Mysteries of the Ultimate War God

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Year 844, Hachitsu 30th

Palace of the Third Prince, Ryūthor Kingdom

The next day, Advisor Jacob came at around 9 AM. Violet and Hazel were speaking to Selena and when they saw Advisor Jacob, they turned and greeted him. Advisor Jacob nodded and walked towards them; and when he stood before Selena, he bowed and said, “Greetings, Your Highness.”

Selena nodded and said, “Greetings, Advisor Jacob. Please have some breakfast with us.”

Rydon, who just came down the stairs, said, “What is it, Advisor Jacob?” He walked towards the dining table.

Advisor Jacob greeted him and followed him to the dining table, and sat next to him on the left side. Rydon looked at Selena and nodded his head to the chair on the right side. Selena understood his signal and sat on the chair.

Usually, Advisor Jacob would start speaking about his purpose for the visit during the meals, but today, he refrained from speaking. He didn’t say a word during the entire meal. It was because Selena was sitting with them on the dining table.

It wasn’t unusual for a prince’s wife, a princess, to sit and eat together with everyone. It’s just that Advisor Jacob never had a good impression of Minister Marco or his daughters.

Rydon noticed Advisor Jacob being wary of Selena, and he let him be wary of her, as he decided on the spot that he would not clear his wariness, not until it was time.

Selena noticed Advisor Jacob being hesitant to bring up the topic he came for in front of her, so she decided to get back to the room once she is done having her breakfast.

After breakfast, she excused herself and left for her room. She sat on the bed and started speculating on the reason for which Advisor Jacob had come.

She had known from her Brother Damian that Advisor Jacob visits the Third Prince in the morning only when he has to report on something urgent.

Rydon, once he finished his breakfast, was about to say something to Advisor Jacob, that he saw Selena getting up from her chair and excusing herself. Once she left the dining table, he stood up and said sternly, “To the study room.”

Rydon climbed the stairs to the third floor, with Advisor Jacob in tow. Once he entered his study room, he asked, “What is it?”

Advisor Jacob immediately said, “Your Highness, a famine broke out in the borders of the neighbouring kingdom. They had been getting water supplies from Hebista all these years. Since we have cut off their water supplies, they were not able to get any water supplies from Hebista. They are now requesting for our help.”

Rydon raised his brows and asked, “Those prideful citizens of Oragon Kingdom are requesting for our help!”

“Yes, Your Highness,” said Advisor Jacob.

Rydon thought for a while and then said, “Alright, we shall leave in two days. Prepare the necessities.”

Advisor Jacob nodded and left for preparing the food rations for the men in the borders and the war base.

Rydon took the map of Oragon Kingdom from his study room and went to his room. He saw Selena sitting on the bed and sat at his study table to look at the map.

After some time, Selena stood up from the bed and started walking around in the room. Rydon noticed her hesitating to speak up, so he closed the map, kept it in the drawer and got up. He turned around and asked, “Do you want something?”

Selena widened her eyes for a moment and then said, “Your Highness, can I use a paper?”

Rydon frowned and asked, “You want to send a message?” Selena nodded, and he said while pointing at his study table, “Sure, you can use the papers here whenever you want to send a message.” He wasn’t sure of who she is going to send a message to, but he was able to guess who it could be.

Selena smiled and nodded at him before going to sit at his study table. Once she sat down, she took a paper and spread it on the table. She opened the ink container and dipped a thin brush in it. She then started to write on the paper, from top right to bottom right and slowly moving to the left side of the paper.

Rydon was watching all her small actions from the same place. He saw her writing so smoothly, but when he saw what she was writing, his eyes widened.

‘The words, no, the letters. They are all archaic characters and, in this era, no one knows to read or write them. I have only seen it once before,’ thought the Third Prince.

Though Rydon was right that they’re all archaic characters that are almost extinct, he was wrong about no one knowing to read or write the language. He had living proof of the same, sitting in front of him, and she was not the only one. The other person who would be getting the message would also be knowing the archaic language.

Once Selena was done writing, she rolled the paper and got up from the study table. Rydon was about to tell her that he’d ask a servant to deliver her message to whomever she wants, Selena walked towards the window and inhaled a long breath. Rydon was confused as to what she was doing and when he thought of taking a step towards her, what she did shocked him.

She whistled for about 15 seconds and stood there quietly. Rydon was mesmerised, the whistle was melodious like a song. After a minute, he took two steps towards Selena, and suddenly he paused when he heard a loud screech.

He had never heard such a loud screech ever before. By the time he can contemplate what made such a loud screech, something big flew outside the window. In the next moment, a large bird came and sat on the windowsill.

It looked like a peregrine falcon but was twice in size, and it was pure white with dark amber eyes. The bird was chirping at Selena, and he was astounded at this gesture.

Selena patted its head and held out her hand in which she was holding the rolled paper. The bird took the paper in its claws and chirped at Selena. Selena patted its head again, and it flew away.

Rydon was dumbstruck on witnessing the actions between Selena and the bird. When Selena turned around, he frowned, but he refrained from asking anything.

When he saw her writing, he saw her mention a name, and that confirmed his earlier guess. He knew whom to ask about the bird too as it was not his first time seeing this peculiar bird.

This pure white bird is peculiar because no one has ever seen or heard about this kind of bird in the entire Ryūthor Kingdom.

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