Mysteries of the Ultimate War God

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Once they reached the ground floor, Violet assembled all the maids and started introducing them to Selena one by one. Once all the maids were introduced, Selena asked Violet, “What about the servants?”

Violet said, “Your Highness, Master has told us to introduce the maids to you but did not say anything about the servants.”

Hazel then said, “Women of the Royal Family need not know the names of the servants, Your Highness.”

Selena thought for a moment and asked in confusion, “Did His Highness forbid me from knowing the servants?”

“No, Your Highness,” replied Hazel.

Violet then said, “Master told us to do whatever Your Highness asks for, and if Your Highness wants to know the servants, we will assemble them.” Hazel nodded.

Selena took a moment before saying, “I want to see all the servants of the Palace.”

Violet and Hazel obliged at once and assembled the servants. Then the servants were asked to introduce themselves to Selena.

When the last servant was introducing himself to Selena, Violet and Hazel walked away from them and bowed as they said, “Master.”

Just when the servant finished introducing his name and his duty in the Palace, he heard the concubines saying Master, and his body froze in fear. None of the servants has ever spoken to the women of the Royal Family. While it was an honour to speak to a woman of the Royal Family, it was also considered inappropriate to speak to a woman of the Royal Family in the absence of a man of the Royal Family.

Rydon saw the servants lined up in front of Selena and a servant introducing himself when he walked inside the Palace. He nodded when his two concubines bowed at him and walked towards Selena.

Just when he was about to say something, he heard a voice, “Your Highness!”

All of them looked towards the voice and saw the Head Maid. The old lady walked forward and said, “Forgive me, Your Highness, I came late. The Fourth Princess had just given birth to a girl child. I had to take care of the child and the mother.”

Rydon nodded and said, “It is alright. How long do you need to stay here?”

The Head Maid bowed and said, “I might need 2 weeks, Your Highness.”

Rydon thought for a moment and said sternly, “You may have only a week, no more.”

When the Head Maid was dumbstruck, he turned to the assembled maids and soldiers and said, “You are dismissed. Get back to your work.”

All the assembled maids and soldiers left the place, leaving only Rydon, Selena, Violet, Hazel and the Head Maid in the living room.

When Rydon looked back at the Head Maid, the Head Maid nodded and said, “As you wish, Your Highness. I shall get to work now.”

Rydon nodded and turned to Selena as he said, “She is the Head Maid and it is a formality.”

Selena nodded and the Head Maid bowed to her and said, “Your Highness, congratulations on becoming the Third Princess.” The Head Maid then led Selena to a guest room and started with teaching her the etiquettes.

Rydon headed to his room and was walking around in thoughts for some time. He then walked to the adjacent room on the right side.

While there is only one room to the left side of his room, which is the concubines’ room; there are three rooms to the right side of his room, which are being heavily guarded.

He went inside the room and closed the door behind him. He walked around the room slowly, reminiscing the memories with each item inside the room. There were clothes of all sizes, including baby clothes, and toys for girls. He stayed in the room since afternoon and when he came out of the room, it was already dinner time.

He sat in the head of the dining table and when Selena came to the dining hall, he said while pointing to the chair on his left side, “Sit here.”

Selena sat next to him, and they were served dinner. Rydon kept looking at her while having dinner. Selena felt him staring at her, but she chose to keep her head down.

After dinner, they both returned to their room. Rydon unfastened his scabbard and placed it on the table. He laid back on the bed quietly. Selena undressed her tuscany yellow robe and put out the lamps. She climbed onto the bed on her knees and laid on her right side.

Rydon recalled how the tuscany yellow robe accentuated her skin tone. He liked seeing her, looking so pure and innocent in that dress. When he saw her wearing a thin white robe to bed, he was looking conflicted.

Unlike the previous day, Selena closed her eyes and slept as soon as she laid on the bed. After some time, she slowly turned around to lay on her left side.

Rydon saw her turning around in the bed unnaturally but convinced himself that he was overthinking and slowly slept.

The next day, she woke up early, got dressed and left the room before Rydon woke up. She was greeted by the Head Maid before they began the training. Rydon woke up and headed to the study room. Violet and Hazel were doing their usual routine.

Soon, it was night time. Both Rydon and Selena were laying on the bed. Rydon was struggling to sleep, and after some time, he got up and walked towards the door. When he was about to open the door, he heard a voice.

Selena immediately got up when she saw Rydon walking towards the door and asked, “Your Highness, may I ask where you are going?”

He was startled when he heard her voice as he made sure to get up from the bed as quietly as possible, but she still woke up. He was quite happy too. It was her first time talking to him since they got married. He replied calmly, “To my concubines’ room.” After a moment, he said, “You can always ask me anything.”

Selena nodded, and he said, “Go back to sleep.” He then left the room and went to his concubines’ room.

Violet and Hazel were sitting on the bed when Rydon entered their room. They immediately stood up and undressed when they saw Rydon. They proceeded to serve him as usual. Though they had been getting better at pleasing him, they still couldn’t control their screams or cries.

After some time, Rydon got off the bed, got dressed and headed back to his room. The sight that he saw upon entering his room had stunned him.

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