Mysteries of the Ultimate War God

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Selena murmured their names and nodded at them. She then said with a smile, “Hope to establish a rapport with you two.”

When Violet saw her turning around to climb the stairs, she bowed as she said, “Your Highness, Master has asked us to get you familiar with the Palace and the others, if you would like to?”

As Selena heard that, she frowned and turned to look at her. When she was about to reply to her, she saw the princesses and the Sixth Prince walking down the stairs. She bowed at them when they came down.

The three princesses and the Sixth Prince just nodded at her but didn’t say a word. After all, this was a marriage decreed by their father and they all have no good impression of noblewomen. All noblewomen have been taught how to seduce the Princes and gain favour for their parents.

However, the youngest princess, Ariana, had walked up to Selena and said, “Greetings, beautiful lady!”

When Princess Alaina, Princess Yana, Princess Liana and the Sixth Prince Nairon heard Princess Ariana speaking in such a respectful tone and utmost manners, they were astounded.

Princess Ariana has never once spoken in such a respectful tone towards them and had only displayed her courteousness on official occasions, so when they saw her being so respectful and courteous, they were dumbstruck in awe.

Selena was astounded to see the youngest princess walking up to her and addressing her as a beautiful lady. She quickly bowed and said, “Greetings, Princess!”

Princess Ariana smiled and said, “How shall I address you, beautiful lady?”

Selena was dumbstruck by the question. When she opened her mouth to answer, she heard a voice from the stairs.

Rydon was walking down the stairs when he saw Ariana walking towards Selena. When he heard Selena addressing Ariana as a princess, a small smile grew on his lips. When Ariana asked her the question, he said in a clear voice, “You all shall address her as sister-in-law!”

All of them; the princesses, the Sixth Prince, the concubines and Selena; turned towards the stairs to look at him when he said that.

His siblings were about to address Selena as the Third Princess, after all, that’s what all the noblewomen in the kingdom coveted the most. Violet and Hazel thought that the siblings would be addressing Her Highness as Princess Selena, while Selena was expecting them to call her by her name.

When they all heard him telling them to address her for what she is, their sister-in-law, they were astounded.

Princess Ariana was the only one who was happy when she heard that she can call her as sister-in-law. She turned to Selena and said, “Sister-in-law, shall we play together?”

Everyone, including Rydon, was astounded when they heard Ariana asking for her permission when she has always been froward with them.

Selena lowered her head and said slowly, “Princess, forgive me for I do not know how to play.”

Everyone had a look of disbelief. Every noblewoman has been well-groomed and pampered from a young age. It was implausible that a noblewoman does not know how to play.

Princess Ariana took a step towards Selena. She took Selena’s left hand in both of her hands and said, “It’s alright, I shall guide you.”

Rydon looked at Ariana and said, “First, we shall have breakfast, then the rest. Go and have breakfast.” The Sixth Prince and the four princesses obliged and walked towards the dining table.

Rydon watched his siblings walk away and saw Selena standing in the same place from the corner of his eyes, so he turned towards her and said softly, “Why are you still here? Take a seat with everyone.”

Selena looked at him with her eyes widened. She thought for a moment and nodded at him.

Rydon observed her from the back with a glum face. She hasn’t spoken a word to him yet. He then turned towards his concubines and said, “After you get her familiar with the Palace and the maids, make her feel comfortable. I will be back by afternoon, be with her until I return. Do not leave her alone.”

“Yes, Master,” said Violet and Hazel in unison.

“You do not need to serve the meals, go ahead with your work,” said Rydon.

Violet and Hazel nodded and left to do their usual routine. Rydon walked towards the dining hall.

When Selena went to take a seat at the dining table, she naturally went to sit on the last seat on the left side of the table, the same seat that she sat on the previous day.

Just when Selena was about to sit down on the chair she pulled, Alaina said, “You are not supposed to sit there.”

Once Alaina was done speaking, Yana spoke up, “That is not your place.”

Both of them spoke in a tone that was neither amiable nor inimical.

Selena halted for a moment in confusion before saying, “But Princesses, I did sit here yesterday though.”

Liana then spoke up in the same tone as the other two princesses, “You just got married yesterday, so we did not want to stress on the matter.”

After a few moments, Ariana noticed their stern tone and said in a merry voice, “Sister-in-law, what my sisters mean is that, as our sister-in-law, you should sit on the head chair opposite to Brother Rydon.”

When Selena was about to reply to what Princess Ariana said, Rydon had walked over to the dining table in time to hear what Ariana had said. He turned his head towards Selena and said, “Your seat is opposite to me.”

He sat on his seat at the dining table as soon as he said that and looked at Selena.

Selena hesitantly obliged and sat on the other head of the dining table. It was just one chair away, so she pushed the chair that she had pulled and sat on the head chair immediately.

Everyone was eating their breakfast quietly. After breakfast, Ariana pulled Selena away to play on the lawn.

Since it was late in the night when she came here yesterday, Selena was not able to see the lawn keenly. Now that she saw in broad daylight, she noticed that it had different coloured flowers on one side and some plants that she recognised on the other side.

Princess Ariana ran around the lawn and Selena followed her while admiring the beauty of the place.

Rydon called a couple of guards and ordered them to drop the princesses at their homes one by one. Since the ones who married the princesses were all warriors, they all lived around the same area of the Kingdom.

Once he ordered the guards, Alaina, Yana and Liana boarded the cart and left the Palace together.

Rydon then turned to Nairon and said, “We shall go to the Royal Palace now. Where is Ariana?”

Nairon nodded and said, “Brother Rydon, Ariana is in the lawn playing with sister-in-law.”

Rydon shook his head and then said, “I will bring her with me, you go get your horse ready,” he paused for a moment in thought and continued, “and a cart for her.”

Nairon nodded and left to prepare for the travel. Rydon walked to the lawn and saw Ariana pulling Selena around. Both seemed to be happy, and a small smile grew on his face as he watched them.

He then took a step forward and called out, “Ariana! It is time to go to the Royal Palace. We shall leave soon.”

Ariana looked at Rydon and said, “I do not want to go back, I want to play with sister-in-law. Brother Rydon, please let me stay here. I want to be with sister-in-law.”

Rydon said in a stern voice, “You are coming with me to the Royal Palace now.”

Ariana, being a 12-year-old, became dejected when she heard her brother’s stern voice and her eyes were filled with tears.

Rydon sighed and said softly, “You can come back and play with her next time.”

Ariana smiled instantly and asked merrily, “Seriously?”

Rydon nodded and Ariana turned towards Selena. She pulled her hand and Selena bent forward. When Selena’s face was close to hers, she leaned forward and kissed her cheek.

Rydon and Selena both were dumbstruck by this action of hers.

Selena has never been kissed by anyone other than her brother Damian, so when Ariana kissed her, she was unable to react.

Rydon, on the other hand, has never seen Ariana kissing someone or being so close to anyone for that matter when she has barely known the person.

Ariana has been the kind of person who never trusts anyone hastily. She has always been wary of people.

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