word.

Ariel dismissed the court politely and followed her brother outside. Walking beside her brother in silence, she reminisced about what had made her brother into the man he's now.

She knew her brother very well. For others, Daniel might seem like an arrogant man who didn't care for others feelings but she knew deep inside was her brother who once used to be the light of the palace.

His playboy attitude and carring personality used to make everyone around him happy. He was such a nice man until his mates came into his life and tattered his heart in pieces. Not once but twice.

I will never forgive the woman who took my brother away from me, Ariel vowed.

"What's it, Ariel? You seem in deep thoughts?" Daniel turned to look at his sister.

"Nothing. I was wondering what you'll do to make the alpha agree?" She lied knowing that her brother would be upset if she told what she was thinking.

"I am going to make him pay for disrespecting the rules," Daniel looked at his sister frowning, "Don't worry. I won't kill him," he assured, smiling at his sister as she nodded in approval.

She's always concerned about everyone, Daniel thought.

"When are James and Cami returning?" He inquired about Ariel's mate and daughter who had visited to other town for a fair.

"They'll return back before midnight. James will have to buy half the stalls for Cami. She can be very demanding when taken to a fair," A smile rose on her lips at the mention of her daughter's name.

Ariel's six years old daughter--like every other child was very stubborn and wanted every single thing she laid her eyes on. The last time they went for a play, Cami wanted the actors to stay with her and cried all the way back to home. At last, Daniel ended up inviting the actors for lunch.

"Good. Next time, I'll arrange for the fair in our town so I can buy my neice everthing she needs," Daniel suggested.

"You're spoiling her, Danny." Ariel shook her head at her brother.

One of the guards interrupted their conversation as he bowed his head before looking up at the prince, "Your highness, you asked for Alpha Anthony Gonzalez's pack's location." Daniel nodded for the guard to continue, "Alpha stays at the western part of Iris."

Iris was the werewolf Kingdom while the kingdom of Veneton belonged to the vampires. Humans stayed in both the kingdom but were mostly found in Iris due to lesser threat from vampires who hunted humans for their blood.

"Prepare the carriage. We shall head there tomorrow," He ordered.



A week ago


Eastern part of Iris

Tucking her hair behind her ear as she plucked the roses from the plant, Arianna hummed the song she had recently heard in an opera.

The buzzing sound of the bell snapped her out of her little trance. She placed the roses on the table and rushed to attend the person at the door.

Her father entered the moment she opened the door. She was surprised. For once, he didn't stumble past the door the way he always does after getting into a drinking fit with his fellow friends.

"Make food for three. We have guest for the evening." She heard her father say--more like order her as she shut the door.

'So that's the reason he isn't drunk. Because we have guests,' Arianna thought.

Why was she still here and not left her father at his own?

It was because of her father that her mother killed herself, it was because of him that she didn't have the life of a normal werewolf. But still, at the end of the day, he was her father and she couldn't do anything about it.

It's not like she could escape either. She had tried to run once, only to fail miserably when her father caught her and hit her for doing so.

The evening approached near while the day was spent in thinking, cleaning and preparing food for the guests.

She heard the bell ring. Her footsteps made a beeline to the door but her father stopped her before she could open the door.

"I'll open the door. You go and get the meal." She nodded like she always did and walked to the kitchen to get the food.

"Nice to see you, Payton." Arianna heard the voice of a man greet her father.

For some reason, the voice made her wolf howl in happiness. Arianna wanted to ask her wolf about what made her happy. But it's not like her wolf would reply, anyways.

Unlike the other werewolves, she had lost contact with her wolf the day her mother died. Arianna had tried to talk to her wolf but she never replied.

Picking up the dishes she had just filled the food on, she made her way to the dining room where the guests were present.

Arianna's gazes fixated on the mahagony table--avoiding any eye contact with the guest as she placed the dishes on the table.

"Care to introduce the young lady, Payton?" She heard the same husky voice ask.

"Ah, that's my daughter Arianna, Alpha Anthony." Payton sipped onto his tea leisurely.

Arianna looked up to meet a pair of dark brown eyes staring back at her. It seemed like the time had stopped and all she could do was stare at him. Her wolf jumped with untold happiness.

She saw a smirk appear on the handsome man's face as he took a puff of the cigar that he held in his hand.

"Looks like I found my mate, Payton," Anthony spared a glance at Arianna's father whose eyes looked like it would bulge out of their sockets any moment.

"Pack your things, girl," Anthony said to Arianna in an authorative tone. His voice missing any trace of sincerity and love that she had expected her mate would talk to her in.

"We're leaving for Iris. To my packhouse." He announced in his alpha tone leaving no room for an argument.

Ariana followed Anthony without a word, unaware of the situation she was going to get stuck up in and the person she was about to meet....


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