Mysteries of the Ultimate War God

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The King saw that Rydon was looking at him seriously and said, “Fine, I shall tell you all about Damian’s proposal.”

Rydon nodded, and the King started narrating the entire events of Hachitsu 08th, the day Damian requested the King’s audience:

“Greetings, Your Majesty!” said General Damian as he knelt and bowed.

The King nodded and asked, “State your purpose for requesting the audience.”

“Your Majesty has announced to get The Third Prince, His Highness Rydon, married by this year and is looking for prospects. Forgive me for being brazen Your Majesty, for I have got a proposal to make,” said General Damian humbly.

“Hmm, you dare to make a proposal to me?” sneered the King. He then said, “Go ahead, let me listen to your proposal for which you act so brazenly.”

“Your Majesty, I would like to propose The Third Prince’s marriage with my sister,” said General Damian.

The King sneered and said, “How daring of you to assume that I would accept this proposal? Do you not know that I have rejected every single marriage proposal from your father? Do you not know your father’s intentions? How do you expect me to accept your proposal?”

“Your Majesty, I am completely aware of my father’s intentions and my step-sisters’ intentions. I would never propose marriage for any of my step-sisters. The sister for whom I am proposing this marriage is absolutely nothing like my other step-sisters,” said General Damian.

“Is that so? What is so different about her that I would accept this proposal of yours?” asked the King.

“She is Mother Ava’s daughter, Your Majesty!” said General Damian.

The King was stunned for a moment before he asked slowly, “Are you proposing marriage for Lady Ava’s daughter?”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” answered General Damian.

The King fumed, “How dare you? If I remember right, the child is still 15 and you are proposing for her marriage?”

“Forgive me, Your Majesty, I have been waiting for this opportunity for such a long time. Now that Your Majesty has decided to get The Third Prince married by this year, I had to resort to doing this,” answered General Damian honestly.

“You think my son would accept this proposal, considering she is not an adult?” asked the King, still angry that he would propose marriage for a girl who is yet to become an adult.

“No one, other than Your Majesty, Her Majesty and His Highness, is aware of the fact that she is 15 and the others have long forgotten. Moreover, I would like to hear Her Majesty and The Third Prince’s opinion on this matter, Your Majesty. I believe Her Majesty and His Highness would understand me,” said General Damian.

The King was astounded by what he just said and thought for a moment before asking, “How about your father? I do not believe he has forgotten.”

“About my father… I believe my father would not dare say a word against Your Majesty’s decree,” said General Damian.

“What you mean to say is that your father is not aware of your purpose of arrival here?” asked the King.

“Yes, Your Majesty. He would have heard of my arrival here but is unaware of my marriage proposal,” said General Damian.

“You do not want him to know about your proposal. Why?” asked the King.

“He will never let any good happen to her,” said General Damian.

The King thought about it and then asked, “How is the child?”

“She is… I dare not lie, Your Majesty. It is as you have already heard, Your Majesty!” answered General Damian honestly.

The King nodded at the realisation of the situation. He had indeed sent one of his shadow guards to watch over her and report on her condition occasionally. He then asked, “What would you do if I do not accept this proposal?”

General Damian bowed deeply and said, “If Your Majesty does not accept the proposal, I would like to claim this marriage as a reward for all of my merits so far.”

General Damian had been working hard all these years to accumulate military merits and had never once claimed any reward saying that he would claim them all at a future date.

“You are indeed daring,” said the King. After a moment, “Expected nothing less from Lady Ava’s parenting,” he muttered, which General Damian obviously heard as he smiled soon after.

The King continued to say, “However, I have not decided to accept your proposal yet. I shall contemplate about it. I shall ask Rydon’s opinion on this too.”

General Damian smiled and said, “Thank you, Your Majesty! I shall take my leave now.”

When the King had narrated the entire event, Rydon said in a revolting tone, “You made him give up his merits when you would have accepted the proposal without it. Do you realise that when Mother knows about this, she will be revolted by you?”

“He dares?” asked the King as he fumed.

“He will and you will not be able to do anything to him,” said Rydon calmly as he stressed the word will twice.

The King sweated profusely. The King fears only Her Majesty; his wife and Rydon’s mother.

Rydon excused himself and left the study room and the Royal Palace. Since he had to return to his Palace alone, he didn’t have to control his speed and rode the horse at a faster pace. He reached his Palace in 15 minutes.

Palace of the Third Prince, Ryūthor Kingdom

Selena was looking at the plants one by one when Violet and Hazel went towards her.

Violet bowed and asked amiably, “Your Highness, Master would be back by afternoon. Would you like us to get you familiar with the Palace and the others by then?”

Selena turned around and looked at both of them before saying, “Sure!”

Hazel bowed and gestured a hand towards the Palace and said, “Your Highness.”

Selena went inside and Violet said as she led her around the Palace, “As Your Highness has already been to the kitchen and the dining hall, that leaves the two guest rooms in this floor. Advisor Jacob stays in one of the guest rooms when it is too late in the night, otherwise, he does not stay in the Palace.”

“The other guest room is vacant, but no one is allowed to stay in that room,” said Hazel. She continued, “Other than this floor, there are five rooms on each floor. The Sixth Prince and the Princesses’ rooms are on the first floor.” Hazel showed the order of the rooms for the princesses and the Sixth Prince.

When they climbed the second floor, Violet said, “In this floor, other than Master’s room and our room, there are three other rooms and one of them is Her Majesty’s room.”

“Both of you share a room?” asked Selena. She had known from Damian that they were living in this Palace and not in the Palace that houses all the Six Princes’ concubines.

Only one or two concubines are allowed to stay at the Princes’ Palace for a few days, and then they would have to go back to the Palace for the concubines.

Hazel nodded and said, “Yes, Your Highness. The other two rooms have been locked for years. No one is allowed to go near those three rooms, and there is one room to which even Master does not have permission to enter. Only Her Majesty has access to that room.”

“Why are there guards on this floor?” asked Selena. She noticed that the guards had a separate staircase and Damian had told her that they were only allowed to use the corridors around the floors and not enter the floors.

“They are here to prevent anyone from walking further. Master strictly forbids anyone from going near the three rooms, Your Highness,” said Violet.

Hazel gestured towards the stairs and Selena walked forward. When they were on the third floor, they stopped at the staircase and didn’t walk further as Hazel said, “The room in the immediate right is a study room, where the Master works; other rooms are – a library, weaponry room, storeroom and treasury. Nobody has permission to enter this floor other than our Master, Her Majesty and Advisor Jacob. Advisor Jacob is allowed to bring officials to this floor, only on Master’s orders.”

Violet gestured towards downstairs and Selena asked, “What about the fourth floor?”

Violet answered, “They are all unoccupied rooms, Your Highness.”

Selena nodded and walked downstairs with Violet and Hazel.

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