Mysteries of the Ultimate War God

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“No, Brother,” said General Damian in a low voice, with a smile, so that only Rydon and Selena can hear.

Rydon smirked and turned towards the exit and started walking. General Damian and Selena walked behind him. Rydon said to Advisor Jacob, who was walking beside him, “We shall go back to the Palace now.”

Advisor Jacob replied, “Yes, Your Highness,” and brought Rydon’s horse forward for Rydon to mount.

Once he brought the Third Prince’s horse forward, he turned to General Damian and said, “General Damian, please escort Her Highness to the Palace in the sedan chair.”

General Damian nodded and Advisor Jacob turned back to mount his horse.

Rydon and Advisor Jacob led the cavalcade. General Damian was riding the horse beside the sedan chair while Selena was sitting inside the sedan chair.

Since the Third Prince’s Palace is far from this war base, it would take about three hours on a horse, but with the bride carried in a sedan chair, it would take about 5 hours.

After about an hour, the servants took out some fruits from the cart to give it to the four princesses. Since the warriors have been used to wars, they can last without food for an entire day at ease. As for the princesses who were accompanying them, they were used to having their meals on time. The servants had brought fruits with them so that the princesses can have some fruits on the way to the Palace.

There were more than enough fruits in the cart for the four princesses, so Alaina, the first sister, let the maids have some fruits as well. The servants refused to have any as none of the warriors was eating. Some fruits were sent to the sedan chair by the second sister, Yana, so that the bride can have some fruits since she has been fasting from the morning. The third sister, Liana, offered an apple to their younger brother Nairon, the Sixth Prince, but he rejected to have the apple.

Nairon was younger than the three sisters, and the fourth sister Ariana was younger than him. Rydon was the eldest of them all.

When a maid came to the sedan chair carrying some fruits, General Damian asked, “What is it?”

The maid answered, “Princess Yana sent some fruits for the Third Princess.”

Princesses are not addressed by their chronological status, so they are all addressed by their name along with the title of the princess. Whereas the wives of the Princes are addressed with the title of princess, along with the chronological status of the prince.

General Damian nodded and turned to lift the curtain of the sedan chair and asked Selena, “Sister, have some fruits. It is going to take a long time to reach the Palace.”

Selena shook her head and said, “I am fine, Brother. Give the fruits to the maids.” She then turned to look at the maid who was carrying the fruits and said, “Thank Princess Yana for me, let her know that I shall break the fast along with His Highness.”

The maid nodded and gave the fruits to another maid that was behind the sedan chair and went back to the princesses’ cart to report the same.

When the princesses heard the maid’s report, they were astonished and were elated at this gesture.

After the maid returned to the princesses’ cart, General Damian asked in a low voice, “Do you want to sleep?”

Selena nodded and sat straight as she closed her eyes. Her breathing became slow and steady.

Palace of the Third Prince, Ryūthor Kingdom

By the time the cavalcade reached the Palace, the time was 7 PM.

General Damian lifted the curtain and woke Selena by saying in a low voice, “Wake up, we have arrived.”

Selena woke up at once and smiled at him.

The Royal Maid who was in the sedan chair all along was astounded by the way the Third Princess could sleep and wake up almost instantly. The Royal Maid convinced herself by assuming that the Third Princess is a light sleeper.

Rydon unmounted his horse and Advisor Jacob did the same.

The Princesses got out from the cart, one by one, and walked with the Sixth Prince.

General Damian gave his hand to Selena for her to hold on to, as she got out from the sedan chair.

All of them walked inside the Palace together, and the servants were all bowing on either side of the entrance.

In the living room, Violet and Hazel were bowing and welcoming the Third Prince, the Sixth Prince, the four princesses, Advisor Jacob, General Damian and the Third Princess.

Violet and Hazel then guided them all to the dining table and served the dishes. Usually, other maids in the Palace serve the dishes, but this time to show hospitality to their Master’s family, they served the dishes personally.

The Third Prince, Rydon, sat on the head of the dining table. While the four princesses sat on the right side of the table, the Sixth Prince Nairon, Advisor Jacob, General Damian and Selena sat to the left side of the table.

There was a variety of meat on the table. While wine was served to everyone, Princess Ariana was served with fruit juice. When Violet was about to serve wine to Selena, General Damian refused it politely and asked for fruit juice to be served.

The feast went on for two hours, and then everyone moved to the living room. Advisor Jacob took leave and left the Palace. The six siblings sat together and were chatting casually while General Damian took Selena to the lawn behind the Palace to advise her.

“You shall be safe here but do not let your guard down. You are in the Third Prince’s Palace now, so there will be innumerable enemies and conspiracies around you. Always remember, you are the Third Princess, you will receive orders only from the Third Prince and the King. Do not bow to anyone other than the Royal Family and never allow anyone to mistreat you. Most importantly, never drink wine, it’s not good for you and if possible, stay away from wine. You will not be able to get any more poison and the poison you already have should probably be enough. Be cautious and take care of yourself,” said Damian in a serious tone after they both sat down on the lawn.

“I will remember everything you said. I will take care of myself. Do not worry, Brother,” said Selena.

Damian smiled and kissed her forehead as he patted her head. Then they became emotional as they started reminiscing about their lives.

Soon, an hour passed, and it was time for Damian to leave the Palace. He stood up and his eyes were filled with tears. He had mixed feelings of both elatedness and sadness.

They went back into the Palace. When Violet and Hazel saw them coming in, they went to them and said politely, “General Damian, Your Highness. Can we have the honour of leading Your Highness to the Master’s room.”

Selena turned to look at Damian, and he nodded and smiled at her. Selena followed the two concubines to the Third Prince’s room.

After Selena followed the concubines upstairs, Damian went to Rydon and said, “Brother, it is time I take my leave.”

Rydon nodded at him and saw him leave the Palace. He then turned to his siblings and said, “It is late, go to your rooms to take a rest. Nairon and Ariana can go back to the Royal Palace tomorrow with me. I will have someone send you three to your homes tomorrow.”

All his siblings had their own rooms in the Palace and were free to come and stay in the Palace. The Third Prince’s Palace was more of a home than the Royal Palace, where all the siblings can stay together.

Once they all returned to their rooms, Rydon also went to his room. When he opened the door and walked in, he saw Selena standing near the corner of the bed. He was stunned for a while when he saw her face.

During the marriage, neither of them saw each other’s faces. Now that he saw her face, he couldn’t help but be astonished at the sight in front of him.

Selena was stunned as well when she saw his face. She kept staring at him blankly. She has never once stared at any man before and this being the first time; she was not able to understand why he seemed so familiar.

He quickly gathered himself and placed the coronet that he was holding in his hands on a table, next to her coronet that was already placed on the table by Hazel. He then walked towards the closet and removed the golden robe and hung it. Violet had already hung her golden robe in the closet.

He then went towards his table and started unfastening his scabbard.

Seeing this, Selena started undressing. By the time Rydon placed the scabbard on the table and turned around, she had taken off her wedding dress.

When Rydon turned towards the bed, he saw her wearing only a thin robe. He immediately shifted his gaze to the bed and laid on it. He then saw her standing still, in the same place, and said in a hoarse voice, “Put out the lamps and sleep.”

She was stunned for a moment when she heard it, then immediately went to blow the lamps and walked to the other side of the bed. She climbed onto the bed on her knees and laid on her right side, facing Rydon.

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