Mysteries of the Ultimate War God

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All it took was those eyes of hers to make him submit, and those three words of hers meant that he had to do anything and everything that needs to be done to delay their meeting.

She blinked again before saying, “We have been in the room for a while, we shall go out now to not arouse suspicions.”

Damian relaxed once he saw her eyes were back to her usual dark amber colour. He stood up and walked towards the door as he said, “Come.”

Both of them walked out of the room to see Rydon sitting on the sofa.

After seeing Damian and Selena going inside the room, he sat on the sofa and closed his eyes. He remembered all her unusual movements from how watchful she was and how unnaturally she turned around in sleep to how she winced when he carried her and placed her on the bed. It was all because she had such deep fresh wounds on top of numerous scars on her back, both old and new. His anger was rising tremendously at all those people who had flogged her for so many years. At the same time, he felt guilty for what he did back then.

When he thought of how much pain she must be enduring with those dreadful wounds, he felt a pang in his heart. He stood up and went to his room, took a paper and wrote, ‘You are summoned at Ryūren - Rydon’. He rolled the paper and ordered a guard named Marcus to deliver the message to the owner of a certain medicine store in a certain village and escort the owner to the Palace.

Once Marcus left the Palace, he sat back on the sofa in the living room. When he closed his eyes and hoped that a certain person would arrive soon, the door to the guest room was pulled open.

When Damian and Selena came towards him, he said, “Come have breakfast with us, Damian.”

Damian nodded and the three of them had their breakfast together. Once they had breakfast, Damian stood up and went to stand between Rydon and Selena. He took Selena’s right hand and placed it upon Rydon’s left hand before he said to Rydon, “Brother, she is all yours. Selena is now your wife.” Damian stressed these sentences with a meaningful look and Rydon widened his eyes when he realised what Damian had meant.

Though Selena heard what Damian said, she didn’t find anything suspicious and thought that since her brother values this new relationship of hers, she should try to put some efforts into this relationship.

Rydon sighed and shook his head, thinking that he was pathetic and that he needed Damian to point out for him to realise it. He then said with a smirk, “Come here as often as you want, your room will always be ready.”

Damian nodded with a smirk and kissed Selena’s forehead before leaving the Palace. When he was leaving, he saw Advisor Jacob walk in, so he started thinking on how to delay their meeting. He decided that the best way to stop any General from meeting the citizens of Oragon Kingdom is to be at the border himself and therefore he left for the war base.

When Advisor Jacob saw Damian leaving, he nodded at him before walking inside the Palace. He walked towards Rydon, and when he saw Selena with him, he bowed and greeted, “Your Highnesses!” He wanted to inform Rydon about the situation, but when he saw him holding onto Selena’s hand, he hesitated.

Selena, noticing Advisor Jacob’s hesitation, thought of going to her room, but when she saw Rydon holding onto her hand firmly, she examined his face. He didn’t seem to have any intention of leaving her hand, so she just stood there silently.

Rydon asked when Advisor Jacob was still hesitating, “How are the preparations?”

“Preparations are in process, and we may set out tomorrow, Your Highness,” said Advisor Jacob.

Rydon nodded and said, “Good. You may leave with the others tomorrow as decided.”

Advisor Jacob asked with confusion, “Your Highness?” Rydon has never delayed any plans to set out for the war base.

“I will set out in two days, and we shall meet them when I arrive,” said Rydon. When Selena heard this, she figured that his meeting with the citizens of Oragon Kingdom would be delayed by some time and with some efforts from her brother, it shouldn’t be hard to stall him from meeting them on 2nd of Kutsu.

Advisor Jacob asked, “May I ask what made you delay your travel, Your Highness.”

Rydon answered, “I have called someone, and the person would be arriving here by tomorrow. This is my personal priority.”

Advisor Jacob just nodded and excused himself from the Palace. He was astounded that the Third Prince would delay an official matter over a personal priority, but knowing that he places importance on his family than any official matter, it was reasonable.

Once Advisor Jacob left, Rydon turned to her and asked her to take rest in the room, but she declined by saying, “I would like to spend some time in the lawn, Your Highness.”

Rydon nodded and said, “I will come with you.” He then took her to the lawn. Selena kept looking at his hand, which held her hand. When she was staring at the flowerbed in the lawn, she felt him let go of her hand. She immediately turned around to look at him and saw him giving her a small smile.

She didn’t think much and started walking around the flowerbed. After some time when she was tired of walking around, she turned around to see Rydon and saw him sitting on the lawn. She went towards him and sat down beside him. They spent some moments in silence, looking at the sky and the birds.

Later that night, Selena laid on the bed facing him. She was thinking about something for the entire evening. She remembered him saying before that she can always ask him anything, so she slowly called him, “Your Highness?”

Rydon turned his face towards her and said, “Yes? What is it?”

Selena asked, “Does Your Highness regret marrying me?”

Rydon frowned and asked, “What do you mean?”

Selena then said, “Your Highness saw my wounds and scars in the morning. Does Your Highness regret marrying an unsightly woman like me?”

Rydon felt extreme guilt when he heard what she said. He turned his entire body to face her and extended his right arm.

She was confused at his actions but still placed her left hand on his hand.

Rydon caressed the back of her hand with his thumb and said, “I will never regret marrying you.”

Selena widened her eyes from what she heard and felt warm. Rydon slowly placed her hand in between them on the bed and placed his hand on top of her hand, before telling her to sleep.

This gesture of his warmed her even more, and she slept peacefully. Rydon watched her sleep before closing his eyes to sleep himself.

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