Mysteries of the Ultimate War God

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Selena turned around to look at Rydon and asked, “Your Highness, can I go to the lawn for some time?“.

Rydon said, “You are free to go anywhere within this Palace grounds. You do not need to ask for permission.”

Selena nodded and said, “Thank you, Your Highness.” She left the room, went to the lawn and was admiring the plants one by one. At least, that’s what her actions looked like; when in actuality she was studying the plants secretly.

Rydon, on the other hand, sat on the bed while thinking of all the possibilities that could happen when he meets the people of the Oragon Kingdom.

Later that day, Selena came inside the Palace once she’s done with studying all the plants in the lawn. At this time, Rydon walked down the stairs and said when he saw her, “Come, it is time for dinner.”

He then walked towards the dining table. Selena nodded and followed him to the dining table.

After dinner, both went to their room and laid on the bed. Selena was tired from all the studying she did in the lawn, so she slept with her clothes on.

Rydon was restless as there was too much in his mind. He got up from the bed after some time. Selena woke up immediately when she sensed Rydon getting off the bed.

Rydon looked at her and said, “I am going to my concubines’ room. Do not stay awake till I come.”

Selena hesitated and asked, “Your Highness, may I come with you.” When Rydon’s eyes widened at what he heard, she lied, “I am afraid of the dark.”

Rydon frowned but nodded, still astounded that she wanted to come with him to his concubines’ room.

Both of them walked to the concubines’ room. When Violet and Hazel saw Rydon, they began to undress as usual but paused when they saw Selena walking in behind him. They looked at each other before looking at their Master and his wife.

Rydon noticed them being dumbstruck on seeing Selena with him, but he chose to ignore and undressed while Selena closed the door behind her and sat on the couch.

When Violet and Hazel saw Selena sitting on the couch and Rydon undressing, as usual, they undressed completely.

Selena saw Rydon climbing onto the bed and watched his movements keenly. She noticed how the concubines were serving him and frowned. It was not the way the Head Maid had trained her, so she had doubts if the concubines were given a different type of training to serve on the bed.

She saw how Rydon had almost no emotions towards them and was reminded of someone. This was not her first time witnessing someone fornicating with their concubines. She thought that maybe most men are alike on the bed and he is one among them. But when she noticed how he often turns to look at her with a worried expression, it made her feel that what she thought about him may not be true, and there might be something more to his frost-bound reaction on the bed.

For Selena, all these years, her only family was her Brother Damian. She had spoken to very few people all these years, and even when she spoke, she never got close with anyone. She has never shown any emotions to anyone other than her Brother Damian.

For her, the entire concept of having a husband and a new family is an unfamiliar feeling. To magnify this feeling, this was a political marriage arranged by her brother and all she knew from her brother about this marriage was that her brother believed that she would be safe from harm than she ever was in Minister Marco’s mansion.

She trusts her brother unconditionally and agreed to marry Rydon, but that’s all there was to it. She had a strange bond with Rydon, but she didn’t understand the bond, and therefore she was not able to feel anything emotional towards him. On the other hand, she didn’t have any bond with the concubines, and it would take her a long time to form a bond with them.

Though as a wife, watching her husband with his concubines should have been hard for her; Selena was not able to feel anything when she watched them fornicating.

She kept watching them, feeling nothing and eventually fell asleep on the couch as fatigue took over her.

When Rydon was done, he turned his head to look at the now sleeping Selena on the couch.

He got off the bed and dressed. He then walked to the couch and saw her sleeping soundly. He decided to carry her and bent down to pick her up from the couch. When he was picking her up, she woke up and winced. He carried her in his arms and left for his room. When he placed her on the bed, she winced again and turned to lay on her left side.

Rydon frowned at this reaction of hers but convinced himself that he was merely overthinking. He then laid on the right side of the bed and slept.

The next day, Rydon woke up as usual; and the first thing that he saw when he woke up was that Selena was still in bed, asleep. He didn’t think much and went to bathe before going downstairs.

When he went downstairs, he saw Damian coming. He asked, “Damian, here to meet her?”

“Yes, Brother,” said Damian.

Rydon chuckled and said, “The time indeed came when you can call me Brother in front of everyone. You made it happen.”

“It was just as Mother Ava said, I did nothing, Brother” said Damian with a smile.

Rydon nodded and hugged Damian. Damian then asked, “Brother, where is Selena?”

“She was still sleeping when I saw her before coming out of the room,” said Rydon casually.

Damian frowned and said, “She never sleeps beyond 6 AM until she is...” He paused for a moment and gasped.

Rydon asked, “What is it, Damian?”

“Did you touch her back, Brother?” asked Damian.

Rydon frowned and asked, “What are you...?”

Damian interrupted and asked, “Did you touch the back of her torso, Brother?”

Rydon frowned even more and said, “Yes, I did.”

Damian said, “Damn it, it must have reopened.”

Rydon was now out of patience and asked hurriedly, “Damian, what is it?”

Damian gulped and said, “I am afraid I cannot say anything accurately. It would be better if Brother sees it directly.”

“What do you mean?” asked Rydon cautiously.

“Brother, now that you are her husband, please go and look at her back for yourself,” said Damian.

Rydon didn’t understand what Damian was saying, but something about what he said made him feel that something was not right, something was very bad. Therefore, he went upstairs and to his room. When he opened the door to his room, Selena was not in the bed. So, he opened the bathroom door and Selena turned towards him abruptly.

She was facing him naked, and he was stunned. He was not stunned by seeing her standing naked in front of him nor did he have any kind of reaction in seeing her naked self, because something had caught his eye and that something had attained his entire attention that he could not afford to react to anything else.

Selena woke up and sighed when she saw that Rydon was not in the room. She realised that she had woken up late, and it was because of what happened last night. She got up, took her clothes from the closet and went to the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom, she slowly undressed layer by layer. When she undressed the last layer of the robe, she winced. Just as she was taking the robe off of her hands, she heard a sound. The sound of the room door being pushed open.

She guessed it to be Rydon, and she continued taking the robe off of her. When she was putting the robe down on the side, with her back facing the bathroom door, the bathroom door was pushed open. When Selena heard the sound of the door being pushed open, she immediately turned around, facing towards the door.

Selena asked, “Your Highness, what can I do for you?”

Her voice woke him up from his stunned trance and he walked forward. When he was standing just a meter away from her, he said, “Turn around.”

Selena asked hesitatingly, “Your Highness?”

Rydon said sternly, “Turn around!”

Selena obeyed and turned around hesitatingly. As he saw her turning around slowly, Rydon’s anger rose steadily. When she had turned around completely, Rydon was astounded by what he saw, and he was overwhelmed with rage.

When Selena felt Rydon walking back to the door, she turned around and asked, “Your Highness, is there something you need me for?”

Rydon contained his anger and said monotonously, “Damian is here to see you.”

Selena had a pleasant smile and said, “Thank you for informing me, Your Highness. I will be downstairs once I get dressed.”

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