Mysteries of the Ultimate War God

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The Third Prince was looking at Advisor Jacob for a few seconds before turning to look at those two personal maids of his. He thought for a while and then said to Advisor Jacob without turning his head, “It will be their own choice, without any coercion. If they do not want to, then you will drop the thought of ever getting me a concubine to satisfy me. Is that clear?”

“Loud and clear, Your Highness,” said Advisor Jacob with a satisfied smile. He thought that these two maids would never refuse or give up such an amazing opportunity that they would never even have thought of in their entire life. He then said, “Moreover, with your keen eyes, you can catch a person when they lie or hide anything. They both have been serving you for over 10 years, you could figure out when their loyalty towards you wavers for even a split-second. You will be able to identify at once when someone has approached them to bribe or coerce them, so you will not have any trouble in handling it when the time comes.”

Though it was not common, maids have been taken as concubines previously by the ancestors but the current era has focused more on the status and ranking so much that they would never think of taking a maid as a concubine and even consider such acts as an act of stupidity, rotten tastes and degrading of their status and ranking.

The Third Prince didn’t answer for that, instead, he was finishing his breakfast as he asked about the current situation of the Kingdom to Advisor Jacob. He finished his breakfast when Advisor Jacob was done with his report. He then stood up and walked towards his two personal maids.

“Violet, Hazel, done with your work?” asked the Third Prince to his two personal maids in front of him.

“Yes, Master,” answered both of them together looking at his eyes. Violet was standing on the left and Hazel was standing on the right. Both have long black hair, almost the same height, slender figures, and normal looks like any other local resident in the Kingdom. Violet and Hazel are first-cousins and have been together almost forever.

The Third Prince was thinking about how to ask for a second and then asked with his usual straight face, “Will you be my concubine?”

“We will do what the Master wants of us,” the answer came almost immediately from both of them simultaneously. Since the Third Prince always addresses them both as one, they didn’t even need to think about who he’s addressing.

The Third Prince let out a sigh and said, “Let me rephrase that, do you want to be my concubine?”

Violet and Hazel were dumbstruck by the question, but then quickly regained their senses. Before they could give their answer, the Third Prince spoke again. “Think carefully before answering. You will get access to everything that the other concubines in the Kingdom usually get, your status will rise and you will get the same respect and treatment as other concubines. But all of that will only be outside this Palace. When you are inside this Palace, you will do the same things you have been doing all these years. There is only one thing you will do for me other than your usual work. You will warm my bed. You will not let any man touch you. You will not stay in the Palace for the concubines. You will stay here.”

Both of them nodded, and he continued, “I will not bear any emotional attachment to you, so you will expect nothing emotionally from me. You will bear none of those pathetic feelings like jealousy, envy, hatred, or such sort towards one another, especially not to my future wife no matter what kind of person she might be. Once I get a sniff of any such feelings, you will be thrown out of here.” After a few more seconds of thought, “Most importantly, you will not bear a child for me. This one is an order, and you both very well know the repercussions of defying my order. You can take your time to think it through and I want you to come to my room and give me your answers by tonight before I sleep. Your answers should be your own, without any force or coercion. You are free to decline. If you are late or if you do not come to my room, I will take that as a no.”

It’s a little past 10 AM now and they’ve been given time to think and come up with an answer until he sleeps, which usually is 11 PM. So, they have a little over 12 hours to think about it and decide.

Violet and Hazel were taking in everything that the Third Prince said and then looked at each other.

“You have no more work today, go back and think carefully, be sure you will not regret your decision,” said the Third Prince.

“Yes, Master. We will leave now,” answered both of them simultaneously.

Soon after they left, Advisor Jacob who has been watching and listening to the entire conversation was dumbstruck. He was stunned that the Third Prince would make such hard rules, like not bearing a child for him. He immediately asked the Third Prince, “Your Highness, why did you tell them to not bear a child for you? Why did you make it an order?”

“Do you have any problem with my order, Advisor Jacob?” asked the Third Prince with a stern voice.

“No, Your Highness. I will now take my leave,” said Advisor Jacob almost immediately. While on his way out, he somewhat understood what made the Third Prince take such drastic measures to make those rules for those two. Being born in a Royal Family, feelings like jealousy, envy, and hatred were overflowing all over the Royal Palace. Step-siblings never get along, almost wanting to kill each other at their very first sight. Mostly all of them are infected with these feelings that the Third Prince considers being as pathetic feelings. He was still not convinced by the Third Prince’s actions, but then he knew that the Third Prince would definitely have reasons for doing so and he trusted him on that.

Later that day, it was around 10:30 PM. The Third Prince was going through some documents on his study table in his room. There was a pair of brushes, an ink container, a stack of papers, an hourglass which showed half sand remaining on the upper glass, the Royal Seal of the Third Prince, and the documents that the Third Prince was looking at, on the study table.

Each Royal Prince has a Royal Seal with intricate and unique designs. No two seals look the same. The King has the most intricate designs in his seal.

After a few minutes came a knock on the door. The Third Prince stood up and opened the door. He saw his two personal maids and leaned over the door frame as he asked with a straight face, “So? What is your answer?”

“Yes, it is a yes, Master,” said Violet in a hurried tone.

“What about you, Hazel?” asked the Third Prince calmly.

“It is a yes, Master,” said Hazel with a small tone.

“Are you both sure? Is that what you want?” asked the Third Prince.

“Yes, Master,” both said simultaneously with a confident tone this time.

“Alright then, the corner most room on the left is yours. You both will be sharing the room from now. You will not have separate rooms. You can bring your things from the servant dorms here tomorrow, now go and take a rest,” said the Third Prince.

Violet slightly looked inside the room and said hesitantly to the Third Prince, “Master, do we not have to…?”

The Third Prince raised his eyebrow slightly and said, “You want to warm my bed? So soon?” He then let out a sigh and said, “You do not have to force yourselves. Let me know when you think you are ready. I will not force myself on you. One more thing, you both will warm my bed together.”

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